God’s prototype for work ~ Norah

You know the feeling that sickness comes with… It’s that unending drowsiness, the bitter taste in your mouth, the lag. It’s the medicine-induced sleep, the confusion, exhaustion, the fatigue. What gets to you is  your inability to do anything productive. Time just goes and goes and you’re sick and tired of all of it.  Now imagine this happening every other day? With indigestion and nausea peeking in on some mornings. Oh, and you already know your … Continue reading God’s prototype for work ~ Norah


I stayed up trying to round up slides for a presentation my team had at 9am. Should have done it earlier but for the entire Lola episode that had happened. I was already rounding up when I heard the knob of my door slowly squeak.   1:42am! Who would be trying to get into my room without at least knocking? Wait, why is anyone even … Continue reading THE DEEP BLUE SEA AND THE DUDE- THE FINALE – CHISOM


Silence.   More silence.   Awkward silence.   Bidemi was now standing above Lola’s curled up body, frozen.   The girls and I exchanged glances and Kenny mouthed   “ Let’s leave ”  Like we didn’t already know we should have left. But the thing tire us. We stood up one after the other, got out, leaving Bidemi and Lola alone. Door was broken and … Continue reading THE DEEP BLUE SEA AND THE DUDE. PART 4 -CHISOM


Firstly, Lola is one of the tidiest people I’ve ever seen walk the surface of the earth. We would often tease her for having OCD. Everything was color coded; nothing was placed an inch lower or higher than they should be. Girl was a freak. A neat freak.   We are careful to enter her room sometimes even, especially me,  because I never understood why … Continue reading THE DEEP BLUE SEA AND THE DUDE. PART 3 -CHISOM

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Omarion Denzel Washington Ryan Gosling Michael Ealy These men at different stages of my life were ‘My Spec’. If you didn’t look like Omarion, sound like Denzel, dress like Ryan or smile like Michael and you ask me for directions, I can pour you red oil. The nerve of you! Do you have eyes that dim in wrapped attention when I speak to you? No! … Continue reading TALL, DARK, HANDSOME, FUNNY AND RICH. (FOR SINGLE LADIES ONLY)

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Hi everyone, So a quick one before I bury my head back in other work. There are two places in Lagos that are my absolute favorite; My House The House.   My Gees: “Let’s chill now. Where should we go?” Me: “The House.” Pastor M: “Chisom where do you think one can relax with friends. Somewhere cool and isn’t too crowded” Me: “The House” Bobo … Continue reading  THE HOUSE BUDDY – CHISOM


“If you would just  believe” sounds really good and charging until you have been believing for years  and it’s just not working. Just. Not. Working! Does this in anyway mean that the word of God you are standing on is impotent? Not at all. Why then is it taking so long? Truth is, I cannot categorically say why but what I know for sure is … Continue reading IF YOU WOULD JUST BELIEVE – CHISOM.

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The Morning After Hello wifey? Two days after Valentine’s and your body has come down not so The energy has dropped but should it be so? Is it now back to business as usual? Shouldn’t the fire still be burning beyond the celebration day? Watch this Video that takes you step by step on how to build intimacy with youe partner by Pastor Kingsley and … Continue reading THE MORNING AFTER – CHISOM.

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Happy Valentine’s day peoopllleee! How are you approaching the day? Do you have anything valentine’s day related in your itinerary? No? Ok, I’ll give you one by the end of this post. This Valentine’s day, all of us must give someone something. Soooo, who else wakes up with songs that they can’t seem to shake off all day? It has happened to me countless times, … Continue reading THE BEST GIFT EVERRRR! – CHISOM

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Valentine’s Day has always been a big deal to me. Is it just another day in February, a holiday centered around women or just another reason for the men to spend on the women?  Is it overhyped? Isn’t every day of the year supposed to be a love day? Well, the short answer is ‘Yes’. We know all these things, or let me rephrase, I … Continue reading VALENTINE IS COMING, WHERE IS YOUR…. – DISEMI

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Good morning!!!!! How was your weekend? Mine was one of a kind. Very busy, yet very impactful. It was MANUAL CONFERENCE 2022 weekend and guysss, there are barely any words to describe the experience. Saturday, Day 1, we got to listen to the richest woman in Africa and the second richest woman in the world, Apostle Folorunsho Alakija, share her story . Oh, yes, what … Continue reading KNOCK’EM OFF – CHISOM


Hey Yummy Mummies, As you prepare for the yummy, lovey, dovey moment with your first baby(husbae) this valentine’s season, I thought you should also know that there is an expression of Just US Girls Global Network that houses a community of expectant mums. The bond on there is strong like glue! Together they stand on the promises of God until they see and handle their … Continue reading NONE MEANS NONE – CHISOM


*Sneezes *   We are still cleaning up the blog , I promise it won’t smell musty for much longer.. Opens windows Yes, that’s much better Hello people it’s Disemi, after the last two posts , I am sincerely hoping I do not fall hand, so whatever it sounds like or reads like , just read to the end, like it and leave a comment … Continue reading FIRST BABIES FIRST – DISEMI


*Clears throat* *Mic check, one, two* Ok, we good. Hiiiiiiii everyone, Chisom here. How’s everything going? Yes! Yes! Yes! We are back! And I am soooo excited. First, let me say a very big thank you to mama for opening the curtain, wetting the ground and giving us the floor. I do not take it for granted. Thank you mama!!! It’s February y’all!!! And you … Continue reading DO YOU STILL DO? – CHISOM

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It’s A New season – PASTOR M

Hey people Yes. It’s me again. I’m sure some of you had totally given up on me ever coming back here. Well, I’m back. And after cleaning through the many cobwebs and all other obstacles I had to get through to be here, I can gladly say, we are back!!! Yes…   Hmmm… where do I even start? Ok maybe I should start from wishing … Continue reading It’s A New season – PASTOR M

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When It Doesn’t Make Sense

It seems just like yesterday when we were praying and ushering in the new year. I can still literally hear the countdown … 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… The screams and all round hugs. I remember seeing the joy that filled the room as I announced that in 2020… ALL THINGS ARE NOW READY!!! People clapped, people danced, they hugged loved ones, they laughed, they screamed the loudest Amens … Continue reading When It Doesn’t Make Sense

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Heeeyyy ladies ……and the gentlemen who sneak in here from time to time. How are you today? Meanwhile, the excitement build-up for When Women Worship is surreal. Is it just me? Sooooo, guest writers were promised and we are on a roll. Today we have a woman of many talents one of which is singing. Her administrative skills? Remarkable. Very given to detail, if you … Continue reading THE WORDS HIDDEN IN THE SILENCE – JOAN UZOUKWU

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CENTRE STAGE -Ameze Osague-Iduh

Hey people, Today our guest writer is someone very dear to me. My adopted sister in love. My right hand on Hannah’s Heart. To be honest If you’ve ever been at any of our just us girls meetings then she needs no introduction. Let’s make welcome THE AMAZING AMEZE I can just imagine her face right now 😂😂😂😂 Okay let me stop looking for trouble. … Continue reading CENTRE STAGE -Ameze Osague-Iduh

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Hey people How are you? Hey!!! Things are beginning to heat up. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 when women pray and when women worship are just around the corner and the excitement is building … Another great thing about this season is that we have daily blog posts coming up. You don’t want to miss it as we’ll be having lots of guest bloggers. Today we’ll be starting with … Continue reading WHAT’S YOUR ONE THING? – Diche Enunwa

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My When Women Worship Experience – Aisosa Charles-Enoma

Woooow JEHOVAH SABAOTH  Hmmmmmmm This year’s When Women Worship was for me. This is one year that has been tough, when I say tough, chaiiiii it has been tough.  It reminded me of visiting day in secondary school; boarding house. It was like I was waiting for my parents to come on visiting day so I will tell them all that my seniors have been … Continue reading My When Women Worship Experience – Aisosa Charles-Enoma

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My When Women Worship Experience – Chisom Nwobodo

  Hi Ladies! So, I have literally had to give myself a “breathe, relax” talk since Friday last week because the girl has been pumped high on confidence, joy, and peace.   Am I the only one?  You know when you know that your father is the commander in chief of the greatest army ever known and He has commanded them to be on your … Continue reading My When Women Worship Experience – Chisom Nwobodo


Hey people I’m back Wow! It’s been so hectic. I honestly cannot believe how much we’ve been up to in the last few weeks. Quick recap in pictures. First, Color conference in london God knows I love me some Bobbie 😍😍😍😍 ————————————————————————- Then on to Just us girls meeting in Uk ————————————————————————- Hannahs Heart UK ————————————————————————- Asaba Then off to woman 2 woman conference which … Continue reading NEVER ALONE

Day 29 – Overtaking Is Allowed!

Hey ladies How are you doing? Today’s prayer focus is crucial. Very very crucial. I pray this especially because sometimes if your husband is making progress you may not remember to desire miracles that can speed up the process. You will justify it by saying the people ahead of him have better qualifications or more opportunities so he’s not doing too badly with what he’s … Continue reading Day 29 – Overtaking Is Allowed!

Pruning, Preparing, Positioning ~ Tai Awo

“…and every branch that bears fruit He prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” John 15:2b (NLT) Last year was the first time that I ever tried growing vegetables. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of being able to cultivate, from seed to food that would eventually go into my body. See my father is a farmer, but I grew up in the city, … Continue reading Pruning, Preparing, Positioning ~ Tai Awo

Do you talk ?

Do you talk ? Such a loaded question after a heated disagreement between husband and wife. Option A: YES – lets try and resolve this…Option B: NO – I am still VERY ANGRY…..Which one are you🥴 Decisions, decisions, decisions! You see the truth is for the growth of marriage, resolution is NECESSARY, it is not an option all. You literally cannot have a blissful marriage … Continue reading Do you talk ?

Child like Faith ~ E’

Hello people , happy Monday!! So our guest writer today has decided to remain anonymous, and she has agreed that all tithes and offerings of praise on this article should go to me 😋😋😉, so please give me my accolades. Okay let’s get to it. ————————————— I could hear her footsteps. My 7-year old cousin Faith was coming downstairs for the umpteenth time, AFTER I … Continue reading Child like Faith ~ E’