Did I just take you down memory lane? If you grew up with family altars and family devotion, I’m guessing I did. I can remember having to learn it so that I wouldnt chop mouth during devotion. Today we are praying And it’s been another level of revelation. I’m totally blown away by the revelation in each verse. I read so many different translations and … Continue reading Day 5 – JEHOVAH RAAH


It’s day 2 people That makes me just feel like dancing But errr… I guess not. Let’s stick to writing. So, an interesting thing happened yesterday. We to the airport just in time after over two and a half hours of london traffic Although it’s nothing compared to Lagos traffic. Ah! Lagos traffic is epic. Nothing tops it biko. But I digress. So as I … Continue reading Day 2 – YHWH YIREH


*Struts in like a princess* *Waves wand and everything turns to gold* *Sits majestically as the tune from the now golden Piano serenades the atmosphere * Magical! That was the whole vibe of Project girl 2019 – Magical. Everything screamed royalty, from the tiaras on the girls to the grand entrance and the entire ambience.  I went β€œAwwwwwwwwww” when I saw the little princesses in … Continue reading “WHO ARE YOU?” “I AM GOD’S PRINCESS! ” #PROJECTGIRL2019

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My When Women Worship Experience – Aisosa Charles-Enoma

Woooow JEHOVAH SABAOTH  Hmmmmmmm This year’s When Women Worship was for me. This is one year that has been tough, when I say tough, chaiiiii it has been tough.  It reminded me of visiting day in secondary school; boarding house. It was like I was waiting for my parents to come on visiting day so I will tell them all that my seniors have been … Continue reading My When Women Worship Experience – Aisosa Charles-Enoma

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My When Women Worship Experience – Chisom Nwobodo

  Hi Ladies! So, I have literally had to give myself a “breathe, relax” talk since Friday last week because the girl has been pumped high on confidence, joy, and peace.   Am I the only one?  You know when you know that your father is the commander in chief of the greatest army ever known and He has commanded them to be on your … Continue reading My When Women Worship Experience – Chisom Nwobodo


Hey people I’m back Wow! It’s been so hectic. I honestly cannot believe how much we’ve been up to in the last few weeks. Quick recap in pictures. First, Color conference in london God knows I love me some Bobbie 😍😍😍😍 ————————————————————————- Then on to Just us girls meeting in Uk ————————————————————————- Hannahs Heart UK ————————————————————————- Asaba Then off to woman 2 woman conference which … Continue reading NEVER ALONE

Day 29 – Overtaking Is Allowed!

Hey ladies How are you doing? Today’s prayer focus is crucial. Very very crucial. I pray this especially because sometimes if your husband is making progress you may not remember to desire miracles that can speed up the process. You will justify it by saying the people ahead of him have better qualifications or more opportunities so he’s not doing too badly with what he’s … Continue reading Day 29 – Overtaking Is Allowed!

Day 27 – when Kings Don’t Sleep.

Hello ladies just a few more days to go. Promise me you’ll keep praying though Today our prayer focus is Listen ladies when God wants to bless He sends a king. It’s all over the scriptures. Why? Kings don’t pay they reward. Kings don’t pay you what you think you are worth it’s always much more. Look all over the scriptures God would keep kings … Continue reading Day 27 – when Kings Don’t Sleep.

Day 24

Hey people I’m sooooo exhausted but in a good way. I feel like virtue had left me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yesterday was amazing at Hannah’s Heart Conference. Where do I even start? I will put up More pictures later and possibly a blog post but for now let’s focus on praying for our husbands. Today our focus is on heaven to be open over your husband so … Continue reading Day 24

Day 20 – Intoxicating Enjoyment

11 more days to go ladies. Did you think we would be here by now? I almost didn’t think we’d make it past the first week. And here we are now Still going strong today we are praying about our marriage. Don’t let anyone deceive you marriage requires some serious work however God doesn’t expect it to be a chore. It’s meant to be enjoyed. … Continue reading Day 20 – Intoxicating Enjoyment

Day 16 – Where Are The Fathers?

Hey ladies It’s second half. Let’s do this!!! Something has been bothering me for a few years now. Men are missing!!!! Men have gone A.W.O.L. The same question God asked Adam in the garden is what I’m asking today as we pray. Where are you? Men? Husbands? Fathers? Too many children brought up by single mums not because their fathers are dead but because they … Continue reading Day 16 – Where Are The Fathers?

Day 15 – The Heart of The Matter.

Hello people I cannot believe we’ve gone half way. we’ve hit half time ladies!!!! However no break for you. 😁😁😁😁 Praying for your husband is a life time assignment. One you must never get tired of. Like I said during one of the Instagram live sessions praying for your husband is actually like praying for yourself because if he’s doing well then he gives you … Continue reading Day 15 – The Heart of The Matter.

Day 13 – A Way Of Escape

Hey ladies Time for more praying. Is it getting easier? Is God speaking to you about your husband or showing you things about your future together. Remember hearing God is more important than speaking to him. Today our prayer focus is on a way of escape because temptation will come. It’s a natural part if life. If it wasn’t we wouldn’t need to pray not … Continue reading Day 13 – A Way Of Escape

Day 12 – Just Hanging Out

Hello my darlings It’s so nice to have people walking the same path with you on the same assignment. I like having so many prayer partners πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Okay so today our prayer focus is on something that has the power to determine the outcome of a mans life. who are your husband’s friend? If you like them. Pray to keep them. If you don’t like … Continue reading Day 12 – Just Hanging Out

Day 11 – The Best Pathway

Hey ladies Today’s prayer is crucial because it saves you and your husband unnecessary stress and untold hardship. For me true success is getting to your destination via your own ordained pathway. The beauty of this is that not only is God showing you the best path way, he’s also guiding you in the path. Pray 1. That your husband will have continuous guidance from … Continue reading Day 11 – The Best Pathway

Day 9 – When He Is Thirsty

Hi ladies I’m back and today We are praying about something I pray never finds its way into your homes because it is horrible, devastating and can totally destroy a marriage. Sadly a lot of men believe the lie that it’s no big deal especially if they treat their wives well. They say it’s just sex. It’s separate from what I have with my wife … Continue reading Day 9 – When He Is Thirsty

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Day 8 – Angels On Guard

Hello ladies It’s the beginning of another week. Ready for more praying? Come on ladies Anyone who knows me knows I’m big on angels. I believe in angels but more importantly I believe in the God of the angel armies. I believe that God gives his angels assignments and assigns them to take care of us and make our lives easier. So they are sent … Continue reading Day 8 – Angels On Guard

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Day 5 – Faith Not Fear

hey ladies so today we pray about something that’s very important to me. I personally cannot stand a fearful man. It’s a total turn off for me. Fear is a spirit and spirits permeate generations if not dealt with. I don’t want any spirit that is not the Holy Spirit operating in my husbands life or my family. Fear has torment. It will escalate and … Continue reading Day 5 – Faith Not Fear