Patiently Waiting…

David: “Ummy! Ummy! Ummy!!!” Running (in his mind) as fast as his chubby legs can carry him 

Davida: “Mummyyyy!!!” Running towards me arms open wide 

Dassah: “Aaaaaaaah! Mummy is back yay!” Hopping around dancing. 

Music to my ears. I still remember when I would walk through my doors to dead silence. Today it feels surreal. How can I be a mother of three? Me? Mummy? Me?! Ummy? Me?! I’m still in shock. 

So sometimes when I fall on my knees or my arms are outstretched in total adoration of this God my miracle worker. The God of whom I’ve tasted of his power I do it not caring who is around. 

The God who would take me from a young girl with no hope of being a mother to this a mother of three amazing gifts from God. 

Now I think about it. It was a process that only God could have taken me through. I kept getting instructions from the Holy Spirit on what to do, how to live and how to make sure I didn’t miss my season when it was my turn to testify. 

What I try to do with Hannah’s Heart posts is to try to share some of the things I learnt on that journey. It was a  journey that I’m glad I didn’t let go to waste. I learnt a lot in that season. I paid attention and today I’m glad I did. 

Let me share one of the major things God taught me that waiting season….

Isn’t it funny? I’m sure you were expecting to hear some deep revelations. Well no miracle is happening in your life without patience. I can guarantee you that. 

Once it’s a promise from God you need the power twins of faith and patience to get it. Definitely no short cuts. 

However I thought patience meant just waiting so when God showed me this scripture my resolve was simple…. okay Lord…

Because I had over time come to the realization that God is not a man and his promise was sure it was only a matter of time …it would happen at the right time. 

So I kept holding on and focusing on God’s ability. Every time I read the Bible I was even more reassured of God not failing that it was only a matter of time

And I needed to just hold on and trust the process. Good things… God things take time.  

Even naturally good things take time 

How much more supernaturally good things like a miracle baby which you need to activate faith for. And like I told you earlier faith and patience work close together 

So like I said before I resolved to wait 

But at some point it started to feel awkward. So I went back to check the scriptures and God showed me that his focus was not on waiting but on patience. It’s through faith and patience; not faith and waiting. 

What’s the difference you ask? Same thing I asked until he sent my mama to me 

See I love Joyce Meyer. I’ve loved her since 1997 when I first stumbled on her. I bought a book beauty for ashes just because I liked the title and I love to read. 

Oh my God was I blown away and from that day she became my go to. I read and listened to everything that had Joyce Meyer attached to it so of course most times when God wants to explain something to me he sends mama Joyce to me 

And boy! Can mama teach!!!

So anyhow before I make this post about her …. which I should do some day. Hmmm…. blogpost brewing 😜

Anyhow so I heard her say this one day as I was watching her on tv 


I couldn’t believe my ears. It’s not in the action ; it’s in the attitude!  Oh! My God!!! There I was thinking I was doing it right. Oh but trust mama she wasn’t done with me. 

How was I acting? I started to do a quick check and I found out I was just standing around waiting and that meant I would be there a very long time 

because God was trying to teach me patience not waiting …

and I found out they were two very different things. 

I found out I was doing a lot wrong and that in itself was slowing the process. I was waiting but was I patient? 

Have you noticed that patience is a fruit of the spirit? 

If patience were simply waiting why do you need the Holy Spirit for that?  Waiting is a physical act while patience is a spiritual attitude. Anyone can wait but not everyone can be patient. It takes faith, a renewed mind and a regenerated spirit to have patience. 

When I sat back to look over my years of waiting which had gone by I found out I may have finally gotten the faith part down but the patience was no where in sight. There were just somethings that were making it difficult for my faith to produce. 

Let me give you a little analogy. I hope it will help. I love stories. Jesus did too. So he always explained things in pictures in the Bible ….and to me. So here goes my own parable 😂😂😂😂

There was a certain woman who was travelling with three of her friends. They all carpooled and drove to the airport at the same time. They were all travelling to the same place for the same event. They got to the airport on time and all bought plane tickets. 

After thirty minutes they heard the announcement all those on Airfaith flight AF247 to babyland we are boarding now so please come forward with your boarding passes. Those with small children or our first class and business class passengers will board first. They all looked down at their boarding passes and discovered that even though they were headed in the same direction on the same airline,  they all had different flight schedules.

The woman realized that even though they were all on the same airline, all her friends were still flying before her. She also realized she had two options 

  1. She could choose to wait and be unhappy about it. Complain to everyone who sat beside her, grumble or just keep moping looking like the whole world was on her shoulders or even go into worry and depression. Or 
  2. She could choose to be patient and be happy about it. Knowing that as far as she had a boarding pass she would get there eventually so she might as well relax and get busy doing other meaningful things in her life. 

Well all her friends left and she chose option two but after all her friends had left they discovered there was a problem with the last flight which was the plane she was supposed to get on. As soon it was announced all the other passengers who had been waiting to get on that flight got angry and began to lash out. Saying nasty things about the airline, about the owners of the airline. Getting violent with the attendants at the check in counters. 

What did she do? She remained calm. She tried to calm others down and encourage them to trust that the airline would make alternative arrangements. Some wanted cash back and as soon as they got it bought tickets on less reputable airlines. She was patient. The situation around her; the chaos did not cause her to waiver. She sat patiently asking from time to time if there was any new development and if she needed to make any other adjustments. 

Now what most of the other passengers did not know was that the owner of the airline was also scheduled to be on that flight as he was headed for the same event as the key note speaker. When the flight was cancelled he decided to use his private jet to convey as many of the passengers as he could who had to travel that day. When he called for passengers – she was the only one there so she got to fly first class to babyland and she got VIP seating at the event. 

In conclusion let me tell you a bit about the other passengers who were waiting  till they heard the cancelled flight….

Unfortunately there were a lot of plane crashes that day as the other less reputable airlines like Airworks, Airdoubt and Aireffizy had discovered faults in their planes but had no integrity and refused to cancel flights so they wouldn’t lose money. 

There were also a lot of stranded passengers that day as some other airlines overbooked and when the passengers got to where they would take their connecting flights they suddenly discovered that the airlines had overbooked and they had to stay in the airport. So they still missed the event. 

Some others, the pilot changed his mind and took them to another destination. Why? Because he was the pilot and he was at the helm of affairs 

As my Jesus would say he that has an ear let him hear…

I tried abi? 😂😂 this parable thing is not an easy something o! 😂 Much respect to Jesus Biko. As they say senior na senior 😂

So anyhow seriously though the question is how are you waiting? 

If you are patient then you must have the right attitude. 

You can’t say you have patience and you are… 

  1. Frustrating everyone else around you 
  2. Grumbling about it 
  3. Having pity parties (even secret ones- crying at night etc) 
  4. Telling everyone who cares to listen how faithful you are by waiting and what you’ve had to endure 
  5. Counting the days and constantly reminding God of the time. 

No!!! You have to just trust that God is on top of things and get busy doing good works or other purposeful activities. 

Just relax God is on top of it

I know it doesn’t feel like it right now but there are days when you will actually feel like dashing your kids out. Imagine I find myself praying this prayer today…

Because sometimes I’m so exhausted all I want to do is snap at them for being so needy of me 😂 and possibly ship them off to grandma for a year. Does that make me a bad mum? No!!! Does that mean I’m ungrateful? No!! Does that mean I love them any less? No!!! Would I rather not have them? No!!! No!!! No!!! It’s just the reality of life. You just don’t ever have enough hours in the day when you have kids. 

So I thank God for the times I had before they came and I thank God I learnt this a few years before I actually became a mother. 

Enjoy where you are now. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt from Joyce Meyer 

Maybe I should do that blogpost after all…. hmmm… 

Remember attitude is everything. God is more interested in getting you ready for the gift than he is getting the gift ready for you. Patience is so key in this journey. I hope I’ve been able to show you what it means to Wait Patiently. 

This now is the conclusion of the matter today 

In other words…

Okay mummies. I gotta run. School starts on Monday need to do last minute preps. Can’t wait to start swapping school gist with you. I know it’s sooner than we think but until then let’s keep waiting patiently 


Pastor Mildred. 

He’s AH-mazing! 

Hey Everyone,

How are y’all doing..

I’m sure we all had a beautiful Easter celebration, here at DCC we had an amazing weekend!! A #risenwithchrist weekend.. it was AH-MAZING!!!!

I promised myself I wasn’t gonna do this, but I can’t help it..

So Good Friday, was drama night.. and it was so good! They brought out all the guns! Trust me, they went all out! Lol..

Then Saturday was Baptism! It was so colorful, so beautiful.. we have over 250 people baptized and publicly declare their faith in Jesus..

Children got baptized…

Adults also..

And Easter Sunday service was just out of this world!

Yup! You missed big time if you haven’t been around, or of you missed service, and this is the kinda experience that explaining to you doesn’t even nearly compare to experiencing it in person. 😍😍..

Isn’t it just mind blowing knowing that God sent his only son, to come save us.. Jesus came and died for you and me without even knowing us, before we were even conceived, before there was ever a thought of us being conceived.. he went through hell, so we don’t have to go through hell.. he became the son of man, so we can become the sons of God..

At this point I just wanna give a standing ovation and just keep clapping..

He’s just a boss! The boss of all bosses! All knowing, ever faithful..

I’m just without words at this point.. God is everything… let me share Nneka’s testimony with you, you’ll just be in awe of God’s awesomeness and faithfulness..


Nneka’s testimony

My testimony on my miracle – Eseosa Okwuchiamanda.
I wedded in 2011 after much family drama (Pastor M, you know every) and we decided to wait a year before kids.

We discovered we were pregnant about our 1 year anniversary and were cool with it as it was about time. Few weeks into the journey, I was teaching teens in church on a Sunday when I felt liquid down my legs, I asked someone to take over the class while I went to check. It was blood, I asked someone to get my husband and he said we will wait till the end of the message before going anywhere. So I sat at the back of church. By the time, Pst K was done, I was in a pool of blood. We refused to go to the hospital. Long story short, we took in again about 6 months later and discovered when we were 2 months gone. The devil wanted me miserable. Anything I did, he would flash miscarriage even dancing in church (those who know me know I enjoy this). But like PM says I said “Satan even if I have 1 million miscarriages, it doesn’t change God’s word and promise”. Our 1st baby came in 2013. We again wanted to wait about 2 years but about 18 months in, we were pregnant and felt hmmmm, we don’t think we are ready but no wahala. Again, the torment of miscarriage thoughts began and then about 12 weeks in, baby was lost. I began to question but the Bible says affliction will not arise a 2nd time, what is happening. Few months down the line, I conceived again, the mind battle raged then I lost my father and about 2 weeks after that, another miscarriage. We kept on trying and in May 2016, my period delayed. After a week, I fearfully did the home test and got negative.I went to the hospital and still negative. I told Pst M and she said, “It’s not the test that confirms our pregnancy but our pregnancy confirms the test”. The following morning I did a test and it was positive. Our journey began with weekly hospital visits. A plan to do a circlage which would require me to be bed-bound for days. God cancelled that one. Every time I used the bathroom, the devil will tell me now you will see blood. When we were ending 2nd trimester, things graduated to bad physical events around me. From 2 attempted burglaries in an estate with security where no such thing had happened in about 10 years to loosing a dear relative to health challenges, plenty drama. Eventually, we were at the hospital because baby stopped kicking only to resume when we got to the hospital. I got induced at about 4pm, contractions were a hit back-to-back from 5pm. Then nurses changed shift at about 6pm and I didn’t like the nurse I got but I remembered that when Pst M prayed she added I would get the right help. On entering the delivery room, this nurse pulls out her phone and while I was wondering what she was up to, she started playing worship songs – Travis Greene’s When Our backs were against the wall and Nathaniel Bassey’s Onise Iyanu. That set the tone in the room and even when the amniotic sac was manually ruptured at about 8pm with a threat of C-section if baby didnt come out within the hour, I was so relaxed. I got a Word in my spirit that baby would come out within the hour and it happened that way. When baby came out, it was discovered that the placenta was already dying. Post-natal depression and different illnesses (HBP) struck but I am standing here because God’s word remains sure.

Praise God!!
Like I said AH-MAZING!!!

Don’t forget to send in your testimonies to Can’t wait to read, share and celebrate with you!

Love you guys loads! 😘😘


If He Had Known…

Hey people

Honestly I should be asleep but for some reason my eyes are still shining brightly so instead of trying to force myself to sleep I may as well put this to good use.

Okay so this morning (it’s like 4am right now) I’m here for my yummy mummies. I told you I know I owe you ladies. So let me start paying.

Easter is here! And it’s always a good season as any for miracles. I love Easter I make a big deal of it. It’s the real reason why we are. You can’t call the yourself a christian without Easter. It’s the biggest gift God gave us. The greatest gift Jesus gave us. Easter makes it all alright. What Jesus did at Easter remedied it all. It changes everything….

Because of what Jesus did at the cross and the power of resurrection that he made available to us by rising up and overcoming death and grave everything has changed … for me (practically sang that line. Thank you onos😁)

You see when Jesus died on that cross, we died with him and not only did he nail our sins on the cross, he nailed everything that Satan uses to oppress us on that cross including infertility and miscarriages.

And when he died, it all died with him. When he was buried we were buried with him, alongside every negative doctors report but here’s the good news when he rose again we ressurected with him as new creatures- species that have never existed before. Interestingly without any of the ugliness that we were buried with. Haven’t you noticed that when Jesus arose he was given a new body? He didn’t have scars or bruises after just 3 days? What kind of healing power is that?

The same kind that is at work in your life darling.

The beautiful thing about this life that you have received is that just like Jesus you didn’t just move from death to life

No!!! The same way Jesus gives life is the same way you have received power to give life. You are a life giver. Your body is alive to receive life and to give life. There is no reason – medical or otherwise strong enough to challenge this. Once it enters your spirit man it begins to connect the dots to every promise God has made toward you.

– you cannot be barren

– you cannot have a miscarriage

– you will carry to full term.

Three major promises that run through the entire bible whether old or new testaments.     You will either simply get the expressly spoken promise and or testimonies of God’s faithfulness in other women’s lives. Go ahead search for yourself 

You know what’s keeping us from getting all God has for us is the fact that most times we don’t even know what we are entitled to and Satan thrives on that. 

Easter is as good a time as any to get back into the Word. Find out what we have “in Him” what God has gifted us in Christ.

The revelation of our rebirth; our new life giving life can be intoxicating. However that’s not all I’m excited about this Easter. It’s a major part though and to learn more let me invite you to celebrate with us at DCC

I’m looking forward to seeing you.

In fact it’s a packed weekend at DCC.  Let me share …

Starting Friday night (tonight) drama at our mainland centre

Then Saturday morning we are having a huge baptism celebration. I looooooooove baptisms. It’s always such a big deal for me and I’m always on a super high. So can’t wait for Saturday. The theme is in line with Easter too. Woo! Hoo! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Then of course Easter Sunday at both our Centres. Come join us as we celebrate the biggest sucker punch ever. 

It’s a full weekend guys. Don’t miss it.

Okay so let me share one of my biggest easter revelations with you. It’s one of my best sides of Easter. It’s what makes you know that our God is God alone. As the Yorubas say “KABIYESI!!! Incomparable one. Master planner. Amazing God.

So you know how Satan was really panicked about Jesus going about doing good? Healing the sick, raising the dead and setting the demon possessed free? Basically he was “spoiling market” for him as they say here in Nigeria. So what did he decide to do? Put an end to all the drama by killings Jesus. So he came up with this elaborate plan of Judas’ betraying him, the apostles abandoning him, soldiers arresting him, his people rejecting him, Pilate crucifying him. He thought he had won ….

You know it’s really still the same as ever today. Satan thought he had me where he wanted me – PCOS, infertility, bleeding, etc but he had no clue that God had a bigger plan. Just as he didn’t know that killing  Jesus was the plan, he also didn’t know that my learning and building my faith to beat infertility was the plan.

I always say if he had known, he would have gotten out of my way sooner. If I had my babies in the first 2 years of marriage there would be no testimony and definitely no ministry born out of this.

I know this: no matter what the enemy planned or how long it delays it MUST end well.

If the devil knew this he would simply just let us be but then he’s cursed with stupidity isn’t he? I mean he didn’t see it coming…. he never sees it coming…

While he’s still jubilating that he’s won …the heavens start to unfold their master plan and by the time he gets it , it’s too late.

Jesus has won! He always wins!!!

That’s why I’m confident you will beat this !!! Because you carry the life of God on the inside of you. It’s that life giving power that makes dead things (even dead wombs) come to life.

Doesn’t that just excite you? Life!!!

New life that doesn’t already exist can be called into your womb. Aren’t you just grateful for what Jesus did on that cross?

So now go and find those scriptures and hold onto them till they produce.

I’m right here waiting for all your many testimonies. I’m so sure you will testify darling. I know it like I know my name.

Before I leave I need to thank God for my first miracle baby. My ‘dassah

Yesterday was her birthday and I just couldn’t get over how good God has been to me. She’s such an amazing child. 

I did so many posts yesterday because I kept feeling like this God sha …

She’s an amazing big sister. 

Always spreading joy and laughter everywhere. I still remember her first birthday and for some reason I can’t understand how time went by so fast

Father I’m just so thankful. Only you understand my praise and the depth of my gratitude.

That he would take us from here

to  here (with no drama)

Thank you Jesus.


Okay so wifeys I was going to share what I’m planning to make for lunch tomorrow. Unfortunately now I’m sleepy. I’m hoping I can put it up later or get miss Shittu to do you a favour and put it up as I sent her the recipe a few weeks back.

Let’s see how it goes.

Okay people have a great weekend and if you do make it to church say hi.

Much love

Pastor M

Do you still…

Hey ladies

This month has me all mushy and doe- eyed. It’s been a very hectic but extremely rewarding month in DCC. Love was in the air definitely as our theme for the month was relationship based.

It was such a lovely time. We even had a kissing bug going round sticking people so they had to kiss their spouses. It was really something else.

Then the week after the kissing bug returned with a friend… cupid’s helper. Her job on the other hand was to get the men to propose to their wives once again before renewing their vows

It was such a wonderful time but I think the best part for me was the last Sunday. All the married couples got to renew their vows.

The night before the ceremony I stayed up thinking…

I’m someone’s wife….

Someone needs me…

someone depends on me…

I invigorate someone…
I unlock favour in someone’s life…

I’m God’s gift to someone…

You see, I know these things. Yes they fly over my head a few times a day but as I stayed up working on the vows we would take the next day I let my heart dwell on these thoughts for a tad bit longer.

I’m important! I’m necessary and I’m perfect …at least for this one man. God sent me because he knew I was all he needed and if I wasn’t already I could adapt. I lay beside him that night listening to his chest rise and fall and it was as if I was back in my father’s house almost 12 years ago….

I still remember thinking …

can I do this?

Am I good enough?

Will I mess this up?

Am I what he needs?

All the romantic feelings out the window as I lay awake thinking is he making the right choice?

Saturday night… I lay cuddled in his arms as he snored gently …sleeping soundly…I knew the answer because he slept like a man whose heart had found a safe place to rest.

And I knew that unlike the first time I walked down the aisle unsure of what we were both getting into but very sure of who I was getting into it with , this time I was sure that I still wanted to do this.

I was so happy to pledge my love again to Renew my vow to this amazing gift of God to me.

I was reminded once again that … MARRIAGE IS NOT A REWARD; BUT AN ASSIGNMENT!!! 

…and this is one assignment I’m going to love being a part of for the rest of my life.

Sorry no deep revelation today just letting my mind wander

Saw a few pictures let me share…

Some before meets after …

Okay ladies so officially I’m off the radar for about two weeks. I deserve a honey moon right? After all it felt I like I was getting married again. Funny I noticed I’m still in braids and it wasn’t planned. 😂

So now I’m off for a few days with this amazing man. 

Gorgeous isn’t he?

Okay ladies gotta run. If you don’t hear from me in the coming week please don’t be upset. I will be back as soon as I can.

But My tip for today would be to EMBRACE YOUR  ASSIGNMENT- be everything God needs you to be for the man in your life.

God bless you darlings.

Break out in Dance… 

Hey Everyone!

There’s an excitement I feel in my bones this week, don’t know if you feel it too.. and all I wanna do is just shout out loud!

And break out in dance too! 💃🏾💃🏾.. you know the kind where you’re not concerned about what you’re putting on or how you look, or if you’re at the supermarket or at work or if you can even dance.. lol.. You know just like a “Flash mob” where you see someone sitting beside you reading a book and all of a sudden they are busting a move.. Yea that kind.

God is just awesome! Like beyond awesome.. infact the word awesome is too limiting to describe who he is..

He is…

And even with all these words and all these names, it’s still not enough!! It doesn’t even cut it..

Let me tell who God is to me personally, I literally cannot give him just one name and cannot put him in a box.. For me, God is my “Essence“.. my character is determined by him.. he’s the reason I live, breathe and have my being.. he’s my nature.. azin I’m naturally like Christ because he is in me.. I love like he does, I see people the way he does.. I do not react to things or situations how people expect, I react how he reacts… so even if I feel a certain way and I don’t want to get out of bed to go to church, or the situation around me doesn’t expect I open my mouth to praise God.. I still do!

Because my feelings don’t matter.. I do what I do because of Christ.

So sometimes you may not just feel like it.. why should you praise him when there’s no money in your bank account, or when you’ve been waiting for that breakthrough and it doesn’t seem like it’s coming, and you just keep worrying and trying to sort out the how’s and the why’s.. Sweetie worrying doesn’t change anything..

So, this is the time where you should just break out in dance to Jesus, and just trust him.. he always sorts it all out..

So relax.. God’s gat you!

I’m sure we all already know today is Thankful Tuesday! Whoop! 💃🏾 So today Yolanda would be sharing her testimony with us.. You need to hear how God just showed up for her.. Oh! I’m too excited about this one!! Lol.. Find her testimony below.


Yolanda’s Testimony.

Hello Pastor M and Justusgirlsnaija family;

My testimony is really simple and straightforward ( i doubt there’s such a thing)

Anyways, last year 2016, I made a commitment to God, a very simple commitment. I told God I was not going to complain about anything. No matter how rough things might get, I will look for a corner to give him praise instead.

Oh boy!! The moment I made that commitment, it was like a floodgates of problem was raining on me.

A brief background to what lead to “my commitment of praise no matter the circumstance.”

Things were tough or ugly, for straight two years it was one problem after the other, no job for good two years ( for me ), my sister get diagnosed with lupus, ( in fact that one was bad, her hair was falling off, her skin reacting) and the hospital charges😰😰😰. While my cousins, keep having series of miscarriges and one still birth which keeps us all wondering and complaining…😲😲😲

So it was like every time I went to God in prayers all I did was just list all the problems and the things that were falling apart, ( basically prayer time was complain time)

And I really got to a point where I got tired of praying, there was no joy anymore…and I wanted that joy back. And that was when i made the commitment, I realised it was not just about praying, but my attitude towards all that was happening around me. God is good, is not just a word we say because things are rosy, he is good even when things look like ugly… ( notice look like) because some things are not ugly, it’s just our view that is distorted.

So I made my commitments, things did not change. In fact they got worse, but I stayed in there, for me and in the gap for my family. And honestly I can see testimony all around me.

I don’t know where to start!!!

God has given me a job and has provided for transport…with a driver ( boss 😊😊😊). Mind you, in my head i thought that My chance of getting this job was very slim because I don’t have a PhD…but God can shock people, I am only completing My masters in June and here I am.

My sister that got diagnosed with lupus,was told that, it will even be hard for her to conceive because of her conditions and the doctor said lots of stories ( reports) but she just gave birth to a healthy baby boy, despite all the doctor’s report. And in fact her lupus seems to have disappear!!! Her hair is back and full, her skin is back to normal…

I even have Jaras ( bonus ) testimonies…like driving into the fuelling station with R20 ( south African rand ( a litre of petrol is R13.20 at the moment) I had no money. I was hoping that one litre will at least help me get home…but look at God.when I got to the station the attendants was asking me why am buying only one litre, I told him i just want to get home…and he asked again but why R20? I told him i have no money…and I told him, can R20 petrol get me home?

He then asked me where I stayed, I told him the area I lived. then he said yes, you will get home. And then asked me, so you want petrol? I said yes…he said to me.

I don’t have my card with me, but I will put some petrol for you now but you can come back later for some more…tomorrow maybe. he then put half a tank for me. With a promise of getting another. I didn’t believe my eyes or ears. I just saw my tank and I was shock…he then said see you later…hahahahah God!

Last one, I promise because the list is just too long…my parents have relocated and you know how it is with being in a new place, new houses and all. So they were trusting God for a car, and God just blessed them with a car, fully paid….

I think I will come back for a part 2 because the testimonies are not over, I mean the year is till fresh!

I really hope someone will be bless and encouraged with this.

Love you all

See, I told you! Are you as excited as I am now! God is just amazing..

Has God been good to you? has he shown up for you in ways that will blow human minds? or shown up at a time of need for you, just at the right time?

Great! So send in your testimony let’s tell the whole world how great our God is.

Send to

See y’all again soon.

Love you! 😘😘😘😘

Ps: Don’t forget to break out in dance this week.. 😉 no matter where you find yourself.

What Nobody Tells You… part 2 

Hello ladies

So I’m back. I really couldn’t fit it all into last week so let me throw in a few more this week.

So here goes hons… just because I love you.

7. You will have to apologize even if you are not the one wrong -sometimes you will just have to be the peace maker. The words I’m sorry will have new meaning to you in marriage; yes it will still mean you were wrong

But rather than just using those words to apologize

it will be a way of maintaining the peace rather than something one says when wrong. You will say sorry and what you are really saying is please let’s not fight.

To be honest I didn’t see this one coming. I always thought those words were reserved for when you were wrong and apologizing for something you did 

until the Holy Spirit asked me one day “would you rather win the argument and lose the marriage?”  

Incidentally my husband too learnt to say sorry even without having a clue what he’s sorry about. He had to learn to say sorry for things he doesn’t have a clue about. He would just laugh and say I’m sorry when he sees I’m getting upset and he doesn’t get it …even when I try to explain how great the crime he just committed is in the world of women. 

8. Sex in marriage is not always beautiful. Yes sometimes you will be too exhausted to want to even enjoy sex talk less of making it an exciting time. So in marriage I learnt the difference between dutiful sex and beautiful sex.

Yes because there are days when I’m just in one of those moods 

It’s unfortunate that the Bible is very clear on those days what is expected of you 

I wish I could just curl up and say No! But it’s a duty. I don’t make an excuse or say 

No! I get my groove on and with my sweetest smile I do what I’m supposed to do and make sure he’s none the wiser. Besides, he’d do the same for me too. We totally understand God’s stand on this and simply obey it.

Whether want to do it or not. So when we do it for the other person it’s dutiful but when we both want it, it’s beautiful. 

9. Getting a good house help (maid) or nanny is as important as it is almost impossible – okay so this one you don’t get to hear often enough. You almost get the impression that when you get married you will be able to do it all. When you start having kids and need to Go back to work or you are even a stay at home mum and everything suddenly becomes overwhelming then someone will suddenly mention it to you that you need to get help. Then if you are in this part of the world,  the drama with agents begin.

They always come up with stories and ways to extort money from you while manipulating these girls. Eventually when you find a good fit God helping you then suddenly just as you are getting comfortable and about to relax the agent comes up with a story of one or both of her parents dying so they can take her somewhere else where they can get more money and they offer to send you an inexperienced test of your love and salvation whom you will need to train again and the cycle continues. It’s a vicious cycle ladies.

I had to break it with drastic actions. If I heard you had a good help I would sow into your life and hers. Then I searched for scriptures for God’s promises to me concerning help and once I found them 

I stood on them in faith and even though I don’t have the power right now to share the testimony of this absolutely amazing child God sent me but today I can boldly say I have help from God. God didn’t send me a maid or a nanny. He sent me a daughter.

God keeps his word.

10. You will experience levels of multi-tasking you never thought possible – marriage will stretch you to your very limits. It will be a very strange thing because I can bet you already think you are already good at multitasking 

Wait till you see what lies ahead 

You will literally evolve. You won’t believe how you will wear so many  hats effortlessly. I sometimes don’t believe how busy life can get as a married person.

No one warned me. I guess God has a reason for holding back some of the info though because a lot of women if they had a glimpse would simply back out. It’s so good to know someone is looking out for me 

So in marriage my advice is trust the process 

Be the best you can be. Do all you should do. Learn all you can. Love your husband and pass your test … then trust God to do what only he can.

Ok darlings, eyelids closing. I pray these help. Any I didn’t think of? Send to me  will gladly share

Okay here’s my goodnight kiss

He always keeps his word…

Hey Ladies and all the guys that like checking the blog out.. yes we see you. 😉

I’m sure everyone had a great weekend.. I most certainly did..

it’s Thankful Tuesday, I’m so excited to share this testimony… Its from a guys point of view, plus I’m still waiting for you to send in your testimony..

Yes you! Yup, your mind just told you you’re the one I’m talking about..

you know yourself, no need to call names, or maybe I should….

But seriously, your testimony matters, your story needs to be heard.. there’s someone out there that just might be going through what you’ve gone through and you have the key to unlock their own testimony..

So share your testimony!!!

Alright let’s get into it for today..

You know how it is, when sometimes you just expect so much from people, you expect them to keep to their word, or do something when they say they would..

Or how you would say…

But then you find yourself making a promise to take your child to her favorite place, and as each day goes by, you realize you’re making the same promise all over again.. I know, I know.. you’re very busy with work and they’ll understand… Don’t they know you have to do all you can to put food in their plates, plus that school fees won’t pay itself…

Yup, some of us get like this most times.. but isn’t it just awesome to know that we have a father that always keeps to his promises..

Like no matter what, he’s not gonna keep your need or want on the back burner to go and do something else.. if he tells you something, you know without a doubt that no matter how long it takes, he’s gonna keep to his word..

He is just so faithful!! Listen to how Femi explains God’s faithfulness below.


Femi’s Testimony

When my wife was pregnant, sometime in her second trimester she woke up and found herself in a pool of blood.. she got up and just broke out praying in tongues.. The next morning she went to see her doctor, he examined her and told her she had a threatened abortion, she didn’t say anything and kept praying in tongues.. When she came home she didn’t tell me anything, she said because of the kind of person I am, she knew I wasn’t going to accept what the doctor said, so she just told me she went to see the doctor and I asked her “How is the doctor?” And she just laughed and said she thought.. “This one is asking how the doctor is, not even how I am, or how the baby is?”.. so she just said “The Doctor is fine”.

Some weeks later I woke up praying in tongues, I woke her up and told her,  “The name of our daughter is Atinuke, God says he’s going to take care of her from the womb, and all through her life”.. she said ok, and said this word made her confirm the baby wasn’t going anywhere and gave her peace.

Towards her last trimester, she went for her regular antenatal and the nurses kept telling her the baby isn’t moving, that they’ll need to do a caesarean operation immediately.. when I heard, I wasn’t even having none of that..  So the next morning she went in labour.. everyone in the hospital kept panicking and kept speaking out of fear, we weren’t even moved. So they checked her again and kept saying the same thing that the baby isn’t moving, and they needed to conduct a Caesarian operation. Then they told me it would cost 350,000 to conduct the operation and all I could think about was this is money for seed, money I can give God and they want me to give them? For what?! I just walked to my wife, laid my hands on her belly and said “Tinuke move!” And I just went home, made something to eat and slept off. Few hours later they called me from the hospital that she had put to bed. And that’s how our angel Tinuke came.

And since she was born, we’ve never had a reason to take her to the hospital for anything, and God has really, truly been taking care of her like he said. People just spring up and offer to do things for her. We her parents are even benefitting from the word.

Isn’t God just awesome! All he needs you to do is trust him..

And he’ll take care of you..

Send in your testimony guys..

Waiting to hear from you.

See y’all soon.

Loads of love!



What Nobody Tells You …

Hey ladies

How have you been? What a roller coaster week it’s been for me. I must confess I love being so busy and so productive but sometimes my body just says ENOUGH!!! It’s on the verge of saying that to me now but I really can’t abandon you this week.

Yes, Yummy mummies I know I abandoned you last week and I will make up for it this week but last week my spirit, soul and body just exited work mode into full rest mode. I just suddenly became allergic to my blog. If I didn’t know better I would think I had a bun cooking but seeing as I am an obedient child of God and a doer of the word I’m sure there are only 2 nations in my womb and seeing as the 2 nations and my exceeding abundant far above free gift baby have all been delivered, I’m sure I just needed to rest.

Like I said I owe you ladies, and I will pay.

So for the average young woman in Nigeria once you get into your mid twenties all you hear is …

Marry !



Your mum, her friends, aunties, even neighbors have only one chorus 

They literally bundle you off once you hint there’s a guy who… with a list of to- dos for the wedding

one week and you realize you are clueless. It suddenly feels like this is a set up …

but hey pastor M to the rescue. I’m here to tell you what Nobody Tells You About Marriage. 

So here goes…

Nobody tells you …

1. Your Husband will expect to be treated like a king – nobody tells you that the guy who has literally worshipped the ground you walk on for the last few years of courtship will sunddenly realize he is king of the castle and the king must be worshipped. No one tells you that no matter how much you do if he doesn’t feel  respected you have scored absolutely NO points. Yes, I know he’s your friend and you think you can talk to him anyhow but trust me you are about to see another side of him in marriage. How else will you explain both of you having a long day at the office and you both get home at the same time, you bathe the kids and put them to bed … exhausted. Then you see him seated on the couch playing video games and the next thing you hear is “what’s for dinner?” Sometimes it’s even much more than a meal he’s asking for.

Your next move will determine the outcome of your marriage. Lol!

Most times you will plaster a smile on your face – fake or not and move into the kitchen to perform miracles. Why? Because the “king” must be revered. If you are married to a considerate man I bless God for you but if you are not, honey just quietly move into the kitchen ‘cos you chose him sugar.

Please note I said your husband will expect to be treated like a king whether you decide to or not is your prerogative but he will expect it and a wise woman knows that keeping him feeling like a king will affect his productivity and inevitably your marriage.

I’m not in any way implying that you as a woman are a slave or his subject. Perish the thought! Oh no! I’m simply telling you that respect is a major need for a husband. He may overlook it in courtship but in marriage maybe because familiarity can set in you may need to work harder to make him feel special and watch him treat you better.

2. Marriage is hard work – Trust me harder than you can imagine. Funny enough contrary to what we think most of the work will be on yourself. You don’t see this one coming. It totally blindsides you. You start out with the princess treatment; a ring on your finger, a tiara on your head, everyone standing as you walk into the hall and then end up with a broom, a dustpan and a pot? I’m kidding … but not really because actually that’s what usually happens isn’t it?

But that’s not really the work I’m talking about. Marriage will wring you inside out and hang you out to dry.

It is so emotionally and spiritually draining. There are days you just want to scream, kick and bite but the Holy Spirit is having none of that. He’s taking you through every submission

and love scripture in the Bible.

You want to complain about all the things your husband is doing but he would rather talk to you about all you are doing wrong and how you need to be a wise woman.

And just so you know the work never ends! 

3.Sometimes marriage can be lonely – yes very… because the person you are married to will sometimes need time alone and believe it or not away from you. Some other times you will be mad at him or upset by something he did or did not do and you will have no one to talk to about it. Some other times you will just not be speaking the same language. If the person supposed to be in your corner doesn’t get you it can be so lonely. Nobody tells us this. They make it seem as if you will always want to talk to each other or be around each other, not true! So not true!!!

My pk and I are almost always together but when he wants to be alone or with the guys playing snooker or tennis I don’t begrudge him that. In fact I’ve learnt  to give him opportunities to miss me. Was I always the super cool “oh! My husband needs alone time” not a big deal wife? No!!! I had to learn it. In the beginning he was my life. Everything I did revolved around him. He was my friend, my project, my pastor, my everything  until I realized how lonely it felt when he went off to do other things without me. He had a life; I didn’t.

I had to make adjustments. I began to live. I became busier doing the things I liked and discovering myself. I didn’t feel deserted anymore. I had gist for him when he got back or surprise surprise when I got back. I got back to being a woman on a mission, with purpose and I became a whole lot more attractive.

5. Your husband cannot make you happy – I know this isn’t what you would like to hear but it’s the truth. You will be rudely shocked if you expect to find your happiness in your husband. In fact this is my reaction to you if you have been complaining about how your husband doesn’t make you happy.

Okay that’s unfair but I’m telling you my dear you are wasting your time. It will just be a whole lot of activity, stress  and more unhappiness if you keep searching for it in your husband

in the end nothing to show for it but more effort 

Listen to me your husband is not created to give you happiness. No human being is. That’s too much responsibility to put on any one human being. Jesus is the only one that can give you happiness and meet all your needs and even he had to die first.

God has to be the source of your joy. Don’t wait for your husband to make you happy. Happiness is not a destination; it’s a decision

Your happiness is not lost neither is it the responsibility of your husband. It’s in who you are, what you do everyday….

6. Every marriage will have tests …you get one too. Yes, every single marriage will have a test. Even though I may have an amazing husband who I sometimes still don’t believe is human, I’m still searching for his wings by the way,we still had our own bout of tests. We had to believe God to move us from poverty to prosperity. Then we also had to believe God for children. The financial and infertility test have broken many marriages but we stuck together. It’s not the test that’s the issue. It’s how you handle the test that determines whether it will end up being a testimony.  but tests? You will definitely have them. Sadly sometimes your husband may even be the test. For some women it’s a season of bad friends, adulterous relationships, scandals, mismanagement of Funds, spiritual laxity, etc but tests will arise. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It may even be a character test on your patience, controlling your tongue, kindness, or the major one that I personally think no one escapes in marriage – FORGIVENESS. Settle it once and for all: THERE WILL BE A TEST …and if you pass, inevitably A Testimony.

Okay ladies I’m out. I know there are a lot of other things no one tells us but let’s start with these. Who knows I may just end up doing a part II, III, or even IV.

Sorry ladies slept off before I could put it up. Now off to do a long post (hopefully) for the Yummy mummies who have been so patient with me. I love you and I pray that your testimonies will come sooner than you expect.

Love you guys.

Always Faithful

Hey Everyone!

It’s Thankful Tuesday!! 💃🏾💃🏾

You know how God does something, and you’re just dumbfounded and you can’t explain…

and you try to even analyze it and it’s not just werking.. Lol.. I had an experience like that last Friday..

So last Friday, Pastor M took the heads of departments in our church to watch a movie.. (Yea I know we’re cool like that.. 😝). We watched Hidden Figures, an absolutely amazing movie..

you should watch it if you haven’t..

The movie ended later than expected (story for another day), and it was about 11pm.. Now it rained heavily! Was still drizzling a bit actually and Pastor M had to go back to Lekki.. And I could not imagine her entering a cab so late back home herself.. So the superwoman in me emerged..

and I decided I was going to take her home and come back.. I was like.. “It’s just gonna be a breeze.., I’ll be gone and back faster than I can imagine”…. So we got to Mile 2, and there was a bit of Traffic… we were there almost 30minutes, eventually it cleared.. We got to the toll gate at almost Midnight and she asked me if I was sure I was still going back home that night, at about the same time Pst K called to find out where we were and said I wasn’t gonna go home that night, that it was too late…. But did I listen? Lol..  All I thought about was the million and one things I had to do Saturday morning, so I said.. “Yea sure, I would”

So we get into the estate, and I’m just thankful that we’re almost home.. All of a sudden we hear a funny sound.. I park and behold the tire was flat.. not just flat but torn! I’m like… 😳😳.

How did that happen? The car was fine.. I drove at top speed on the express…  The car was fine when I entered into the estate…

Like I said, there was no point trying to analyze the matter.. Imagine if that happened while I was driving at top speed.. Imagine if that happened in the middle of the road.. imagine if that happened in traffic at Mile 2.. They are so many scenarios you can imagine.. But God kept us till we were in a safe place, and we got home safely.. And like Pst K declared earlier I didn’t go home that night.. Lol.

This just makes me understand that no matter where I am, God is with me.. Always!!!

God is indeed very faithful

Ps: Send in your testimonies to or I’m sure God has done something amazing in your life these past weeks… Share it with the world… btwn there’s nothing like a “small testimony”…. Can’t wait to read and share your testimony..
See y’all soon

Love you! 😘😘



Hey ladies

Happy International Women’s Day. 

Isn’t it just so cool that we have a day that celebrates women? 

It should be officially Just Us Girls day. 

It’s so nice to be celebrated just for being women. That the world acknowledges how special the gift of womanhood is. 

I love the fact that no matter how different we look and are, we all agree that today we are amazing no matter what race, age, color, shape, weight or height, single or married…

I particularly love this years theme… 

These days I’m living the fullness of this scripture 

Does this mean I’m never afraid? Of course not. I’ve just learned to turn my fears to fuel. Anything I think I can’t do I just keep pushing till I can. It’s just the power of being a woman. You are stronger than you think. 

I’ve heard people say things about a woman being weak. The sad part is not that they say these things ; it’s that women actually believe them. 

I recently saw the movie hidden figures 

Oh! God! I looooooved the movie. It challenged every fibre of my being. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you. Let me give you a chance to see the movie. I’m already putting my thoughts together for a proper post. But let me say this …

THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT LIVING YOUR DREAMS…not marriage, not kids, not  racism…NOTHING!!!

I’ve heard too many women complain about marriage changing the course of their lives. That’s not God’s plan. It’s supposed to be the opposite actually; marriage should bring out the best in you

It did for me. It made me bolder. I used to be so shy and fearful but my husband was having none of that. He gave me a platform and wings to fly …

I hope this speaks to the men…

Your love should make your wife a braver woman. It should make her want to do things, be things, go places…

It should embolden her…

That’s a healthy marriage; a safe place.

It must be very hard to be married to an insecure man. However don’t let that deter you. Hold on to your dream and work at it 

Let that be the force that pushes you.

Please let me say it again. Don’t let marriage be the excuse you give for not fulfilling your dreams.

You can do it honey… and you should!

Once again Happy International Women’s Day


Pastor Mildred

Right on time… 

Hey Everyone,

It’s testimony Tuesday!!! (I always shout this out loud in my head when I type it..Lol).

I’m certain we’re having a great week.. It’s such an exciting month for us in DCC.. Pst K is teaching a series titled “Inlaws, Outlaws, and Marital Laws”.

And there are so many exciting games, freebies and stuff for the married folks.. makes you wanna get married, if you’re single.. And on the last Sunday of the month they are having a wedding renewal!!

The whole works guys! Wedding dresses, bouquet, make up on fleek, long trains, Gazebo, cake.. everything!!! Sigh.. I just love, Love! They get to say I do all over again…

And did I forget to mention! We’ll be having our very own Mr and Mrs D as the face of our #TogetherForever month..

Yup the purple humans you’ve been seeing have names.. lol.. If you haven’t seen them check our Instagram page @dcclagos you’ll be seeing a lot of them this month.. 😁

So basically this month is packed full!! And if you’re single, don’t feel bad or anything..(We’re gonna have a great come back for them, don’t worry.. I have ideas already..Lol)  If anything, rejoice and do what  you can to make their day glorious and beyond amazing.. offer all the help you can, share in their joy.. help someone get a dress.. just be joyous and celebrate with them..

Plus like Pst K said on Sunday.. this is a time to enjoy your hay days.. Because there’s a time for everything and your time will come..

I’m not gonna enter preaching mode even tho I know you guys really want me to, go and buy the message if you want to know what else Pst K said.. 😝..

But on a serious note, the waiting period which for some is a time you’re waiting for your husband to show up and for others a time where you’re waiting for your baby to come in a physical manifestation because you know you already have that baby! It’s usually a time of strength..

a time to build yourself, a time to be the best version of you ever.. to be ready for the boaz God is bringing your way, to be ready for the world changer God is going to birth through you… (And I said I wasn’t gonna preach…lol).. And it’s a time to know that no matter what! God is always right on time! Never late, never too early..

He’ll show up just in time.. Ninny’s testimony below shows exactly how God will show up when you least expect him to.. He would just show up like the boss that he is, sweep you off your feet, blow your mind, and beat your imaginations and expectations.. and just Wow you!



I have had so many testimonies this year, they just keep pouring in. But I want to share something that just changed the way I view situations.

It’s been exactly one year since I started looking for a job. I was having challenges at my last job and was steadily losing my peace and my sanity. I requested for a transfer to another branch but it was denied; so I prayed and I sensed God telling me it was time to leave. Immediately I got that word from God, my peace returned. So imagine my shock when I left and month after month passed and nothing else was forthcoming. The devil even began to taunt me asking if I was sure I had heard God. There was actually a time I started entertaining the thought that this was the last time I would obey an instruction when I had no plan B. Effectively, I was saying I didn’t trust God.

A couple of weeks ago, I got invited for an interview. The venue was about an hour and a half away from my home. The interview had been scheduled for 10 a.m so I zealously left home at 6 a.m thinking to myself that even at the worst case, I would get there in time. Long story short, I got there at 11 am!

Throughout the journey I was so unhappy, and I kept thinking how this one opportunity that I had gotten after one year of waiting would end up passing me by. I was a little upset with God, to tell the truth because I couldn’t understand why He had not intervened so I could get there on time. But to my greatest surprise, I got to the venue and found that they had actually made all the other candidates wait until I arrived before starting the interview. I was beyond shocked. I have no idea why they did that except that God was just on my side. I got a call this afternoon saying I had got the job.

That was when I just got to thinking: God does things for His glory! Sometimes, he does not intervene when we expect Him to because he wants to “show Himself”. Think Jesus and Lazarus in John 11. I realise now that it is a far bigger testimony that for one year, I had no means of income (and in a recession, no less) and yet God met EVERY single one of my needs. I literally lacked nothing. Also that I went very late for an interview, which ordinarily meant I should have missed it or created a bad impression which should have greatly reduced my chances. Yet, not only did they not start until I arrived, but they wanted only one candidate and they picked me! The late-comer!

God is just amazing- that’s all I can say.

So singles, yummy mummies, the married folks, everyone… Just remember that God makes everything beautiful in its time..

See you all again soon!

Love you!

Ps: please send in your testimonies to Can’t wait to share God’s amazingness in your life with everyone! 😊



No Rival Thrones 

Hey mummies

I had a very full day today talking about my waiting journey on Wazobia max TV and 99.3fm Naija Info  with @oliveemordi and @ayothompson. 

Was such a good day even though I felt like God just threw me into that one as I was planning to do that towards the end of the year. That’s  a whole other gist for later. Just know that there’s a lot cooking. 

On my way home in the car I was playing the conversations over and over again in my head. Basically reliving the whole period in my head. 

And I asked myself what was the biggest thing that helped me through that season of waiting? 

Keeping Jesus Lord of my Life….not babies; Jesus!!! 

What do I mean by this?

I got to the place where nothing else mattered. Not even having children. I got to the place where Jesus was the most important thing in my life. I got to the place where I could say like Bob Fitts 

No rival throne survives and I serve only you. 

Or like Travis I could sing 

It became totally about God. 

I got to the place where I began to ask what do you want me to do Lord? What can I give you? not just what can you give me or what can you do for me? 

Until you get to the place where only Jesus matters, the wait will be very long and unbearable. 

Nothing must take Gods place not even a longing for children. Don’t let it take over your life. 

Easy for me to say right? Well not really. I had moments when I struggled too till I discovered worship 

That’s what we were born for anyway 

When you encounter true worship…nothing else matters. 

Jesus makes everything better, everything easier… 

Enter worship mode. Fight to keep Jesus on the throne of your heart. No rival thrones must survive. Nothing else must matter more. 

Are You A learner? 

Hey ladies

Last week I felt the need to have us kick off our heels, loosen our body shapers, throw back our heads (wigs falling…) and laugh…

and boy did we need it! 

So today let me share with you another secret that’s been helpful for me.

If you are really close to me then you will see me hanging this sign up daily. 

Maybe not physically but Every single day of my life, I wake up ready to learn something. And I learn from everything and everyone.

Heard my husband say this yesterday and I loved it. It just stuck.

See everyday as a classroom; every person as a teacher and every experience as a lesson.

So with some people I learn what to do and with others what not to do. I watch how people do marriage, I read about people doing it God’s way and pitfalls I can avoid. I listen to messages, watch videos. I search for information.

I’m always learning. No one knows it all. At least I don’t pretend to. So I’m always asking questions and searching books sometimes till I’m exhausted 

Its very important to know your learning style though. 

If you are not the type to read books then get videos, audios or real life mentors. Whatever you do don’t do trial and error with your marriage. 

Find someone you can learn from. There are so many positive role models. Once you are ready God will send them your way.

It’s simple really. It’s just the law of nature. 

There’s so much information out there and so many positive role models out there. Forget all the divorces they are showing you marriage still works.   Gloria and Kenneth Copeland

 Dave and Joyce Meyer

 John and Lisa Bevere

 Christine and Nick Caine

I know someone will send me an email now accusing me of not putting up any Nigerian Role models and this is my answer…

Oya go and do your homework. If I mention Nigerian ones which work will you now do? You must go after knowledge   Yourself ladies.

Why struggle trying to pray for your husband when you can learn how easily 

Or your husband is acting up? What to do?  
Too much good stuff out there, I tell you. You would be amazed.

So basically my point? Go out there and get the Bible based good stuff. And while we are on the subject of learning. It’s an amazing month of learning about marriage at DCC 

I’m inviting you personally. Be my guest and say hi after please.  So much happening this month. Will give you full gist later.

Okay ladies. It’s been a Really long day I’m beat. Need sleep. It’s a full day tomorrow.

Tv interview on Hello Nigeria (TV) Time is 12-1pm. It’s on DSTV 259 in case you want to catch it or pre record it and radio interview later on The Woman with Ayo Thompson it is on 99.3 Nigeria Info.

Until next week, Please be intentional about learning.

Love you

Pastor Mildred.

Sold out! 

Hey Guys! I’m back! 😁

I know you did… I missed you guys so much!!

This past weekend was eventful.. I particularly enjoyed service on Sunday.. Pst K has been teaching on the different “Stages of our walk with God”… and Sunday was the grand finale.. As much as I’ll want to do a recap of everything for you guys.. you have to go get the series.. 😝

So.. after listening to him talk about the 3rd stage CG (Close to God) and the final stage GC (God centered) which only a select few ever make it to, in their entire existence.. It made me ponder and wonder, Am I God- centered? Or lingering somewhere between being close to God and being God centered? If I’m not there yet, what exactly is holding me back from being there?

Now the thing is, I absolutely, completely, beyond anything love to serve God.. Like total abandonment, wake me up at 3am and we gotta do something for him I’m game.. If we have to drive to Ibadan in the middle of the night and it has to do with God’s work, I’ll drive..

I always imagine having to just serve God and not think about what I’ll eat, or where money would come from, or clothes to wear, or what my family is gonna eat, or anything at all..

Yeah, yeah I know that’s exactly what he wants us to do.. He even said it..

But you know how life gets sometimes, but think about it.. when your focus is completely on God, unwavered, not moved, you are completely and totally sold out.. winning souls everyday, focused on pleasing the lord, recognizing you’re just a steward of God, and understanding the Lordship of God over your life.. And just like Pk said on Sunday, you’ll come to know and understand that..

This is exactly how it should be!!

When I just gave my life to Christ, I had a tough time at home.. all I wanted to do was learn more, be in God’s presence and hear his word.. My parents did not understand.. My dad is Muslim and my mum Catholic.. They didn’t want me out at night, they couldn’t understand why I’ll be in church for more than 2hours on a Sunday.. they gave me a hard time.. most times I’ll have to sneak out of the house just so I could go for an evening program or for a vigil.. I felt like I was missing out on something really big by missing any service, like I was committing a huge crime.. So no matter how much they tried, screamed, shouted, locked me up a couple of times, threatened me, that didn’t stop me.. I still always found my way to God’s presence, and I always found strength.

So sometimes I wonder how people have a choice to make for themselves, to be in God’s presence but they rather not.. you have no idea what great gift you have..

And this makes me totally relate to Glow’s testimony,  Just scroll down and read..






Mama, I’m sure you still remember how we met at a breakfast program for ladies back in 2014, at my school, where you were the guest minister, and you invited me to Acapella’s comedy goes to church. At the time, I was not committed in any church then, I was trusting God to plant me in church where I’d grow. I joined DCC, and joined ushering and I was not only growing but I was very happy! Only for my parents to ask me one day for the name of my Pastors, and I told them Pastor Kingsley and Pastor Mildred Okonkwo. That was the begin of drama o! My parents said they will never allow me attend an ‘igbo church’. I tried several times to explain to them and get them to reason with me, but my whole family turned against me, I stayed in school and refused to go home so I can come to church, but at some point, they withdrew my allowance… I was surviving on God’s grace and some of the leaders in ushering knew about the issue, they were very supportive and they were praying with me. After I graduated, I was literarily under house arrest just so I won’t come to church. But I kept trusting God that something would happen eventually that I’d be able to attend church without having to sneak out of the house.

I left the house on December 31st to attend Cross over service at DCC without taking permission, it was a big risk but I did it all the same. I came back and during devotion the next morning, I felt a nudge in my spirit to bring up the matter again and I did. Trust me, I don’t know what it is I said different that day, that I haven’t already said before but I believe the HolySpirit was involved because I never stopped praying and believing God. My parents and all my family have finally agreed that I attend DCC. Even during gaining momentum, they were the ones that asked me to stay back with my friends at Festac if we close late. I’m so happy that I don’t have to sneak around anymore and all the strife that this matter brought into my family has finally died down. I’m happy I didn’t give up when things were tough.


God pulled through for her, So if you desire to serve God with all your heart.. take that step of faith, don’t think or worry about any hindrance, eliminate the word “But” from your vocabulary..

and watch him show up and sort things out for you.. He gat you!

Ps: My folks are cool about church now, they know that this one is gone.. even when I’m not in church they assume that’s where I am.. lol.. God sorted it out..

You guys send in your testimonies oh!!! Let someone learn and get blessed by God’s goodness in your life..

Send an email to

See you next week, or maybe sooner

Love you all!

Miss Shittu

What Are You Doing? 

Hey mummy

How are you? Warming up for sleepless nights, noisy homes, and having your heart literally live outside your body for the rest of your life?  😜 just teasing you. Of course you are. You were born ready….

You were made for this…

…and in due time it will manifest. How do I know? Easy 

And we all know what God has said so there’s definitely no way for him to get out of this one

Not that he wants to anyway. He’s more willing than you are …

Malachi 2:15 tells us it’s a major priority for God. Wondering where you got your love For babies from? Look no further; it’s in your Jesus DNA

He’s also able. Wouldn’t you just be sad if all he could offer was his willingness without ability. It’s one thing to want to do something. It’s another thing to be able to do it. Thankfully not my Jesus…

So don’t even think that God is done with you yet my darling. I’m telling you because I know first hand. He’s definitely a miracle worker, a doctor’s report canceller, a destiny changer, the God who only does great things.

Rest in this my darlings…

But because he’s a miracle worker not a magician, God needs you to play your part. Let me explain

A few years ago a lady I knew was TTC and trusting God for it to happen came to see me and she was lamenting seriously about not knowing what to do and blah blah blah blah …

She had been fasting and praying and confessing and had promises she was standing on. So I asked her how was she having sex? She looked really confused like what was I on about? So I broke it down into two questions.

  1. How are you having sex?
  2. When are you having sex?

She seemed almost upset that she came to me for spiritual advice and there I was talking about sex.

Hmmm… my sisters this is the problem I have with human beings. So you are fasting …thankyou. You are praying…you do well. You are confessing the word … we bless God. … but are you having sex?

All through the Bible where ever faith was mentioned there was corresponding action. Christians are the funniest human beings I know sometimes. The Bible tells us 

Bible o! Not pastor M. Bible!!!! Adam knew his wife eve and she conceived. I don’t think it was know as in they exchanged names or numbers

He had sex and she got pregnant but notice that wasn’t where her faith was because she declared in the end I have gotten a “(hu)man” from THE LORD not from sex from the LORD but even though she knew God was her source she still had sex. Her way of saying Lord I will play my part if you play yours.

Okay so maybe Adam and Eve were sinners. I mean who got us into this mess right? Oya give me a “holy” character in the Bible who had a natural child and didn’t have corresponding action (sex) with their faith. (Not Virgin Mary o! Jesus was an absolute exception) Let me give you a few minutes… hours… days… months… years…

Okay so let’s see another very spiritual woman who God did a mighty miracle for. You all know I love her …

yeah you guessed… let’s welcome Hannah. I’m sure you know the story already. But let me just shine some light on one really tiny phrase in that whole story. 

Elkanah made love to his wife Hannah …

I believe that was a trigger point to God remembering her. If not, her praying and the blessing Eli spoke over her would have sufficed.

Our problem sometimes is we can be holier than the Holy Spirit.

To have a baby you need to make love.

Not just have sex. It includes sex but it must have its roots in love. Because  faith worketh through love. Your treatment of each other must be love. Your sex must not be just about having babies, love must be involved. Don’t make it a chore. Enjoy each other.

So how are you having sex? Are you even having sex or like that lady your focus is just on fasting and prayer?

Secondly when? I asked her when her fertile days are. It’s funny most people especially if they married as virgins or have pretty much had a normal cycle all their lives never really bother to know these things.

From the year I turned 16 and was diagnosed with PCOS , I barely had regular periods so I kept track consistently. Moreso when I was TTC. I remember I had “by faith” ovulations. I would calculate like I had a normal 28 day cycle and I had an app on my phone that helped me track my periods and ovulation. I would just follow the tracker by faith and plan for my ovulation days. Crazy? Well it worked for me. I literally believed it was my ovulation days and the months my period would come, I would input it and it would reset the tracker again but I would call those days forth by faith and I kept at it till today I can sing like Ada Ehi

Don’t let anyone lie to you, you cannot substitute one for the other.  You must have faith but you must also have works.

So ladies let’s make this work. Don’t just sit around having pity parties. Get some information about your fertility cycle and what ever else you need to know…. then pray.

You pray to see the way God sees, to get instruction on what to do. So by all means pray but…

I’m not saying let your works push aside your faith… Never!!! Your faith MUST always be in God. He is the one who gives us (hu)man(s) like he did our mama Eve. He is the God who remembers like He remembered Hannah. So let your faith be in God as your source 

Okay ladies so let’s get to doing as we have seen in the word of God 

There’s always a reward for doing.

You remember the lady I told you about in the beginning? She has twins today. Let’s just say she got to doing…

Can’t wait for your testimonies

Love you.

Don’t lose It 

Hey super sexy virtuous women

How are you? What kind of week have you had. It’s been a whirlwind around here but I’m loving it. I’m learning to love and live every season of my life to the fullest.

Has it been a looooong week for you and you feel like just curling up in bed for a year? Well, here’s the thing if you ever feel like this then what you need in your life is some joy.

Joy? Yes! What ever happens don’t lose your joy. I know it’s not so easy but you’ve got to fight to keep your joy because that’s where your strength comes from. 

No matter how angry you get don’t let the sun go down on your anger 

So today here’s a little humor to help you keep your joy. Found a few pictures that made me smile. Hope they do you too.

I hope they made you smile at least. Please find your joy. Keep your humor. A happy marriage is built by two happy people. So find time to laugh 

I believe that is one of the biggest secrets to a happy marriage or could it be this? 

I wonder …

Come on ladies

Find a happy place at least 5 minutes everyday, throw back your head and laugh 

And if your wig falls off, so be it.

Just be sure the corn rows under are neat. 

Bye girls. See you tomorrow.

Love ya

Intentional God!

Hey people

It’s a very happy Tuesday morning for me. I’m really excited by all the responses I’ve been getting concerning the Chayil Prayer Journal (praying for your husband)

Doesn’t it just look gorgeous?

Okay so let me make satan really mad this morning because now the book is out, I can say like Joseph this morning that even though satan had evil plans toward the book God turned it around for our good. 

Late last year God had started stirring my heart toward a certain assignment he had for me this year. Obviously the enemy was throwing major attack on marriages and families so God was telling me this was not the year to just sit back and be comfortable in my own happy little bubble  

but to be his heart and hand towards marriages especially wives as so many are hurting. I obeyed but not fully understanding because as I inferred earlier I wasn’t in that place; I was and am still very happy in my marriage.  Oh! Of course there have been moments when I felt “what planet is he from?” But they’ve never lasted a full day and they’ve been very few and far between.

So as I was saying, I obeyed by yielding myself to whatever He would have me do. So God gave me a list of things to do and number one on the list was

TEACH the wives to start fighting right again; get them to start fighting on their knees

He gave me blueprints for four prayer devotionals beginning with praying for your husband. I had a mandate to release it at the beginning of the year. It seemed really impossible for me to release it that early but God sent me helpers. I mean the guy that designed the book practically shut down his office for over two weeks just to come help me make sure that nothing got in the way of us making the deadline of the release.

Everything was ready to go to press three weeks before.  The publisher said he needed two weeks. So we relaxed. Thank God to he books would be out on time and we could pray over them for a full week. Amazing!!! So quick and so easy right? Wrong!!!

satan and his cohorts must have had a field day laughing at us. 

First of all you need to understand how satan works. He goes after your weakness. He’s a coward so he will never come full on. He will attack your fears.

Now if you know me very well you will know I hate the words, “it’s okay” and “let’s just manage it” or “it’s not that bad.”

So what did satan do? When the books arrived, they were so badly done….at least by my standards. 

Oh! My God was I ever so mad …at the publisher, at myself, at satan and anyone who just even crossed my mind in relation to this book 😂😂😂

First of all the book cost me an arm and a leg to produce not to now add the many “sorry mummy is busy ” I told my children or days I had to stay back in the office till very late.

When I confronted the man he told me when he got to the market he found out things were much much more expensive than he had envisaged and charged. So rather than calling me back to tell me it would be more expensive to produce he decided to make the decision for me by managing what they had by dropping paper quality and a whole lot of other drama

I was livid at this time.

So, you think I can do this and give it to God?

Then he says “Ah! It’s you that thinks it’s not good o! Something like this? Shebi it’s for God… it’s good.”

I could not believe it. How this man that has always printed for us; Who knows how finicky I can be when it comes to what I do for God or put my name on …talkless of my face (all your fault blessing, kemi and femi)

I was about to go off on him when God reminded me …we wrestle not against flesh and blood…but against principalities and powers…against every thought that exalts itself above the knowledge of Christ. So before allowing satan to distract me further I decided to deal with the main issue on ground.

  • The mindset that because it’s for God it must be shoddy work
  • The anger and strife that could brew from this and keep us from actually turning out this book to increase the knowledge of how Christ wants us to do marriage
  • The way forward.

So I went in to worship God in the service. This happened on a service day. As I forgot about it and placed it in God’s hands I got a direct word from God

Let nothing waste… recycle

Solution right? Hmmm… not as easy as it sounds o! What this simple one liner meant was an extra over half a million naira and less copies of the version I wanted  (hard back) but it also meant I could now have paper back version which I didn’t plan at all.

So where was I to get over half a million naira? Let me spare you the details and say God showed up…as always! 

But that’s not just the testimony. The testimony is that the books came early that morning and the women rushed to get it like people who had been thirsting for so long. 

The real testimony is how many messages I got from women saying

Thank you

Two messages in particular  I got made me tear up

Then this 

I’m thankful homes are already being healed. Even though the enemy tried to frustrate God’s plans, instead he got my faith and wisdom level to increase. He also made us print more books than we planned. And those who can’t afford the hardback can still get the paper back. 

See? Nothing takes God by surprise. It’s all intentional. 

So today I’m thankful for my new book but I’m also thankful my husband’s new book. 

I’m thankful for the success of the marriage seminars we had this past weekend and all the marriages  that have been revived. 

If you want to order any of the books here are the numbers for those in Nigeria
If you are outside the country please send me an email on and I’m sure we will find a way to get it to you. Still working on some platforms. Will get the info across to you once I have it confirmed.

And oh before I go, satan here’s an ntoi for the road …

Three For One! 

Hey people 

I’m sorry for the silence. 

To make up for it though you get three posts in one. 

So Thankful Tuesday, Wednesdays is for Wives and TTC Thursdays all rolled up in one. 



Today I’m thankful….

Yes it’s been a hard past few days…

Yes I’ve cried a lot in the last few days… 

Yes I’ve been very sad…. then angry…then tired…just very tired but….Today,  I’m thankful. 

I’m thankful that even though Eric Arubayi is no longer here with us in the flesh, that I got to meet him…got to know him…

I’m thankful that he was in my world… that he passed through here… even if for just a few minutes. 

I still remember just like it was yesterday the first time I met Eric. It was rather uneventful but it left such an impression on me. 

It must have been 9 years ago on a sponsored trip to Kenya for the finals of East African idols. I  was on that trip as Isioma CHIJIDE as my passport was still in my maiden name at the time. Eric and Omawunmi were billed to perform on that trip. I happened to be on the same bus that took us to our hotel. Obviously at that time I was trusting God for the fruit of the womb and for some funny reason my tummy was big. So he asked very sweetly if I was pregnant and I said yes (because faith calls those things that be not as though they were) and he was just sweet and caring and when I bumped into him on the trip he would ask if I had eaten, how I was… I mean I never knew the guy before that and I wasn’t sure we would ever meet again but I kept thinking “fine boy with good heart very rare”. 

Fast forward to many years later when pita became a part of my life. He would always tell me about his friend Eric. The guy was practically his closest friend. I found out it was the same Eric and I wasn’t surprised to hear he was such a great guy as I had experienced it first hand in Kenya. 

2012 came and Onos came to see me about doing her concert at our church on the mainland. I had just met her and I loved her instantly. We agreed on dates but I never asked her about her lineup of ministers. So on the day I saw Eric again from a distance. Unfortunately I came in a bit late so I missed hearing him minister. Towards the end of the meeting Onos asked me to bless the offering so as I got up and encouraged people to give, I noticed Eric was gisting with someone I don’t remember who now but I remember throwing shade at him right there I actually called his name. He looked shocked because he didn’t know who I was. remember I was just some random “pregnant” woman on that trip not Pastor Mildred. 

Anyway after the meeting I saw him with pita and went to apologize cos I know it must have been embarrassing to be called out like that in front of everyone even though it was a joke. I mean after all he was a celebrity.

 As I drew close to them pita had started his usual “mama of life! Pastor toh bahd” I smiled as he enveloped me in a side hug. Eric smiled… anyone that knows Eric knows  “that Eric smile” 

“I’m sorry about before. Hope say you no vex” I said “na play o!” 

“Me?! Vex? How na?” Then he turns to pita “you no tell her?” Turns back to me with an “I no be like that o! Sha just invite me then we go settle”. We both laughed then. 

I didn’t see much of Eric again after that. Only the occasional bumping into him once once until 2016 just last year when I began planning for When Women Worship 2016 – Amaghimo. I felt in my heart that it was time to bring Eric to church officially. I had two names laid on my heart -Eric Arubayi and Mairo Ese. My team and I felt we needed to add a female minister to balance things out and there began the drama. 

First someone said to me, I don’t think Eric will work o! He’s not a strong worshipper. World people!!! I sha stuck with what God had said and oh! Was I ever so glad I did. Eric brought down the glory at the mainland Centre! ​


Through all the drama though,Eric gave me his word that no matter what it would take that he would be at the meeting.  And through it all he kept calling to be sure I was not worried or perturbed.  

“Pastor M see ehn! Me? I go come. No jus worry yourself. You no get problem. If na my own you de think. We don worship finish” …always with a smile….always. 

And show up he did with his mischievous quirky self. 

Eric would call to check up on me and accuse me of not inviting him more. “I de count am o! Some people don come three times.” But you knew it was all a joke, all in love, never with malice. 

“Eric you wey be celebrity. Fear no let me de invite you anyhow” 

“Celebrity for God?! Abeg invite me o! Na even mainland I like sef. These island people I don tire for them. Too much forming.” 

You could tell he had no airs. None whatsoever. Fame never got to him. Nothing mattered but God and people; Worshipping God and Loving People.  

A lot of “music ministers” I know come with a lot of drama before you finish inviting them “manager” matter don enter. You will know it’s just gospel for them because they can’t compete with the secular guys so gospel music is safe to do. Unfortunately they carry the secular attitude into the kingdom.  When they give you bill you begin to wonder if it is this same Jesus that died for free they are singing for. In fact let me not get started on this matter…. this is about Eric. 

Eric was one of the few good ones. He would never mention money and worship in the same breath. He did this for the love of Jesus. 

He simply was defined by one thing …

I’m thankful today because He crossed my path. He gave of himself to God and people. Just like Jesus his Lord and master, he lived a short but impactful life. 

I can only pray that God will give chinonso his beautiful wife and Jayden his son the fortitude to bear this loss. If we are all this broken I hate to imagine how she feels. 

However I choose to remember him fondly. Someone asked if I was going for his burial and my answer is “No!” Why? Because you don’t bury someone who is not dead. Eric is not dead. Eric lives on… 

He’s not dead. He travelled. Unfortunately he doesn’t get a visa to come back here till Jesus is ready to come get us. Then… Eric gets to come back. Till then, we can only thank God that He left us a sound….​

​And as I said on my IG post if I hear….

And as you used to say to me: 

“Mama I de come, make I jus reach that side…” 

my answer remains the same …

…even today:

okay, later na. We go see…”


And so this Eric matter got me thinking…

Is all the fighting in marriage really worth it? 

I remember a scene from the movie, Why Did I Get Married too? And I remember the character played by Janet Jackson was in a divorce battle with her husband and on the day she went to his office to fight with him. After she made a scene, he got so mad and drove off. In a split second another car ran into him and it was over… he was gone. 

No more fights, no room to make amends, no second chances …

So my question to you today is this: 

If the last words you spoke to your husband this morning were the last words he would ever hear from you, would you be happy? 

Now please note. This is not written to invoke fear in you because I know that God has promised us long life and your husband will not die
but I need us to think. If we learn to think we will do better. 

Time is short darlings. Some days I wake up and think where did eleven years go? Feels like I just met the guy. Feels like I’m just getting to know him. I mean the guy still rocks my world. 

Still gives me butterflies in my tummy.  Makes me feel like even 100 years with him is too short.

…and even I know I don’t get that much. 

So if you’re being truthful with yourself if you knew today was the last day you would ever see that man would all he’s doing now really matter? 

  • Would his snoring at night be so annoying? Would you rather silence and a cold empty bed? 
  • Would his dropping his clothes all over the floor be really so annoying? Would you rather a tidy but empty house? 
  • Would his not paying the rent on time be so infuriating? Would you rather pay it alone and on time? 
  • Would his coming home late make you so mad if the option was him not coming home at all? 

Every day you get with your husband is a gift. I’m sure Eric’s wife would give all she has just to have him back. To hold him once more…

So agreed he doesn’t help you with the kids? He doesn’t appreciate what you do for him? Do them anyway…

Let’s stop fighting ladies! 

Here’s my policy: 

  1. Don’t go to bed angry. Whatever the issue resolve it that day. If not it has entered voicemail and must be forgiven. 
  2. Practice Advance Forgiveness. Even when you don’t feel he’s sorry. Even when he hasn’t apologized. Do this for yourself; Forgive anyway. Set your heart free. Treat it like it never happened. This one is very hard though but I find that the more I do it the easier it gets. 
  3. No carry overs. Treat every day like a fresh one. Don’t bring yesterday’s grudges into today’s graces. Don’t do it no matter how tempting. Don’t deal with your spouse on the basis of what he did to you yesterday. Move on already! 

So ladies let’s just all try to get along and treat each day as if it were the last even if it isn’t. 

Okay ladies so this is the weekend of our Chayil Seminar with my PK 
It’s not a meeting to miss trust me. 

A lot will be happening there especially… 

the launch of our latest books 

So tomorrow is going to be very exciting. 

Also because I know a lot of wives are in a weary place. Tomorrow is also a day of refreshing so we have a full on worship service before PK comes up to discuss carnal things. 

     Will all be ministering. Can you really afford to miss this? 

    Don’t forget to spread the word. I advice you to come on time. It won’t be recorded so don’t miss it. 

    See you tomorrow. Don’t forget let’s make every moment count…while we still can. 



    Hello mummy 

    Of course I’m not leaving you out. Something for you too. 

    First let me say again that I’m sorry. I noticed a lot of people checked in last week and the next day. All that is yesterday’s news though. 

    So today let’s talk talk about 

    A Clean House 

    I’ve found out if you are TTC you can’t keep a dirty house. No I don’t mean you should bring out broom, dusters, mops and napkins. 

    Trust me if that was all it took, a lot of women would turn to cleaning ladies. 

    No sweeties, that’s not what I’m talking about today. Let me start from here 

    You need to treat your body as important. Too many people are focused on TTC and running around looking for prayers and prophecies but we rarely every focus on the vehicle God will use to bring the answer to the prayer. 

    I remember the year I got pregnant the Holy Spirit told me to prepare my body. He made me understand that it wasthe corresponding  action to my faith. I started to pay attention. 

    So I started eating healthy and cut out junk. 

    I began to rest ….I would actually sleep 

    And most importantly I began to exercise because I understood that the only weight I needed to carry was my baby’s weight. 

    Speaking of laying aside weights, the second level of keeping a clean house is keeping your heart and soul clean. So get ready ladies let’s really go in…

    Some things we really need to clean out are :

    • Worry worry never changed anything and never helped anyone. Worry and faith don’t stay in the same room and faith is important because without faith it is impossible… so you need to totally clean it out by trusting in God completely. 
    • Envy one of the things you get to deal with in the waiting period is envy. Sadly most times it creeps up on you. You need to be deliberate about this. Once you feel it rearing its ugly head get your broom and dustpan out and sweep it out quickly. If you hear someone had a baby rather than think that should be me, go out there and buy her a gift. The easiest way to stop the green eyed monster is to celebrate with others when good happens for them. 
    • Bitterness– As the name implies it is a bitter emotion. Usually a residue of all other painful emotions. 
    • Self pity -oh! This one is so major. The “why me lord? Why me?” Syndrome.  Feeling like you don’t deserve this? Well, darling then who does? If not you then why anyone else? I hear it every day “pastor M, I kept myself. I didn’t live a wayward life. No abortions. Nothing but look at so and so that did five abortions is a mother today. What did I do to God?” You must understand that God is not moved by what you do or do not do. You don’t come to him on the basis of your works. Nothing you do can change who God is; He is merciful to both sinner and saint. .  When you realize that God loves you and will only do you good then you will stop the self pity. This is simply a test and God knows you can pass it that’s why he allowed it come your way. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and find someone else to bless. 
    • AngerAn emotion you must never toy with. I know women who have lost babies because they got into a fight as an expression of anger. Miscarriages because of anger. Babies aborted out of hot wombs due  to hot temper. Don’t give it a moment. Clean it out fast!!! Anger is such a dangerous emotion. No one is saying don’t get angry but don’t do anything you will regret. 
    • Strifemalice, evil speaking, “beef”, all manner of strife needs to be cleaned out immediately. A miracle and strife cannot survive together. Babies love peace. Any one who has done you wrong forgive them. Don’t worry Hod will fight for you.         .            I still remember the year before I got married was the year I had to deal with the highest betrayal of my life from a very close friend. I learnt to forgive and let go of the pain and betrayal. I cleaned out every bit of strife in my heart. I had her picture in my bible so I would take it out and pray for her everyday. No not that God should punish her or vindicate me. No nothing of the sort. I prayed for her to be blessed, to prosper, to be protected, to be forgiven, for all her dreams to come true… I prayed till I genuinely loved her again. 
    • Joy No matter what pain you are going through in this season, find your joy. Dont take joy lightly at all. You must learn to maintain your joy. Don’t trade it for anything. The joy of the lord is our strength. We cannot draw from the wells of salvation without being joyful. It is with joy that we get what can save us -from pain, regret, barrenness, etc. . So we can deduce from this scripture that it is only when we are joyful  we can get the babies God has promised us. 

    Okay ladies so let’s keep a clean house. After all we are expecting visitors this year. Miracle babies all round darlings. 

      I’ll be back next week 

      Until then be in faith darlings by keeping a clean house. 

      Love you 

      Bringing Sexy Back

      Hey ladies

      I’m sorry this is coming so late but it’s been a really busy day and I finally just got in from midweek service.

      So let’s do this.

      This week was very different. I had such an undeniable stirring in my heart towards married women that I woke up and immediately wrote a looooooong epistle to the married women at my church DCC. Let me share :

      Good morning ladies. To be honest I can barely sleep and that’s because my heart is really burdened. I need to share this with all of us because I believe it concerns us.

      There seems to be something becoming rampant today. I’ve been privileged to minister to a lot of married women lately and all I see and hear is how tired they are of being wives. A lot of their husbands have put them in positions where they either want to walk out of the marriage or they grudgingly stay and regret the decision they made to marry him daily.

      Now I know a lot of us are not in that place (thank God☝️) but I don’t want us to take lightly what I’m about to say. I need you to listen very carefully please 🙏🏼

      Just because there is peace in our own homes doesn’t mean we should take for granted what is going on because I believe that like Jesus said An enemy has done this Matthew 13:28 so we cannot stand by and be quiet 🤐

      Listen ladies, the thing you think is far will soon become near if not handled when it is far and just because it is not our portion (yep! I heard you 🙄) doesn’t mean we don’t have a responsibility towards our own dear sisters going through hell.

      So why am I saying all this so early in the morning? (Well I couldn’t sleep so all of you too must wake up 😜no I’m kidding 😂) let me be serious. I’m saying this because I believe with all my heart that we as CHAYIL women at DCC have a special assignment to Wives all over the nation and the world. We are not just to gather and make ourselves happy. We are SENT. There is a strong MANDATE hovering over us as a ministry

      So what are we supposed to do?

      1. From now on every single one of us must begin to pray for married women (whether we know them or not) every day in our prayer time. Then once every week for at least 1 hour we pick a time to pray collectively for all wives. Ourselves inclusive.

      2. We have a responsibility to get the word out about our meetings. Especially this one coming up on Saturday February the 18th. Initially I was going to treat it as small meeting but God rebuked me yesterday so it’s a full on word and worship meeting. Yes I know the theme and I know a lot of carnal things will be discussed but hey… don’t take it for granted God will be speaking loud and clear in that room. So invite every married woman you know. Think of 5 people only you will bring. That hall must be full. They need to hear this and it won’t be recorded o! So if they don’t come that’s it.

      3. We have a responsibility to fund this meeting. Yes ladies you heard me – time to bring out your 👛 💳 💰 💵 💷 💴. I don’t care how much you give but every single person must give.It costs money to do ministry. Every year you have been the one receiving now be a blessing to others too.

      After all this long post I have written I know that Satan will whisper to you… you have your own issues abeg or what’s your own are you a pastor or minister or keep your money. You that you are looking for more sef…. Then this is for you:

      Esther 4:14

      For if you remain silent at this time, liberation and rescue will arise for the married women from another place, and you and your husband’s house will be destroyed [since you did not help when you had the chance]. And who knows whether you have attained royalty for such a time as this [and for this very purpose]?”

      That’s what keeps me on my toes. God doesn’t need me but it’s a privilege that he chose to use me so don’t take it for granted when God chooses to use you. If you refuse he has 70000 who have not bowed to Baal. He’s never stranded.

      Ok ladies let me get out of your space. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart. You make me so proud. Amazing wives and mothers. Being a DCC wife is a calling and you embrace it so well and rep Chayil 💋💋💋

      So I know I’m sharing our in house chat private chat but I’m doing this for you to see how serious the thing about to share with you is.

      Same programme 3 fliers. DO NOT MISS IT for anything in the world.

      I know the theme is how to be sexy after marriage but sweetie if I know my husband well enough that meeting will not be anything you are thinking. Please come out and invite someone or better still bring someone.

      You may just be saving a life. Also next day it’s the men’s turn 

      For your own good don’t let him miss it. Invite him. Pray he hears everything said. Then…

      Really need to go now darlings. Very early day tomorrow and I’m literally drifting in and out of sleep as I write this.

      Please pray. Invite someone. Do your bit.

      Be back next week. I’ve got great news for you


      pastor Mildred

      The Spoken Word

      Hey Everyone,

      It’s been an amazing week so far… and can you believe it’s the second week in February already!!! (Surprised face)

      Feels like a whole lot has happened in just 5weeks of 2017.. think about it.. you probably have birthed a new idea and you’re running fast with it, your daughter just turned 2, your son is going into secondary school, your business is on another level, you’ve gotten a new job.. Personally I feel like all I have experienced in 5weeks is like 5months worth, God has been so amazing!

      And Today I’m thankful for God’s word over my life! His Spoken word! He told us as a family that in 2017.. We are living miracles!

      Walking, talking, moving miracle… Everywhere I go to Miracles follow me.. Every dead thing I touch comes to life!
      This is the year where you have to believe God’s word like never before… believe in the miraculous..

      I’m sure you’ll understand better after listening to Chioma’s testimony..
      This testimony is one i will always share at any given opportunity. Its proof that God’s word is true, that there is power in spoken words…

      My son was born, perfect….a “beautiful” boy, so healthy i didn’t even have a hospital card because we had not been in one. He was 18months when the devil tried his luck….my husband and I worked late and so got home late that day. As we opened the gate, I saw my brother in-law running out with my son and screaming help!!! At first it looked like a drama, my husband panicked and got down from the car without even putting the car in the “P” (park) mode, I realized I was alone in the moving car and put it on “P”. At this time my compound was full with people who were trying to help (our house was in a very busy area). By the time I got to my son, he was not even moving. In the chaos, I heard them say he had a convulsion, I don’t know where fear ran to, but i dint feel afraid, I asked them to drop him on the ground and I said to him…”Chisom you cannot die” and I started to pray in tongues (at this time people were looking at me like a woman who had lost her only child to convulsion, plenty pity eh), he wasn’t even moving. I carried him and asked my neighbour to take me to the hospital. In the car, I w

      called him “Chisom, talk to mummy”. Before we got to the hospital, he cried “mummy”!!! I said “Thank God”. God showed me that he was faithful!!

      The devil did not stop there oh, he convulsed the next day, he convulsed 2 weeks later, two times the same day, it became a routine and the doctors were amazed, they could not explain it, many times he had no fever, many times his test results showed nothing,

      He could just be talking and get thrown down by the force of the seizure, people were afraid he will not be a normal child, anyone who has watched her child go through an episode will understand how scary it is, the terrible feeling of not being able to help your child carry the pain. One of thos times we rushed to the hospital as it happened in school and his teacher took him to the hospital, while there, another child who had convulsed was rushed in from another school, within 8minutes, that child was pronounced dead, I couldn’t believe it, a mother lost her son in my presence and it was his first seizure, at this time my son had had it about 20times….ha!!!!
      All sorts of tests were conducted, some doctors wanted to conclude that it was epilepsy but i rejected it, people told me that he might not be normal due to the frequency (12 to 15 times a year) I refused to believe what the word of God had not said. I stopped giving him these drugs (anticonvulsants) and believed God for healing, sowed seeds, partnered with a healing ministry and this happened for 4years and suddenly, it stopped. I guess the devil got tired of failing and foolishly moved out of my way. Those years were challenging but we came out strong. Today he is 8years old, and every time i look at him, i see a living miracle! My evergreen testimony!

      God is always true to his word, and he never fails his own..

      See you guys same time next week..

      Love you all!


      Make A Decision 

      Hello yummy mummy’s

      How have you been? January is over. 

      You know what that means right? We are getting closer to our miracle babies… to sharing your testimony. This is the point where you start to practice your hAllelujah dance …

      Because whether the devil likes it or not…. The party must hold…this year! 

      I need us to deal with one very important thing that you need to do. 

      You need to decide what path you would like to take to bring you closer to your testimony. Prayerfully Place the various options you have in front of you and ask: “what will God have me do and which do I have faith for? ” 
      Please Stay in your lane. Do not say I’m going to use my faith only ; no medicine just because your friend got a testimony from scriptures. Not necessarily because God told you. Doing IVF or any other medical procedure doesn’t make you less spiritual. It may just be the path to getting your miracle. 
      Then Once you decide honey, face it squarely. If it’s a medical procedure then immerse it in prayer and go ahead. If it is simply sitting on the word and studying then give it all you’ve got but have no apologies for it. I knew God wanted me to sit on the word and build my faith till I knew for sure that I was pregnant. I shut my ears to the world and “seemingly” good advice and great ideas but that s story for another day. 

      Find out your God  ordained path and stick to it. It may not be easy but when you have your miracle in your hands and testimony on your lips then you will see that it was worth it. 

      But once you run from place to place and follow any new treatment, new hospital or new fad then not only do you prolong your waiting season you will end up frustrated. 

      There’s an easier way just ask the Lord. 

      Okay darlings. If we are going to do this then you need to settle it once for all. What path are you supposed to take? Decide to follow it. 

      Can’t wait to start sharing your testimonies. 

      Love you. 

      Pastor M 


      Hey ladies

      Today has been that kind of day … 

      No apologies, I stayed in bed most of the day. To be honest I was tired and I wasn’t ashamed to say I can’t do this today. 

      I really just wanted to shut down and rest and not just that I wanted to….I needed to. I felt it in my head, my heart and my spirit that I needed to just pack it all up and stop trying to do it all. 
      So today’s message to you darling Wives is this : 

      You can be a great wife and mother but if you don’t find time to rest, you may not be around for very long. And that leaves the very ones you are trying to love, care for and be there for in an even worse place.

      I find time to rest on days that I’m beat or really stressed out. I ignore phone calls except they are very important. I stay in bed for a few minutes longer than I would. I take time off work. They may not be many but I have those days and I’m not apologetic about shutting down. Don’t judge me! 

      Yes o! I’m fighting for my health, my peace of mind, my heart, my marriage and my kids. I’m fighting yo keep it together so I don’t totally breakdown. I just draw back like an elastic band so that when I’m rested and I am released, Satan knows he’s in trouble. 

      basically I’m here to tell you that you are not the Elshaddai honey 

      That’s God’s job.

      As they say “Don’t think you are the El-Shaddai or you shall die.” Leave that job solely to Jehovah. When you cannot meet your husband’s needs. It’s okay to admit it. …to yourself then to him. If you cannot meet your kid’s needs point them to the one who can.

      So today’s lesson is majorly one :

      So how do I rest?

      1. Prioritize- what’s really important and urgent and that only you can do? Then do them. If it’s not urgent, important or life threatening then you can attend to other things first. Question: Blogging vs talking to my husband which is more important? Honey, now you know why this post is just coming up 😉
      2. Delegate-let others help. Let the kids do their bit too. If they don’t do it perfectly, don’t stress. Let them learn. Turn it to a teaching moment. It will be stressful at first but you are  setting up a system that will eventually pay off. Get a maid or nanny if you can afford one. Have your younger ones or your mum come over to help sometimes so you can sleep for a few hours. My dear take advantage of having them in your life …”Aunty and grandma no be for mouth”  
      3. Stop- If you start to feel overwhelmed. Stop. I mean that literally just stop everything you are doing and take a few deep breaths. Honestly you will be shocked at how everything will fall back into perspective. When you are tired you make poor decisions. So just stop. Don’t answer right now. Don’t decide right now. Just stop everything for a few minutes, pray in tongues, worship or just close your eyes for a few seconds. Just stop.
      4. Sleep – I know this doesn’t really sound like it makes sense but when was the last time you slept? Like really really slept ? I don’t mean that wake up every moment your phone beeps kind or that you are asleep but Tv is blaring, kind of sleep. No I’m talking about sleep that you switch off your phones, turn off the tv, keep the kids with someone you trust so you don’t have to think about them for a bit. The kind that your husband goes out, and you sleep with abandon….if you like no clothes sef (just remember to lock the door o!)

      Bottom line I’m just here to remind you tonight that it’s okay to not be super woman. Even God rested. So rest. 

      I’m telling you nicely now ….Rest o! Hian! Because if anything happens to you your husband will marry again. Pata pata he will wait 6 months just to respect your memory but Marry again, he will! And the new wife may not be as sweet as you so your children may just suffer. Your husband will most likely not pay attention to them because he will assume if she treats him well that your kids will be well taken care of… honey let me just stop here because even in this example it can’t be you in Jesus name. It better not be you for your own good o! 

      Anyway, I’m going back to bed now. I’m going to milk it for what it’s worth because tomorrow? Life is back to business as usual. 

      Bye ladies.

      Next week I’m back with more 

      Please come back ok? We need each other. We need to learn from each other in this world today. 


      Pastor Mildred

      Alive and Active…

      Hey Everyone.. Hope we’re all having a great week so far..

      Yesterday in church Pk preached something so profound, I don’t even know where to start from… the topic was Raw materials for miracles: The word of God.. Raw materials is a series that was preached through the month of January… You all need to get the messages, and listen to it over and over again.. So back to yesterdays message.. Pk talked about the word of God being quick (Life carrying) and active.. The blood group of God’s word is AA (Alive and Active)..

      Now its one thing to just know and understand this word but its another thing to have experienced it.. to have felt it personally..

      A couple of years ago, I was in school in Ghana and got a call from my mum.. she sounded hysterical and was calling me from India… Now on a regular my mum can be a drama queen.. but I could sense fear underneath her voice, she told me my dad went into surgery and had been there longer than usual and she was worried.. my first thought was how are you guys in India and you didn’t tell me, and how did daddy go under the knife and I know nothing about it.. I calmed her down, told her everything would be fine and I would call her back.. After the conversation I just told God you know this isn’t our deal right, he’s supposed to be alive to experience a relationship with you.. (my dad is muslim)..

      This scripture came alive to me.. I’m like daddy isn’t going anywhere.. we’re all gonna serve you.. no matter what/how long it takes.. that’s our deal.

      My dad came out, and the surgery was successful.. Apparently he had DVT (Deep Vein Trombosis).. and I’m thankful that till today its never come up, or been an issue.. but he was completely healed..

      This makes me totally relate to Nneka’s testimony I’m going to share with you right now..

      Nneka’s Testimony:

      I have a testimony o….. hmmm, so some weeks ago, after mid week service, my dad calls me to say he was taking my mum to the hospital…. I live some distance away from church, and it was already 9pm,  but I just had a nudging go to Festac to join them ( dad, mum and my brother)  in the hospital ( the same nudging that asked me not to cross years ago when I crossed and got knocked down by a bike) …. as I got there, the resident doctor had given them 2 drugs to help manage her blood pressure  till the next morning when the consultant will be around. When I got into the room, he looked up, looked at me, I asked him the names of the drugs and why he gave her 2 drugs (she already has drugs she takes).. he then takes one away and asked her to take only 2 tablets of one drug, in addition to the one she takes normally… So, on Thursday, daddy takes her back and her blood pressure had crashed from 245( the previous day) to 90….  The consultant was in shock and reluctantly stated that she was overdosed, that the doctor shouldn’t have administered the drug to her and that it was given ‘in overdose’ .  She was to stay away from  any BP drug for some days… By Friday morning, she slumped and had to be rushed to the hospital…….. imagine if the doctor had administered those 2 drugs…… we would have been telling a different story now.. But Thank God  she is doing very well now, she is a LIVING miracle. satan ntoi!

      Praise God! God always watches over his own.. always.. and if there’s any one trusting God for healing in any area, just trust God’s word..

      Don’t forget to send in your testimonies!! Let’s tell the whole world how good our God is!


      See you same time next week! 😘

      Miss Shittu

      Happy Birthday 

      I planned this whole post but I’m sooooooo exhausted. All I can say is happy birthday honey.

      The man who lives for an audience of one. 

      Always preaching the gospel 

      Hands on daddy …

      Social prefect …

      My gist partner …

      My friend..

      You just get me. It’s always lots of laughter with you around. 

      Teacher of the word..

      I’m so happy and eternally grateful that God chose you for me …and over 11 years later you still rock my world  
      He chose you …

      To father my children …

      I join the world today to salute you 

      And celebrate you 

      God bless you and keep you for me. 

      I love you now and forever.

      It’s Not An Option!

      Hey mummy

      How are you? Hope you are keeping hope alive. Like I told you last week that’s the first place to start. 

      Now let’s  do this….

      I remember a couple of years ago when I was still TTC someone asked me “What if it’s God’s will for you not to have children through your womb? What if you are meant to just adopt kids and have spiritual children?” It was a sincere question but the devil started to build a skyscraper on the foundation of this small innocent thought.

      So as I was about to open the door to fear ‘cos it was knocking …sorry I meant banging wildly at my door. Faith showed up and yanked the door open. I felt the peace of God invade my soul and I smiled and told her very calmly IT’S NOT AN OPTION.

      How do you know? So are you telling me there aren’t people who never got pregnant? Haven’t you read about people like that? Haven’t you heard about people like that?

      I’m sorry love I don’t know what book you’ve been reading but the book I’ve been reading tells me that :

      it’s not an option  

      I’ve searched the scriptures and every woman who was called barren in the Bible was eventually blessed with a child except Davids wife Michal and hers was a result of  dishonor to God and her husband. Every other woman just name her -Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Manoah’s wife, Hannah or Elizabeth all had babies.

      God blessed them because in this covenant there is no room for barrenness.

      It’s not an option. 

      And what gives this authenticity is the fact that God promised and God cannot lie. What are you reading? Read the Bible you will see God’s nature and his response to barrenness 

      You said have I not heard? I don’t know what you are hearing.  I am hearing by the word of God and the Word and all I can hear is it’s coming. I heard it and I believed it. So I simply started doing what the word says. I began to rejoice in confidence. 

      Because I knew it was only a matter of time. God’s promises would be fulfilled in my life. All I had to do was believe the words that came out of my mouth:

      It’s not an option. 

      I knew like I knew my name that if God said NONE shall be barren then my body had no right to be disobedient. I would not be barren – It’s not an option! 

      God wants me to have children just as much if not much more than I do so he has no reason to withhold them from me.

      Once you settle this issue once for all it will cause faith to rise in your heart. You will not be tossed about by Satan, doubts and fears. Doctors reports will not panic you because you know for a fact that as far as you are a born again child of God you cannot be barren.

      You will boldly say

      • I Cannot Be Barren. It’s not an option.
      • I cannot have a miscarriage. It’s not an option 
      • I cannot have an ectopic pregnancy. It’s not an option. 
      • I cannot have a stillbirth. It’s not an option. 

      You can take crazy confident faith stands because you know God’s will on this issue. His word is His will and His word will never fail 

      So how can you get to the place of total certainty like I did? Study the Bible. 

      This is one journey you cannot take without the Word. That’s why I can boldly declare that barrenness?

      It’s Not An Option. 

      …and today look what God has done

      Join me and declare that For you barrenness is not an option. 

      Go on… say it louder. God’s got you.

      Here’s to testimonies.

      God bless you.


      Pastor M
      P.S  sorry this is coming late. Had an unbelievably busy day. But you know I love you so I’m going to be here for as long as I can and until you have your baby in your arms and like Hannah raise a song.

      See you next week.

      The Path 

      Hey Everyone, 

      It’s been an amazing week, I’m so excited! 

      Seems like I’m always excited every time I come here.. Well, I can’t help but be a happy child…. 😁.. 

      But what I feel right now goes beyond being happy.. I’m actually Joyful.. Nothing can shake this away.. So let me tell you why… 

      A long time ago in a distant land… Lol.. Ok I’m kidding, let me be serious now.. 

      I’ve always had a thing for all kinds of Art.. it just made me happy. Growing up I always went to my mum’s friend’s house to watch her paint.. she was a painter and I loved it! I loved painting and I could also draw so well.. She admired it and told my mum to let me come to her house every afternoon after school to paint with her.. as she lived right next door.. 

       Asides painting another thing I absolutely loved doing was writing.. but over the years and due to so many circumstances i stopped.. 

      More like I took this gift/talent God had given me and locked it up in a box, wrapped in a pretty pink ribbon and put it in a bigger metal box, wrapped around with a chain and a padlock 

      and tossed it in the deep ocean.. 

      But Today I’m Thankful.. 

      The opportunity to find and use the gift God has given me.. I am thankful I have started writing again.. and I’m so excited about it, like a child unwrapping an unexpected gift.. Yes! That’s exactly how I feel.. 

      I don’t know about you, but for me this year.. I’m going to explore every God given talent that I have and use them.. Yup! I say them because it’s a lot! 😄

      So don’t be surprised if you see me doing something spectacular and extraordinary pretty soon.. 😉.. I can’t help it.. 

      No more sitting on the sidelines and not being my absolute, ultimate best for God.. Plus, we can only do all we can here.. there’s no repeat button to start our lives all over again.. (If Only!).. And you’re gonna give account for everything he gave you.. I wanna stand before God and have him smile.. the kinda smile a proud dad gives when he knows his baby has done an excellent job… and I would know that I used every single gift he gave me.. 

      So let me share this beautiful testimony by a fellow writer (I like how saying that sounds.. lol), that would bless your life, and make you think about what you’re doing right now.. Are you in the right path? 

      Diche’s Testimony 

      I have always loved writing but never thought of it as anything more than just a hobby. I joined the drama department in church and headed their script writing team. Just having fun and working for God.

      Soon after, I applied for my residency programme and I didn’t get in. A lot of my friends got in and though I was happy for them, I felt bad. Not necessarily because I loved the idea of doing my residency per se but because it was just the next step in my career and I felt left behind. A feeling I absolutely hate.

      Anyway, two years later I applied again. The date for the test was fixed but after sometime it was postponed. My sister was scheduled to give birth in America and I was supposed to go and help her. I delayed going because of the test date and she gave birth and I hadn’t left. They shifted the date again and I went ahead and bought my ticket for a day after the test. They shifted it again. Extra money (that I didn’t even have) had to be paid to change my date to fit the new one and then guess what?…. Exactly! They changed the date again, this time Indefinitely

      I was so angry I just carried my bags and travelled. A few days after I arrived they fixed a new date for the following week. Everyone started calling me to come back and take the test. I was so confused and depressed

      A few days to the test, I went to God in prayer. I didn’t ask for anything. I just sat there worshipping and crying… It must have been up to an hour. I felt an urge to open my eyes and I saw a picture right before me with this scripture on it:

      Jeremiah 29:11… For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end

      It practically jumped out at me. Then God told me, don’t worry, it’s not “your” expected end (as in what YOU expect) but “an” expected end. It is an end that I may not know but He knows. I was assured that everything would be just fine. I was at peace. I didn’t think about it again until a month later (Dec 2014) when I got back and God ordered my steps into the movie industry as a writer. It’s been an awesome ride ever since.

      In such a short time and with very little formal training, I have worked on projects that have aired on the most prominent TV stations and worked with the industry’s finest producers and directors. Not to mention the very good pay and flexible schedules. I am eternally grateful to God for making a dream I didn’t even know I had come to pass. 

      It’s 2017 people, and you are a living miracle! That’s who God says you are! So this year, you’re gonna dig up all gifts and talents you’ve covered up and use them.. There’s someone out there that needs that gift and is gonna be blessed by it.. It’s not too late! It’s never too late.. 

      So guys, what are you thankful for? 

      Share with me by sending a mail to 

      See you same time next week! 


      …don’t do it without me! 

      Hello people

      I honestly thought I would make this a Thankful Tuesday post and yes kemi already  has a post scheduled for Tuesday  because there have been a lot of testimonies coming in -proof that it’s a year full of miracles. 

      However after all the work Miss Shittu put into that I just felt it would be better not to mess up neatly arranged plans. But I know she will agree with me that this post is worth breaking protocol for so even though everyone is on my case about taking Mondays off to actually rest I can’t keep this in any longer so you get an extra post this week to Kick start your week. Yeah yeah that’s how much I love you. Anything for you ladies. 

      So, yesterday was special for me. It did something for me that  I have to share. so today’s post,  it’s kind of a testimony but I want to share the lessons I learned from the encounter I had yesterday. 

      As 2016 was ending, I started feeling a pull from God to start to do the things I’m actually passionate about but have always put on the back burner …like things to do some day. Well, that someday is here. As my Pk always says life has no dress rehearsals…This is it! 

      So number one on my list was to take the love of Jesus to people who really need it. To go beyond having seminars and telling people about the love of God to actually showing them the love of God. After all the Bible says we should do good. So I made up my mind to focus on outreaches to orphans and widows in 2017. 

      I mentioned to a few of my people and trust Blessing,  Kemi and Eky before you could say pastor M they had a plan, a list and now all we needed was the orphanage. In the same week I stumbled on this picture 

      My friend’s younger sister had just been to an orphanage and showed the picture of this precious baby who had been abandoned. I knew there and then this was the place. I called to find out what their needs were….

      and here the drama began. Once we got their needs. We calculated it and it came to quite a bit of money. So I knew I needed people to partner with me. I spoke to ladies at DCC after service one evening. A few people came on board and I went home just trusting God to meet our needs.

      First testimony, Blessing shows up in my official early the next morning with news that totally blew my mind. Two of my partners had decided to pay half the money we needed. I was blown away. As if God was saying “you see? I can meet your needs. Just trust me!”  

      Next our benevolence department sent us boxes of clothes and provisions. Before I knew it, I had much more than I ever thought possible. All this in less than a week. 

      We were also able to buy a fridge, gas cooker and cylinder and food stuff to make their lives so much easier. However there were still some things that I needed to get that we hadn’t been able to yet. We needed rice so someone brought in a small bag of rice and I was celebrating this when God asks me to sow it to one elderly man I wasn’t very sure that it wasn’t my emotions so after I struggled a little while (more to be sure than anything else) I said okay lord you can have the rice as I turned to leave “add oil” was what I heard. I simply said “yes lord” and told someone to tell the man to see me.

      In less than a minute someone comes into my office with a bag of rice her mum had asked to give to us. I felt like you could knock me over with a feather.   How can God be so accurate? By the end of the day we had money to buy oil alongside the bag of rice which we had freely received.

      Another major issue they had was they needed school fees for 4 of the children as they could not afford to pay for them and they were being home schooled. We were able to raise the money. 

      So Sunday after service, I got together six ladies and off to Akute we went.  To be honest that day was full of challenges but as always …giants for breakfast. #theyarebreadforus.

      Flat tire. Bad roads. Almost getting lost. Bottom line at some point I looked out the window and the signs began to read OGUN STATE. I had no idea it was that far but we were there. 

      We were welcomed by the man and his wife and all the little children. I asked about each child and one particular child struck a chord with me and I stand in absolute faith with them on healing for him. I walked in and he was the first child I carried.

       (Liberty with Vivian- he slept off not long after) 

      Liberty is 3 Years old if I remember correctly but he was major cause for concern as he wasn’t hitting major developmental milestones. He was not talking or walking. As I carried him, he touched my face, my hair, my cheek he seemed fascinated by me. He settled in nicely in my arms. And as I asked his story and how he ended up there I was told that Because he was having developmental challenges his father decided to throw him away so he was brought to this couple. I was completely shocked and confused. Throw him away how? Like moin moin wrap or bread nylon.  As they say, “I’m sorry. I’m not understanding.” 

      How can anyone let go of children? When I prayed Day and night for one for eight years? When even till today I know people who would give their right arm to have one. Beautiful children surrounded me. Then I met the boss Samuel such a cutie. His tee read “I’m the boss!” And obviously he was. 

      Oh! Then harmony… So beautiful and very bright and obviously a book worm. She was more excited about the books we brought than anything else and probably couldn’t wait for us to leave so she could dig in  (harmony on the left)

      As he told me about each child, it just occurred to me that these people were doing this by faith. No funding from anywhere. They didn’t even have personally. They were just willing to be used by God. He had no idea where their next meal would come from but he was willing to open his home which by the way is rented and presently over- crowded to children that no one else wanted. He was resolute in this that as long as he has breath this children will always have a home …and a father.

      As I spoke to him and his wife and I saw how well taken care of And loved the kids were …That’s when I realized I was not there for them I was there for me. God brought me there to teach me very practical lessons:

      1. No matter how much you think you don’t have there’s alway someone who doesn’t have as much as you yet is giving much more than you are.
      2. The true test of faith is that you can follow God and say yes even when he doesn’t show you the full plan.
      3. Serving God will stretch you. It will not always be easy but it will definitely be worth it.
      4. Never take anything for granted. Some of the things you are taking for granted are another person’s necessities. Clothes people were trying to get rid of these people desperately needed.
      5. God will use you if you are willing. No matter how unqualified you are.
      6. Doing things for people who can never repay you is far more fulfilling than you will ever know.

      I left there that day after he insisted I pray for them and take pictures with the kids  but to be honest a piece of my heart stayed back with them. I will definitely be a part of their lives as long as God will let me.

      I’m totally overwhelmed by this beautiful couple. Especially this amazing woman. I know how hard it can be to take care of young children that you actually birthed how much more to care for so many of them at the same time with no help and some of them with special needs.

      Truly my prayer is that God will repay them. He never owes anyway. 

      I saw God at work. It was humbling and life transforming to be used by God like this to put smiles on their faces. 

      And my prayer today is Lord whatever you are doing in this season, Lord please don’t do it without me 

      Video clip ​

      Thank you partners … you did this 💋💋💋💋💋

      All The Single Ladies…

      Be honest you actually responded  “All the single ladies” and if you are truly being honest, this is what you saw play in your head

      But if you are anything like me this is actually what played in your head 

      Okay let me be serious. So, you know how I loooooooooooooooooooooove my single ladies. Yep! I simply adore you girls and you are totally in the best season of your lives and you get a chance to choose who you spend your life with. You get to choose the outcome of your life. 

      Anyhow because I love you so much I’m not going to abandon you and focus on just the  married women. I  Will be doing some random posts for you throughout the year under SINGLED OUT. But today I’m here because it’s the beginning of the year and  God has many pleasant surprises for you. However you determine how good this miracle year will be. Yes I know you’ve heard me mention it but I’m going to say it again

      So I anticipate a lot of miracle weddings.

      But sweetie my heart has been really heavy for a few days now because you’ve become so focused on getting married that you’ve almost lost focus of who you should marry. Marrying the right person is so major. I know you hear it all the time but honey I can’t stop emphasizing it. I believe the reason why you’ve been in a manner of speaking “kissing so many frogs ” who still remain frogs and not princes is because you’ve forgotten who you are.

      So please allow me to remind you this morning. I need you to remember this and settle the issue of identity once and for all so that you don’t keep picking frogs. No time to waste time in 2017

      First, don’t forget you are the prize. You are the reward. You are the one to be wooed and chased and pampered. You deserve it. You are worth it trust me. 

      Don’t let any man treat you like he’s doing you a favour. You need to remember who you are. 

      Oh! Honey you are royalty. Precious. Beautiful. Special. You are awesome. 

      This is not the year to accept anything less. Don’t beg for his affection, work for his attention nor build your world around him.

      Don’t let him make you forget who you are. You are NOT worth something because a man is in your life. You are worthy …period! 

      I need you to believe this because your identity determines what you expect and ultimately what you accept 

      So you need to set aside every “I must marry this year ” goal until you sort this out. Don’t take everything you are offered. Don’t settle for less than you know you are worth. You don’t have to manage. You can have it all…you deserve to have it all. 

      Sweetie if this is the only thing I do for you this year then we are good. Trust me.

      Secondly, if you’ve been in an unhealthy relationship in the past Now not tomorrow…right now is the time to get out.

      Run as in terror 

      My sister ESCAPE!!! Don’t be with a man that abuses you in any form. Don’t sacrifice your destiny on the altar of marriage.

      • If he belittles you …RUN!!!
      • If he insults you or verbally abuses you …RUN!!!
      • If he shoves you, hits you, bites you, slaps you or “affectionately” taps you …even if he apologizes after and buys you lots of stuff to make up for it …RUN!!!
      • If he bullies you, manipulates you, makes you feel bad for telling him No or refusing to do something you know isn’t good for you …RUN
      • If he ever makes you feel like if you leave him who will want you? …RUN
      • If he’s a mummy’s boy …RUN
      • If he’s hot tempered …RUN
      • If he’s the kind of person that always has excuses …RUN
      • If he’s always “busy” too busy to call, too busy to visit….RUN 
      • If you are an option… you know he has other girlfriends …RUN
      • If he’s cheated or is cheating on you …don’t stay and fight other girls to be his wife …RUN
      • If he’s stingy … leaving you to always pay the bills and leaving you financially drained …RUN
      • If he’s always begging, borrowing, buying things on credit, living a lifestyle he can’t sustain …RUN
      • If you are with him just because he took your virginity. It’s a trap…RUN
      • If you have been with him for over 2 years and marriage has not once been mentioned, you have never met any of his family or close friends …RUN
      • If anytime you pray your heart is restless…RUN
      • If God has told you to RUN. My sister what are you waiting for? RUN! RUN!! RUN!!!

      I’m telling you this because it doesn’t make sense to waste the last 5 years, last year and you now want to waste this year again? Tufiakwa

      Perish! The thought. It will NEVER happen. Not on my watch. 

      The mere fact that you were planning to manage this nonsense again this year. I can’t believe it. I’m so pained for you  but let me try and put myself together.

      Don’t waste another minute of your life

      Let’s all just move on because you deserve so much more than you are getting so stop short changing yourself. 

      Thirdly this year honey live for yourself too. Not every time… man!  Just listen to yourself …doesn’t like it when I dress like this. …doesn’t want me to do that job. …is not happy when I’m not at his place every weekend. …I don’t want him to be angry. At the end of the day Aunty we’ve lost you. No opinions of your own, no ideas, no personal dreams or goals that don’t involve him or being married to him. Meanwhile he is out there living his best life.

      Honey, 2017 is when you take charge of your life.

      • You’re going to take charge of your HEAD. What you will do for me is you will have dreams and goals written down and laid out time bound plans on how to achieve them …and please don’t put I must marry this year in the list. Marriage happens on the path of purpose. That’s a whole other post for another day.  
      • You are going to take charge of your HEALTH. That’s where the devil fights women the most. So you will clean up your eating, exercise at least 3 times a week and find health and healing scriptures to confess daily. You cannot fulfill destiny in an unhealthy body. Trust me. I should know.
      • You are going to take charge of your HEART. Start by adding filters. Sieve those you allow in and out of your life. Not everyone has a right to be in your life. Not everyone has a right to make decisions that affect your life. You must be very firm about this because you can’t complain about what you allow.

      It all still boils down to you understanding who you are honey. Once you settle your identity and understand that you are royalty, everything about you will realign. 

      Don’t live your life as if you are sorry to be a woman. As if your life will only make sense when you get married. So you become desperate to accept anything as long as he gives you his last name. Honey being a woman is a calling.

      You are a very important part of the equation.

      You are the favour key. Once you are found, he obtains a different kind of favour from God. The favour that moves him from one level to the next. That makes him enter into his kingship. You carry virtue -power to create miracles.

      If only you knew what you were worth you would relax and stop picking things undeserving of you. You have options. You will be found because like I said before…YOU ARE THE PRIZE. 

      This year let Jesus be why you live. Why you love. Why you are. Jesus is the reason. Let Him be the Centre of it all. 

      I believe this year will be a great year for you darling especially if you don’t forget how special you are….Because of who you are.

      God loves you baby. I hope you never forget that and you never let any man confuse you about that.


      pastor Mildred

      New Year New Hopes

      Hello Yummy Mummys

      Yes I know you are still Trying To Conceive (TTC) but that means absolutely nothing in God’s  book. If anything he already calls you mummy because he sees the end of a matter before he begins it. He creates miracles.

      It’s a new year and this year is a great year to have a baby. 

      Miracle babies. I love the sound of that. So this is where we are going to start from…

      Hebrews 11:1 

      Trust me, I’m sure we are not thinking the same thing. You don’t get a faith sermon at least not today.

      Let’s start from where most of us don’t …   

      before faith comes hope because you cannot have faith without hope. 

      We first need to get you to the point where you still believe things can change this year. Once we get into that mode then we can focus on getting them to change by faith. But first we need to believe they can.

      Trust me I know it’s easy after countless procedures and negative Pregnancy Test (PT) results to just shove this TTC business to the back burner and plan to live your life. After all  you cannot come and go and die. 

      I know trust me I know. I’ve thought it too. “I cannot let this thing take over my life” “I cannot handle another disappointment” “I can’t do this again” “Maybe I shouldn’t think about it” “I’m even tired sef” “Maybe my own case is different” “Maybe it’s my destiny and I’m not supposed to have children”.  I’ve been through my share of I cannot, maybe and even what ifs so I know exactly how you feel but hey! It’s a new day we’ve got to keep hope alive. 

      I know how hard it can be to hear countless testimonies and your own isn’t coming but that’s not true. 

      It’s only a matter of time.

      I waited for 8 years and for every single day of those 8 years I woke up thinking It’s today !!! Maybe I got discouraged before the end of the day but I still got up the next day hopeful that it could still happen. Eventually my knowledge of the word made realize that not only could it happen but it would when I applied faith. Hope helped me not give up and that’s a very good place to start. 

      Let’s look at one of the many lessons We can learn from Hannah. Oh! I don’t know why I just connect with Hannah on so many levels. I must have taken her story apart piece by piece in the Bible so many times. There had to be something I was missing I thought. Why am I not getting pregnant? I worried. Till I actually started letting the Holy Spirit read it with me. There were so many things I was taking at face value but Hannah was thrown into the most difficult place to have a baby and what did she do? She had not just Samuel but many other babies.

      So lesson number ONE

      Look very closely at this story and you will see that Hannah was a woman who understood hope. The Bible tells us that every year without fail every single year Hannah went alongside her husband and her mean co-wife Peninnah to worship God at Shiloh. She didn’t have to but she did. How do I know? 1 Samuel 1:21-23.

      1. Elkannah loved her more and would bend over backwards to please her

      2. He wasn’t a difficult man. Seems laid back to me. Doesn’t seem like the kind of man that  would force her to do whatever she didn’t want to do.

      3. When she asked not to go… Elkannah said “do what you think is best”

      So I believe Hannah didn’t have to go every year, she wanted to! 

      Every year she got up irrespective of how bad it had been last year, no matter how many times like an annoying mensrrual period peninnah reminded her she was childless. She got up with silent hope …maybe this will be the year 

      That singular piece of hope I believe is what took her from the place of maybe to for sure. From “Lord if you would…” to “for this child I prayed…” 

      This is a new year. Don’t give up hope. It can and will happen this year. Once you have hope we can build faith from there. Faith gives our hope substance. If we don’t hope for anything then where is the need for faith?

      I’m telling you categorically that God is not done with you yet. I don’t know how many negative doctors reports you have or how many procedures you have done but I do know this God is not done with you yet. 

      So let’s agree today that this is the year. Don’t give up. Let’s try again this year. Let’s get up and go to Shiloh again this year. Let’s believe Gods word. Bottom line : DONT GIVE UP! 

      Okay ladies I will be back next week to build on this incy wincy bit of hope you were able to muster. So just hold on ok?

      Love you


      If you need me to pray with you or you need to talk to someone. Send me an email on

      And oh! By the way I’ll be at my darling Eziaha’s meeting POW WOW with E 2.0 you need details then quickly click Here

      Love you guys.

      TTC on Thursdays 

      Hey people 

      Its a really good year…. don’t you just feel it? I can just smell it in the air. 

      It’s going to be loaded with miracles cos of my promise from God for the year. I’m just so excited. 

      obviously you can tell that it’s going to be a bit more active here on JUGN this year. Yesterday a lot of suggestions came and I’m sure God already has us all sorted and will instruct me on what to do so ladies relax and enjoy the ride. I know I will. I will also download to you once I receive it. 

      So this is what I have received so far …

      All my expectant mamas.. those trusting God for the fruit of the womb… Trying To Conceive (TTC) well… on Thursdays God’s  got you! And I’ve got you too. You know I feel you ladies. Been there and God delivered me. So I know exactly what it’s like. So looking for encouragement? Something to stir up your faith then don’t miss Thursdays honey! I’ll be here waiting with a hug, a word and a prayer. 

      So I will be holding your hand through this journey. I know we will testify. I know it like I know my name. 

      Incidentally this actually births a new ministry for us at JUGN. Towards the end of last year God began to remind me of the plan and some of the vows that like Hannah I had made when I was TTC and it was time to pay. So this year I’m paying my vows….joyfully too. ‘Cause the more testimonies we get the more we get to kick Satan in the behind and that increases my Satan “ntoi” serves you right (for my English speaking friends) 

      So we are taking the war to the enemy’s gate. 

      Anyhow so this new ministry is called “Hannah’s Heart” and we are not just getting pregnant but we are going to raise special children -with great destinies. So just like Hannah we get our own special “Samuel”. God wants to turn you into a Yummy Mummy (YM) 

      I know how hard this can be so I will be sharing what helped me personally and since it has taken me forever to get my book out I won’t let you suffer anymore … I repent. let’s do this. I will also share the testimonies of some of my friends and some other amazing women God has blessed. Just to encourage you to hold on cos you are next in line for a miracle. 

      Okay guys let me run. really busy day and weekend but I will be back next week with a testimony on Tuesday  and oh by the way let me invite you for our monthly worship at DCC and guess who’s coming? 

      Yep! It’s uncle Banthaniel 😂😂😂 as Dassah would call him when she was younger. Yes it’s Nathaniel Bassey ministering this month. Please come and be introduced to the wonder working God. 

      See? I love you so much I’m giving you a heads up. There is no reason under heaven why you should miss this. Don’t start the year making excuses. Plan, Prepare and push through till you make it. Don’t miss it for anything. Your hunger and thirst for God is what determines how far you go in God. So don’t start with excuses. If you can’t make it to the island be there at the mainland Centre. 

      Okay guys you know I love you. Please show up on Thursdays let’s move from TTCs to YMs. God bless you. I can’t wait to start putting up your pictures and your baby’s  pictures too. I’m so sure it will happen. God’s word cannot fail. Till next week hold on to this promise. 

      Blessings. Love you 

      Wednesdays Are For Wives 

      One of the things I wish I had more of when I first got married was mentoring. I walked into marriage with high levels of trepidation. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I would mess it up. That I would be too impatient, too hot-headed. Not submissive enough. Not accommodating enough. I couldn’t shake the silent prayer running around in my head: “Lord help me to be everything this man hopes for.” 

      Amazingly after eleven years of being my pk’s wife and partner in ministry I can only say this, far from what most people think, I may not be the perfect wife …yet, but I’m definitely not that scared young girl who walked down the aisle toward my best friend with nothing but a word from God and an assignment to help him fulfill destiny. I’ve learnt a lot on this journey and this is what God will have me share on this new series. 

      So ladies, especially the married women this is for you. I’m trusting God to be able to help that new wife who was just as clueless as I was back then. Today I teach a lot on marriage and my heart goes out to wives in particular because I feel sometimes like (if you are doing marriage right) so much is required of you and tendencies are you may feel like you are losing yourself.

      So let me give you a haven. Something I like to call CHAYIL HAVEN. Somewhere to get encouragement and support. Somewhere you can have your questions answered and possibly get more fuel for the journey ahead. I chose to call it Chayil 

      Which is what the married women at DCC are called because most of the things I learned are from the Bible’s description of the model wife in proverbs 31 she is what we call The virtuous Woman. What the Jews call Eschet Chayil 

      So we will look at all the many things God can do in our lives and through us because it will require doing somethings too. Bring virtuous is a result of developing virtues.
      So your lif will be busier but it will be more fulfilling too and will bring God  glory which at the end of the day is all it’s about.

      Trust me in my usual style I won’t be preaching at you. Not that there’s anything wrong with preaching though.  We will be learning together but I will definitely share the things that have helped me while pointing you to the one who has helped me. No subject will be off limits- prayer tips, fun things to do, ideas for time management. Some of my favourite recipes, tips for amazing sex, dealing with infertility, pregnancy, parenting, shopping tips. just name it.

      I will also leverage on my access to some resources -both human and material. So we will often have guest writers. Oh! My God. I’m so excited. The things God has in store for us…2017 will rock o! At the end of the year God will confirm with miraculous signs all I’ve been saying since that I’m a living miracle. 

      Now ladies if this isn’t another reason to be excited about Just Us Girls Naija then I don’t know what is. Get everyone you know to follow us both here on the blog and on Instagram @justusgirlsnaija or on Facebook simply like our page JUST US GIRLS NAIJA for more information.

      Okay ladies see you soon. Today is just announcement day. We kick off properly next week or should I just throw in one small “something”? Nah! You get to wait and yes single ladies you can learn too. You are even more blessed because you get a chance to plan yourself and get it right so it will be easy when you do get married.

      My prayer is that God will use this to heal marriages and help us do things his way. I’m praying that I will be able to raise warriors and at the end of the day you will rise and be greater at this than I am. I pray that you will grow and tower above me like E in this picture I stumbled on today … and finally that we will show the world what God can do with a life that is yielded to him. We will be women of valour, warfare, and victory. 

      Thankful on Tuesdays

      Hey people

      Happy new year

      It’s a good year… scratch that. It’s a GREAT YEAR!!!!

      I’m super pumped and excited for 2017 and are you surprised with a word like 

      And I started the year in the Word and in Worship at Gaining Momentum 2017. And God sent me the word through these amazing men. 

      Okay so this morning God gave me a very clear instruction in line with something my papa Rev Femi Oduwole said during GM2017

      The password this year is not complaining, grumbling or describing the challenge or problem it’s in thanksgiving. So if you are going to unlock anything this year then this is your password

      So it’s official on tuesdays which is officially our first day of the work week at JUGN we start it thankful. So we give thanks for something every week. Yeah! I know we should give thanks every day 

      and we will but what we are doing is unlocking our week by thanking God for what he’s done before.

      Now here’s why I’m so excited. It’s thankful Tuesday so that means it’s Testimony time too. 

      And it’s open to everyone. So if you’ve got a story about how God has been good to you come on people, don’t be shy let’s hear it. 

      Besides just obey the word already 

      I love testimonies and I couldn’t be happier to be a channel of hope faith and glorifying Jesus. So please send me your testimonies let’s help others believe. So if you’ve been saved,
      blessed, you’re pregnant,

      you had a baby, got a job,
      changed jobs
      or you are just happy to be alive let’s hear it. Share your story.

      Honestly there’s no reason not to be a part of Thankful Tuesday or evening but you choose. Call it whatever really. Let’s just be grateful and share…

      So if you would like to give Jesus glory send your testimonies to and copy

      Today I’m thankful that we have hope. I’m starting this year off on that note. With all that’s going on in the world today especially in Nigeria. I know it can be tempting to fear but I won’t fear what they fear.

      I have hope. I have Christ. 

      I’m thankful that he has never failed me. That he never leaves me nor forsakes me. I’m thankful that no matter how hard it gets, I have hope of rescue. God practicallydrppped this scripture in my lap this morning. Matthew 10:23 The Message translation.

      Before I run out of options…. before I can’t take it anymore…. before it gets unbearable…. before… Jesus will have arrived. 

      I have hope. We are not hopeless people. No matter how hard it gets. Jesus gat you! Finally I’m thankful that I have a God who speaks … I’m just so grateful. My thanksgiving has bubbled up into deep worship that I have a God who sees my heart and responds to its innermost cries.  Things my lips may never even utter…. He hears.

      Don’t you just love my Jesus?

      Okay guys. See you later. So much happening this year. Let’s do this.

      Love you


      It’s 2017 

      Happy new year y’all. I’m so excited about this year…

      I’ll be back to tell you why but I just wanted to say 

      And in this year 

      That will be my reality!

      It can be yours too.

      Love you.

      Here’s to an amazing year. 

      Thank you… 

      Hey people

      I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who was a part of my 2016. Can’t believe it’s almost over.

      Thank you to all my followers, the commenters, the silent readers, the secret stalkers (in a good way😉) and all who harassed me to blog  consistently. Thank you to everyone who introduced someone to the blog or mentioned it on their social media platforms. 
      Thank you to all my feature writers – Eziaha, Rotanna and of course my amazing Miss Shittu as I like to call her. God bless you darlings.

      Thank you all. 

      See you on the other side of the year.

      Getting ready to hear the word for my next season. Hope you are getting ready to go to church. Don’t know where to go? let me invite you to DCC crossover. 1 service 2 venues so mainland or island we got you covered

      Ok guys

      Love you.

      Blowing you kisses all the way out of 2016 

      The Gift…

      Hey people

      How has Christmas been? Hope you didnt indulge too much on food. Be careful guys  you don’t want to start the new year undoing all that damage. Too much repair work happens in January. It’s better to use exercise as a lifestyle than a remedy for undoing Christmas damage. 

      So anyhow it’s Boxing Day 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 I still remember when I thought it was   And not  

      Today is all about presents. Who doesn’t love gifts? So what’s not to love about Boxing Day? 

      Even santa loves Boxing Day hehehehehe

      So since santa is on holiday today. Have you taken over? Have you given someone a gift? Dad, mum, spouse, kids, siblings, friends? Today is about gifts so let’s make it happen. 

      Speaking of gifts, Jesus said something that’s been ringing in my head all day yesterday 

      This was part of a conversation he had with the woman at the well in John Chapter 4.  

      Jesus is the gift of God to us. And yesterday as I thought about the sacrifices Mary had to make to ensure that the gift of God arrived to us safely I thought also about her “partner-in-crime” JOSEPH. 

      So Not much is told of Jesus’ earthly father Joseph. The same way he silently slipped into this story is the same way he slid out. If you are not sensitive you would miss him totally and all the drama he had to go through. But he was definitely an amazing human being and if it hadn’t been for his beautiful heart I wonder how Mary would have survived it alone. 

      I’m sure he planned a simple straightforward life for himself. He never even considered that his life could become so turpsy turvy in such a short time. Meet girl✅ Like girl (chosen for him)✅ Fall in love with girl ✅ Marry girl ✅ Have a thriving carpentry business✅ have loads of Hebrew babies ✅ live a long happy life ✅ that was the plan. Simple enough right? Wrong!!! 

      How was he to know that the girl his parents had picked had also been picked by YAHWEH. How was he to know the one he had chosen to be the mother of his children had also been chosen to be the mother of God’s child. How do you even begin to compete with that? 

      The story must have sounded ludicrous to him – that the Holy Spirit would overshadow her and she would be pregnant. No sex?! Virgin birth? Believe it or not he was going to stay as far away from this drama as he could. He wasn’t going to be a part of this. He planned to slip away quietly. Most men would have turned her in to be stoned to death. First because of the betrayal they would feel, then secondly because of the audacity she had in trying to make them look like fools. “An angel did what again?” 

      However Joseph is different and I’m guessing there must be something about a name because we see a repeat in scripture. Another Joseph The dreamer.   The Bible tells us clearly that the angelic visitation wasn’t only to Mary but to Joseph too in a dream 

      I know he was a good man but I think this kind of changes everything. At least for me. Once he heard from God he must have been strengthened. And that is one of my biggest secrets in life. Once I get a word from God on anything I’m home free. I run with boldness. I think hearing from God gave fuel to his resolve to do right by Mary and stand as a protector and husband over her