Making It Special For Him 

I’m back and it’s day 4…

Making progress …

So today the plan is since we started out talking about gifts, I’m back again and I’m here to help y’all so you don’t fall my hand this Christmas  enough with the boxers and singlets 😄😄

The best way to ensure that you don’t get into panic mode when Christmas is here is to start early. So now is the time to go shopping. Avoid the Christmas rush start early.

The gift ideas cover a wide range. From very affordable to very expensive. So there’s something for everyone so if it’s a gift for your dad, husband brother or just a friend, there’s something for everyone as long as he’s male

1. List Of Love: create a list of 30 things you love about the man in your life (one for each day of the month) print it and frame it. 
2. Fragrances: Designer fragrances are a win any day and there are such a huge range to choose from. These are some of my favorites

3. Wristwatches: can you ever really go wrong with a time-piece? 

4. Gadgets: 

5. Splurge: if you can afford it, throw in all you have and buy him something he’s always wanted or he’s been talking about since you met him. Be a part of making his dreams come true. 

6. A ticket to watch a live match of his favourite football club: 

7. Study Bible: This is one gift you are indirectly giving yourself 😉

The last three things I’m going to mention are accessories, shoes, clothes. Now because I don’t want to stress you and I don’t you want you to rob a bank I will give you some inside info. There’s a miracle worker I know he definitely makes magic happen without breaking the bank. I’ll put up a few of the pictures I have of his clothes then give you his details. Call him today. Save yourself the stress and let that man drool over you this season.

8. Accessories:

9. Shoes: 

10. Clothes: you can do full outfits: suits or jackets with a shirt and/or tie.

Or just do some really nice casual bespoke shirts 

I particularly love the last one maybe because my husband loves casual clothes.

So need help? Contact Tobenna Ekweanya CEO Valiant on his IG handle @steveisvaliant to check out some more stuff he has or call him 

Trust me you will thank me later.

Oh Christmas tree… 

Hey people 

I have a guest writer Today it’s our very own Just Us Girls Naija official photographer @kemistryphotography Miss Kemi Shittu 

If I didn’t know better I’d say she jumped into my head and wrote this through me. Kemi you sound just like me  😂😂😂. She did an amazing job though. I’m back tomorrow with more stuff to keep you in the Christmas mood and possibly a word from God. Not letting too much out of the bag. Need you guessing and coming back for more   

Enjoy guys. Much love …
I’m so excited about this season!!! 

I’m actually doing a countdown lol, and it kinda feels like I’m gonna sleep and wake up and it would be Christmas morning.. even though it’s still like 22days, 6hours and 27minutes away.. Told you I was counting down Lol.. 

One thing I absolutely love about Christmas is decorating the Christmas tree, not the actual work of putting the tree together.. I don’t think any one really looks forward to hard Labour like that especially when it’s a 7feet tall tree like we have in my house.. Lol.  But actually beautifying the tree and making it look pretty! 

So I’m gonna take you through a few tips on how to decorate your tree this Christmas.. 

1) Try a white tree

Spice things up this Christmas by using a white tree instead of the traditional green tree.. 

Focus on decorating using bold colours like red, blue or tourquoise it just gives it a really classic look 

However some of us love colours and would love to see it everywhere, plus what’s going to happen to all the ones we’ve been keeping over the years, bring that box out, clean those ornaments and get ready to hang them.. 

Look at those colours!! 😍 it looks like a candy store.. lol..  

Now my absolute favorite way to decorate a white tree is to use white and silver ornaments and decorations… 

With a tree like this on Christmas Day all that’s left is for snow to fall outside my window (or for the harmattan to just begin already, the weather is so hot!) and I sit down with a book and cup of cocoa and have a White Christmas.. 

Speaking of White Christmas that’s the theme for our carol night in DCC this year! Whoop! 💃🏾 Everyone dressed in white, the choir dressed in robes singing all the classic Christmas songs you know with guests like Eric Arubayi, PITA, our very own PC, Palmira and much more.. Let me just stop here because I could go on and on.. 

Mark your calendars, you can’t afford to miss it, it’s gonna be an absolutely amazing night.. 

2) Break the Rules 

There’s no rule saying you can’t put whatever you think looks good or whatever you like on your tree.. 

Like I absolutely love pictures, creating the pictures than being in front of the camera.. but all things pictures.. imagine stringing up old throwback pictures and putting them up, would be an interesting sight, and for some people serious entertainment just having to look through the pictures.. 

Or a tree made out of pictures pasted on a wall.. Yup, you heard that right.. 

And if you’re a book lover like I am, you could actually have a tree made with books.. I think I’m gonna start a petition and have all my fellow book lovers sign this into law.. Who’s with me?! I’m going to have to try this one out myself, and have it in my room.. my very own book tree.. 

You can also use ribbons on your tree.. 

You can put vintage items on your tree, like your grandmum’s pearls, a piece of cloth from a loved on.. you can wrap that around the tree.. 

Or better still cut up shapes out of an Ankara  material string it up and hang it round the tree, add beads, and anything that you think looks African, and have your own African looking tree.. I hope someone actually gets to try this out.. Trends come and go, so put things you like on your tree, and make it your own style.. 

And Oh! Make sure to send in pictures of how you decorated your tree this Christmas, would love to see them.. and would post on all our social media pages 😁. 

3) Lights 

There is no Christmas without lights!! 

Use all the lights you wants!! Lights, lights, lights.. However don’t over do it tho, but wait it’s Christmas I give you permission to go overboard, you can’t have too much light on your tree if you think about it.. lol.. 

You can use white lights 

Yellow lights… 

Or Coloured lights.. 

Could also try lights of different shapes and sizes… 

Last tip: The size of a tree doesn’t really matter.. Get whatever size you feel comfortable with, or whatever size fits into your home, and go crazy decorating that tree!  

So that’s it everyone.. 

Don’t forget to send in your pictures, post it in the comment section, tag us on Instagram and Facebook.. 

See you same time tomorrow!! 

These are a few….

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. Snowflakes that fall on my nose and eye lashes. Brown paper packages tied up with string… these are a few of my favorite things…

Who doesn’t remember The Sound Of Music or maybe I should say who doesn’t love Maria? 
Well, the truth is I have my list of Favourite things too and apart from girls in white dresses like my cute babies here

my list definitely differs from Maria’s.  I’m hoping that my list will inspire you to start thinking of getting ready your Christmas gifts for the ladies in your life. Yep! It’s the season of giving people… get ready ! 

So here goes guys….

a few of my favorite things… especially for Christmas (in no particular order).

1. Books: Yes, I looooooooooooove books. I love the way they feel, smell…. I love that I can write in the margin. I love that I can escape into another world or that I can learn or be inspired by reading a book; that I can get instruction and direction. I honestly love getting Christian fiction for Christmas. It’s light hearted reading that still somehow feeds my spirit and fills my soul. Why don’t you try it? Buy someone a book today before we all actually forget what it means to read

Some of my favourite authors


Oh! How could I forget?! You definitely gain extra points if it’s a joyce Meyer book or better still her study bible …the fashion edition. I loooove mine

2. Frangrances: I love perfumes. Every woman I know loves to smell nice. There are so many brands out there that have amazing scents. A really good designer fragrance will make a beautiful gift. Personally these first two I am trusting God will find their way to me this Christmas 😉

The last three are some of my favorite signature scents 

3. Shoes: I’m totally guilty of having waaaaay too many shoes than I need. I end up giving them all out and the joy it brings the people that receive it makes me know I am not alone. Most women love shoes …and the ones who don’t (in my opinion) don’t know yet that they do. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 😂

Shoes are beautiful and beautiful shoes give you confidence. I’m not really crazy about bags but give me a lovely pair of shoes any day.

While we are at it why not get her something that will match with santas outfit 😉

4. Massage/spa treatment: you know it’s funny. Something as little as a pedicure can totally change my day from stressful to amazing.  Yes I’m easy like that. Just pay for a spa session and we are friends at least for a few weeks. I think it’s cos I finally get to totally shut down for a few minutes and every mum will appreciate a few minutes of “me” time. Perfect Christmas gift if you ask me.

5. Hampers: everybody loves hampers but I think women appreciate them the most. I know how I stock up and sometimes don’t shop till end of January because of hampers. I especially love it when it’s been packed personally. So as I unpack with the kids they each find something they know was put there for them. So don’t just grab a hamper mindlessly. Make one. Fill up with the goodies your mum or sister or wife will like.

6. A planned Night Out: This Christmas may be a great time to actually take that lady in your life out. You can make it a ladies night -karaoke, dinner and a movie or if they are like me take them to see a stage play. Oh! I went to see heartbeat (the musical)  it was A-MAY-ZING!!!

And not just cos my girls were in it. I was literally screaming- yes I’m now that embarrassing mum in the room. 😂😂😂 I kept saying “my babies are amazing!!! Girls can siiiiiing!!!” Amazingly they can act and dance too. Yep! DCC’s definitely got talent.

Just go and see it for yourself. You will thank me later.

7. Jewellery: okay so this one is definitely not rocket science. I’m sure you’ve heard diamonds are a girl’s best friend. I think this works overboard. Most women will appreciate a piece of jewellery. I know I do.  Wristwatches

(although for me the more masculine the better)


neckpieces (personally not a huge fan) but it works




Pretty much Every type of jewellery works when gifting it to a woman.

8. Gadgets: Im usually the one to find gadgets that do the weirdest things but I love them especially if they are functional. What I like about gadgets is they sometimes solve a problem you dont even know existed or you had gotten too comfortable with to do anything about it. 

9. Keep Sakes: what I like to call pretty little things. They may not have a world changing effect, may not be built to solve any grandiose problem or any  problem actually. It just makes me happy when I see it.

10. Cards: I know you were not expecting this but I’m actually one of those that miss real actual cards. Not the putting you on my DP thing. I love cards and I hope I’m not an endangered specie. That there are still some of us. I love funny cards. I love opening the card to get the punchline. I love the fact that it’s mine not out there on social media for all to see. It’s my own private, personal message.

Obviously there are so many things you can buy so these are just a few ideas. Please feel free to add yours. Who knows who you may be helping out.

Okay guys back tomorrow.

Love you.

Feeling the Christmas spirit yet?


Hey people

Yay!!!! So it’s one of my favorite months   

I’m so happy. I actually start to feel like a child once it’s December. 

Yep! You guessed … it’s the month of Christmas 

I totally love Christmas. I can’t get over how much I love Christmas. No matter where I am in the world it’s still always the most amazing time of the year – snow or harmattan, santa or Father Christmas  I still love Christmas. 

So because I’m so in love with December you all get a treat. I’m blogging everyday for 30 days. Where are the pompoms?
Where are my ladies? Let s do this.

So this is how it will go. I’m going to be here everyday with something that will put you in the mood to celebrate Christmas. So I will be giving out recipes, gift ideas, fun places to visit, some tips or just disturbing you or sending a blessing your way. Either way, I will be present. Oh! I can already think of so much to do. 

Aren’t you excited? Not yet? Not even a little bit? Wow!

There are so many reasons to be in love with Christmas and ’tis one

I think the first contact we have with Gods love is Christmas 

I mean God actually became man because he loves us. I can’t get over how God put aside all his glory and contained himself in a woman’s womb. How did she not explode? That’s the God we serve he will do the impossible to reach us just to give us what we need. I guess that’s why I love Christmas… it’s about giving. 

But make no mistake guys gifts don’t make Christmas 

It’s perfect though to have a combination of both. To get presents in his presence.  So the most amazing thing happened to me this Sunday. My Pk just got back, so I  went to pick him at the airport and we both drove to church. I missed him so much it’s the longest we’ve ever been apart -3 weeks. Anyway so by the time I walked in for first service, he was already preaching as I was about to sit I noticed there was a gift on my seat and I looked down it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. My very own Apple Watch in rose gold. 

I could not believe it. I was over the moon. After first service I had to check in on children’s church and counsel with someone so I walked in when he was already preaching when I got in to take my seat I saw another gift on my chair. My eyes almost popped out of my head -my very own iPhone 7.

Yep! My pk removing the bar 😂😂. sorry guys. Setting higher standards. 😉

See? Early Christmas presents in his presence. Expect miracles this season and come back every day for the next 30 days. I will be here 
Okay bye people and…

Much love.

  Better Together 

Hey people

So yeah! That’s my mood right now. I’m soooooooooooo happy I’m blogging today. I’ve barely had a moment. So many underG moves.  So much planning and restructuring going on here. I can’t even believe how exhausted I am when I go to bed at night but the truth is I can’t believe how fulfilled I feel even though I am so exhausted. 

So anyway my day would usual end at midnight and start by 4.30am but today for some reason I slept soooooooo soundly drool and all …. okay so I’m exaggerating there was definitely no drool. But my point is I didn’t get up till 6am

and I only got up because my human alarm (coach E) woke me up bright and early in usual sunny bubbly joy-filled way.

Actually she assumed I was already up 

I could not believe it I totally overslept and I had to be ready for 6:15am to get to work on the mainland. 

I’m sure you are wondering why Eziaha is now my human alarm. Well, so much is happening in my life right now so I need to be the best version of myself so I can be productive. So I decided to lose weight because I need to be like 30kg lighter. Thankfully Eziaha agreed to do this with me so she gives me the most amazing meal plans and makes sure I work out everyday.

The truth is I could have done this alone but it’s easier when you have  someone doing it with you. When you have a partner.

Even the Bible tells us that 

It’s definitely much easier with someone else. In fact anything is easier when you have someone holding your hand through it. I should know… this is the easiest weight loss experience I’ve had. No! Not the workouts or food discipline because Coach E don’t play but the fact that someone else has it figured out because she knows exactly what she’s doing so I don’t have to worry about planning my meals or my workouts makes it so easy.

Can’t wait to start showing my transformation pictures. And this means I’m going to start blogging on it again  on Journey to size twelve

So anyhow it just occurred to me that like I said earlier, everything is easy when you have partners or helpers. However, partnership doesn’t mean you are doing exactly the same thing. It just means you are both committed to the same goal and both working together to achieve it. Each playing his part. 

So Coach E is definitely my partner  in this weight loss journey even though she’s not doing the same workouts or eating the same meal plans. We are both committed to my being a fit and healthy U.K. size 12 and we are both working together to achieve it. I love my Coach E  totally absolutely adore her. She’s such an amazing weight loss partner.

If only we could have partners like that in every area of life. Maybe we can. At least I hope so.

One of the stories I love the most in the Bible is the story of David and his men going to battle to get back their wives and children after they returned from another battle only to meet their homes vandalized and their wives and children taken. Some of the men couldn’t go; about 200 of them were too tired so they stayed back. When those who went to battle came back they refused to share their spoils with those who stayed back and this was David’s response:

Who can agree to your proposal? The share of the one who goes into battle is to be the same as the share of the one who remains with the supplies. They will share equally.””

‭‭1 Samuel‬ ‭30:24‬ ‭HCSB‬‬

And this remains the rule till today when it comes to Partnership. Whether you are the one that goes to battle or the one that pays for others to go into battle the reward is one and the same. So thankfully your money can go where you can’t. Your prayers too can go where you can’t physically.

So for us at JUGN we are entering a new season  and we can’t do it all alone. So many new things that God is asking us to do that I know we can’t do alone. So I’m just wondering if you are out there and you would like to partner with us. Let me give you a few of them

  • Campus Outreaches– we are taking two major campuses a year and doing a full on war on violence against women. We also have two major campaigns to push in the campuses and  We are getting out girls back !
  • Reaching out To Orphans and Widows- we will be reaching out to them with our “adopt an orphanage project”. Meaning we will be a part of being God’s hands of hope to them. It’s always been my hearts desire to have an orphanage but while I wait to have one must I also put a hold on my compassion? Also the widows in our society today suffer a lot of hardship and Emotional distress. God’s  heart goes out to them. Will we be silent on this issue? I refuse to be silent when God says: Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress -James 1:27 (NIV)

Let me just put only these two out there for now but if you’d like to be a part of being a light in this very dark world. A part  Of bringing hope to this hopeless world then let’s do this. Let’s do this together. Let’s put the love of Jesus out there.

Personally I’m tired of conferences in  church where we all shine light on light blinding each other with too much light while the world is in the dark. Let’s take some of the light out. Let’s take the salt to the world. I’m not saying we won’t have some of our JUGN meetings but let’s do something with all we’ve heard so far.

I believe I can make a difference and so can you. So let’s do this together. I believe we are better together. And we will do better together.

So please sign up today. Call 08092036555 to get details about partnership. God bless you. Please call today don’t put it off till tomorrow or something will distract you.

God bless you darlings.

I will be back with another post soon to gist you about all I’ve been up to soon.

#JUGN Doing Life Together

I love September. Yeah I know it’s funny to be saying that in October but I’m just sitting here thinking It’s been the most amazing two weeks. Actually it’s been an amazing month and two weeks. Counting from September 1st

Hectic but amazing nontheless. I can’t even begin to explain how in awe of God I am. It’s been a whole lot of activity at DCC – our wonderful church family – to celebrate the first 20 years of our ministry. 

I just love this amazing picture taken by Avril (mr Grey) he’s just got magic. He’s the future in my opinion. He has an amazing eye. Takes the best portraits. I honestly think Avril is the only person who has ever Made me feel like doing a photoshoot. Like I’m actually planning it for my 40th birthday. Check him out on Instagram @avrgrey

That’s the front cover of our photobook. If you want one you can buy one it’s still on sale but I’m still thinking I may give one out. You will have to wait till the end of the blog to find out if the Lord has spoken and what YOU need to do to get it since I’m paying. Nothing’s free darlings -someone else just pays for it.

But if I don’t say anything about it then keep coming back who knows  it may just be the next post

I was so blown away by all the love and camaraderie at DCC but isn’t that what makes us so special? Our family feel?

We went from wearing blazers in the first week

with our unique DCC lapel pins which are still available for sale by the way and would you believe they have cuff links too? Lovely work of art as a constant reminder of our covenant of victory with God.

To wearing tshirts at Jesus in jeans declaring our covenant once again 

Did I mention again still for sale? Oh! The good news is they’ve even got signed copies. Absolutely love mine even wore it at the love life conference 2016 with the ladies. 

After that was Jersey Sunday. Ah-may-zing!!!!! It was soooooooo much fun I can’t even begin to explain it 

Then of course the grand finale. Our thanksgiving service. It was such a beautiful experience to see our people in Aso-Ebi as a family in true Naija styled celebration. Also having our papa Rev Femi Oduwole in the house was a major plus for me. 

Now in between all of this was our Just Us Girls Naija Conference – BEAUTIFUL.  I don’t even know where to start. I really planned to tell you all about it but now words fail me. You know what? Just manage pictures Biko. I just know that all the ministers of the night – Mayowa



And pastor Jerry Eze were handpicked by God. At the end of the evening we all left there, our mouths filled with laughter, our hearts re-ignited to worship and with the strong assurance that the glory of God  had beautified our lives. We left there screaming like Nollywood movies…. To God Be The Glory. 

Honestly something changed that night.

By Monday morning I was off with 13 ladies to take our hunger for more of God to St. Louis for the Joyce Meyer Love Life Conference 2016. I left on my birthday thinking I had escaped all the fuss but boy was I in for a shocker

I was blown away by all the love I was shown both in life and on social media. Thank you kemi @kemistryphotography for this video. I loooooove it. We had such a great time at the conference this year some pictures. Our official JUGN photographer and selfie lord tried to get as many pictures for you guys find them on @justusgirlsnaija on Instagram but here are a few. 


We had such a blast. With loads of pictures. We left there with eyes wide open in awe of God, hearts enlarged to do greater things even when afraid. It didn’t matter that we were cold and tired most of the time. We were too excited to notice. Way too inspired to notice. So we were there.  Very present …

This trip was so good for me and not just because I got to hear three of my favourite women in one room – only God knows how much I love mama Joyce, Beth Moore and Christine Caine. It was too much of a blessing but that’s not really it. It’s the many lessons I learned on this trip

I saw God  in all his gracious and majestic splendor. I saw the Word become flesh. I remember the last time I was at love life conference in 2012 I was alone and I remember the first thing I said was I will be back and I won’t come back alone. To be honest I kind of forgot about it but when I walked into the venue with 13 amazing women God reminded me

The process  of this trip brought forth a lot of miracles for me. Prayers were answered- we literally got everything we prayed for as a group. People who had been refused visa 3 times had it overturned because it was their turn. People who could barely stand each other became close friends on the trip. People learned to walk by faith, learned and experienced the beauty of favour first hand. It was us doing life together and I loved it.

In fact I loved it so much I think we should do this at least once every year. I haven’t gotten the complete blueprint from God yet but we have started downloading. In fact I will be back in a few weeks with details. We have a team working on this. So ladies first things first – get your faith out. As my Pk says when you want to dream, dream based on heaven’s economy. If you want to be a part of our #JUGNdoinglifetogethertrips first step is to desire it.

Then we’ll take it from there…

Okay guys I need to run this has turned out to be a much longer post than I planned. I will be back soon.  So much happening in my life and ministry that I would love to share with you. So much God is doing in me and through me that I hope will inspire you. That will give you hope. Isn’t that what JUGN is all about?

Building friendships …Giving hope!

Love you guys so much and I’m sure that the things God will do in your lives this season will literally blow your minds

For more pictures you can go to @justusgirlsnaija @dcclagos @dccisland @kemistryphotography on Instagram or follow me @pastormildred.

Okay people. I’m signing out. Have a great day. See you soon. 


I know I owe and I will pay. I have promised so many people blog posts and unfortunately I haven’t been able to deliver…

I’ve been so busy with all the arrangements for our 20year anniversary at DCC.

Thankfully we are done with that now even though the celebration will never cease in our homes and lives.

Today however I’m breaking my silence just because it’s my birthday. I know soon social media and my phones will be abuzz with messages from those who love me.  So I’m breaking my silence to say thankyou in advance. Sadly I won’t be able to take calls or see messages today as I will be on a plane. Full gist later I promise. So I’m here now because I appreciate you guys.

It’s only a great fool who is not grateful. I am definitely no fool. So this is me saying thankyou lord because…

I’m still here. Despite all I’ve been through.

I’m still here despite all the health scares I’ve had.

I’m still here. Doing what God sent me to do even when I didn’t know how or I wasn’t sure. 

I’m still here and those that are for me are more than they that are against me. 

I’m still here and my testimonies are more than my trials. 

I’m still here and you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Oh! The things I will yet do. The places I will yet go. The mountains I will still conquer …

I’m thankful that I have a man that loves me and will stand with me through anything …a man who looks with faith into our future. 

I’m thankful because God is for me… And that is more than enough. 

I’m grateful … But lord I want much more.

Longer But Safer

It so happened that after Pharoah released the people, God didn’t lead them by the road through the land of the philistines, which was the shortest route, for God thought, “If the people encounter war, they’ll change their minds and go back to Egypt.” -Exodus 13:17

Good morning people

It’s been a while. So much going on around here and it will unfold bit by bit soon. I just thought to drop by this morning to encourage someone.

As I was studying this morning I saw a scripture I probably have seen many times before but that just came alive to me just now.

God had just wrought a big victory for the Israelites. He just ended over 400 years of slavery and restored their wasted years loaded them with benefits and the wealth of the Egyptians. Victory at last!!!! They were all so excited. There was singing and dancing and rejoicing.

I totally assumed that the hardest part was over. I mean if it was easy to get them out it should be easier to get them into the promised land right? WRONG!!!

God knew that because the victory landed into their laps that they would be unprepared for greater battles ahead. So he took them the longer route to avoid war.

Sweetie does it seem like it’s taking too long? The longer route is the safer route. God knows there’s war in the path of the short cut. Can you handle war right now?

No!!! Let me ask you again. Can you really handle it?

We really need to learn to trust God. He knows what your heart can handle. The kind of war on this short cut is not the kind you need. God knows your ability and your capability.

I’ve learned to trust that God knows what he’s doing…. That’s why He’s God anyway.

So what do we do?

So live your life in total surrender to His lordship

Knowing this:

honestly I believe He has earned it

Don’t let anything bother you. The way I see it, One of three things MUST happen

So if it’s taking too long in your opinion, remember this: it may be the longer route but it’s also the safer route. 

God bless you darlings.

Covenant Keeper

I was listening to Rick Warren Live!!! Just thinking about how amazing God is and how I can’t believe I’m taking notes and learning under this greatly gifted man of God and how I’m at the Purpose Driven Church Conference 2016

when I got a text on my phone…

Pastor M suicide bombers just attacked Turkish International Airport Now!! It’s on CNN Breaking News! I was in shock. You see I was just a day behind that bombing. Remember I told you I was on a plane? Flying for hours? Well, I had a 7 hour wait in turkey airport.

Now, I know I have a covenant of protection so only with my eyes shall I see the destruction of the wicked (as they go up in flames when they bomb themselves) and this is my assurance

But it could have played out a million other ways…

We could have been stranded as the US is not allowing any flights in and out of the US via Turkey. So we could have missed our conference the very reason we embarked on this looooong journey.

Imagine I won’t have made it here to get new hope for DCC … For our next level

Do you see me? Look closely with the Afro and animal print? Seen me yet? Hahaha!!!

Honestly I’ve played it out a million times …the different scenarios. but you see through out this month my Pk taught on and protection is one of the blessings of the covenant. I thank God that I know who I’m in covenant with and the fact that He’s always looking out for me. He protects, He preserves and Hes always one step ahead of Satan.

I know he’s already put plans in place to get us home safely. We are precious cargo handed into the care of angel armies.

I’m thankful today that I’m divinely protected. That every one connected to me is under the same covenant so we cannot be caught in an accident, plane crash or suicide bombers. Since they want to commit suicide that’s fine as far as they don’t commit murder in the process. If they are stupid enough to serve a god that requires them to kill themselves in a bid to bring on some form of salvation well good luck to them… The blast of that bomb will only land them quicker into the flames of hell fire. How do you reject our Jesus who died so you don’t have to? How can’t you see that Jesus is the way? And a peaceful loving way at that.

I’m thankful today for divine protection

And because I’m taken care of I can be carefree and take selfies with my Pk

I miss my babies though.

It’s funny how these 3 pictures show their personalities so clearly.   I miss you babies. Mummy will be home soon. Blowing you a million kisses.

Oh! But DCC the things I do for you guys….

Any how before I go cos I need to take a bath and get ready for today’s sessions. Adult education no easy at all. Lol!

Happy birthday to 3 very special people to me

Happy birthday my darling Eziaha

I love you so much and I am soooooo proud of you. You have no idea. I’m excited about the woman you are becoming. May God bless you with a rich and fulfilling life. May you continue to be fruitful and inspire others. You will fulfill your destiny. Hey! It’s the big 30 always a major turning point in destiny. But mark my words this first 30 years and all you think you have achieved will be child’s play compared to what God will do in the next 30.

And Happy birthday to my darling Efe Nathan

such a sweet heart. With davids pregnancy every single week she checked up on me and encouraged me. I don’t forget, my love

and i pray that God will continue to bless you and keep you relevant in ministry.

Finally our darling bobo

I just love how Rev puts it

God bless you love. I pray that you will be a joy to your generation

Okay now I really have to go. With all this time change I’ve lost track of everything. It is well. Still doing a 30 day thanksgiving so will probably just count the posts.

Be blessed guys. Later.

In transit 

Okay guys I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from being thankful today. I’m sitting in a plane …actually I have been sitting in one for almost 20 hours.

You know when you’ve been so long in the air that even the plane is tired lol!

Anyhow no matter how tired I am I  still have to sit here patiently till I get to my destination. That’s a lesson right there people. There’s no getting out till we get to our final destination….until we win!

The second lesson is to enjoy the ride no matter how tired of the journey you are. No matter how bad your experience or your life… What’s the option?

So here I am sitting here and making the most of it. I’ve read a book I’ve been longing to read. Ive almost finished it. I’ve watched more movies than I have this entire year. Complete movie binge lol! Funny enough I don’t feel bad about it because I’m going to be in training for the next couple of days  morning to evening so let me enjoy while I can

Once I land though I would like a very hot bath and a soft bed. These airplane beds are not very comfortable o!

Today what am I thankful for? I’m thankful for Help along my journey. I’m thankful that I’m never stranded. I’m thankful that there are people who hold up my arms so I can do ministry well.
Okay guys gotta run … Well not really cos I’m stuck in this seat for the next few hours. Lol!

Before I go let me blow a million kisses to my Eky. Thank you sweetie I love you

You are Such a blessing.

God bless you

Still blown away 

I’m not even sure I have enough words to express how thankful I am. The last 2 days were amazing. Heaven literally touched earth. I’ve put up some pictures. Will keep updating as I get more.

I’m thankful for all the wonderful ministers we had to bless us

I’m thankful for my wonderful team especially who make any JUGN meeting a huge success. With their prayers, ideas, faith, seed, time, etc you know yourselves.

I’m thankful for the amazing people in my life who won’t let me be anything but beautiful

Outfit by sammy smith clothing.

Makeup by Ruth of House of hazel

Hair by Tseju hair

Jewellery by Zoya jewels

Outfit by Ena of ivory pearls

Hair by Tseju hair

Makeup by Yemi of Yeahme fab

Jewellery by Zoya Jewels

All my children. I’m one blessed and very proud mama.

Thank you to Victoria the Lady Stylista herself, Adora for always worrying about what I will wear and my precious Annabel for always making me amazing clothes. That’s how blessed I am. Surrounded by precious people. 
Let me recover from this one first I will do a blog post on something that has been brewing in my heart.

Meanwhile I have gist for you guys … But all in good time.

Hope you had a great time in church today.

Be blessed

One down…

Hey people

Got home pretty late and it was past midnight when I did so couldn’t put up a post.

Anyhow I’m thankful everything went well yesterday. To be honest the experience was indescribable. All the ministers were flames of fire.  The enemy tried everything but as always failed. We always win ladies… Always!

Can’t put up pictures yet. Don’t have them but today is another day. What are you waiting for? Start inviting people. It’s going to be epic. See you later.

Also I’m thankful for and thank you to my amazing Ena @ivory_pearls_ng for my pretty dress

 And my sweet sweet Tseju @tseju_hair1 for my lovely hair. It always just bounces back to life

Also had the fab experience yesterday with @yeahmefab we did the makeup in a rush in the car and see how good it turned out

See that? That’s my work face right there. Lol!!!

So many selfies after and photo bombers like our music minister the super talented, extremely anointed pc

 And oh! Guess who else slayed in an @ivory_pearls_ng dress by Ena

Okay guys. Got to get ready for the rest of the day.

Desperate to bless 

Final prayer meeting on the Island tonight and God spoke:

See why I’m so excited about tomorrow? We have a God who is desperate to bless us.

Still rejoicing over that word, He sends us another

Tomorrow is going to be awesome. Even though we don’t plan to worship God because we need anything but He still promises not to let us leave empty handed.

Don’t you just love him?

I honestly don’t know why He loves me like this…. But I’m glad He does.

Tomorrow will be a turning point for many people. If you are on the island don’t miss this opportunity. Be there on time.

I’m thankful today for how far God has brought us at JUGN. Despite all the stress and drama. We are finally there. God has proved faithful every step of the way. I’m truly thankful for all our many victories.  We serve a God who never gets tired of blessing us. Isn’t that just amazing

See you tomorrow guys …

Battery recharged

Today it’s been one full day of pressing on in faith. Service just ended and I honestly feel so encouraged and energized.

I have the God kind of faith. I have faith like God so I declare and I see it. I’m rearranging things in the spirit. I’m wondering why people even consider missing midweek service. There shouldn’t be anything strong enough to take you from God’s presence. Nothing!!!

You should fight to be like David and say

you should be excited to be in God’s house and among God’s people. In fact you should crave it. Have you ever seen a pregnant woman craving something? I still remember when my eldest sister was pregnant and she was craving lobsters. It was funny because she was living in kaduna – water de there? Secondly this craving started late in the night when shops were closing down but she really wanted lobster and she wasn’t settling for shrimp, prawn or crab. Her husband kept driving around to find that lobster.

We should be like that about the things of God. We shouldn’t even entertain not being among God’s people. It shouldn’t even be a thought. I’m telling you. The way I’m feeling now like a fully charged battery

 Can only happen in atmosphere of worship and the word.

That’s what being in the midst of God’s people does for you. You encounter God.

That’s why I keep inviting you for WWW2016

Your life can NEVER remain the same. You grow stronger. God becomes more real. You find encouragement and possibly a testimony too.

Today I’m thankful for one of my major testimonies David Ifechukwukukome Okonkwo. My miracle baby. My only son. My baby. My last born. I’m thankful for the blessing and privilege that God gifted me of being his mother, his caregiver, his spiritual guide, his first love (hahahaha let me claim it now before the girl comes)

Today he’s 10 months old. Seems just like yesterday that God blessed me with this wonderful gift. Every day I love him more.

His smile. His cuteness. His big beautiful eyes. His warmth and love for people. Can a child be any cuter?


Thank you mister grey @avrgrey for catching this precious moment.

Okay guys. Let’s catch up tomorrow.

Love you.


His car seat was right beside me and I only took him out for a few minutes  Please keep your baby in a car seat always #safetyfirst

Are You Ready?

It’s almost here guys. I’m so excited. It’s just 3 more sleeps (in dassah’s words) before the big day. For me the atmosphere is already charged. I sense great things ahead for those 2 nights.

This is simply a reminder people. I’m getting ready are you? I honestly don’t think this is the kind of meeting you should just stroll in for. It’s not just another music concert. Far from it ! Please come prepared. Come expectant, pray through till you know like you know your name that you have settled that matter then come worship God with abandon

All the ladies at DCC are praying and doing a fruit fast to make our spirits more sensitive to hearing God and the move of the Spirit for the evening.

If you’d like to join us it’s simple. Just eat fruits throughout the day for the remaining 2-3 days. Also take time to pray and study the word of God. Find quiet moments through the day where you can just be in God’s presence and bask in his glory.

Like I said it will prepare your heart for the meeting itself and with ministers like these

Eno Michael
Mairo Ese

Eric Arubayi

You can be sure the house will be on fire. So my advise to you? Find your posture

Whichever you choose honey just forget everyone around you and be sure to connect with God

It’s your turn to testify darling and I can’t wait to hear it and share it. God bless you.

Today I’m thankful for all the past When Women Worship meetings especially

I still remember how excited I was. Pregnant for the first time and really mad at Satan. Thrilled that God had cancelled all doctors reports and anticipating all the testimonies that mine would inspire.

I’m thankful for all our past testimonies especially my IMELA babies, my AKIKITAN weddings and 3NITSP amazing victories.

God bless you guys and thank you for cheering me on. Almost there guys. Please spread the word. Spread the joy

Didn’t see it coming 

Every time When Women Worship is around the corner I start facing all kinds of battles. My first natural instinct is always to pack up and run but of course since you’ve been at every past meeting you know that hasn’t been the case. Wait!! What?! You haven’t?! No!!!

You can’t be serious. You can’t miss When Women Worship. It’s not even explainable. Where do I start to preach this sermon? You can’t put the experience into words….you have to be there!!! Live!!!

See lucky you, there’s one coming up soon

So anyhow I was saying my first natural instinct is always to run. Why?! It always feels so overwhelming. The whole thing just feels like a huge responsibility. …prayer, fasting, publicity, protocol, logistics and lots of bills.

Every year though God uses it to stretch me – my faith, my patience, my compassion and my finances. I come out bigger and stronger than ever.

The funny thing is every single time I end up asking the same question “hey!!! Who sent me?” And God always has a way he answers.  So yesterday there I was dragging around my sleep deprived and hungry self around during service trying to attend to a number of people and issues with a smile that looked nothing like how I was feeling plastered on my face and of course with someone beside me running up on all the things that needed attention when a lady stopped me that she had a testimony she wanted to share.

Now I loooooooooove testimonies. I’m the kind that tears up watching things like Turning Point or 700 club. I celebrate testimonies. I share them. I recognize that it’s a slap to satan’s  face and any opportunity to pour sand in his eyes I’m in. So anyhow she shared with me her beautiful testimony and I was just so excited… No!!! I’m not telling you what it is. You have to come for WWW2016 to hear it. Lol!

And as I was leaving the Holy Spirit whispered to me , ” I sent you and that is why I sent you.”

 At that moment I just received such a rush of strength in my inner man. I felt such peace. I remembered why we do this. I forgot all the drama surrounding this year’s meeting and boy! Had there been drama…. Now I’m reminded why. Satan never fights anything not worth fighting. He’s too busy

Why? Because he likes to take an evening stroll? Of course not!!! He’s on a rampage looking for whom he can deal with

So if he’s throwing things at you then he considers you a worthy opponent. Trust me. I should know   Unfortunately he usually under estimates God #heneverseesitcoming

But our God he always throws in a surprise. He always always does.

So many instances…

Moses little baby who may be a deliverer so Satan has an idea not the full picture mind you so he gets pharoah to order all the babies born to the Hebrews to be killed but you know our God na. He simply sends the baby to the house of the very person who wants him dead. So they pay his school fees, feed him, clothe him and still pay his mum to breastfeed him and be his nanny   Talk about your money being restored. Chai! Serious sucker punch. #hedefinitelydidntseethiscoming. Typical case of giving a thief your precious jewel to guard for you. He can’t very well steal from himself now can he? So pharoah “adopts” and raises the one person he wanted dead.

Joseph must have been one not to play with his sleep. There must be a dimension you get to in sleep before you dream na Abi? So Joseph had a dream but God had a plan and purpose for him to preserve the Israelites in future famine. Satan thought no let’s make sure he never becomes a leader let’s make him a slave. So he gets him  a visa to Abuja  Egypt then a job near Aso Rock portiphar’s house then he starts to rise and Satan starts to panic. “Throw more things at him” he says to those dim wits he calls demons so they activate seduction mode to derail him. I mean who doesn’t want to be with oga’s wife -sugar mummy confirmed. Unfortunately for Satan not Joseph  he was having none of that. Not sinning against God for anything. #hedidntseethatcoming So Joseph gets thrown into pharoahs prison closer to the throne. He is  moving closer to destiny even though it doesn’t look like it. Eventually simply by staying true to his gift he is not only brought before kings but rewarded as King. Upon all satan’s gymnastics we are right back to where we planned to be all along.

Mary teenage virgin girl. Pregnant. Engaged. Now it could play out two ways. She could be too frightened as a young little girl to accept the assignment and well the mission would have to be aborted but she didn’t back down in fear. She put on her big girl outfit and said  in faith “I’m the Lord’s handmaiden. Be it unto me according to your word.” Okay so #hecertainlydidntseethatcoming First of all he didn’t expect a Virgin to be chosen to get pregnant then he didn’t expect her to ignore her fears and accept the challenge. So she finally agrees and gets pregnant. She stands the chance of being disgraced, jilted or worse still stoned to death. Of course Satan is happy ‘cos he thinks this is a win win for him but  as usual he didn’t anticipate that Joseph was a good man…a God man; that he would protect her and ensure that destiny was not tampered with even if it meant raising another’s child. #hedidntseethatcoming

Jesus from the very beginning he had people after his life. Herod ordered the wise men from the east to come back and tell him where he was but an angel warned them and warned Joseph to run with his family. Jesus is brought down to Africa and ends up being like Moses; growing up with no age mates. But growing up nonetheless. Eventually when all the people that wanted him dead are now dead, Jesus is brought back to Israel but Satan wasn’t through if he couldn’t abort the plan in infancy stage surely he couldn’t miss it now that it was so obvious who Jesus was. I’ll just kill him he thought. I imagine that the Angels in charge of this plan would have laughed because that was the plan

#hecouldneverhaveseenthiscoming It must have been extra frustrating though because it’s like scoring in your own net. But the silly thing never gives up so he keeps trying. Keeps trying to get us to question God, doubt God and to give up on God but the one thing I know is the devil is a liar so when he tells me something I usually go the opposite direction. So if he says give up I know that’s the point to hold on.

I’m pushing on now. WWW2016 is going to be a blast. Full of Gods power, presence, and lots of testimonies. He threw a lot of things at us this year and at many points we almost packed up on www2016 but I know better now. So many lives are tied to ours so we must keep doing this. We must keep lifting Jesus up so people can encounter God

So please guys get ready. Start preparing. Start praying. Start counting your blessings. See you on Friday and Saturday

Remember God knows what he’s doing. No matter what the devil tries to do. God always has the final say and Satan? #heneverseesuscoming

I’m thankful that I serve a God who is always like a thousand steps ahead of the enemy. I’m thankful that the enemy always underestimates me by thinking he’s up against me when he’s actually up against my covenant partner and my covenant partner never looses 

That’s another thing I’m thankful fir: we know the end of the story ….WE ALWAYS WIN!!!!

If we haven’t won then it’s not the end 

Old school thanks 

Today was hilarious. It was old school Sunday at our island centre.

Remember I invited you?

You didn’t come? Wow!!! See what you missed

Of course the thing I feared the most came up on me my dress had issues and didn’t make it back to me so I didn’t have an outfit. Was supposed to twin with my girls.

All in all it was a fun day and this brings me to what I’m thankful for today

A great team. I’m thankful God sent us men and women of stature. People who bring great ideas and execute them. Who bring to life ideas that make DCC look good. People who hold up my hand in ministry. My armor bearers

I’m thankful for all the amazing people of DCC who work hand in hand to bring God glory.

Okay guys. Eyes shutting on me. Loooong day today. Let’s talk later.


Happy Father’s Day honey 

And to my dad

Who is now officially on grandpa duties lol! 

And of course to my Papa. Rev Femi Albert Oduwole 

Absolutely adore this man right here. He’s just such a father. 

Of All Things Old…  

It’s  Father’s Day this Sunday but on Friday the 17th most schools celebrated the dads by having them come spend time with their children in school. Of course my pk was not exempt

I have a video of them dancing somewhere but I guess I will save that for her wedding day. Hehehehe!!!

It’s when you start doing daddy duty that you know you are getting old.

Speaking of old I’ve never really thought about old things until recently. Actually about 2 weeks ago. You see it’s old school Sunday at our Island centre tomorrow morning

and once they announced it I thought oh! My! What am I going to wear. I’ve never been one to do costume parties…. Errrr… Actually I’ve never been one to do parties…. Period ! Lol!!!

I’m very introverted if you get my drift. I’m the kind of person who will probably find every excuse not to show up for my own party. Yep! A good day for me usually doesn’t involve going out, lots of people or very loud music. It’s just not my thing especially if the party is for me. But hey! I forget. This post is not about how I like to celebrate. Maybe that should be a post just before my birthday🙂

So anyhow we needed to pick an era and while I was thinking 60s with their pretty frocks and satin gloves.

Everyone else I asked was thinking 70’s and 80s  with afros, bell bottoms, etc…

then it dawned on me I am old school.
Like play person Don de old o!
It wasn’t just pictures I could see on the Internet. They were now styles I could identify with. Na WA o! When did this happen? Lol!

This got me thinking how does God do it? How do we serve a God who is the ancient of days yet is never out of date. A God who isn’t bound by time whose word remains relevant irrespective of Era.

See me small old wen I old I don’t get teenagers Sometimes and I no too senior them o! Lol!

When I think of the fact that His word never grows old, that His promises never get outdated my heart bursts with worship. The same “woman thou art loosed” he said to that woman bound 18 years that daughter of Abraham is the same “woman though art loosed” he says to you “Ada Jesus”.

The same “your faith has made you whole” he said to the woman with the issue of blood is the same “your faith has made you whole” he says to the woman with PCOS with constant bleeding or the woman with irregular periods or cancer or menstrual pain.

The same way He said to the Israelites “I will remove sickness from your midst” is the same way He says to the Christian “sickness will have no place amongst you.

He’s the same God. No matter how long he’s been around He’s the Ancient of Days whose mercies are NEW every morning.

I’m truly grateful that He’s a consistent God who isn’t weakened by time or altered by eras.

He’s the same now and forever.

Now if that isn’t something to be thankful for then tell me what is.

Okay guys sleep time. Busy day tomorrow. Please don’t forget it’s old school Sunday at DCC island. Please drop by and whatever Era you decide to represent it’s really OK. Even I haven’t decided.

Ajiro’s wedding 

Hey guys

I’m sorry I missed yesterday’s post. Was a really busy day. Was going to do it after a “quick nap”at 8pm when I settled in but ended up waking up from a “deep sleep” this morning.

Honestly I think it’s a backlog of sleep deprivation. You think you can survive on 3 hours sleep daily for weeks then one day your body says yesterday was it!!! Still feel sleep deprived as I blog but hey

So back to work.

The good news though is that you get two blog posts today. I think that’s worth celebrating

Yes na!!! Everyday has its victories and I’m going to be thankful for every single one of them.

Okay so yesterday was my dear dear daughter’s wedding and it was mixed feelings for me. This particular wedding I am very thankful for because Ajiro and I go way back. We started DCC publication department together. She proofreads all our books. She could write for me and you would never guess I didn’t write it myself    She’s my book supplier and we love the same kind of books. My fellow max lucado fan. Ajiro gets me when it comes to books. We both love books

So anyhow she’s married now and I’m really really happy about it. In fact this is one of our When Women Worship testimonies. I will probably share the testimony then as she will be on honeymoon and won’t be there to share it herself. It was such a special day for me that I had to be there personally and not just attend but officiate. I actually preached sef and trust me that in itself is a big deal. Pk knows how hard it is to get me on stage.
But the sad part for me is how much I will miss her. So I’m excited she’s married but I’m still going to have to adjust to not seeing her every Sunday.

Anyway today I’m thankful my baby is married and I pray for all the blessings and joys of marriage.


God bless you my dear Ajiro

imageGod bless you

Okay guys see you later today.

Gotta run

Hidden star

I sat there today with tears in my eyes. I was so emotional I couldn’t believe it. No! It wasn’t a wedding. It wasn’t even a very big deal usually (at least in my books) but somehow I couldn’t keep the tears away.

My dassah graduated from nursery school today.

And I was one heck of a proud mum.

When she got ready for school this morning. It wasn’t even still so much of a big deal to me because hey! After all it’s nursery. It’s not as if she just bagged a masters degree. So I gave her a big hug. Took a few pictures.

(Ok so I’ll be honest. Took a lot of pictures) Kissed her and after daddy blessed her I rushed her off to school so I could rest a bit before the carousel begun.

With all the rain and lekki floods, we even got there late. I passed her in the hall way as they were filing into the hall

And I was still fine.

But when I saw her on stage with all the other kids.

Singing “when I’m stuck with a day that’s grey and lonely, I just stick out my chin and grin and say oh! The sun will come out tomorrow so you gotta hang on till tomorrow come what may….”

I couldn’t hold back the tears. That song right there was my undoing. She had no clue how like Annie she really was….

I remembered holding her in my arms for the first time. As I wrapped my arms around her tiny little body, she wrapped herself around my heart and we both held on for dear life. None of us was ever letting go. We both made each other. We became new together. As she settled firmly into my arms and my life I got a tiny inkling into how special she was and why it took God 6 years to prepare me to mother this precious gift to the world. I loved her instantly. I was in awe of her and how special she was and I kept asking myself why God would choose me…. Choose us to parent her. To guard her destiny. To guide her path.

I believe that as parents we are simply God’s nannies. The children are never really ours. We are just blessed to be a major part of their lives

and when you get the chance to care for a special one like my dassah it’s a rare privilege. One I don’t take lightly at all.

I still remember when God gave me her names Hadassah Onyeshielibe Okonkwo. See when I’m dealing with anyone I like to get into their minds and try to understand the thought process. I immediately went off to find the meaning because I know God doesn’t joke with names. You can almost see a persons life in their name. Abraham, Sarah, Israel, Benjamin, Jesus… Get my drift?  Your name could either describe you or prophesy to you.

I won’t bore you with the long study but this is the conclusion:

she is an ever green tree. A child who will be productive in every season. She was born for such a time as this. Her life will be the liberation of many. She was born for such a time as this but for now she is a hidden star

Honestly this is just a tip of the revelation I got from studying about her. But one thing is certain the devil never fights any battle that isn’t worth it. Nothing should bother a child more than being abandoned. To grow up with the feeling of being unwanted. So The devil tried to hurt this precious one but God sent her my path with a question for Satan



Who can determine the destiny of another? 


So He sent her to us

Knowing she would be loved and cherished …and maybe pampered  a tad bit too much.


So today imagine how proud of her I was. Even David was gushing over his big sister after her ballet performance

And she’s special like that. Created to be a big sister

You can’t help but love her. Her younger ones adore her

Today I’m thankful for my baby, my pride and joy, my first born, my first miracle baby, my free gift child and to be honest that’s what makes her extra special.

When you work for something it’s payment but when you are gifted something you could never earn or even deserve then that’s grace. She is God’s expression of grace to me.

Today I’m thankful that she’s growing up healthy, happy, loved, strong, safe and one step closer to destiny. I’m thankful that she’s daddy’s girl

And mummy’s princess

I’m confident that God will do great things with her compassionate heart, dauntless attitude, enthusiasm for life, “there’s always a way” mindset and her great leadership skills.

Hadassah ONYESHIELIBE Okonkwo you are loved and you makes us soooooooooo proud. I’m thankful for that ….

Oh! I am ever so grateful for you. You are one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I’m thankful that I did.

Are you still counting your blessings? I hope so. Let’s get others counting too. Spread the word guys #Amaghimo #WWW2016

Thank you to all my cheerleaders. I love you guys.


Congratulations to my adorable nephew Michael CHIJIDE III

Still thankful …

Hey people

How was your day? I need to do this quickly and catch  some shut eye. I’m literally on reserve fumes right now but service was lit… So worth it but next stop? Sleep. A girl needs her beauty sleep after all.

Let me quickly drop this for you. It encourages me to keep being thankful

Today I’m thankful for my life and all the things I’ve had to go through to get to this place.  I’m thankful for all my tests that somehow become testimonies.

I thank God for the comfort I received along the way so that I can comfort and encourage others

What are you thankful for?

Okay guys. Good night 😘😘😘😘😘😘


Happy birthday PATRICK aka password.

Thank you for the beautiful song that inspired the theme for #WWW2016.

I’m thankful for your gift. God bless you and reward you with a rich and fulfilling life.

Building friendships…

Today was very interesting. Yes I’m exhausted but it’s a good kind. I’m tired but I have a very warm fuzzy feeling inside. I usually don’t go anywhere on Mondays because I use it as a rest day at least in the mornings before my babies get home and turn the house upside down.

However yesterday in church we realized that we needed pictures for publicity. So I stood in front of church and picked like 12 random girls and asked if they would help out with a photo shoot. They all agreed and showed up today

So because I can’t be a hypocrite and ask people to show up this morning and then cover my head with a duvet and sleep, I left my bed amidst tears

yeah! I know sometimes my bed and I have a really good relationship

I sometimes have this attitude and today was just one of those mornings

But I did and headed for the mainland.

Okay so the traffic was intense but we made it. I got there on time and ready to go. The shoot started off slow because it seemed like all the pictures in my opinion were too “posey” and I wanted to capture real joy, thankfulness and the beauty of women being together. Kinda like a “girls just wanna have fun!!!” Shoot full of happy girls. …oh! By the way if you know that song you should be called “Aunty”. Lol!!!

Half way through every one started letting their hair down and we started having fun and really great pictures were born.

No I’m not showing you the pictures yet. You’ll have to wait for them. Some will be used for #Amaghimo publicity. Trust me.

The real reason I’m doing this blog. I saw something beautiful unfold before my eyes. God used a simple picture to remind me of why he started JUST US GIRLS NAIJA

I saw nine random women become friends. Some of them have been in church together but have never said a word to each other. They came as strangers and left today as friends… I dare say sisters

At some point today they just connected and God reminded me of the blueprint for JUGN…

“Building Frienships…Giving hope !!!

It was so refreshing to see women not at each other’s throats but holding each other’s hands.

Today I’m thankful for the beautiful women in my life. All of them who in their special way make it better. I’m thankful for the amazing women who inspire me; whose lives I look at and know that God hasn’t even started with me. I’m thankful for friends who end up being my sisters

I’m  thankful for all the women who pray for me, serve me, love me , cheer me on.

Today I’m thankful for women especially all the beautiful DCC women who make all our JUGN programmes a huge success

Here are a few selfie pictures by our amazing #selfielord

Will put up the professional ones later

Shout out to everyone who came out especially the amazing make up artistes @ruth_hazel and @littleextras check them out on Instagram.

Don’t forget to follow @justusgirlsnaija

Goodnight people

Much love.

Sunday thanksgiving….

Okay so here goes my one liner. I’m so exhausted and sleepy. Finally all the little ones are asleep. Well now I need major shut eye now. So  going to keep it simple.

Today I’m thankful for my church. Davids christian centre (DCC)  I’m thankful that  we have two centers both mainland and island so we can bless more people. I’m thankful for the music in church. I love our choirs. I’m thankful that our church is so interesting and relevant.  I’m thankful that the word makes sense. You leave church and you know you can use what you learned immediately; as you walk out the door….Practical christian principles.

I love that whatever you need you will find in my DCC- hair dresser, makeup artiste , tailor, designer, caterer, chef, interior decorator, baker, doctor, police, teacher, just ask anyone you are always just like 2 or 3 people away from what you need just ask.

But the best part for me? I love that my husband is also my pastor. I’m thankful for that.

Good night people

Let’s do this again tomorrow

…but surely! 

I’m really tired tonight and I have an incredibly busy Sunday ahead. However I had a very fulfilling day.  Started out a bit rough. I was feeling a bit down about my weight loss. I’ve been meaning to just shut down 3 months and do this but the truth is I’ve had to slow down a lot of times. So I work out like crazy then my blood pressure starts acting up so for the next few days I’m on bed rest or doing nothing more than just walking. So it’s not really been the way I thought it would.

Because of my weight I still don’t have too many things that fit and I refuse to shop for clothes at this size. So while I was allowing myself get sucked in the Holy Spirit said to me:

First you are not in competition with anyone. You may not be losing weight as fast as you would like but you are losing weight. Don’t live your life with other people’s life map.

God has one just for you so be thankful that even though you are not there yet, you are well on your way. Don’t compare yourself to others

Secondly he said look at where you are coming from and how far God has brought you on this journey. So I did. I did a before and after picture

I was shocked when I saw this. The funny thing is in both before pictures I had on shape wear / waist trainer and in the after nothing.

Yes i agree I still have a long way to go but there’s no denying that I’ve actually come a long way.

Today I’m thankful for little victories. Those things you only notice when you look back. They are actually proof that you are getting closer to your testimony. They are the little testimonies that show that you are not stagnant. They are proof that God is getting you closer. Yes we may argue slowly (in our book) but surely. Oh! Definitely surely.

We will all get there…

I believe it!!!! I hope you do too…
Love you. Let’s catch up tomorrow.


Got quite a few of these on my time line today. People excited that it’s Friday. That the weekend is here.

I usually find it very amusing how much people celebrate the weekend. Once it’s Friday you see the satisfaction

Lol! Isn’t he cute?

I don’t blame them though. Most people look like this during the week

And once Friday comes along…

However I think if you celebrate this much once it’s Friday, then there’s a problem. You may need to ask yourself if you are in the right line of work. Why are you so excited that your work week is over? Isn’t that just a tad bit scary?

I can understand being in a job you don’t like as a stepping stone to the job you want or being in a job  you don’t like to raise money to fund your dreams but make sure you don’t spend the rest of your life saying T.G.I.F

Whatever you decide to do with your life must unlock your passion. It must be the in built alarm that wakes you up every morning and keeps you up at night. You must be like the proverbs 31 woman

You must understand that the things you do are important. Live your life with purpose. If you do, it won’t matter what day of the week it is because your work is valuable and it’s important. In fact you will be looking forward to Mondays. Very soon TGIF won’t be


And oh by the way just a word of advice no matter how much you hate your job

Today I’m thankful I have a job that never makes me say

I love my job even though I get to work week ends and public holidays. I love that my work makes both God and men smile I’m thankful that my job matters here but will matter most in eternity. I love the pay here but the retirement plan is literally out of this world.

Before you go let me just say …

I also notice that Even the people who don’t have jobs too will be like

You too?! 😂😂😂😂

God is watching you. Lol! Just kidding o!

See you tomorrow. It’s a very busy day but I will make the effort even if it’s a one-liner. 😉😉

The Thankful Train

My phone has been buzzing all day. I’ve barely been able to keep my battery charge.

I’m amazed at how many tags I’ve gotten today on Instagram, Twitter and facebook. I honestly can’t believe it.

I’m really happy because without even realizing it people have generally become more thankful and the truth is once you start counting your blessings you find it hard to complain. You can’t bless God and complain at the same time. It just doesn’t work that way.

And the good part is the more you thank God it builds faith in you to believe for me because if God has done it in the past and you remember it, confidence is built in you to believe for more. …and the best part? It annoys Satan.

Having so many thankful people is a win win. I’m just so excited about this year’s when women worship #WWW2016 #Amaghimo. It will be a room full of thankful women. I’m glad we are all counting our blessings already and reminding Ourselves of how faithful God has been because we will be so full of joy and faith – the two ingredients that make your worship a winner. Why? Let me tell you why joy and faith are so important.

When God is pleased with you because of your faith then you can draw with joy.

Today I’m thankful that everyone has been caught with the #Amaghimo bug. People are praising God for everything. It’s just such a beautiful sight.

If you haven’t already joined the train,

hop on now. Go on Instagram, Twitter or facebook and tell us what you are thankful for. Tag me @pastormildred and @justusgirlsnaija using the hashtags #WWW2016 #Amaghimo

Finally let me remind you once again of the fact that where ever you live island or mainland we’ve got you covered.

Please spread the word.

Also if you would love to come dressed in uniform. I hear there’s aso-Ebi. See? I told you it’s beta groove

Call 08077714411 or 08028356363 for more info on how to get the fabric. It’s pretty

Okay people good night.

Let’s hook up tomorrow.

When It Really Matters…

This is why I’m doing this post today. One of the best things about God is the fact that HE is…

Have you ever been stranded and you got help when it really mattered? Then you would understand and appreciate this scripture even more.

I remember when my Pk and I first got married. We used to do a lot of night waka. We would go out and maybe go see a movie or just do dinner or ice cream and drive home really late since the roads would be free. I’m talking 1am or 2am  kind of waka.

So one of those nights we were coming back home. Pk was driving and a car passed us on the other side of the road. I’m not sure exactly why he was so excited about the car of what he was trying to show me but the next thing I heard was a loud bang!!! We had landed into a big horrendous pot hole which had ripped out tyre. We managed to move the car to the side of the very lonely road. Right up on Apongbo bridge. You know that place where “area boys” sit.

First of all it was almost 2am every where was deserted. No one anywhere. We had a flat tyre and the wheel cover needed a certain kind of wrench to remove the lock on the cover. It was dark because in Nigeria, street lights are a luxury. It occurred to me that

Because truly there seemed no way to get out of this one. We couldn’t leave the car there and we couldn’t drive it out of there. We couldn’t get a cab or bus out of there because there was none and even if there was we had just exhausted all the cash we had. No ATM around. No über to call. Boy, did we have problems.

Guess what?!

As we stood by the car trying to figure out what to do. A car drove by and parked right in front of ours. The guy got out. Asked us what the problem was. We told him. He looked at the wheel cover and walked back to his car. Honestly I thought the guy was going to drive off because he wasn’t driving the kind of car we were so I felt he wouldn’t have that special wrench needed. It was actually more like a screw key. But surprise surprise after about 3 minutes he was back with the exact key. What are the odds? He asked if we had a torch of course not! So he went back to his car and voila torchlight in hand. He hands it over to my Pk and next thing I know he rolls up his sleeves and proceeds to change the tyre. Once he’s done he takes his screw key and torch light says goodnight, runs to his car. I mean literally sprints. Jumps into his car and speeds off.

What Just happened??!!

Till today we can’t explain it. I’ve tried but it doesn’t make sense. I think he was an angel (because he was also dressed in white- but hey! What are the odds right?)

All I know is he was help when we really needed it… When it really mattered.

Today I’m thankful that I have a God who is faithful and will never leave us or forsake us. A God who is a very present help… When we really need it… When it really matters.

I pray in this month of June that you will experience that kind of help in Jesus name.

Today I’m thankful for two amazing people cos it’s their birthdays.

My one and only baby sister who I absolutely adore but never get enough opportunities to spoil as much as I want. Dentist turned writer (she’s so good her first movie got an AMVCA nomination -don’t worry Tope I see you but just cos it’s diches birthday leys keep it simple😉 )yea, I’m proud of my sister. Brag about yours on your blog if e easy lol!

Then my sweet sweet Wendy. The way this girl loves me ehn! It is well o! Lol! I love you too sugar and I wish you so much joy and blessings.

God bless you

Keep counting your blessings and if you are on Instagram please follow Justusgirlsnaija and tag us when counting your blessings with #www2016 #Amaghimo

God’s Rug

When I decided to obey God by counting my blessings, I felt yes it would be a good thing to do but I never really realized how much healing and faith it would bring to my life. It totally helped me take my eyes off the things that were painful for me at the time; the things that “seemed” not to be working and focus on the things that are.

Let me tell you one thing I know for sure: the things that are working are REALLY working and it’s all because of Jesus. And that’s proof that the things I’m believing for now will eventually materialize and when they do

So I’m becoming more like King David and I’m celebrating the blessings God Has brought my way so far. I’m living scripture out. There are definitely benefits to serving God my dear. There’s nothing more true than.

One my biggest blessings, one of my major benefits from the Lord whom I celebrate always

This man right here… My Pk.

I’m thankful for my Pk and everything he is. Today as I sat thinking and thanking God I remembered something that happened to me two years before I met my Pk. I was in a relationship at the time and now I forget exactly what it was but the guy had just called it off and he didn’t have the decency to do it face to face he sent me an email. I got it at work. So I’m sure you can imagine how the rest of my day went. A mix of confusion and tears. More so because I didn’t see it coming. But you know as they say “the show must go on” so I had to go out to see some of our clients. I got to a particular clients office and the guy noticed I wasn’t myself. After much prodding I finally opened up and only because I knew he was a mature christian. After telling him what had happened. He said something I will never forget. He said: “When man takes away his carpet, God places his rug.”

It was comforting at the time and I thought it was a nice quote but now I realize it was much more than that it was a prophecy.

I had no idea how much of a prophecy till I met and married my Pk. He is definitely God’s rug. Compensation in all ramifications.

I thank God for how real he is. He’s a man given to the word and a man of the spirit but he’s not spooky. I thank God that he loves people. Just by being around him my love walk is much stronger. I thank God that he’s a man of prayer, a worshipper and a man of deep faith – nothing fazes him. Always looking for new mountains to conquer. I thank God that he works for God but more importantly that he walks with God.

I thank God for him. I love the way he looks into the future with a half smile.
I thank God that he’s a wonderful Dad. That’s a whole post on its own. 

If the first eleven years have been this good then I’m already excited about the rest of our lives together.

He’s been a strength in trying times. A push in difficult uninspiring times and an absolute joy in times that should be serious. He plays too much sha! Lol

I could go on and on but today I’m just going to stop here. I love my husband. I absolutely adore him. He’s so good to me. He’s my joy bringer. Definitely an upgrade to all the man made carpets either in my life or hovering around me in the past. I’m thankful that he makes marriage such a joy. So beautiful. He gets me. He gets me on every level. I love that he loves me. I love that he knows how to love me.

So today I’m thankful for my baby, my bae, my boo, my friend, my lover, my boss, my baby daddy, my pally, my angel, my king, my soulmate, my faith partner, my travel buddy, my mainest, my more honorable man …

I’m thankful for God’s rug

Okay people. Two posts in one day. After preaching midweek. I’m on a roll o! I’m thankful for that. Back tomorrow.

Am I A Christian Blogger?

Hey people

I had this beautiful post about my Pk. Before I could put it up my phone packed up on me. All my iPhone chargers gone bad at the same time.

OK so I know the enemy is involved I’m not ignorant of his devices but he’s in trouble ’cause that means you get 2 posts today.


And Guess what?! I found a post I thought I had lost. I did it last year November  in my old phone. Just found that media card and voila! Here we are. See why you should never totally get rid of your old phones or media card? Lol!


I just found it and I feel the post is still relevant so let’s go with this.

So please note. This is me 7 or 8 months ago. Lol!

Something interesting happened to me this morning. Before that let me backtrack a bit. I’ve been working on a post that for some reason I just feel hasn’t yet gotten the final tee crossed or “I” dotted so I’m still cooking it.

So a few days ago Eziaha sends a message on Twitter tagging a few of us “I miss your blogs so much please blog” and it’s wierd that I saw that because I’m hardly ever on Twitter so I said to her “the voice of God” and started searching my heart for what to blog about.

This morning though another tweet popped into my phone and I was tagged again. This time it was from another young lady and it said “For Christian writers/bloggers: lay aside the weight of distraction” and it was linked to her blog. So with My sleep deprived self and David still latched on I decided to read. By the time I was done I was literally shaking my head and laughing.


I was going to respond until I saw Dr N’s reply to the blog post and she put it so aptly. “come back and read this in two years and you will laugh” Lol! My sentiments exactly. I just love you Dr N.

Okay so I reasoned the time it will take me to respond I might as well blog the response on my “blog that seems DEAD” forgive me darling but I couldn’t get past that line in your blog post I practically laughed out loud.

Now here’s the thing. I’m doing this post because incidentally I’ve been meaning to address this issue for a while now.

It’s funny but I’ve actually heard quite a bit of this lately. How every one makes it seem like if you are what they call “a Christian blogger” and you are not blogging at least once every week you have somehow broken the eleventh commandment


But I wonder could it just be that  maybe when we hold hammers and don’t see everyone else hitting nails we feel they have failed in their calling?

Maybe if we took a closer look we would see that they carry a full tool box….screwdrivers, pliers, measuring tape, etc

I’d hate to think of life (having babies, getting married, raising children, pastoring real actual physical people with issues like losing loved ones, having miscarriages, battling infirmities, hunger or joblessness) as a distraction .

If anything I see it as the way God teaches me about him then I have something to blog about.

It’s easy to write. It’s living that’s the hard part….

I don’t write because I’m on anyone’s time line. I would love to blog everyday of the year but I’m aware that’s not possible FOR ME besides  the letter kills it is the spirit that gives life.

If I dance every time music is played. It’s only a matter of time before I  burn out. I dance to only one tune…. My master’s :JESUS. The same one that said through Apostle Paul “…In the same way, a woman who is no longer married or has never been married can be devoted to the Lord and holy in body and in spirit. But a married woman has to think about her earthly responsibilities and how to please her husband.”


So makes me ask myself this morning “who am I?” not who do men say that I am but who am I? Because I can see that I have been successfully tagged a Christian Blogger and that almost makes it feel like if I blog about anything not remotely fully rooted in some scriptural principle I have failed.

Correction: I am not a “Christian Blogger”. I am a Christian who blogs. What’s the difference? The difference is. I do not delude myself into thinking that I am some sort of replacement for your personal revelation of God.

Which means that I live MY life based on the principles of the word of God but I do not in anyway imply that MY instructions from God on MY personal assignment at a particular phase in MY life are to be taken literally as everyone else’s assignment or instruction (hammers and screwdrivers guys *hint hint *)”

I don’t pretend to know what you were asked to do with your tools just because I was told what to do with mine.

It means that sometimes I will be in the mood to post beautiful pictures of my kids on my blog and I will not be trying to teach you anything. It will just be me celebrating God’s goodness in my life and perhaps  the beautiful photographers that surround me lol!

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunty and a friend not everything I do will revolve around my blog. This may offend some religious people but truth be told I’m unapologetic about it.

I’m a pastor some will say a woman of God but a woman none the less. I refuse to be stereotyped. I will sometimes go for prayer meetings and other times sit through a drama rehearsal (by the way remind me to tell you about that later) .

I will preach in church on Sunday morning



but I will gladly throw on a tee and a pair of jeans and carry the gospel in a gift hamper to someone who’s hungry and has nothing to eat for Christmas. I’m not going to replace your study time but I will bless you with mine if and only if that’s what God wants me to do.

I don’t think that makes me any less authentic in my call or assignment. I really laughed this morning because it reminded me of something God has been teaching me in recent times. We can often  go around being John the Baptist when God has called us to be Jesus.

Let me explain. We can have it in our heads that because God is dealing with us a certain way that he’s doing the same with others. John came as a voice of one crying in the wilderness. Prepare ye the way of the Lord! Jesus came to show us love. Jesus was touched by the feelings of our infirmity. He walked in our shoes. He worked. He prayed. He partied. He ate. He even pulled out a pillow and just slept some times. He ate bread and fish…. Jesus LIVED and he came that we may live.


If someone is not blogging for a bit. I assume it’s because they are living and probably doing ministry some other way besides writing. Maybe they just put down the hammer and picked up a duster. Who knows? I wasn’t there when they were sent. I don’t know the blueprint of their assignment.

Besides I’m tired of people making it seem like in the words of Eugene Peterson “…that God’s interest and care for us waxes and wanes according to our spiritual temperature” God loves me whether I blog or not. He’s pleased with me based on what Jesus did on the cross for me not how many blog posts I do in a year.

That sets me free…


And I will stand firmly in that liberty.


Now, don’t get me wrong I love blogging and I love blessing my readers with the lessons I have learned or am learning but I’m not in competition with what we consider secular blogs who NEED to blog everyday because there’s gist everyday.

The beauty in what I blog about is that it has eternal value. So if we who have “christian blogs” actually blog about timeless biblical principles then our blogs should be more about relevance than how often we do blog especially if our “absenteeism” is legitimate and not trivialised or made out to be that we are distracted or simply lazy.

I hope people can go back and read whatever I have written in the past and be blessed or know which post to look up when in a certain situation to find inspiration or encouragement and not just wait for the newest blog post like it’s a gossip or entertainment blog which is based on the newest biggest thing.

What I hope my blog does is not make dependents of my readers but actually sends them back to where I get my inspiration – THE BIBLE.


So, In conclusion, the question is, Am I A Christian Blogger?

The answer: I’m a Christian who blogs about the one thing that’s most important to me: Christ and His love for me. #NoPressure

Hopefully I will be back soon guys but if not please be patient and pray for me as we all do life together.

Meanwhile help me praise God. David turns 3 months tomorrow. (Remember this was 7 months ago)
OK people gotta go. This post took me 3 days to do…I can’t believe it. Between answering my dassah’s many questions, trying to figure out my vida’s quick expanding vocabulary and attending to David’s every whim. Responding to many emails, BBMs and ministry, I did it!!!! I’m thankful.

Today I’m thankful for my blog and how it has changed me but more importantly I’m thankful for all the amazing people I have been privileged to meet, touch, inspire and perhaps annoy Lol! (just joking)

I’m thankful that God trusts me with this blog and inspires me so I have something to say. I’m thankful that you even take the time to read it and follow me. I will never take that for granted. Never!!!

I’m thankful for my cheerleaders.


See you later. I’m sorting out my phones or doing my Pk’s blog post all over again but see you later today either way.


I didn’t really think I would be able to do a blogpost tonight but I guess determination is the key.

Today has been very hectic. Four services. Three kids under five. A baby under one year. A very tired husband. Couples needing ministry. There just didn’t seem any possible way to achieve it today but I just decided there’s no point giving excuses. So I’m sitting here at a very noisy event beside my Pk and I’m trying to gather my thoughts …

Unfortunately everything around me is so noisy I can barely hear myself think. I’m really hoping this post makes sense. If it doesn’t then I promise to make up for it tomorrow. Please bear with me. Tomorrow’s gonna be good.

So maybe I should just move on to what I’m thankful for before the clock strikes twelve. I’m obviously in Cinderella mode at this rate.

So today I’m thankful for a mind that works. I’m thankful for sanity. I’m thankful that my mind works. When I’m faced with a challenge that my mind cooperates with my spirit and produces a result. That i can think my way out of situations. That I can remember things …oh! The things I remember lol! Pk says I never forget anything especially promises *wink wink*

The Lord is my Shepherd … I have everything I need.

Those were King David’s words. It’s a psalm we are all familiar with. We all learnt it as kids. Speaking of which I need to teach my kids o! Hmmm…

So anyhow I noticed that David was actually declaring what God was to him and all the important things that God had done and was doing in his life. There’s a line in that psalm that became a reality in my life at a time when I was going through my wilderness years. Maybe some day I will share with you that one year of my life that almost changed everything. That year and the decisions I made determined my outcome today. That year I was so frustrated and depressed that I was losing my mind but like David the Lord my shepherd takes over and

He restores my mind and my emotions (my soul). If not for that healing process which I never take for granted. I probably would have made a mess of my life. I wouldn’t be healed enough to have recognized my Pk and even if I had. I probably wouldn’t be a support to him because I wouldn’t be healthy in my mind or my emotions.

And the truth is you can’t give what you don’t have

if you feel drawn on every side. Pray this prayer with me.

Say Lord Jesus

Then let Him.

Love you guys

You keep me going.

Float like a butterfly…

It’s no news that yesterday “the greatest” and legendary boxing champion Mohammed Ali just passed on after a long battle with parkinson’s disease.

I began to listen to some of the videos he made from different interviews he granted. The man was very witty. He also knew one very important thing:

He knew how to win his fights first with words. The man was smart. He understood that half the battle is won with what you say

He had some of the most amazing quotes. Well amazing if you are not the butt of his jokes and insults. Me I like to listen to his interviews. One of my favourite quotes has to be
Honestly I’m not even sure it’s some deep deep revelation. It’s just this tiny voice inside my heart that keeps telling me you can fight with elegance. As a woman especially a Christian woman don’t let the devil see you coming. Let him think you are just a girl in Heels with makeup then
You go for the jugular and give him a total knock out. Stupid idiot that he is. He needs to get it….

Take note that the bible tells us to
I don’t think anyone is exempt from fighting whether male or female the important thing is that you fight and kick the devil’s behind while on earth then make heaven for good measure. Oh! How mad he will be.

Today I’m thankful that I’m strong but I don’t look it so the enemy keeps underestimating me. He keeps throwing things my way but I thank God that I have a resilient spirit. I thank God for the covenant of victory he has with me. That makes me untouchable. It makes me a wonder to satan. I confuse him and I like it

My advice to you sweetie is the same as Mohammed Ali’s. Don’t let them see you coming.

Build your strength from within

but don’t skimp on looking fabulous.

Be as pretty and delicate as a butterfly

but carry a deadly sting like the bee.

So when you are done with satan, he won’t know what hit him.
P.s I’m thankful that my darling Nneka and Banky got married today. #NneB2016  To show how happy I was I tied gele. Lord knows when that will repeat itself lol!!!

David sha had to enter their picture. Lol!

Needing No Aid …

The funniest thing happened to me this morning and got me thinking ….and thanking.

Two of my nephews are on mid-term break so they are on holiday at my house. I noticed yesterday that the younger one had a fever and no matter what I gave him it just did not budge and I know better than to self medicate so early this morning I bundled him off to the hospital. As soon as the nurse triaged him and saw how high his temperature was they quickly medicated him even before the doctor came in.

So we sat in the exam room waiting for the doctor. A knock on the door and in comes our doctor with a face mask

I was first taken aback like they haven’t even tested him how do they know he has something contagious.

The doctor comes in, washes his hands, sanitizes them then sits down.

“Good morning mummy, good morning little Man. I’m sorry about the face mask. I’m battling a cold and  a sore throat so in order not to pass it to the children I need to wear the mask while examining him.”

I smiled and nodded because I understood but that’s not the only reason I smiled. It kind of took me back to a time ….

A time when I was frantic, fretful, fearful and infertile. A time when I was still running from pillar to post.

“There’s a doctor here…”

“There’s a doctor there…”

“Miracle doctor…”

“Specialist doctor…”

was desperate to change my situation and I was ready to do whatever I had to do or see whoever I  had to see medically. So when a friend of mine told me there was this miracle doctor who was a specialist and a christian I knew this was it. So with a heart full of faith in this doctor I went with my friend. He examined me. Gave me some tests to run, and asked me to bring my husband for some tests. Of course if you’ve been following this blog or if you were at WWW2013 IMELA you would have heard my husbands response : the famous …

Abraham’s body now dead…


But that’s story for another day or for my book actually …#mildredgototheant

The real gist here is that after I spoke to the doctor I was really hopeful. I felt this was it. He was a fertility specialist and a christian doctor if anyone was going to help me achieve my twins David and Davida (that’s what I was confessing at the time) it had to be this doctor…

Just thinking about it now. I’m laughing so hard. I can’t believe it.

My darlings this is why I’m laughing so hard…

I was still busy trying to convince my Pk to come with me to do all the tests he was required to do that this doctor was different. He knows what he’s doing. Blah blah blah!!! You know all the convincing drama we women can get down to. So anyhow it wasn’t really working but I was hoping that with persistence I would wear him out.

So anyhow I went to visit this friend who had recommended the doctor to me and met this lady and we got talking and became friendly. I saw her business card Davida ventures or something like that and I gushed about how I loved the name and she said oh! That’s my daughter’s name. My twin babies David and Davida a boy and a girl.

I said “oh! My God twins? I really need to sow into your life.” and rushed off but I noticed my friend looked at me funny. So when she walked me to the car. I said “so you have fertile ground for me sow since you come de hoard am? David and Davida? Twins? Same name? Ah! This is too much accuracy”

“My sister ” she said calming me down before I got even more excited. “Don’t you know that lady? ”

I said “No”

“Hmmm that’s your doctors wife and she speaking by faith. They are still believing God for children”

I literally heard the Holy Spirit laugh out loud. Or was it my guardian angels?

See me oh! Where I put all my faith. They too were looking for the exact same thing: twins. Boy and girl. David and Davida.

Of course my Pk laughed at me till I almost cried. That was one of the many ways God used to get my attention about not going the medical route but the real lesson or should I say message in all this is what I’m thankful for today.

Aren’t you glad that we serve a God who cannot be stranded. Who needs no help from anyone. Who cannot be sick (like my dear doctor today ) if the one who I run to for healing needs healing too am I not in trouble?

I’m thankful that I serve a God who needs no aid or support. That’s enough to make me smile

okay people another day done.

Love you

Thanks to all my cheerleaders

The Bleeding WILL Stop…

I hear there’s a saying amongst doctors


“All Bleeding must stop!”

And basically what that means is that there must be an end to every problem. So either the bleeding stops because the cause has been dealt with or the heart is no longer pumping blood either way the bleeding must eventually stop.

I think it is one of the most profound ways to look at any situation that we find ourselves. I believe we Christians have a saying similar to this also:

I know we say it a lot especially when comforting others but when faced with personal challenges or tragedy it seems the farthest thing on our minds.

I see so much pain and heartache around me these days from people with unanswered prayers. It’s the continuous “when lord when?!” Or the “pastor M why doesn’t he just answer?” It makes it harder because you know this thing is not hard for God and I personally have had experience on how frustrating waiting can be. Sometimes you just want to pull out your hair

at other times you just feel sorry for yourself wondering why it feels like you are not loved by God. Every one else is getting answers but you. Every one has testimonies     just not you. Everyone is getting jobs, changing jobs, getting married, having babies…. Just not you. And we all scream “it’s my turn!!!” In church  maybe you even louder. So of course it’s tempting to just cry and throw that party for one

Sweetie I honestly wish I had all the answers. To be honest some of the most amazing gals I know are still unmarried. If it was up to me everyone would have twins and triplets and the babies would be extra cute for good measure…. But it’s not up to me sadly and I know there is a waiting period and it’s not easy but this one thing I promise you

It won’t always be like this… The lord will perfect all concerning you and sooner rather than later it will turn in your favour.

Just hold on honey. The suffering is for a LITTLE WHILE… Then he will restore.

And you too will testify. I declare that it’s still your year for all good things. It’s your turn to testify. Just hold on… The little while is almost over.

Just hold on because it won’t last forever and God always ALWAYS shows up because we serve a faithful God…

That’s what I’m actually thankful for today that we don’t Serve a God that is afar off. No!!! We have a God who is involved. He’s always right there.

It’s funny but it’s even in the midst of pain that we tend to see God clearer if we will look.

I’m thankful today that no problem has a permanent position in my life 

Take this from someone who knows… After waiting for almost 8 years see what God has done

 That’s why I say AMAGHIMO

Trust me very soon you too will be full of praise and no idea of how to praise Him.

Just hold on this too shall pass

If you won’t take it from “pastor M” then take it from “doctor M”


Now go to rest … Doctor’s orders. See you tomorrow

Love you

I Don’t Know 

So, it started out as a joke but somehow I find that its actually the best way to explain what this year’s When Women Worship theme is about.

When I declared this was the theme

My phone started ringing…

“What does it mean?”

“What language is it?”

“Is it Hebrew? Greek? or tongues?”

So I actually didn’t know if I wanted to keep people guessing or I wanted to tell them the meaning. So of course I spoke to my Pk about it and trust him to come up with something mischievous.

“Anytime people ask you the meaning of AMAGHIMO tell them ‘I don’t know’ with a straight face.” He said

“Ah! That’s not fair” I said not missing the pun.

“Well isn’t that the meaning?” He asked with a smirk firmly planted on his face.

Honestly, I had an I give up moment.

My pk plays too much….

So anyhow I can’t lie I was tempted because people kept asking “what does it mean?” “What does it mean?” So I decided to try my pk’s suggestion and yesterday at the worship meeting we had at our island centre with joe praize

Oh by the way did I mention our new tent is here? Probably what I will be thankful for today hmmmm….

Anyhow so as I was saying, the opportunity presented itself. As soon as my Pk announced When Women Worship one of our staff members who was standing beside me asked “mama what does it even mean?”

Straight face on I didn’t flinch I simply replied “I don’t know” and she laughed half shocked saying. “You don’t know?” Someone beside me then tells her “Amaghimo is ibo for I don’t know” now with the pun not lost on her she begins to laugh then mutters “so we are going to worship God with I don’t know? Hmmm…”

So I asked her a question. I said “When you look over your life and you want to praise God where do you start from?”

Without even missing a beat. She said “Ah! I don’t know o!” Then she opened her eyes like the revelation had finally hit her.

“Exactly!!!” I said “Amaghimo”

That’s where the theme of this year’s meeting was born from. An answer to a question I’ve been asking myself since the beginning of the year.

I still remember when PITA tagged me on a song he had just heard. He  said mama you need to hear this. Now you need to understand that pita sings (pun intended) and has great taste in music so if he tells you a song is good, best believe it is.

However I wasn’t so expectant for some funny reason maybe because I didn’t know the guy: PASSWORD. I’d never even heard of him. When I listened to tha song it just spoke my heart. I loved it instantly. Even David loved it and was rocking to it in no time.

I just loved the song but didn’t think much of it until months later when surprise surprise who shows up in church? Password!!! In the flesh. Then as if that wasn’t enough he fell in love with DCC and became a part of our family so when I told him I was stealing the title of his song as my theme for #WWW2016 he graciously agreed and even offered to come minister it live!

I’m thankful for such life happenstances. Those so called coincidences where God brings people into my life and they become a part of my life, family, ministry and destiny. Where God had planned it all along and it just starts unfolding bit by bit before my eyes as pleasant surprises.

There are too many of such people. Too many people who give to me too. They pray for me. They comfort me. They give of their time, energy, wisdom and life to make sure Gods work is done and I’m still here. I’m thankful for them. For the wonderful people God has surrounded me with.

So by now you know that password will be at #WWW2016

Who else will be there?

Now the extra good news is it’s one programme but two centers. So if you are on the mainland or the island we’ve got you covered. That’s why I’m thankful for the Island tent that just arrived. We are still working on it though. Still setting up but I’m thankful that we can finally bring the goodness of #WWW2016 without dragging our island women down to the mainland.

God has been good to us at DCC. Most times all we have is a dream not necessarily physical cash but God always blows our minds. I’m not surprised though

God is my definitely our father. He’s always just looking for ways to bless us at DCC

I’m just so thankful that we have all we need and we are not in debt. All our bills are paid and all our needs are met.

I’m looking forward to the finished tent though and by the time #WWW2016 comes around it will be all done.

Here are the dates ladies. Mark your calendars

This year we are doing Friday and Saturday. Please take note ladies not Sunday

FRIDAY 24th and SATURDAY 25th of June. Not SUNDAY!!!  No Sunday this year.

OkAy guys I survived another day of blogging and thankfulness.  Let’s keep going.

Thanks to all my cheerleaders. Love you all so much

Back tomorrow.

Need sleep


Hey people

I can’t even begin to tell you the roller coaster my life has been in the past few months. I’ve probably  experienced more tragedy and been confronted with more bad news in the last few weeks than I can remember.  I’m amazed at the amount of “sticks and stones” the devil has thrown my way.

However he forgets that

Nothing he throws my way can shake my faith in God.

Inspite of all the drama, it’s reassuring to know that

I know when we are going through stuff it’s easy to be upset and in the midst of tears wonder why God won’t do anything. Has he suddenly become weak, crippled or    Is He just ignoring me? You wonder. Well sweetie here’s some truth

In the midst of all of this God has been whispering to my heart

To be honest, I’ve never been good at math. It’s never been my strong point so when I hear the word COUNT it just rings a bad bell and the funny thing is what I’m expected to count is Joy. In pain? Amidst confusion? Questions? I should find x?

Yes count the joy the Holy Spirit whispers silent but strong: Count the Joy. In other words count your blessings. So I decided to try

I struggled a bit because I kind of had all the troubles staring me in the face then this thought crossed my mind 
Hmmm… That’s a scary thought. Truly what if?

Then I really started counting the things I have to be thankful for. They started out in trickles and I’m not there yet but I’m sure with consistency the floodgates will open.

I’m finding a lot to be thankful for and I’m thinking maybe I should blog everyday for the next 30 days and talk about the things I’m really thankful for…. 

Hmmm… I think I should though. Who is game to join me on a 30 day count your blessings campaign? It may surprise us to find that we do have many things to be thankful for. 

So the first thing I’m thankful for?  Well I just got in from a worship meeting in church tonight with Joe praize and I’m thankful that I can worship God. I can forget everything, everyone and just fall flat on my face with abandon in worship. I thank God that I can worship. I know that wasn’t what you were expecting but the truth is it felt like heaven on earth tonight and I just feel so thankful that I can connect with God in Spirit and in truth. That I can open my mouth and give God joy by pouring my love on him.

That I can worship in English, in tongues, in my understanding and void of my understanding. The important thing is that God understands that my heart full of love and gratitude just pours out to him.

Imagine if we didn’t have the ability to worship

what?!!! No way!!!

I know I couldn’t survive it. I just couldn’t. So I’m thankful for worship. Speaking of worship I’ve got something exciting for me now. When Women Worship 2016 is here

I will be back tomorrow with full details but here’s the theme.

Details on the meaning, dates and ministers tomorrow.

But here’s something extra to be thankful for. If you missed Joe praize today at our island centre. Here’s your chance to get a taste of how I feel right now 

Thank me later.

Let me get a quick shut eye. We’ll talk tomorrow and maybe for the next 29 days.


When He Answers….

Hey people

I’ve been pushing this for days. I’ve just being feeling largely uninspired and my blog police has been harassing me. It’s funny because I have like five unfinished posts. I start and then feel like nope! Not the right time. Or no! Not quite right  so I just let it all be.

However I just got a call now and I write this post with tears literally pouring down my face. I don’t know how I always find my self in this place where I’m speechless, and totally in awe of God.

One would think that by now I would be used to how amazing God is and the fact that he can do anything. In truth that’s actually my prayer; that I will NEVER get used to or become familiar with the things and ways of God. I pray that I will constantly LIVE AMAZED. That’s my ultimate goal to live a life of total awe and surrender to God.

So that phone call put me back in that place of “what kind of God is this?” I’m sure you know by now that I’m one of those people that have seen the mighty hand of God especially in my own life. It’s just the fact that he keeps loading me daily with benefits that I can’t get over. Is there any reason not to serve this God?

Why he loves us I will never know. I now understand why the Angels too question it

I’m just grateful that he loves us. And He loves us so much he refused to leave us here without help. Are you seeing the havoc the devil is wreaking? Everywhere madness. Sickness, poverty, insecurity, just name it, satan has it on lockdown and it would be foolish to take anything for granted.

So about that phone call. Someone very dear to me just suddenly took ill and she was sent to the intensive care unconscious. My first thought was oh! Lord No!!! You must understand two things about the scenario. First, I have very little faith in our medical system in this country and secondly she has just lost her sister last year.  So my head thought all kinds of things so what did I do?

I got angry. I got angry with the fact that the devil thinks he can just be in the mood early in the morning, look out his window and decide today is the day I get to upset one of Gods children. After all as they say if a servant is angry with his master what can he do? He maims his masters favorite pet.

I was just angry with the fact that because he got away with it the first time that he felt he could again. So I refused. I refused to just sit back and cry or worry.

 I got up and went to war with the enemy. I got into the word and asked God his will and my sweet sweet Jesus said four things to me

1. This is not unto death

 2. It won’t happen again

3. Ressurection power is available

4. Long life is our right

With these reminders tucked firmly in my Arsenal I knew I could go to war. I prayed. I prayed because I knew Gods will. That gave me confidence. That God hears and answers. Confidence that prayer works

I simply prayed and started thanking God for life. Every time I thought about her I thanked God for her and moved on. I wasn’t getting much positive response but I believed. God kept encouraging me to believe.

I believe she will rise up and come and visit me and gist me with her bright eyes, infectious smile and amazingly exciting spirit. I believe she will share her testimony at one of our Just Us Girls Naija meetings. I hadn’t heard anything but I knew I had prayed and God was with me on this matter

Then I got a phone call. Pastor M she opened her eyes today. She sat up. She recognized everyone around her.

I still wonder

What Kind of God is this?

 I know God answers prayers but I never cease to marvel at how real this makes him. He’s not a God afar off or one who cannot hear or see. His hand is not too short that it cannot work miracles. Neither is he too busy that he cannot fit us all in. I’m in awe of the God who is interested in even the tiny details of our lives.

I would understand if he only did wondrous things; things that no one can handle or if they were things that would affect the grand scheme of things if not handled but he takes time to show that he cares about the tiny things.

This year I’ve been working on rebranding ideas for Just Us Girls Naija and I recently returned from a trip to the UAE where I saw a brooch that totally worked as a logo. So I decided to buy one for all my leaders. However I discovered that after picking up everything they had I was short of one. I checked the entire rack nothing. I sent 2 ladies to check they came back with nothing so I thought okay maybe a guy would not be distracted by all the other pretty pieces so I sent in a guy and there was nothing there. While we were still deciding who to strike off the list, the Holy Spirit asked me “have you prayed about it?” Just at that time one of my ladies opted to be taken out. I walked away from the counter and back to the rack where the brooches were and said a quick heart felt prayer.

I know it wasn’t a big deal and we would have found a way around it but I was willing to see how far God was planning to take this. As I got back to the rack I felt a nudge in my spirit to check again. Lo and behold!!! (Yep! Still got my KJV English pat down….) there was one more brooch and the amazing thing ? it came in the lady that opted out favourite color. If that isn’t God then tell me what it is.

He just does things like that. Things we try to explain away but can’t. I’m just still in awe of God. I’m so happy my dear dear dear sweetheart is back. I get to do another “Satan ntoi ”

I’m so glad that I serve a God who hears when we pray. If not wouldn’t this last weekend have been A waste

I really can’t get over how real God is and I pray I never do. I want to constantly live amazed

Okay guys gotta run. A few Pictures of warrior in heels on my Instagram page @pastormildred.

Later darlings.


My favourite posture for prayer was always on my knees. 

  I would kneel for hours and not even feel it. Now as my 30s are pulling much closer towards change I find that I can’t kneel for too long.

To be honest though I can’t categorically blame it all on age I mean my 70+ year old mother still kneels to pray. It’s more likely all the excess left over baby weight I’ve been carrying around. It’s so hard to be at your optimal when you are carrying around a lot of weight. 

 If you’ve ever been overweight or battled with losing weight  then you will understand what I’m talking about. The funny thing is putting it on is sooooo easy. A few slices of freshly baked white bread with salted butter  

 and a big mug of hot chocolate or a freshly baked muffin. 

  It’s the careless plantain chips and canned drinks you buy in traffic. The suya you eat  

 with bread at 11pm because you can’t cook that night. It’s the pounded yam and Egusi soup with beef, chicken, fish, snail, shaki, pomo, 

  need I say more? It’s the 10 cubes of sugar you put into that little cup of Garri because “cubed sugar is not really sweet na” it’s those things that you never really pay attention to that are the real issue.
They pile up on your hips, thighs, waist, arms and settle firmly on the scale. It makes you tired all the time, slower, more sluggish then the joints start hurting and you don’t know why. 

Darling let me help you….. IT’S THE WEIGHT!!! 

Your joints, especially your knees are not built to carry that much weight. It’s largely the same with your life journey. You can’t go really far lugging around weight.

let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up – (NLT)
let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely – (ESV)
we must get rid of every weight and the sin that clings so closely – (NET)
let us throw off from us all the weights of the sin which is always ready for us -(Aramaic bible)
Whatever version you come up with the message is still the same. We can’t run effectively if we carry around spiritual weight or physical weight for that matter.

 It’s bad for your knees, your heart, your health and your spirit. Why am I saying all this? Please just follow me. Don’t get bored yet lol!
I’ve lost a bit of weight and I can tell you categorically that my knees feel better. Not enough to totally get me off the hook. Not even anything near my ideal weight. I actually have like 26kg more to go …yeah! I know that’s quite a lot but that means the earlier I start the better right!?
So what am I doing? I’m not making excuses.  

 Yes I’m still breastfeeding and weaning this handsome youmg man hasn’t been as easy as I thought. For someone who eats well I thought hey once he tastes cereals, pap or real food then my breast milk and I can just go and sit in one corner but oga is having none of that so I can’t really go gangster on my meal plans. He’s clinging onto me for dear life.
So I simply work around him. I eat healthy and smaller portions and then I do what? I Exercise. Simply put, I do the necessary. I deprive myself of all I want to eat that are not good for me  

 and stick to healthier options. I put in the work I need to even when I don’t feel like it. I mean who likes burpees?  

 No living sane human being I know. In my opinion we should have a burpees free life but then who cares what I think when my body needs it.  
I also detox. I eat lots of fruits and veggies and drink tea and lots of water. Water is my best friend right now.  
Losing life weight is basically the same.     
Take out everything (and might I add everyone who isn’t adding value in your life), let go of every bit of anger, bitterness, malice, jealousy, all the things that slow you down and load up on water.

to sanctify her by cleansing her with the washing of the water by the word,- Ephesians 5:26

The water of the word. Let the word purify you. Let it cleanse you. Clean up your thoughts, purify your heart, clear out any ideas or decisions not like God’s.
The word of God is the only thing that can work on body, soul and spirit.
Basically what I’m saying is clean up from inside out. I’ve been doing this and the journey continues because I still have a long way to go. But I’m taking it step by step. I need to lose weight so I can help my knees.  

 I need my knees. I need my knees not to hurt because that’s where I fight my battles. Thankfully I don’t have to kneel down compulsorily for my prayers to be answered. I serve a God whose focus is on my heart so I can pray in any posture and he will hear and answer me but I personally like to fight on my knees. It’s my posture of humility. It’s my “Jesus is my Lord posture “. It is my “satan I dare you ” statement but it’s my personal preference. So like I said I need my knees.

I need to get down to pray and not be distracted by pain or discomfort. The devil doesn’t get to win in any way. I’m a warrior. I’m a fighter and I do my fighting no longer with my fists but on my knees. So I need my knees.
I don’t know what your prayer posture is Honey but find a fighting posture. You’ll need it if you’re going to get anything done in this life. The devil is not ready to let you be so you need to take everything that is rightfully yours. 

He’s after your marriage, your money, your ministry, your kids, your health and your life but we don’t let go. No! Not without a fight. God has given us everything we need for life and godliness. We aren’t a weak, lily-livered breed.  

 We are warriors in Heels. Fighting women who win always.
So ladies join me and the just us girls Naija crew as we detox with fruit fast  

 and pray 6.30pm everyday with  the word and lay aside every weight for on the 1st and 3rd of April……WE WAR!!! 


I guess the devil is getting sucker-punched on Friday.  

 Guess whose our April fool.  

Invite a lady you know.
See you later.

Yay!!! Kemi we did it. Blog police ;-) 


Hey people!

I guess this is as good a time as any to blog. It’s the most special week for Christians all over the world and yesterday was “Good Friday”.


I’ve been thinking a lot this week and it seems my thoughts just keep falling on the cross.


What does it all mean? I’m not here to give a sermon (although I know many people who wish I would) Lol! Y’all have to come to church on Sunday for that. Today I’m just thinking out loud.

So there I was thinking about the cross when I stumbled on this documentary THE CROSS (the Arthur Blessitt story)


about The man who carried a 12 foot cross around the world for the last 48 years.


He has carried that 12 foot cross into every nation of the world.


He is even listed in the Guinness World Records for the world’s longest walk.

Now the most intriguing part for me about this story is not necessarily the fact that he’s carried a physical cross that is twice the height of my husband….at least for his own good I hope he’s at least 6 feet tall. Or the fact that he’s been to every nation of the world (that alone is a great feat) but I think the biggest thing for me is the message of the cross that he’s carried all over the world.

Did you know that Jesus said in Matthew 16:24 …“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.” history tells us that Luke was the most detailed of all the disciples and in his version of this story he says that Jesus said …Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. (luke 9:23) he even went as far as telling us this
And if you do not carry your own cross and follow me, you cannot be my disciple. Luke 14:27

Doesn’t this give you concern? I mean am I really expected to drag a 12 foot cross everywhere I go? Errrrr…I don’t think so. Not quite sure that’s what Jesus had in mind. Do I hear you say abeg abeg Jesus has done it all. You these preachers don’t come and give us work. We are under grace.

Oh! Trust me I totally agree but I think the reason that thought would flash through your mind is because you consider “the cross” a burden or a heavy load. I beg to differ. I totally disagree. I hear too many people say with “self-pitying pride ” or while exhibiting symptoms of martyr syndrome say “what will I do na? It’s my cross. I will bear it.”.


As if your being punished by being in a bad marriage, terrible relationship, having health issues would in anyway glorify God or benefit humanity. My sister that’s why I know that’s not what Jesus meant.

There has to be more.
It also doesn’t add up if he says in Matthew 11:28 -30


For me that means the cross doesn’t have to be a symbol of a heavy burden. It doesn’t have to be a difficult situation. I believe what made Jesus sweat drops of blood as he prayed in anguish that the cup would pass over him wasn’t the weight of the cross he had to carry. If the weight of the wood was pivotal to our salvation. If the weight of the wood was important I don’t think he would have allowed Simon the Cyrene to help him. That would make him assistant saviour wouldn’t it?

No it wasn’t the wight of the cross that caused Jesus such pain but the death that he would have to face. A gruesome disgraceful death that would leave him unrecognizable.


The shameful death that was reserved for thieves and murderers.


The kind reserved for us… for the wages of sin is death and we are All guilty. All have sinned.
satan had legal right to us to do with us as he pleased since great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great (I’m sure you get the picture…) grand pa Adam and great great great great great great (no I’m not going to do that to you again lol) grandma Eve sinned and handed over to satan. So his plan basically was to mess us all up. Make us miserable, sick, poor and after killing us make sure we end up with him in hell but Jesus was having none of that.


So He took that cross to Golgotha and hung on calvary’s tree just for me and you. So now I can have a great life and still get to go to heaven. Yipeeeee!!!!

I don’t know about you but I’m truly grateful I don’t have to go through that horrible plan that the enemy had. I’m grateful that me and my generation get to ride Simply on the wings of grace. On Christ’s finished work.
So every time I see a cross it means more to me than a heavy load. It speaks to me of dying to self. Whenever I see a picture of Arthur Blessitt I ask myself would I be willing to follow Jesus no matter the cost? If it meant loss of friends? Family? Reputation? I consider people who are persecuted for their faith and I ask myself do I love Jesus this much? To go where ever he sends me? To do whatever he asks me even if it makes me feel uncomfortable? Or dare I say makes me look foolish?
Please note that Jesus may never ask these things of me (thankfully) but if he did Would I be willing? Would you?

Maybe for some of us he asks a “smaller” thing like apologising even when you know you are not wrong or telling a total stranger about Jesus or refusing to take a bribe at work or telling that boy you are crazy about that you can’t have sex with him…No! Not because it’s a bad time and you are not ready but because you are a Christian and Sex before marriage is a sin and doing it would disappoint Jesus. Or maybe it’s to forego that new pair of shoes you were going to buy and pay someone’s hospital bill. Hmmmm….
It’s about putting Jesus above all else.

I was studying recently on the message of the cross and I honestly love how max Lucado puts it:
“The cross: Can you turn any direction without seeing one? Engraved on a ring or suspended on a chain? The cross is the universal symbol of Christianity.

An odd choice, don’t you think? It’s strange that a tool of torture embodies a movement of hope. Its design couldn’t be simpler. One beam horizontal, the other vertical. One reaches out, like God’s love. The other reaches up, as does God’s holiness. One represents the width of his love; the other the height of his holiness. The cross is the intersection. The cross is where God forgave his children without lowering his standards.

God put our sin on his Son and punished it there. Your sins have been placed on Jesus.

Jesus receives the blow. And since Christ is between you and God, you don’t. The sin is punished, but you are safe—safe in the shadow of the cross!

From On Calvary’s Hill


I just couldn’t get past that: The cross where God forgave his children without lowering his standards.

The cross is a symbol of love and forgiveness.

It is not a burden. It is your story of how God loves you. It is your testimony of how he forgave you. Your cross is your interpretation of mercy and grace. It is your message of Jesus.

It is how you share Jesus with the world. It is your voice, your poem, your success in business, your grades in school. It is your way of showing the world that we have a God who loved us even when we were not worthy

and his name is Jesus.

So whether you are Arthur blessitt with a 12 foot cross



or your cross is a two inch bejeweled cross dangling from both ear lobes, my point is everyone has one and we need to carry it boldly.

No matter the size of your cross. Wear it well.

Be deliberate in your love for Jesus. Live a life totally surrendered to him. No excuse is good enough

Go all out for him. He did the same for you.

Before I go I need to invite you for our very first Just Us Girls Naija programme of the year WHEN WOMEN PRAY 2016. This year’s theme is Warrior in Heels. It’s one event at two centres so no matter where you live, island

 or mainland

 we got you covered.

Don’t you just love me right now? You know you do. You know you do.


I will be Ministering alongside Debola Deji-kurunmi.


Or DDK as she is so fondly called.
Music by Pc


and MK


Please invite a friend.

We’ve got teeshirts for sale.

For more information call 08077714411 or 08028356363

Okay guys need some shuteye

Love you guys


I celebrate today and the whole of this weekend. The amazing man that God sent into my life….






Happy Birthday baby. My sunshine. You are fortified for greatness. It’s your turn. I love you honey.

Four Things…

Hey people
Happy New Year. Yep! I know it’s almost the end of the first month but as they say “your morning begins whenever you wake up” Lol!

So even though it’s already the 26th of January, I say Happy New Year.

God has been so good.

So anyway here I am guys against all odds. I’ve had to take it easy quite a lot for health and ministry reasons but hey that’s story for another day.

So at DCC in 2016 our word for the year is


Yep! No matter how they turn it this year, God will over turn it till its your turn…
Your turn to get married
Your turn to have a baby
Your turn for a job…nay a great job
Your turn for a promotion
Your turn to own your house
Your turn to start hearing God clearly

Honey, it’s your turn as it is mine


So I’m here to give you four things you need to pay attention to, so you can ensure that it’s your turn.

This year prayer will have to be your lifestyle. You can’t afford for it to be a spare tire. It’s got to be the steering wheel And you will need to ask yourself consistently through the year


You will need to be in constant communion with God. Not necessarily the eloquent plenty scriptures kind of prayer but the conversations with God through out the day kind. Where you don’t care whether you speak Igbo or pidgin as far as God hears you and answers.

Just keep praying. No matter what you face this year.



What ever you do PRAY. Why?


It changes the situation but more importantly it changes you.

In prayer you will hear clearly heavens plan for your year and how to achieve it. Simply put how to make it your year.


Don’t play with your health this  year. Honestly in Nigeria we take too many things for granted and that’s funny since we don’t have such a great medical system. Most of our hospitals are death traps. Most of the doctors don’t know what to do and even those who do, the system cripples them. You cannot afford to play with your body this year.

Eat  clean.


Don’t put junk in your body. Eat more fruits and veggies. Eat balanced meals. Avoid fad diets.

Drink clean.


Drink WATER!!!  Stop putting sugar and fizzy drinks in your body. Sodas, packet fruit juices with concentrate is a No! No!!



Move your body. Walk, jog, run, skip, hop, whatever you can do just move. Don’t get out of bed, get into your car, drive to work, use the lift, sit at your desk, eat all you can, get into your car, eat junk you bought in traffic all the way home. Get home jump into bed again then jump on the carousel again tomorrow. That’s dangerous. Sometimes just walk or take the stairs or just get up and jump.

Confess the word.


Your life  was created by God’s spirit. You need God’s word to sustain you.


It is medicine for your body, mind and more importantly your spirit and it’s your spirit that sustains the rest of you.

This is the year to Pay attention to the people in your life or the people God will send your way.


Don’t take relationships for granted this year. It will be a major major mistake. If anything,  be deliberate in choosing And making friends this year.

Trust God to cure you of people blindness so that you see men as men and not as trees. Actually see people as human beings this year. All my greatest blessings have come from the people God has sent my way or surrounded me with. Some of them didn’t look like it at the time but after investing in the relationships with them my life has been outstandingly impacted.

Hunting for more of such relationships in 2016.



Preserve your soul this year. Your mind and your emotions. Fight to keep a clear head. Stay away from unnecessary drama  this year.


Keep your soul pure. Don’t let anyone draw you into beef or malice. Keep your soul pure. Manage your emotions.


Pay attention to your mind. Look out for intelligent conversation. Things that stimulate your mind.


I found this really amusing. Even zombies (not that they exist though) get it.


Educate your mind intentionally


Read. Bury your nose in brain stimulating materials


When was the last time you read a book?

Exercise your mind. Do brain teasers.


The number of brain cells dying on social media is outstanding. Do something more with your mind this year. Puzzles are amazing. Just do something that challenges your mind.

Okay guys gotta go. have an  amazing 2016. By the way how   are those resolutions going? hmmmm?

Love you

I anticipate…

I’m thankful for 2015 but I’m excited about 2016.

To be honest I’m always like this at new years….


To think today we write the last page of 2015…


So much to explore…


I anticipate  that I will pray a lot more in this coming year because


But more importantly because


What do you see on the other side? What do you expect? 2016 is knocking what do you see?


I anticipate that I will live a lot like this…


So much to learn, see and do


I anticipate that I will blog a lot more but above all….

I anticipate that it will be an amazing year in fact I’ve decided it will…


See you on the other side

To 2016


May all our dreams become a reality then blow our minds because we have a God who specialises in exceeding expectations.

Love you all

Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas people…


With love from all of us 

Pk, dassah, Davida, David and I 

May we experience the miracle of Christmas and continue to live on the joy that only Jesus gives. 

Will resume blogging soon. Please bear with me. 

Love you 


September is always a good month for us. For my pk and I. It’s always been a month that births many good things for us.

It’s the month of our ministry anniversary. Speaking of which it’s been 19 glorious years. Never a better last year at DCC.

It’s also the month of our wedding anniversary and we hit the big 10 this year.

Then it’s the month of my birth.

However, I’ve never been big on Birthdays. Okay so maybe that’s not exactly true. I looooooooove to fuss over people on their birthdays. I love planning surprise parties and the whole works but personally,  I’m not really a birthday celebrating somebody on my own birthday especially now when people don’t really give you gifts anymore. They think putting you in their dps is enough😀 all this social media celebrations and virtual cakes don’t work abeg. Sometimes I want real presents, funny cards and real cake #justsaying.

So, back to what I was saying, yes…birthdays. I’m not big on Birthdays but my mum on the other hand is a birthday person. She believes every year you should celebrate birthdays so she always makes such a fuss.

I remember September 26th 1997. I woke up thinking thank God today will be quiet but of course my mum was having none of that and before I knew it the whole house was filled with the aroma of different kinds of rice and chicken sauces. I was just about to escape when I was hijacked and sent to buy fresh lettuce from my mum’s hausa supplier.

To make the journey less stressful, I stopped by to pick a friend on the way. At least gisting with someone along the way would make the distance seem shorter. As we were walking, I noticed a guy in a trench coat walking towards us. I turned to my friend for a minute to say, “which kind of trench coat is this in Nigeria heat” only to see her running.

Confused I turned back to see why she was running. Lo and behold! The guy was a flasher.

He was stark naked under his jacket and my friend had seen him before I did and had taken off. Without warning

Since he was only interested in flashing he did and laughing, took off. It was at that moment that I noticed a nail had entered my foot. Call it shock or adrenaline, I simply reached down and pulled out the nail, managed to limp to and fro with lettuce in hand. Once I got home, I was rushed off to the Hospital.

The nurse who attended to me cleaned the wound with methylated spirit and gave me a tetanus shot. I was asked to come daily to dress the wound. Everytime I went they would simply clean the top of the wound and change the dressing. The wound still hurt even after a week but it had formed a scab on top so the nurse said it was healing nicely but it still hurt and it looked a bit swollen at least to me.

On the day of my final appointment my mum asked my cousin and I to drop by at an uncles place on our way to the hospital to get something for her. So we stopped by…

My uncle is a lawyer and can be very persuasive. He started with “sit down, where are you rushing to? Do I see you always?”
So we sat.
“Won’t you eat?”
“Uncle we are in a hurry?”
“Hurry? Who visits family in a hurry? Sit down and eat. Oya isioma go and help your aunty in the kitchen so you can eat quickly”

Knowing better than to argue with an experienced lawyer. I threw my cousin a helpless look and hobbled away. As I was limping to the kitchen he stopped me…
“Wait! What’s wrong with your leg? ”
“That’s what we’ve been trying to tell you. A nail entered it and we’ve been going to the hospital to dress it. We are on our way there now ”
“A nail? Come let me see”
“Uncle, it’s fine. It’s the last day of dressing.”
So i sat quietly. He raised the foot and pressed it. I screamed. He looked worried. “If this wound is gone it shouldn’t still be hurting you”. He pressed again much harder this time and what looked like pus began to seep through one corner of the scab.
“This is the problem i have with all these incompetent hospitals. We should start suing them in this country.” he called out for my aunty to bring hot water and a small towel.
“Hot water for what?!” I asked already panicking. He smiled and explained how we needed to put heat on it so the scab would fall off so we could expose the wound and clean it out.

That theory made even less sense when I saw the steam rising from the water. All I could hear from the signals my brain was sending was “pain, run, pain, run, pain, pain, pain!”

anyway long story short two hefty men pinned me down and applied my uncle the lawyer (not doctor’s) theory. My uncle  removed d scab and we discovered d wound wasn’t actually healing but rotting.

So all the while the nurse had been cleaning with methylated spirit she assumed because it looked like it was healing on the outside that it was fine on the inside as well.

Aren’t we often like that? Just because someone looks good and put together don’t we assume they are just fine. They can’t possibly be hurting. They can’t possibly have issues. They can’t possibly need Jesus.

We hide things so well. Behind the designer clothes, the spotless makeup, killer stilettos, we often hide our pain and we hide it so well. Everything looks fine on the outside but if people were to get a glimpse of what was really going on inside….

A while ago I had an encounter that totally broke me. You see, I’ve never been able to make friends easily but when I do, I like to keep them for life. I’m very big on loyalty so I consider my friends family and I totally let them in. I had a group of people I considered blood. Anyway long story short I kinda had a judas experience with them. I felt really betrayed and hurt. I said a few prayers, confessed a few scriptures and concluded I was fine after all spiritual tetanus shot given, band-aid in place I moved on. It still hurt but I had developed a nice healthy spiritual  scab in place.

Smiled when I saw them, gritted my teeth through side hugs and dutifully said my “bless yous” (I was after all their pastor too). But somewhere deep inside it still hurt. Everyone thought I healed so quickly, that I managed it all so well but all they needed to do was push a little and some pus was bound to ooze out from one corner somewhere.

Preparing for When Women Worship 2013 IMELA, I had some major heat put on the wound and I was finally able to let a Lot go (pun intended). I mean I kept asking how did Abraham cope with Lot’s betrayal of leaving him. Jesus is God so forgiving Judas was a breeze but Abraham, well let’s just say papa Abraham is as human as they come. Lol!

I poured out my heart, emptied it of pain, unforgiveness, malice (yes, malice. Greeting from the lips not the heart is malice. Speaking to someone and not connecting with them from the heart is malice) and I let him in all the pain filled places.

It didn’t happen overnight, but I gradually genuinely started healing. Today, half hugs have turned to full hugs, smiles actually filter into my eyes, and when I say bless you I actually mean just that: God empower you to prosper. I ask about family and business not just to be polite.

Now, I’m not inviting them into my bedroom for any tête-á-tête or anything remotely close  but I’m definitely free. Worship will do that for you. It will help you heal because in worship only God is exalted. Every other thing takes back stage.

In the place of worship, you are vulnerable and exposed no matter the mask or band-aid you carry. God sees right through you to the pain and he heals you.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there and I’ve been healed.

How do I know I’m really healed? That’s easy. Remember the nail story I just told you? Well I had to look down at my feet to remember which one it entered ‘cos it doesn’t hurt anymore only the scar remains. So, it’s exactly the same with emotional pain when only the scar remains and it’s just a memory of what once was then you are healed.

In my own case, only the scar of where they once were remains…no pain left… no pain at all…only the scar remains.

That in itself is a miracle.

Do you have any hurt you need to let go of? Or anyone you need to forgive? If it feels really hard to do then find a quiet corner and worship God.

Worship makes it all better because it’s no longer about you but about God and if you let Him take over in worship, the things that were impossible for you as a man become possible and sometimes easier.

Will be back soon I hope. Mummy duty is becoming more time consuming but we can do this so next post out soon… Jesus name🙂

Until then there are a couple of worship meetings that will help you.
First there’s Mario Ese’s the Worship of Yahweh.

Honestly, I’m in tears right now knowing I will miss this meeting. It will be a taste of heaven trust me. With worship leaders like Nathaniel bassey, Cobham Asuquo, Freke, Enitan Adaba, MK, Babz carpenterz, and the miracle worker crooner Gloreeyah…many others too. Trust me you can’t go wrong. Only hope it streams live. But if you can make it there, your life can never remain he same.

It’s holding Sunday 27th September 2015 at the Done of This Present House (my former church) end of admiralty way lekki phase one. Time: 5pm.

Then of course you know we know how to worship at DCC so two meetings coming up.
If you are on the island then don’t miss this on the 30th of September

If you are on the mainland then don’t miss this on the 11th of October.

Hopefully i’ll be back to give more details.
Love you.

#USseries 10: Thank you for 10

Hi people

Let me be honest I had this really amazing post all planned out but between new mummy and old mummy duties (yep, my two daughters still get their share of mummy. Having another one that depends on you for survival is absolutely none of their business. Your decision to have more mummy, deal with it. Lol! ) somehow such grandiose aspirations flew out the window.

Today is my 10th year wedding anniversary

and as always I had planned this, really special blog post but for some reason I don’t even think that’s necessary. Today I just want to say thank you.

Thank you to the two people who have made all the difference in these last 10 years. The two people that have made it all so worth it. That have made it so beautiful…Actually the most beautiful 10 years of my life.

I really need to thank God for first making sure I didn’t mess up my life by marrying the wrong person. He blew down mountains, filled up valleys, opened doors, shut others. He did practically everything till I got it….

The man you are with is not your husband…There is yet another….he is the youngest and He is taking care of the sheep…

Till I saw clearly that the bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh was right under my nose but instead of recognising the king he was I had so far only seen the shepherd boy. Until God opened my eyes to see “men as men not as trees”.

And oh! Just look what I would have missed….

Thank you Jesus, I thank God every day I handed you the wheel eleven years ago with one simple prayer :

“Lord by pass my emotions and do what’s best for me”

I thank you that you answered that prayer. I thank God everyday.

Then I want to say thank you to my Pk…

My king, my best friend, my sunshine, the absolute Love of my life.

My greatest passion after God. My number one prayer assignment. 

Thank you for yielding to God. For letting God use you to love me. You are constant proof that God loves me. See the man He gave me.

Honestly, they don’t come better than this.

I love the fact that you love me. I love how you love me. I love the fact that you get me…..that you are my person…..MY person.

I think the biggest trip for me is that you never get tired of showing me you love me.

A few days ago I was talking to someone about doing a post about demystifying my marriage. About how people just think my marriage is a fairy tale but by the time I finished talking to her I realised that maybe I was trying too hard to prove that it wasn’t when to be honest sometimes I feel like I’m in a fairy tale myself. The only difference is my happily Ever After is guaranteed because of the Word of God.

Let me give you a few examples. We arrived America and my Pk just came to drop us off so basically he had a few days to stay just to be sure I and the girls were settled in. Into the last few days of leaving he would get up and go out early and come back later in the day.

I was getting upset. Leaving in a few days and we are missing out on big quality time? So I was getting ready my sulking face and my speech on how this was bad for our marriage as this was one of our strengths…. blah blah blah…

So as he came in that day, “Hon! Honey! Where are you?!”

I didn’t answer with my usual exuberance. “Honey! Come! Come and see!!!”. He dragged a very reluctant pregnant me outside the house and there parked in front of the house was a brand new 2015 SUV (amebo! That’s all the details I’m giving lol!)

I was like “what’s this?”

“Your car. I’ve been going for auctions because I’ve been wondering how you and the girls will cope without a car in America and this was a ridiculous price. Honey it was just favour….”

Isn’t it always though?

With pk it’s always favour.

And that’s a lesson I’ve learnt from him. Anytime he sets in his heart to do something for me, God gives him grace and shows him favour that at the end of the day it’s usually at a much better deal than it would have been normally.

I was mortified… so ashamed of myself. There he was running around to bless me and I was there sulking like a 10 year old sent off to boarding school. Jumping to conclusion like a frog on steroids.

That’s just my pk always looking for ways to surprise me and what made it extra special? It wasn’t in the budget. He bent over backwards for me. He always does. He will put me first even if it doesn’t seem reasonable to the normal average man.

Do you see why I’m so thankful he’s mine?

Yesterday I was speaking to him and he sounded so tired. He landed on Saturday in Nigeria and went straight into meetings. Then on Sunday preached 5 services back to back and for those who know their pastor greeted and spoke to more people than his voice could take really. Then he was back in meetings on Monday then Tuesday preached rush hour fellowship and on Wednesday morning meetings back to back till time for midweek service then he preached.

By the time we did a video call in the night after he got home at about 11pm. I knew he was exhausted but he had a huge smile and lots of kisses for me. Then he told me he had planned to fly out that night after service just so he could be here with me for our wedding anniversary today. Just to surprise me.

Honestly I thank God he didn’t. There’s only so much your body can take. Besides that’s a very expensive happy anniversary. Lol! Ibo girl like me. I quickly calculated the ticket fare just to come and leave again in like 2 days or something because he won’t want to miss a Sunday in church. Abeg bbm call is okay. Lol!

I’m joking o! Honey (in case you are reading this). I miss you. Your being here would have been awesome but like I said to him earlier the fact that after 10 years you still feel the need to keep surprising me just makes me feel so special.

You do everything to keep me happy

You Promised me exciting and you kept your word. It’s been 10 exciting years and I’m still in for the ride.


At exactly 12 midnight Nigerian time my baby put this up.

Why won’t I be grateful for a man who loves me and celebrates me like this?

A man who stood by me despite all odds till our faith produced.

Look! We have 3 kids baby! Three!!!

They told us not to expect even one but look at us.

Thank you Jesus and thank you my pk. You are the reason why this marriage works so well. Two of you make it so easy for me to submit and be all I can be.

10 years ago a scared young girl held both your hands and said I DO!!! But hey look what you have both done…
Given me wings to fly.

I love you both so much.

Finally let me say. If you are one of those people who think my blog is too mushy or I celebrate my pk too much…. I’m just wondering how much is panadol?

Lol! Okay so I’m just kidding but it’s probably because you haven’t felt what it’s like to be loved. Once you do, you can’t keep still

and you can’t stop smiling or talking about it.

Bottom line…

Why has my marriage been heaven this 10 years?

Because I have a husband who is committed to doing the Word and committed to making me happy
And more importantly because we keep Jesus at the centre of it all.

Okay people,  gotta run.

Love you

Happy Wedding Anniversary to two of my favourite people. My amazing son Sammy Smith and my true and trusted daughter and armour bearer Amaka. Many more years of bliss and plenty blessings. I love you guys sooooooooooooo much.

#USseries 8: I TESTIFY…

I testify….
I serve a living God!
I am in awe of the God that sees the end of a thing before its very beginning.

I testify…
I serve a faithful God!
I am in awe of the God that cannot lie. Once He says it, it must be done.

I testify that this God has been good to me and if you will only believe, he will be good to you too.

This is the God I serve….
DAVID IFECHUKWUKUKOME OKONKWO is here. Exactly 2 years after Davida.

….and this is why:


Faithful God.
Pictures later but like I said before….
All eyes go see am.

#USseries 7: vida turns terrific two

Happy Birthday princess.
Two already wow!


I celebrate you. I celebrate the beauty of your young life. I celebrate the triumph of your birth. I celebrate the beauty of hope that you bring  to many still believing. I celebrate your quiet strength. I celebrate your subtle determination. I celebrate the gift of you.


Davida Ifechukwunyediche Okonkwo my first miracle baby 


God promised me that my children will be known all over the world as the ones Jehovah himself has blessed and that is your testimony:
Jehovah himself has blessed you. Even you sef the blessing de Scatter your dada lol


Mummy loves you. You are a priceless gift of God. I’m honoured to be the one God chooses to use to mother you – to be your guardian, your angel, your teacher.


Daddy adores you. He can’t get over how beautiful you are or how quietly resolute you are. To be honest I just think he’s tripped at how fine a modified female version of him is….mummy’s genes added the finesse. Lol!

One thing I know for sure is that you are blessed, you are loved and you are special; you will do great things for God……Of this I’m sure.

Happy Birthday baby.

Many many more blessed years. We
all love you and may your smile always be bright

And laughter never cease in your life in Jesus name

Happy birthday to my amazing friend and brother pastor Jerry Eze wishing you an even more extravagantly graced life .


Vida is honoured to share this day with such greatness

#USseries 6: GOD BLESSES

Hey people

Back again! Actually feels kinda good to blog so often. Really wish it was something I could do more often but I guess sometimes life gets in the way. Well, I guess I will enjoy it as often as I can till lil’ man shows up and starts dictating the pace.

Okay so today is one of those my looking back over my life days. I had another post planned (more for the men in your lives ladies ) But for some reason I don’t feel it’s quite ready yet. But it will be….soon.

So anyway it’s a very good day for me today. Guess who turns 2 in a few hours


It still feels surreal. I don’t believe it’s been 2 years already since she showed up and proved that God answers prayers. August 22nd 2013 still feels like yesterday.


In fact the title for this post came to me one evening while I was just sitting by myself in the room missing my pk and in one of my boarding house moods when she tiptoes in (yes o! Madam is definitely a ballerina. Still walks on her toes) and walks over to me, bends over till we are face to face then she gives me the biggest smile you ever saw,


hugs me for absolutely no reason then runs off to play. The next words out of my mouth came straight from my spirit as it totally hit me …GOD BLESSES O!

My precious gift from God


My testimony in the flesh.


My answer to prayer


My sweet tooth


When did you even become such a big girl?


Last time I remember you were taking a 3 month picture with aunty  Faith of Faith wilkie pictures


Then you had a bottle in your hand or there was no rest for mummy


It seems just like yesterday we were blowing out the candle for the big ONE


GOD BLESSES O! You can’t convince me otherwise. He does. He blesses. It’s in the simple things o! Not necessarily in the flashy cars, big houses, designer clothes, expensive human hair. It’s in many things- the first positive pregnancy test, the first flutter in your womb that makes you know there’s life inside of you, it’s in the first cry you hear from her as she pushes out into the world. It’s in the first time she smiles at you, sits up, spits up, crawls, walks, runs, and the moment when she says “mummy”. God blesses my sisters …he does.

There are too many things to be thankful for if you will look closely. If you will count your blessings not your problems. A good man who doesn’t cheat on you or hit you and provides for you and the kids even if he’s not the vision of romance. A job that pays your bills even if you think you work crappy hours. A network of friends whom you can call if things get really tough even if they don’t in your opinion keep in touch very often but you know when the chips are down they’ve got your back. A church where you hear the undiluted word of God even if you think the choir could be better. Lol!

You are alive. You are well. It’s because God has blessed you o! Whatever supposed  short coming in your life could have been worse but for God.

There’s this music group I absolutely looooooooove funny enough I’m surprised I’ve never blogged about them. I still remember when I heard one of their songs live! I was in Benin to see my dear friend who incidentally is vida’s godmother Pastor Laurie Idahosa


oh by the way she just started blogging so please drop by and show some love on her blog

so anyhow these guys were on stage. first they were hilarious then they started singing they had such stage presence i couldn’t believe it and they were anointed. You could just tell they believed what they were singing.
I felt oh! Nice but then they started singing a song they said was their new single and I just couldn’t keep back the tears. Here’s the video guys…it’s BNG singing MANY THINGS

Even today it still has the same effect on me. It just speaks my heart on how blessed I feel whenever I look at my vida. I don’t understand half the lyrics lol! Isn’t Bini like the hardest language ever but when they say Hey o! Hey o! Papa o! My heart just bursts into praise:

“You de answer prayers
You de answer prayers
You de answer prayers…..”
Just goes on and on in my head.

God answers prayers o! As I held my vida in my arms I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God answers.
So when I got pregnant again I played this song over and over again until a few days ago when Nosa sends me a link to their new song and Oh my God! I just got a song for my David. It’s called ALL EYES


Enjoy! “ALL EYES”



I’ve been singing it since. Yes o! I’m sure that everything God promised me will be fulfilled. I’m coming back home with my second nation. My beautiful baby boy – David. And all eyes go see am o!

“I will stand and testify.
My mouth go talk am o!
And all eyes go see am o! That almighty father na only you be God. ”

Thank you guys for giving my heart words that I could only groan in the place of prayer.

I’m so sensing a JUGN Worship concert with you guys soon. Abi after listening to this song what say ye ladies?

For more just go visit

In fact concert too far o! Dedication of David….abi Daro n Nosa wetin una talk o! Lol!

See you later guys need to go find someone a birthday present. Any ideas? Hope she likes it.



Hey people,

I’m back again.
You will get a couple of blog posts back to back because….well, you will find out soon enough🙂


So this post today I had been playing with a lot in my head but I had never really ever gotten round to doing anything about it until recently.

Many people suffer from headaches. If anything it is one of the most common ailments that plague human beings. I’ve heard more people complain about headaches than about any other infirmity. It’s so common that you never really go to the doctors because you have a head ache you just grab an aspirin or if you are in Naija the first thing you do is ask “how much is panadol? abeg help me buy.”

However I find it totally amusing when someone has a headache and another person is helping them drink the panadol. How? Let me explain.
With the emergence of social media, in my opinion the world hasn’t really gotten smaller. People have just become more nosey. Everyone has an opinion about everything and they don’t hesitate to air it. Seriously I think we should all just relax. This social media thing is not that serious


In fact I find that the meaner the opinion, the funnier people find it and the more likes you get….and isn’t it always about likes and follows


So people who have no business in your business, make it their business to make your business everyone’s business….phew! What a mouthful but I think I got that pat down.

So even little children who just graduated like 20years after you did will be giving advice which in their childlike mind or because they have read articles on the Internet now makes them an authority on your life and how you should live it.

To make matters worse they will be buying truck loads of panadol on your matter.
Some people are genuinely just airing their views and honestly I respect that. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions but some people are simply just haters spreading beef.

So someone puts a picture of HERself on HER instagram page wearing HER new outfit which she bought with HER money and she likes the way she looks but you don’t like it? Well too bad! If you don’t like it, it’s fine. It’s when you start drinking panadol for another person’s headache I have a problem with. If you don’t like it, then unfollow, unfriend or whatever it is you need to do but please don’t be negative about somebody else’s life.

Besides I’ve discovered that when people are not busy then they tend to make other people’s lives their job.


If you are one of those, honey go get a life. You should be living not sitting in front of a computer or your phone talking about other people who are actually doing something worthwhile with their lives. You sit around criticising them on social media but at least they are living and in the process you forget that there’s a massive log in your eye and you are concerned about the infinitesimal speck in their eyes.


I just wonder why you even think your opinion counts I mean…


This always reminds me of the story of the woman with the alabaster box (luke 7:36-50) I know we focus more on the fact that she gave her all in worship but I believe there’s another lesson to be learnt there. She wasn’t exactly a perfect person in fact the bible calls her a sinful woman or a sinner woman depending on your version of the bible.

The pharisees and the saducees all judged her and Jesus I might add saying
…she shouldn’t be here
….if Jesus was truly a man of God he would know what kind of woman is touching him.

Funny enough we have too many pharisees and saducees in the church today. Hypocrites that are either too far-to-see or too sad-to-see what God is really doing. Too caught up in their self righteousness to actually see or be a part of what God is doing. Too focused on how people are not like them or how thankfully they are holy and possibly holier than the Holy spirit. Forgetting that if they were that holy we wouldn’t have needed Jesus to come die. You holy na im God no use your blood save us?


The last time I checked ALL have sinned…not some. I actually feel sorry for people who are like this.


Social media is full of them. The if Jesus was truly a man of God he would know the kind of pastor serving him… maybe not in those exact words but that’s the spirit behind their judgement of pastors and Christians. Especially pastors as if they should be held to a different standard.

My sister, we will all stand before God at the judgement on first name basis and the only name that will count will be the name of Jesus.


Last week I finally decided to drop by on Facebook and I realised I hadn’t been there for so long so I decided to change my profile picture to this.


And this


I did it and logged out thinking oh! Well maybe in another six months I may drop by again. Not too long after someone sends me a bbm message “pastor M there’s someone making nasty comments on your page you need to delete” so I grudgingly logged back in and to my surprise some clown had started a Facebook campaign posting my picture on different Facebook groups saying see popular lagos pastor’s wife posted this picture up on Facebook and her church members are busy liking it. What is this world coming to? She should be ashamed of herself and blah blah blah.

If it wasn’t so sad it would have been hilarious. I was really sad for him


. I didn’t even bother responding, I  simply unfriended him and deleted his comments on my page and the comments of all my voltrons ….lol! Defending my universe😉 . Sadly I don’t even know who he is. Just some sad little boy (he may be old in age) with a combination of a pharisee and saducee spirit looking for some cheap popularity. I saw a child in need of prayer. A child with such an impure soul isn’t that what Titus 1:15 says?


because as a man thinks in his heart so is he.


This is the picture. Just a headshot


…and this is the full picture.



A picture celebrating God’s victory over satan. Eight months pregnant for the second time when the enemy determined it wouldn’t happen.


That’s why you don’t judge


You can’t jump to conclusions.


Anyway, fly on the wall. Next issue…

This post is not really about me and my new Facebook friend lol . It’s more about the fact that you need to learn to live for Jesus alone and deal with approval addiction


Thankfully he’s not a man of God or a prophet, He is GOD! So we are safe. He will never judge you even though he alone has the right to or….


So live your life to please Him and if you do make mistakes, quickly repent, adjust and move on. Don’t spend your time feeling sorry for yourself or waiting to get approvals or likes on social media


. Set yourself free.


I thank God that by his stripes I was healed a long time ago so I don’t get headaches anymore


but if you want to sit there and drink Panadol for a headache you think I should be having? By all means please be my guest…..while I live for an audience of one.


My aim in writing this post is to remind you that only one thing is needful. Don’t let people that don’t matter put you in a box or under pressure to be a certain way.


You need to be strong and realise that once you get approval from Jesus, you will be fine.

Go out there and live your best life guided by the principles in the Word not the conversations on instagram, Facebook and the likes. Don’t let the world change you- who you are or who you live for.


…and He kept His word. 

This was one of the promises God gave me…and He kept his word. 

Words can NEVER be enough to express how grateful I am whenever August 22nd comes around. A day that changed my life not once but twice. I honestly can’t explain how God did it but one thing I know is He’s a master planner. 

This past week funny enough has been unbelievably emotional for me. I’ve been reminiscing a lot. I’ve just seen the hand of God in my life consistently and to tell you the truth I have no idea why God loves me so much. 

I’ve shared my testimony over and over again and I’m not even going to bore you with the details over and over again but I will say this. When I see these blessings God has given me. I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t at least tell you once again that GOD KEEPS HIS WORD…and He always does it with style. 

I have no long epistles today. I’m just basking in the knowledge and double assurance that God keeps His word….always! 

See how good God has been to me. I’ve had three beautiful years with this priceless jewel. 

My princess…that won’t go anywhere without a tiara. She’s my gentle child. Quiet and happy. Content to be by herself. Enjoys her own company. My musical child. Mummy’s girl. Never too far from me. My vida may have her daddy’s looks but she definitely is a mini me in behavior. My ambidextrous baby. Hardly smiles but when she does…heaven!
And oh! Her hair…. 

Then at a time when my house was full of bows and ribbons and frills, when I thought I couldn’t handle one more pink or lilac item, he made a grand entrance. My prince. My son. My David. 

Oh! David…my Instagram celebrity. Possibly the most photographed child I know. He’s just such a blessing. David loves people. His smile just melts your heart. Yes he has those quiet, deep moments but overall, he’s just a happy child. Like David in the bible he loves to praise God and dance. Very playful. A bundle of energy. David is cute yet regal. 

Like I said today I really have no words i’m just thankful God chose me to mother them. It’s humbling that God would think me worthy. I’m grateful Lord…. for everything. 

Here are a few pictures from my darling

 our selfie lord turned David’s official photographer. I wasn’t sure I could pull off a photoshoot she took it upon herself to organize everything. I just had these amazing pictures in the end to brag about. Please follow her and she’s perfect when it comes to kids photography. Trust me once you see these pictures you will understand what I’m gushing about. 

Happy birthday my babies. Grow in grace. In wisdom, in stature and favour with God and men. You will fulfill your destinies and be preserved like Moses in this perverse world. I have placed you firmly in the hands of the one who gave you to me and I am rest assured that the evil one will never reach you or harm you knowing that Jehovah holds you firmly. I pray that the things that God has planned for your lives you will understand and begin to do early in life. You will finish well in Jesus name. And as your names are you will always be the beloved of the lord. And a symbol of His faithfulness in Jesus name. 

Had to throw this picture in … David dabbing in his sleep lol! Isn’t he the cutest? 

Will probably be back later to update and upload more pictures. Thanks guys 

Mirror Image

Hey people

How have you guys been? 

Still counting your blessings? I hope so. There’s always always something to be thankful for. God is faithful. So so faithful. 

So I’m still in the US and the time change has my body confused because I think I’m still on Nigerian time so I’m asleep by 7pm here and awake once it’s midnight. I honestly don’t get it and the fact that the sessions were so intense at the conference made it hard to do anything else except try to perfect my selfie game lol! 

Day1 selfie
Day 2 selfie 

Day 3 selfie

Not sure it’s my gift o! I think I will just leave it for the #selfieLord   And stick to taking conference notes. 

And oh! Rick Warren knows church. I literally had my mouth and eyes wide open through most sessions. 

Like why didn’t I see that? Oh! That’s how you do that? Oh! So that’s why…

I just fell in love with him afresh. And he’s so bubbly and funny and because his sessions were so refreshing even though they were loooooong because he has boundless energy, they were so worth it. Rick warren is truly amazing …

I didn’t think anything or anyone could top it for me… Well until I met his wife: Kay 

Have you ever sat through a meeting and all you can think is God how can someone be so like you? Our personalities, our giftings, some of our experiences. I felt like God was showing me what he could do with a fully surrendered me. I can’t even go into how much her session blessed me. It wasn’t some deep over spiritual indepth study of the word. No it was simple. It was authentic. It was real and it made me yearn for more. It’s official. I love KAY Warren

I love how real and vulnerable she is when she ministers. And so wise… She just saved me all the pitfalls she encountered in 40 years of ministry. 

I probably will end up being like E on this one. Stalking mode activated. Lol! 

But let me just say…

This conference was so worth it. Definitely new hope, new inspiration and new ideas for the next phase of ministry. 

Speaking of new ideas… 

Any married women here? What? I can’t hear you. Come on don’t be shy…. Ok! So I have a few of you here. 

I’ve got good news for all of you. Ok so the good news is actually in 2 parts. 

First our married women’s conference is coming up. 

Ladies trust me it’s not the kind of meeting to miss. It comes up once every 2 years. Plan every thing around this meeting. You will be glad you did. 

Now unlike all our other JUGN meetings this one you will NEED to REGISTER. 

Why? First of all there are limited seats and because it’s a full day event we would like to know how many people to prepare for. So call 08028356363 or 08077714411 to register now. 

we have a registration pack for the day which consists of your conference teeshirt, your writing materials, your tea break and lunch break meal tickets and it comes at a very subsidized price of N3500 so get that ready as well. 

However I realize that not everyone can afford to pay but you want to be a part of the conference. I mean you may just have enough money to just get you to the conference venue and back home. Please don’t let that stop you. The conference is free so by all means still register your name and come. One of three things can happen 

1. You can attend the conference in your own nice outfit, with food you packed for yourself from home and your own pen and paper. It’s not a crime. I just want you to come and be blessed. 


2. You can after you have put your name down in faith have the 3500 before that day (I’m praying for you) and pay into the JUGN account or pay at the registration point on that day and get your stuff. 


3. Be one of the few to get the free tickets that we will give out in the next couple of days. Just keep your ears and eyes open. I’ve decided to sponsor 10 women personally who can’t afford it and who want to get the packs and join us for lunch apart from all they will learn at the conference. 

I’m also encouraging those of us who can to pay for as many of our married friends as we can. Don’t just invite someone but then a pack too. Let’s be a blessing to as many married women as we can. Especially all the new brides you know. 

Okay so second thing to be excited about? We will be launching a Chayil Page on JUGN in the next couple of weeks. It’s going to be so enlightening. I’m super excited. It will be like a mentoring page. Devotionals, recipes, parenting tips, shopping advice, etc just name it. Questions answered. I’m so happy about this. I know many marriages will get new hope, fresh life and women will get healing and strength through this and I’m hoping the singles can learn a thing or two from this too  

Okay guys watch out… 

Today I’m thankful for one of my precious babies. As I sat listening to KAY Warren yesterday thinking how can someone be so like me? Or should I say how can I be to like this woman! How is this possible? 

My heart just warmed thinking I also have a mini me. Now whether she looks like me is arguable 

But she definitely acts like me. Lol! 

Davida Ifechukwunyediche Okonkwo 

Her hair though…😍😍😍
She will do things at her pace. 

“Don’t want to bounce! Don’t want!” Lol. My vida won’t do anything too rough, too daring or that looks dangerous.  that was me as a child lol! 

My sweet tooth …that one is from daddy though. Lol! 

Always busy with her hands my leftie who they have forced to change to right hand. Naija schools and world people won’t let somebody be great on their own terms . I still feel terrible because I didn’t notice on time. And I love lefties

Yellow sisi lol! 

Plays by herself  happily. Enjoys her own company so much it’s scary how like me that is 

Sweet big sister. She calls him “D-bobo” lol!
She’s the musical one. Definitely has an ear for music. Who knows she may just be a producer someday. Loves anything musical and will overcome her shyness once music is involved. 
She doesn’t smile often (like me) but when she does! Wow!!!

I still remember this picture 

And of course I still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. My easiest pregnancy but my hardest delivery. It was battle !!! In the end VICTORY!!!

I’m thankful for her conception and her birth and all the many women it inspired to believe. I thank God for all the many “IMELA babies” after her. 

Oh! Lord I’m so thankful. 

Okay people later. I have one small gist about my personal encounter with Rick Warren. Wanna hear it? Come back later