Should I Tell Her?


hello people

so due to popular demand, Dilemma Tuesday is back.
you get a chance to air your views and help out a sister
remember best comments get a prize. here’s the dilemma.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Dear Pastor
I am a young girl of 22 years of age. I currently live with my elder sister and her husband because my parents are retired and in another state. my sister is responsible for paying my school fees and other basic needs. she is seven years older than I am so I am as close to her as one can be to a sister practically in another generation. she’s like a mother to me. I have been living with her for three years now and all was well….no. I cant really say that, all is not well. in the three years I have lived there my brother in law, her husband, has been trying to get me to sleep with him. I blew him off for a while until one day when he forced me to kiss him and we ended up with heavy petting. I was able to get away from him before he could actually do any more havoc and nothing has happened since then because i threatened to tell my sister but i never did. Early this year, one of my cousins also got admission into the same university and because my sister is very sweet and she lives in a big house, she allowed here move in. I suspected my brother in law may have been hitting on her but I wasn’t sure until I saw both of them coming out of the BQ of the house which is usually empty. when i asked my cousin, she said he took her there to show her the place in case she wanted to move out of the house but she looked like a cat that had been caught with a mouse tail sticking out of its mouth. Early this morning as I passed by to get some water from the kitchen, I passed by the visitor’s toilet and I heard some moaning. I guess in their passion they had forgotten to lock the door because as I turned the handle the door opened and I saw the most horrific sight ever, my brother inlaw and my cousin having sex. I am so confused. They have both been begging me not to tell my sister. my brother in law has even threatened to tell my sister that it was because he turned me down that I am making up stories about him. I am wondering should I tell her? what if I tell her and she doesn’t believe me? what if she does and I end up destroying her marriage? what if my cousin gangs up with my brother in law to tell lies about me? please I need your help. should I tell her or pray she catches them herself as I am sure they wont really stop as they claim?

okay guys, so what would you do if you were in her shoes?
lets get the comments rolling in .
take care.

…still standing


When I think upon your goodness and your faithfulness each day, I’m convinced it’s not because I am worthy to receive the kind of love that you give….wpid-IMG_0897.JPG

I’ve never been the kind of person who makes a fuss over my birthday. In fact the usual thing would be for me to switch off my phones and sleep most of the day wpid-E...-__227863.jpeg

except oF course my pk has a special surprise lined up for me: hon, anything for your girl? (in my most agbero voice lol!) But this year I’ve decided to make a fuss….. Okay maybe not a fuss exactly because I’m probably going to switch off my phones and sleep again (I know…I can be dry) I’ve decided to at least celebrate on my blog because God has been faithful. wpid-IMG_0896.JPG

Besides this may be the most I can do since I’m on a diet so no cake or juice or anything remotely unhealthy. Too much work to throw it all away in one day ;-) wpid-de-Mark_928919.jpeg

So let me do all my celebrating here abi? At least I can eat a large slice of virtual red velvet cake

without feeling guilty and having my fitness instructor go sinister on me.wpid-Personal-Trainer-Spokane-WA.gif

But seriously I have every reason to be thankful. Looking back over my lifewpid-3L1A5069.JPG

now, I’m convinced the devil has always had it in for me but as always he can never win. I celebrate today because after everything I’ve been through I’m still here…still standing strong. wpid-3L1A5112.JPG

I’ve had ups and downs but I’m grateful that there have been more ups than downs and for that I say
Lord I’m amazed by you…and how you love me…..wpid-3L1A5040.JPG

Like most people I’ve been through wicked seniors, mean lecturers, bad friends, heart ache, betrayal, health issues, name it…but I’ve experienced more joys




, testimonies



, faithful friends, the warm enabling strengthening love of the one man wpid-dsc1164.jpgwho has decided to make my joy his responsibility.


Why God would give me Pk and give me heaven is beyond me truly but all I know is I’m thankful.


God has made my life beautiful. He’s stood by me all the time. Never failing me once. Always holding my hand and walking me through it all. No matter what I’ve been through…the important thing is I’m still here…still standing.
I’m truly grateful.
Today I celebrate…not my birthday…but my God. I celebrate my Jesus. I thank you my father because of you I’m still here… still standing.

Now, in other matters arising, every year people ask me what I want for my birthday and I always answer very nonchalantly that I don’t know but after much thought I have decided to answer this question once for all….

Here is my birthday list.
I’m sure I will update every year….

Meanwhile please note that I am not asking for things you cannot give me like good health, long life or  unrealistic things like world peace. I’m focusing on other unrealistic things :D
#1- a full year where I am not asked questions I need to think to answer or asked to pay bills of any kind. #faithforsoulsnotforbills
#2- a debit card with unlimited funds….imagine being able to spend anything u want in this physical realm….#allchurchprojectspaidfor #omoseegroove
#3- a wardrobe full of clothes that don’t go out of fashion and that adapt to body size and change colour according to my mood. I lose weight, I gain weight o! Same size. #inogospendmoney
#4-a great fat burning metabolism so that I don’t have to diet or exercise and I can eat all the junk I want and not gain weight.
#5- a 5 bedroom house in an estate of my choice (ask me privately) in lekki. Fully and tastefully furnished please.
If you can’t make any of these happen? Then as they say, a girl can never have enough shoes,perfumes, jewellery…books, cars…oops those last two are in the wrong list abi?
Seriously a prayer and maybe a cheque is fine…I need all prayers and money a girl can get :-)
Also get asked a lot biggest lesson I’ve learnt…
Simply this:
#1- God is faithful
#2- there will be always be dark moments in life. If you smile through the darkness,


someday people will see your smile in the light


because the darkness will be over
Okay guys, gotta run. Thank you in advance for all the dps, fb messages, tweets, etc but especially for the prayers…..and cheques ;-)

Love you guys.
I will be back tomorrow with your final invite for #FEARLESS
Have you taken the #fearlesschallenge?


through it all…God was there.



Hey people 
Yeah! Yeah! I know….its been ages. so I won’t bore you with apologies even though I am sorry I haven’t been here as often as I’d like to be. These days I feel like I need an extra 24hours everyday…. don’t we all :-) 

Okay so I need to share a few things with you and they are so important that I had to walk through the dust, cobwebs, musty smell, dragons and all that have taken residence on this blog since I abandoned it *covering my eyes*

But let me start With a little story first. 

You see, something happened to me yesterday that made me realise how much we will suffer if we take the Word of God for granted. Trust me this isn’t just me preaching this is me also sharing a personal experience with you. Once the bible says something pay attention. Okay so back to the episode that got me back to blogging :D 

I was at a very popular mall in dubai. Needed some shopping therapy


…well, alright I needed to pick up a few things and right after I had done the necessary,


I somehow convinced myself that I “needed” those perfect red high heeled shoes


…..every girl needs one right?


believe it or not I don’t have one…yeah I know, shocking right? 

 So I planned to remedy this but I had my eyes set on another mall. So I got to the taxi point and saw this scarily looooooooong queue


and I decided to be “smart” and I thought hey! I’ll “naija” it.  So I walked out of the mall by another entrance which took me 15 minutes walk to get to. By the time I got out to the road and collided with the scorching dubai sun, I knew I couldn’t stand there for long so I decided to just keep walking believing I would find a taxi and for the “perfect red shoes ” set before me I was definitely going to endure the “sun”. My sister! I walked for 2 hours…NO TAXI. After a while, the porter at one of the hotels near where I had been standing practically exhausted came to me and told me I wouldn’t  find a taxi there no matter how long I waited and advised me to do another 15 minutes walk to the metro station where I hopped on a train and finally made it home. Note that I said HOME? I abandoned the red shoes


for the comfort of a hot bath, foot rub and a warm bed. 

When I woke up this morning, I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I hurt all over…


then the sweet Holy Spirit whispered to me….”obedience is better than sacrifice (1 Samuel 15:22 ” ….and that my people is the moral of the story. If i had just stayed on that queue and “dubai-ed” it rather than looking for a short cut I would have eventually gotten a taxi, made it to the particular mall, gotten my perfect red shoes and stayed out of the sun so I wouldn’t have the “by-force” tan I’m now carrying about *rolling my eyes*. 

And life is like that. It’s just better to follow the way instituted by a higher authority than to go it alone. They probably knew that I wouldn’t find a taxi outside so they had a system in place. It’s always safer in a system. You are usually protected and a lot of things have already been thought through. I learnt the hard way…in fact someone teased me that I went on NYSC endurance trekk…e for even better. I went on “sufferance trekk” that had no benefit especially since I didn’t get my shoes :-(


I’m sure by now you know that this post isn’t really about the shoes :-) It’s about staying safe in the system of God’s word. There’s safety in whatever God has said. 
Just trust Him and obey Him. No matter how long and tedious it seems at the time. Trust me His yoke (system) is easy or should I say easier than your “short cut”

That’s why I’m a 100% sure that this year’s JUGN Conference is something you can not afford to miss. I remember in January I had started planning and  I was so sure  that the theme would be FUN, FEARLESS FEMALES…great theme right? thought so too. I had even contacted our speakers, I had lots of ideas. It was all supposed to be amazing. Then one Sunday morning in church. We had a guest minister and as he was preaching everything seemed to blur and I could hear God speak to me clearly. It was a clear case of “your teachers will be in front of you and you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way walk in it (Isaiah 30:20-21)” 

…I heard. write this down. JUGN Conference 2014 theme is FEARLESS. You will be the only speaker and music by Efe Nathan. It was clear as day. I got a lot of other instructions which I will share on that day…see why you can’t miss it? 

But you know what’s really amazing for me is that I got this theme FEARLESS long before the spirit of fear invaded Nigeria through Ebola. God sees, He knows way ahead of time what his daughter’s will need. He’s prepared for you. Trust me the way everything has been orchestrated I know it is one of those meetings where your life will never remain the same after it. 

Need I say more? Make sure you are there and invite a friend. You know how we do. Free gifts for everyone.



Also something to watch out for in line with FEARLESS…#redlipstickchallenge


I’ll tell you all about it on Tuesday in place of dilemma Tuesday.  

Okay guys. Got a plane to catch.


See you on the other side of the world soon ;-) 
Love you. 

Those following me on i promise to update soon. The journey has been tiresome, with some hitches, cheat days turning to cheat weeks lol! But through it all, I am more than conqueror and UK size 12,  I shall be :-) 
I give God praise though I’m not a size 20 anymore :D
Pixs coming up soon

Thank you..


Just to say a big thank you To everyone. I’m amazed at the amount of love you all showed us  yesterday. For every prayer said or every dp changed. I even saw some for the very first time



Vida is OUR testimony in the body of Christ. A sign of God’s faithfulness.

I too will join you in celebrating your victory.

Ok so  for those who know us. you know We don’t really celebrate our kids’ first birthdays. So officially there was no  party but some amazing aunties (aunty ogo and Aunty Meg) sent us a cake. Aunty. ‘dora bought us a dress. Two amazing photographers uncle Chika of KC image media and Uncle Eyo ArtScientist showed up. So even if there was no party, didn’t stop Vida from having a photo shoot.

I’m putting up a few pics but if you follow me on instagram @pastormildred you will see the rest as I get them.



Love the Pout. #modellingtinz lol


Looks like one of her daddy’s preaching stance. Lol!


#confirmedpreacher lol!


So excited to be one. Notice the teeth. No more toothless grins. Big girl


My personal favourite. Vida and her lovely cake and very pretty dress.

Do you see ‘dassah in the background On her bicycle?

Once again. I say thank you guys. Blowing you a million kisses


The testimony turns one


Courtesy aunty Ada….love it.


More selfies from different people as we celebrate.


Vida and dassah…Sista love


Vida and my very pretty PA kemi.


Vida and chichi. Hope u passed that ur great voice to her. No be to carry for free.

Vida and our wonderful and adorable aunty ‘dora. This would never be complete without you.

Thanks for the birthday dress. Pictures coming soon.



Vida and Aunty Fade. DCC island church engine room. She’s just amazing with children. Our very own baby whisperer :-)


Even Vida is shocked by how much we are celebrating. Every dp on mummy’s phone is me. Wow! Lol! Love the look.

Will be back with updates

Just Like Yesterday…


I woke up today and realised that it’s been exactly 365 days (Nigerian time) since I saw the full manifestation of my testimony. By this time last year, I like Simeon in the bible could also say, “My eyes have seen the Salvation of the Lord”

I still remember the entire day like it was yesterday. I can’t even find the words so maybe I will do this blog post in mostly pictures.

I remember the preggy days :-)



Then there was the first false alarm and I was sent to the triage. Everyone was panicking. “The baby is not moving!” of course I smiled through it all. Pk sat beside me looking thoroughly bored. After much drama and ultrasounds. They discovered she was sleeping. So she wasn’t moving and I was sent home.



Then a week later I was practically dragged back to the Hospital and induced. Pk and dassah found it really amusing. But trust me. I wasnt amused. I wanted a September baby




Eventually she arrived….


A beautiful gift from God and the pain of eight long years erased



Then of course daddy had to go back home and we were discharged the next day and grandma showed up to work her “omugwo magic”



Look how tiny she was… then the birth certificate arrived


After 2 weeks, of plenty breast milk. She looked like this


Even then, pouting like a pro taking a selfie ;-)

Then aunty Diche showed up



Then MK showed up. Of course He had to come see the miracle behind the song “ODOGWU”



Of course how could I forget Amaka (zoya)


Then the icing on the cake, “Grandpa Rev” as ‘dassah calls him showed up and came to bless and name her. My pastor amazing as always. Eyes filled with love and wonder



Also the good Bishop ;-) Bishop FEB Idahosa also arrived and we quickly sneaked in a picture


Plenty anointing :-)
made her godmother Pastor Laurie jealous but she Eventually got hers at the dedication and subsequent visits to Benin





Eventually 6 weeks was up and final checks with my OB/GYN. Dr Demeo


And her amazing pediatrician Dr Kerifidies


Then we were bundled off back to Nigeria. This is Vida at the airport with one of the most selfless pastors I’ve ever met. Pastor Chris


Arrived lagos via London secretly as I  knew DCC people would have had a carnival at the airport.

Safely back home. Protected from Mosquitoes.


Resting easy on daddy


Then the visits began. Pastor B was the first to see her. He didn’t even know I was back in town. He just dropped by


Then other DCC folks too. With my PA Bose.


With Our amazing Aunty Eky


Of course with aunty Joy there will always be smiles


with aunty Licia


In church with some of our ministers. They stole my daughter for a photo shoot and I had no clue



With aunty blessing Showing off her new look. Finally got her to make her hair for the first time


Also a favorite with the celebs too. Vida with PITA


And with Gbolahan


With Freke


Then there’s been lots of sister time






Honestly I have so much to be thankful for . She’s grown healthy and stronger everyday.
At birth


At two weeks.


At one month


At three months





All 3months especially this beautiful toothless grin captured by uncle Val of Aventura Photography.



At six months courtesy aunty Faith of Faith Wilkie Photography







Excited about sitting


At nine months in the Uk



Eating for aunty ogo


Ten months plus



With aunty chioma At DCC island church Taking selfies getting ready for dp tinz. Lol!


funny they always seem to be taking selfies Or did someone help out with this one? Hmmmmm….


At eleven months



Out with aunty Lima Who came all the way from Canada to see her and Aunty Eky



at Onos concert



Today I thank God for the blessing of ‘Vida and her amazing birthday mate pastor Jerry Eze of streams of joy devotional. Yep, vida has special celeb birthday mates like that


Happy birthday love you both absolutely. Pastor Jerry I celebrate your greatness especially because your life is a total expression of God’s grace.



If I didn’t put up a picture of you and Vida it’s either because you haven’t taken one or I don’t have one so if you do please send it to me at And I will update.

Heaven’s angel- Palmira


Hey people
I’m sure by now you are as excited as I am about akikitan. Don’t let anything stand in your way on that day and let me give you a quick bit of advice…please Come early – honestly 4pm is too late ;-). Limited seats and free gifts for first few people only

And please don’t come alone. Bring someone the akikitan fever is still on





It’s almost unbelievable that you are a woman and you are not coming for akikitan . I’m just as shocked as this little boy


So many testimonies still pouring in from last year.


Don’t miss what God has in store for you.

Okay guys. So I’ve told you a bit about Onos and my song of the year EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED. Then I   told you about THE MINSTREL Efe. Now let me give you another reason to come for Imela


Her name is Palmira.


My first encounter with her was at MANNERS. Remember that programme for women by my PK? I think I blogged about it back then.

Anyway, she walked up to the stage and I thought Awwww she’s really pretty. I hope she can sing o! Then she started talking about what an honour it was to be at the meeting and she sounded a bit nervous then I thought hmmmm…this fine girl, she had better sing well o! this one she’s shaking to talk….

But when she started singing….
I literally opened my mouth in shock


I could not believe it. By the time she was done, the whole auditorium was on their feet clapping wildly. Honestly my mouth was open the entire time. She sounded like an entire choir of ANGELS were singing through her.

Then at PITA’s concert she walked on stage  I heard a popular “gospel” artiste sitting on the table next to mine say to a friend beside him, “who be this? “. And I smiled because I Knew what was coming.

As soon as she started to sing


He opened his mouth in shock, I tried hard not to laugh. As soon as she ended the song, he was the first on his feet clapping.

Palmira is like that. very unassuming but Anytime she gets on stage and she opens her mouth to sing, you are somehow transported into heaven and you get a glimpse of
what worship will be like in heaven.  Like I’ve said many times before if heaven is missing a musical angel
I’m suspecting this girl seriously. I’m still looking for them wings ;-).

Over time, we have gotten quite close. Some people have actually mistaken her for my younger sister once or twice :D


What I love most about Palmira is how dependent on God she is when it comes to ministering. There are no airs about her. On her own she knows she can do nothing. She steps on that stage then steps out of the way for the Holy spirit to take over


She definitely knows who all the glory belongs to when she sings


I believe that’s the secret behind her being so anointed. I literally have goose bumps anytime she sings. Not just the voice ( which like I said is heavenly by the way) But I just feel the presence of God in the room

Now you know what Happens when God walks into a place… you really still want to be missing on Sunday at akikitan? After everything I’ve said?


Lol! I’m sure you will make it.

Before I go let me celebrate one of my son’s and a fellow blogger.


Johnson Madichie and his pretty bride as they walk down the aisle today


Congratulations my love as
you always say: EVERY MAN WILL
HAVE HIS DAY …today is yours :-)

Finally before I go I must say “goodnight” to one of gospel’s finest kefee the branama queen.


Sadly we never got the chance to have you at When Women Worship. :-(

You won’t be forgotten




Hey people
I’m sure by now you have at least heard about akikitan and you have become akikitan-ized like some of these people







Even the kids are not left out


That’s my dassah on the left with her friend Temisan aren’t they cute?



Men too will not carry last. Lol! Mk and PK…. :D




and in case you didn’t notice that’s my PK pouting. According to Him. Is it only women that pout? Lol. He’s just funny like that sometimes.

Okay guys on a more serious note I wanted to share something with you that I hope will up your expectations for When Women Worship 2014 akikitan

Before I met my PK And moved to David’s Christian Centre, I was worshipping at This Present House. That was my church for years and I absolutely loved it there. TPH had great music and amazing worship leaders. However there was a time when for some reason we didn’t have a choir. We had only three ladies who would come up and lead worship


and peace (as Efe was called back then was one of them)


One thing I noticed back then was even though “peter, James and John” as I jokingly called the select three would minister, “john” (Efe ;-)
Continue reading




Thank u E’ I feel like I should have done this post myself. Just caught up with so many other stuff. Okay people so read it… n follow. already

Originally posted on The F.A.B. Sister's Blog:

This post will just be pictures.
You gotta love DCC and whoever brought this concept up

I mean, everyone is AKIKITANized…

BBM is bristling with this. Twitter too. You have to be living under a rock beneath the dead sea to have missed it

I love how peeps be asking me ‘what’s going on?” ‘What’s Akikitan?”

We are starting a revolution yo!!! Get on board already.

Still clueless? Here is what I mean.












Even the babies weren’t left out



And the Olori oko himself joined his daughters and wife


Omo I decided not to carry last despite not being in Lagos yet so I got out the only two markers in the house and started trying


Feel free to laugh
Everyone I showed laughed.

And gave suggestions but I couldn’t get any of the stuff they suggested.

So I carried it and did this


Was ashamed of myself so I…

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Originally posted on A rare and unique breed's Blog:

Hey dawleen bloghearts, hope june has already started being nyc 2 us? So I finally was able 2 stay and attend LDM in DCC 4 d first tym yesterday, trust me guys, listening 2 LDM messages is good buh its nothing compared 2 being dere live! Choi! Yesterday’s edition was on point cos I learned, I unlearned and even re learned. Yes o, some nasty ideas in my head(dunno where I got some unscriptural ideas from o) needed 2 be unlearned. Bless God 4 Pastor Kingsley’s annointing jare! It shall neva run dry IJN!

Okay, don’t bother trying to follow the link in my title, cos it aint gonna lead u to any website, nahh instead its gonna lead us 2 d throne room where we can pour out our love to Jehovah from our flowing Alabaster box! (U feel me, right? Lol am just a cray Cece winans fan).

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Hi people,
You know how last year I had a song I couldn’t stop singing? It was like my theme song for 2013.

What?! You don’t remember it?


I don’t believe you. I made so much noise about the song, I even themed last year’s When Women Worship (WWW) after it. Now do you remember?

You still don’t?


Okay, it’s Nathaniel bassey n Enita Adaba’s IMELA. Now do you remember?


Okay, so as I was saying, this year I just got that song. It totally speaks my heart. I hadn’t even met the lady when I heard the song but I just knew she had to be at WWW this year. I had the song playing back to back on my phone. In fact when ‘vida hears the song, she stops whatever she’s doing…yep, whatever…even breastfeeding…trust me the song is that good. major thumbs up, a billion gold stars. It just makes me feel grateful. I can’t stop feeling like this when I hear the song


and then when I’m done singing I always just throw a proper ntoi to satan again


I can’t get over how God Just blesses us till we dont think there’s room for more then He tops it up.

If you have anything to be grateful for at all, then this year’s WWW – Akikitan is the place to be.

The truth is I have run out of words to express my gratitude. I’m sure that day I will just be a bundle of tongues and tears…so makeup artists be warned I am bad market for that day ‘cos mascara will definitely run

But when I look at my life today I can definitely sing alongside this beautiful and talented, anointed worshipper Onos that EVERY THING HAS CHANGED


I hope you can say the same

See you guys later, mummy duty calls ;-)



Hi people
It’s only on special days like these that you can get me to blog twice when like someone said there were literally cobwebs when she dropped by….


…and I thought I got every last bit. oh well! Back to work


So, there’s this popular saying that when God wants to bless you, He puts a man in your life…I sooooo agree, see my blessing


Hehehehe… I just couldn’t resist it. especially since I had me the most romantic week. No I’m not sharing, go and read Songs of Solomon or something….lol! well, okay since you asked so nicely :-) I’ll give you a hint… i’m not in the country at the moment so that should give you a hint ;-)

Anyway back to what I was saying, if you look all over scripture you will find examples to corroborate this saying. David had his mighty men, Abraham had his most trusted servant Eliezer, Paul had Timothy, even Jesus had Peter, James and John

I’m a firm believer in the fact that human beings are gifts. The book of Ephesians tells us He gave men as gifts…some people are just gifts and when God wants to bless you, He sends you a gift. it’s up to you to recognise the gift
I have a gift from God and today is her birthday. My dear darling daughter Eky


Where will I even start with this gift from God. She’s special, she’s different. There are very few people I know or have Met in my life who exemplify Faithfulness. Eky is faithful, she is stable, steady and sure. You can rest assured that she will put aside her convenience to bless you first. She is the very image of loyalty.

She’s an amazing big sister too


My ‘dassah and ‘vida are so blessed to have her in their lives. Funny ‘dassah actually called her name “amama” a contraction of aunty and ekamma :-) before she called me mama. Today the name has stuck as everyone either calls her aunty amama, or aunty mama. Vida just lights up when she sees her.


And she’s so efficient
my Eky will climb over mountains to get the job done. We call her Chief of staff. She runs the church office like a true God’s general. We call her “the fixer”. She’s always around somewhere solving a problem


If you can get past looking at rev Femi and my pk that’s Eky solving one problem or the other :-)
and she can look so unassuming when she’s doing all this


Like one gentle girl. But Eky ME and you know how far…resilient and totally sold out to God and her dcc family.

There are just too many things to thank God for when it comes to Eky. She is a gift that keeps on giving. I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve this gift in my life

Such a beautiful spirit…and oh! Eky can cook! Choi! She runs Eky ‘s mobile kitchen so if you need good food, great packaging…trust me Eky is the one to call. don’t tell her I told you but you should order her special beans ;-)

Basically all I’m trying to say is I love you Eky. Absolutely. happy birthday darling. May you find as much joy as you bring us daily and When you start reaping the harvest of all the seeds you have sown in my life, like Peter you will need to call others to share because you won’t have room enough to contain it.

When God want s To bless you He sends a man…God wanted to bless me, He sent ekamma.


Have a blast love. I see you are all dressed ready to paint the town blue.

Also, Happy birthday Uche I can’t forget you. Dear brother of life


Seems like a-MAY-zing people are born in May after all :-)

a-MAY-zed and grateful


Hi people,
How y’all doing?
So a lot to share and I have to do this quickly cos I only get a few minutes before some other pressing issue comes along and takes over.

Okay so I know I haven’t blogged in sooooooooooooo long but God help me, it feels like a day doesn’t go by without me blogging (in the spirit) lol!

Anyways I’m here now so let’s play catch up. So much has happened and so much to be grateful for. May is and has always been an a-MAY-zing month for me as far back as I can remember especially since May 24th 1992. That’s when I gave my life to Christ and its been an….wait for it….here it comes….yep! you guessed right….an a-MAY-zing love and life journey. I won’t even try to diminish the experience by trying to put into words what being with and living for Jesus has been like these past 20+ years. I’m just truly grateful that He wouldn’t let me go…even when I tried to run, He stuck by me Tenaciously.

I’m also grateful for May bcos so many…yep, you guessed again, a-MAY-zing people were born in May…here are just a few of my very special people. note I said a few so if your picture isn’t here, it’s WordPress’ fault (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) * straight face *


Popularly known asChigul…every other one is a counterfeit and we can’t have eet…lol! simply hilarious. So talented and such a sweetheart.


Glow…my dcc mini me ;-) the only other pastors wife in dcc. my son’s crown and the apple of OUR eye… even though she has refused to give me fine girl with long hair like her own
…anyway the fine boys are more than enough compensation. :-) my daughter through and through.


Funmi my darling. Faithfulness and loyalty are second nature. Beautiful inside and outside. Best weight loss partner anyone can have. Makes exercise and dieting so dramatic and enjoyable. I’m too busy laughing at her reaction to pain and her funny yoruba exclamations I tend to forget I’m in as much pain :D

And of course


my Ada ada pekem pekem ada ada. I don’t even know where to start. this is so looooooooong overdue but better late…right? ada is special.
Once I put up a blog post and Ada and her mischievous crew ms giddy n E’ have not commented it just feels incomplete. Ada is just such a breath of fresh air. Always up to some thing, if it isn’t teasing ‘vida or dassah on their modelling career. It’s planning how to take over the British monarchy by marrying off this beauty to prince George. But isn’t she lovely though?


But Ada just out of curiosity, when she hooks up with Prince George does that make you Queen mother in law or just mother in law? Hmmmm…..

Finally on Birthdays. It’s my very special daughter’s birthday today. No need to even try to fit her in here. She deserves her own blog post.
Eky next post is for you

Ok so birthday mentions done.

A lot has been brewing over here but let me start With these three…. aha! wait for it…say it with me if you can… a-MAY-zing women.







What do these three a-MAY-zing women have in common? Apart from being born-again, exceptionally beautiful worship leaders?

What?! You don’t know? Okay so let me tell you then. They are the three guest ministers for the upcoming JUGN When Women Worship 2014 titled A ki ki tan


I am sooooooo excited I can barely keep still. I’m sure you know that means I’m blogging almost everyday till then.

Other stuff in the works but let me be releasing them bit by bit

So akikitan first….
get ready guys. Did you miss IMELA last year? Lots of testimonies from Imela. Do you now Want to Be told? As they say in home video ads. Grab your copy now :-) plan to be at a ki ki tan.

See you guys later



Hey people
Can’t believe it’s already the last day of April….and boy, was April full for me. First it was full of events, full of blessings, full of surprises, full of birthdays ….and speaking of birthdays, April 12th  is a really special day for me. It’s the birthday of my first born,


my pride and joy, my special blessing from God. On this day


this specially gifted angel from God turned 3…yeah, yea. I know it’s hard to believe. Even I sometimes tease her that she’s 33 not 3 because the things she says sometimes, I’m in awe really . She’s like a wise old soul that has been around for years. I can’t help thinking heaven must really miss this one.


I’m humbled really that God would choose us  to parent this very special child. She’s the epitome of her name Hadassah…an ever green tree… As refreshing as ever.
Onyeshielibe…a constant reminder that no one can determine the destiny of another.

Once dassah walks into a room she simply takes over….with her smile, her charm, her warmth, her compassion, her wit. She’s such a rare gem …and God chose ME? to mother her…. Hmmmmm….


Hadassah Onyeshielibe Okonkwo, is now a big 3….er both of us know you are actually 33 but hey who’s counting? mummy loves you. You make me so proud


It was also my god-son’s birthday on April. He has the most interesting name :-)


Isaac Diekololaminiwajuoluwa samuel-onyeani turned one. He looks two though ;-)

It was also aunty naybell’s (mabel)


Okay so a million and one birthdays really but that’s not what this is about. Let me Welcome you to May.

I love May. It’s a very polite month :-). It’s not like March. March just storms you with whatever it has but May on the other hand seems to ask, “MAY I bless you? ” you need to allow May come in with all its got for you. Give it permission in the place of prayer.

Okay so that done, let’s move on to other businesses, I’m sure you noticed o barely blogged this month. No excuses but I’ve had a lot of other stuff on my mind.

First we have WHEN WOMEN WORSHIP Coming up soon. Were you at IMELA last year?


Well, it’s almost here again and this time the theme is akikitan.



It’s actually yoruba styled theme and the planning team  decided since we are doing it yoruba style why not go all out so the ladies are selling aso-ebi. If you are interested these are the numbers to call.

If you are single call- sis funmi 08029681392
If you are married call – sis Moni 08023180503
Or simply call blessing – 08037770384

I’m sure they can hook you up . I hear it’s really affordable so don’t worry. It’s N1250 For 3 yards and N2500 for 6 yards. I can try to get the pictures for you later.

But that’s not the main thing I need your help with. Here’s the real issue. I know today is dilemma Tuesday but I kinda need to turn it to a Testimony Tuesday for now. We are putting together a magazine with testimonies from Imela and I’d like you to send in yours or if  you know someone who got a testimony from Imela we would love to have it.

Please send to

And copy

Thanks guys.
I gotta run now before Vida gets up.
I will be back with more details on akikitan

Why Don’t You Have A Pastor?


As I lay here, yes I’m in bed. For some funny reason my natural doctor thinks I need bed rest and of course I will humour these doctors especially since I have been threatened by one of them who keeps popping into my house unannounced just to be sure I’m resting….well, that’s story for another day….

So as I lay here, I’m really thinking about this question above and I’m almost sure I hear you say, “of course I have a pastor” and my response to that is this story I heard a couple of years back. It is said that when shepherds take their sheep out to pasture, they meet other shepherds and along the way, the sheep get mixed up but once it’s time to leave, the shepherds need only call out and the Sheep would immediately find their masters and if in the midst of sorting them selves out, some sheep still miss their way and go to the wrong shepherd, the shepherds would simply redirect them to their rightful leaders. How did they even notice that the wrong sheep followed? Simple the shepherd knows his sheep. kind of like the relationship you should have with your pastor.

So in the light of that little story, I will ask that question again: “why don’t you have a pastor?” If you were me, many many many maaaaannnny years ago, then you’d probably answer me with, “abeg. I don’t have power o! I don’t like my pastor knowing me. I just go to church, do my bit and disappear. It’s God that I’m serving and he knows me”

Now note I said me many, many, many, many, maaaaannnny years ago…believe it or not I wasn’t born a pastor. I was once a “enter church, hear the word and disappear” kind of christian. So I know what I’m talking about. If the relationship you have with your pastor is come to church, hear a great sermon from him and on really good days you buy a cd of him that you play from time to time then you are totally missing the point…and you are just as bad as this guy


It’s funny but most of us just don’t get it. God had a reason for giving you a shepherd or as the bible puts it…


You see, there are actually pastors that make you know that God loves you and He’s thinking about you.

1997, I had an encounter with one of such pastors. You see I was raised Catholic and I never really had any interactions with priests or reverend fathers beyond the Saturday confession and Sunday homily. So when I got born-again I still saw pastors the same way. Hear them preach and only get close or go see them when you have some dreadful sin to confess or even worse get sent for when you have committed some major wrong.wpid-3-O.L.K_3_613925.jpeg

So anyway there I was having one of those ” is this how Christianity should be moments?” and yes i had quite a few of those as a baby Christian. You know the kind brought on by over-zealous lacking knowledge older Christians who place religious principles before christian love. So there I was asking myself many questions when a friend of mine went to tell “this shepherd” that she had a friend who was having an “off” day. Funny enough he was around because he had service in a few minutes, so had come out to pray before the fellowship meeting. Funny enough I wasn’t a member of the fellowship he was pastoring but he, just like Jesus even though he was on His way to Jarius house stopped to minister to the woman with the issue of blood, this great man of God stopped all he was doing to answer my questions and pray with me.

After that, and a series of other incidents which I won’t bore you with, I became a member of Christ Love Fellowship OAU Ile-ife. For the remaining two years I had the privilege of being pastored by this wonderful man of God. He was truly a pastor, a shepherd, a teacher and a prophet over my life. He took time to pray for me, counsel me and teach me. He asked questions, he answered mine. He looked out for me. He taught me how to hear from God. He taught me the power of confession but more importantly he showed me and taught me the Love of God. I learnt the cutting edge of the gospel- how to be all things to all men to save some.

Pastor Temi Odejide would ask how are you? And for some reason you felt like Jesus was in the room telling you no matter what you are going through, I’m here for you. For the first time in my life I knew what it meant to have a shepherd.



The man who guided my adolescent years :-)

Pastor temi can teach Ehn! Kai! Imagine if I didn’t learn how to hear from God, how to study the word, how to confess the word. Where would I be today? What if I didn’t feel accountable to someone? I would simply have lost it. The truth is I can’t say we were extremely close but pastor Temi was my shepherd. He knew me, looked out for me, guided me and answered my very long letters (epistles as he used to call them)

But graduate he did and since there were no phones or social media access back then I was left without a “pastor” but he left an impression on me about the kind of pastor God wanted for me.

Then fast forward to 2005, when I met and married my pk. Then I met not just a pastor but a FATHER *big big big hug* my pastor in every sense of the word. Rev Femi Albert Oduwole


Or grandpa rev as ‘ dassah calls him.

Where do I even begin with Rev? Anytime I think about him I just think if you don’t have a pastor (like rev) I pity you. Accept my sincere apologies.
Rev is such a busy man, preaching all over the world. Name the place and I bet you he’s been there or he’s on his way there. He’s what you call a TREACHER…a preacher that teaches. some preachers just preach you happy and when you leave the service you ask yourself what did I learn today? How can i use it? but rev? Rev is different. Once he holds a mic, be sure your life will never remain the same







I know I am always excited …. :-)

He’s such a father. He held my hand through those eight long years of waiting for a child and when I told him God had answered. My papa actually cried. That’s how happy he was. Then re-arranged all his meetings for the year so he could come to America to see and name my baby “Araoluwa” when she arrived. All on his own bill




Then after I came home, he cancelled more meetings so he could dedicate her in our church


the most beautiful thing about Rev is how he makes you feel like you are the only one he’s pastoring…and we are maaaaaaaaaaaaaannnny trust me. Eziaha alone accounts for like 25 people. lol! Rev reminds me of how God is mindful of me. How the whole world is hanging onto him, yet He answers ME when I call, He answers when I pray and He loves ME.

That’s how Rev pastors. Always there when I have an issue, a question, need guidance, or just need someone to talk to. And if I’m doing good, he’s the first to applaud me


Tell me again? Why don’t you have a pastor?

I’m safe in marriage because my pk submits to him so even if it were possible for him to “run mad” (pk’s own exact words. I’m just quoting him) all I need do is threaten to call Rev. :-)…..and you still insist you don’t want a pastor?


Me sha I bless God for pastors especially since he has blessed me with the best ones.

I’m married to one. To my pk. Trust me if I start on my pk. WordPress will close down lol! But me sha I love my pk


And I totally absolutely positively love the fact that he’s also my pastor.

The truth is a lot of us would be safer if we just listened more to our shepherds. Especially when ladies want to get married, they suddenly start to act like the ” love” of this new suitor erases or nullifies the Love of their pastor which was all they had in the beginning. I have so many sad stories that I don’t even want to get started. Don’t be a prodigal. Take advantage of the shepherd God assigned to you.

However if after all this long story you still say “Pastor M abeg abeg abeg, I no get power for pastor wahala, I just want to serve God. I don’t want anybody to know me” then I leave you with these profound words from President barak Obama


See you guys soon.

Sorry no post on yet. Like I said been on bed rest so I haven’t been working out. But watch out. I’ll be back :-)

AS dilemma


Hey people :D and in case you don’t recognise that smiley, that’s me giving you my biggest grin.

Why? ‘cos I’ve missed you guys. Well, a lot to tell but before I start with all the many things I have to tell you I have a dilemma post for you this fine Tuesday.

Here goes….

Dear Pastor m

I need advice. I’m 33 years old and I’m still single. I’ve been in many different relationships with amazing christian guys. Unfortunately it never ends in marriage. Why you ask? Because for some funny reason which I can’t explain I end up meeting guys with the AS genotype and I am AS as well.

So for a while I took a break but early last year one of my exes whom honestly I have never gotten over came back to me telling me that he can’t live without me. I also feel like I can’t live without him.

He proposed to me and I’m wearing his ring. Both families know each other and they love us but I lost a cousin to SS five years ago and the reality is I could have an SS child but I could also have an AA…only God knows

I love him and he is everything I want in a man. Would it be so selfish to go ahead? I’m not getting younger. Don’t I deserve to be happy too? Please help. I need to know what you think. I also don’t mind other opinions as far as I remain anonymous on your blog.

Thank you ma

So there you have it guys. Help a sister out. you know the drill guys….Best responses get a prize

Gotta run. Will be back to give you a lowdown on some of the Just Us Girls Naija programmes for the rest of the year sometime you can plan ahead.



Hi people
Okay so it’s the month of March and I’m really excited. I have a really good feeling about March…

Like there’s something really good about to happen for me. God is up to something in March and how am I going to get it? Same way you are going to get yours ‘cos the same God is rich unto all so I’m sure He has some great stuff packaged for you too. So how will we get it? Simple… by MARCHING FORWARD. This is a clear case of “the violent taketh it by force”.

God’s promises to you are YEA and AMEN but you need to war a good warfare with the prophecy. I’m sure a lot of prayers and promises will be going round either by BBM, twitter, Facebook, in church, etc but if you don’t grab yours and settle it by faith, it will be just another month…. Another bbm update or another broadcast….and honestly I refuse to allow March March past me (excuse the pun)

So Speaking of not sitting around  and letting March March past me, I have decided to do two very important things. At least important to me. You see the last six months have been about this beautiful testimony of mine…








it’s been exclusively her ;-) so now I’m getting to the point where pastor m needs to get her groove back. I’m weaning her (partly) and moving on…

I’ve decided to start my weight loss journey again and in order to make sure I do I have decided to start a blog chronicling my journey. The challenges, my victories, my trials, my triumphs, my weight loss secrets and tips. I’m doing this to be more accountable and because I know that there are many women like me who put on a million pounds more than they imagined during the whole pregnancy and breastfeeding process. So this ladies is for us.

The truth is I’m not vain. I usually can’t be bothered by what most women worry their heads about like hair, nails, clothes, makeup, etc but I do have one pet peeve. I hate being fat. I’m sorry I’m not one of those who joke about it, dress it up, carry myself well, etc

I’ve never been one to crack jokes like this


I somehow don’t find these jokes that funny. I’m more likely to wax more philosophical when it comes to fat with things like this instead….


Or with this


Like I said before I’m just not that kind of big girl’s rock kinda girl ‘cos being fat for me comes with some serious health challenges that I need faith to keep at bay. In fact recently I’ve been struggling with walking because my knees just refuse to keep up with all this extra baby weight I have been lugging about. 

Interestingly God has helped me achieve this weight loss before so I’m believing that since He cannot change. He will help me do it again…


I actually moved from a UK size 20 to a size 12.


Okay so that’s not really me :D  This is me…


after I hit my goal weight..

Then I found out I was pregnant


Now I’m working my way back so that by the next When Women Worship in June I will be able to walk up that stage carrying my complete testimony and my knees will no longer be complaining…

After all when all is said and done it’s still about giving God glory …


I just choose to do it as a size 12 ;-) looking fly…like arm candy…walking beside my pk


rather than like this…


notice the double chin and barely there neck? :-( thankfully the photographer helped me by not showing the arms :-)

Okay, so this is actually  me calling out to all who plan to join me on this journey. If you’ve ever wanted to be fit and healthy then please join me…the more the merrier.

On Monday 3rd of March, I kick off my weight loss journey and start blogging about it on

See you there…


Good funny vs bad funny


I love to laugh. I totally believe like the bible says

that a merry heart doeth good like medicine

I’m one of those people that would marry a man just ‘cos he’s funny….ok so now I’m totally exaggerating but it’s a good quality to have in a spouse plus all the other things my pk mentioned in his book Who Should I Marry (hint, hint, order the book).

But you see there’s good funny and bad funny. Have you ever really thought about it? There’s funny because it’s hilarious or silly and there’s funny because it’s such a bad joke that had better not even be. You don’t get abi? Okay, let me give you scenarios

Good funny


Bad funny- you are swimming in a pool and it’s dark then you feel something rough brush past your leg and your friend standing by the pool says “ah! See crocodile behind you

Good funny- jokes cracked at comedy goes to church by Acapella and all the amazing comedians who showed up last year like AY,



Julius Agu





Bad funny- That you haven’t bought your tickets . Which kind of rough play is that? I’m not sure you understand. It will be like you are the only one at home if you miss this event. Just look at the crowd that was there last year trying to get in


And they got their ticket early. You still haven’t gotten yours? Really really bad funny.

This year the lineup of comedians is out of this world and as always comedy goes to church escorted by music and dance. Last year midnight crew


And Explicit


were in the house To thrill the crowd


This year fantastic line up of comedians


and musicians like Mk, PITA, Palmira and many more.

Speaking of many more one of my favourite MC/comedians SACO and his lovely wife Aghogho just added more to their family.


Congratulations guys on the arrival of our beautiful baby girl….yay! I’m a grandma again ;-)

Speaking of grandmas. It’s my wonderful mum ‘s birthday today. Now trust me she deserves a full post so I won’t even bother today but I celebrate her today. I love you mummy.

What she looks like? Don’t worry pictures loading….

More importantly to order your tickets or to book a table for comedy goes to church 2 call 08067010127

Don’t miss it for anything . trust me it will be one of the best decisions you will make this year. Good clean funny jokes.

…and if all this my marketing doesn’t work. Oya then just come out and support a brother’s dream. Acapella is  my person ;-)

…plus he’s really funny. :-)

Happy Valentine


Hi guys,
So valentine is here finally and the way everyone is carrying on you would think it was a public holiday….the fact that it isn’t doesn’t that tell us something? #justsaying.

All the supermarkets jam packed, bakeries overstretched, bakers overworked, restaurants overbooked. It’s hilarious really if you ask me.

Men who have never done anything nice now go all out just to get the girl… my pk always says the cure for February 14th is February 15th…lol

As much as I agree, I sincerely believe that the nine months that follow are more of a cure especially when alone in that delivery room in November…


This one day love that causes problems for women that last 18 years. It is well o! Please don’t get me wrong…im a romantic and I believe in love…not lust…but love. so if you find someone who loves you…and by that I mean only you…


Not one that you have to watch what you say or do around him once it’s February


If you find that one person that makes your life worth living, that carries your heart like he knows God personally gave it to him and said “keep this for me please “, that person that makes you laugh no matter how hard your day was


if you find that one person by all means please celebrate your love and if you choose February 14th to do so…well then, HAPPY VALENTINES

Speaking of valentines. My winners are…. drum rolls…lol!

de Mark,
doctorzi ,
motunde akiode,
ms giddy,
….and Ada for harassing me so much ….and Eziaha for asking so nicely
…..and finally, Johnson For reblogging …

Ok guys call 08077714411… but please call on Monday. I choose to Val you on that day… lol!


Don’t forget teens groove later today, unmasked tomorrow and date night on Sunday
Continue reading



hello people hope you didn’t miss me too much….LOL!  I know it’s that season of love again so of course you know I have something to say about that…

Actually I wasn’t going to say anything o! but something i watched the other day on tv got me thinking….

So, because I married a man who likes all these crime and investigation tinz …I am constantly watching the crime and investigation channel on DSTV. In fact some nights I wake up hearing rounds of gunshots and I wake up with a start till I realize that my pk must have left the tv on and slept off and there are actually no gunmen in my bedroom *phew*

A few nights ago, I was actually watching one of the ” I almost got away with it” series with my pk and this is what happened….

An elderly man who had been married for 41 years…note 41 years so imagine how old he has to be …worst case lets imagine he got married at 20, he would be 61 right? so, for lack of a better word I will call him “papa”, anyhow, this papa had a problem that his wife of 41 years knew nothing about ….a gambling problem that had caused him to write bad cheques worth 80,000 US dollars. Long story short he wakes up one morning and gets a call from the FBI about the bad cheques which is like major major crime in America and he is told that he would be indicted for the crime meaning many many years in jail..

what does papa do? first he goes into the sitting room where mama is sitting watching a movie and immediately confesses all his sins and trust women, mama is frantic and starts crying and screaming down the house. anyhow, papa is able to calm her down and they finally go to bed. in the middle of the night, mama who has literally cried herself to sleep (I’m guessing) is sleeping soundly but papa cannot sleep. he’s tossing and turning. according to him he’s worried that if he goes to jail how will mama survive? who would take care of her? by the way they have a grown up son and daughter who are married with kids of their own. well, its too much for papa to handle . so because he LOVES her so much and cant bear to see her suffer…. he does the one thing that he believes will save both of them from such heart ache…. he puts a pillow over his sleeping wife and shoots her 3 times in the head and once in the chest. then writes a letter to his children explaining how he did this out of love for her, then packs his bags….oh! did I forget to mention … and her credit cards and leaves.

ok, take a minute to grab your jaw from off the floor, then we can talk…deep breaths…yes, in…out…in…out…feel better yet?

so, now lets talk….

you see this love thing ehn! its causing a lot of issues o! me I don’t get how you kill someone you’ve been married to for 41 years because you love her too much to let her be sad and miss you… i thought the vows you took were till death …not till murder do us part. well, that’s the world’s definition of love …always selfish. that’s why the only way to love is to know God ….for God is love (1 John 4:7-8)

I’m honestly saddened by what young people especially girls are going through these days all in the name of getting a valentine….the guys are actually doing all sorts of nasty things to get out of buying a valentine present and the girls are holding on tenaciously and forgiving even the unforgivable just to get a present that may end up being just a cake….but even if its a private jet…no man should treat you like dirt just because he wants to give you a gift ….which he was trying to get out of giving you anyway …if not for your tenacity in forgiveness….lol!

love protects…love gives….love cares…and love definitely doesnt make flimsy excuses when it is valentine.

ok so now the solution? instead of allowing the world fill your head with ideas we have decided to show you God’s own way so at DCC its a weekend packed… we are even catching them young so for the teenagers on february 14th we have TEEN’S GROOVE…VALENTINE GROOVE BANNER

Then for the SINGLE GUYS AND GIRLS we have UNMASKED coming up….on saturday february 15th …unmask-2-things

of course the married folks are not left out if anything they have been well prepared for …its on sunday the 16th of February…DATE NIGHT. theirs is a black tie event…so everyone is expected to come glamorously dressed. lots of prizes to be won. they are keeping it hush hush but because i am soooo kind…i will let the cat out of the bag ….

*photo session by a professional photographer

*free makeover

*blackberry phone

*suits for men

* 50% off comedy goes to church VIP tickets

*one night stay at a luxurious hotel

*free drycleaning

*free house rental agency

*wine and cupcakes

….and lots more.

the truth is everyone can win something . so be there. more details here…date night

sadly limited seats so pick up your ticket asap

then grand finale on sunday morning at our island centre with LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME 3

okay so that’s that but so you don think I’ve forgotten this is dilemma Tuesday and I have one dilemma for you. maybe because i didn’t mention the gift most of the winners didn’t call last week. so please pick up your free ticket to comedy goes to church. call bose on 08077714411…

since its valentine…this weeks winners get a box of cupcakes from sweetcerely yours sm_redandpinkcupcakes

okay so now that I have successfully wet your appetite, here’s the dilemma for this week

Dear Pastor M, I don’t know where to begin and I really would like to remain anonymous. My problem really is a bit complicated and I don’t know where to start from. my husband and I got married and for 5 years there was no child. There was pressure from every side but my husband stood firmly beside me believing that one day God would show up for us. at the end of the fifth year my husband got a contract job to work in America for two years and since I had a good job here I opted to stay back since the plan was for him to return after two years. while he was gone I got an offer to adopt a child from someone …this is my mistake…I never told my husband , I pretended I was pregnant and kept coming up with excuses why his travelling back was unnecessary (especially since he had signed a contract not to travel back to Nigeria for a year) till I had put to bed. I even came up with a story about not being able to travel so i couldn’t have them in america. bottom line, I had twin girls or so I told him as he rushed back home to see us. its been 6 years now and my babies are 5 years+  my husband is soooooo attached to them. they are very close and he can do anything for them. now the problem is, guilt is killing me and I live everyday in fear.  what if the truth comes out? should I tell him or should I leave things as they are? why rock the boat? I just wanted him to be happy…..Now I can’t even sleep at night.

okay people lets hear what you think…

remember best comments get to be my val ;-) …is it not cake that makes you a val :D  Ehn! oya win and be my val :-)



If you are reading this post then please first help me shout HALLELUJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! because that means I actually finished this post and was able to publish it. *phew* what a big relief. I have tried a million times in the last week to actually put up something but its been one challenge or the other. first my laptop packed up on me when I finally got it sorted I realized that I had lost the post which I had already written half way, okay so I brave that and decide to go forward, then my internet packs up on me and when I finally have that sorted out, my google chrome browser decides not to work, then I finally fix that and guess what, the file with the pictures I was supposed to use gets corrupted…like the true DCC member that I am….I refused to lose this battle and finally got the pictures sorted out….then Davida wakes up….aaaaargh! if it wasnt so annoying it would be funny…in fact  come to think of it , it is funny ‘cos at some point I considered putting the blog up for sale….lol!

anyway had to run some errands with my Pk, and now i have a well fed sleeping Davida beside me so here I am laptop in hand . OK so I am back ….AGAIN! honestly I wake up everyday meaning to blog and then somehow it falls on my important but not urgent list *covering eyes*. you too weigh it na, crying Davida or writing on blog? hungry pk or writing on blog, planning surprise for my pk’s birthday or writing on blog? be honest which would you do first? so you see, blog….VERY IMPORTANT BUT NOT URGENT

OH!OH! Vida’s up. ok feeding break…be right back….

I’m back. so now let’s do this, I will cut all the preamble and go straight to what I wanted to talk to you about. it seems the major message for me now is that of knowing what’s important. last week was my pk’s birthday and a lot of people sent me messages saying thank God you must blog today …and to be honest I started the day on that note. I carried my laptop downstairs and while I was there, the Holy Spirit (HS) asked me who the blog was for… I mean i had a million and one answers and reasons why I should celebrate the man i love till my dear HS said to me: everyone that is going to read that blog already know you love him but is that really what’s important for him today? then he asked me What are you doing for the celebrant? what are you doing for Pk….so i remembered that he had taught me once that you love a person by their love language not by yours… 

so i headed straight to the kitchen and whipped out my chef hat *wink wink* I gat skillz like that…;-) and by the time I came out of the kitchen my pk had a tray laden with prawns sautéed  in coconut milk, stir fried chicken, peppered snails, chicken gizzard sauce ….need I say more? sorry guys no pictures but if you guys are really nice to me I just may put up the recipe :-) …especially for new brides  like E’ …never know when you may need it ;-)  ….at the end of the day the second round he asked for was more than enough compliment…always pays to listen to the HS. yes I know I had a lot of disappointed blog fans in fact some have threatened me with placards but see now, the gist is better now na…abi?

so after the food it was time for mid-week service … and it was a celebration of how much my pk had blessed lives …testifiers in the house of their first time encounters with himPK-043

…I really would like to gist you about that but if ‘vida wakes up ehn! voice mail o! so let me just put up a few pictures… then of course pita and palmira were in the housePK-009


…even  ‘vida had the “can this be a human being or an angel singing?”  look PK-106

when palmira sang her favourite song TAMARAPK-102

… acapella was on hand as always to make pk laugh…PK-061  speaking of acapella, his COMEDY GOES TO CHURCH 2  is coming up soon. details later.

SACO totally brought down the house with his trademark vernacular jokesPK-109… but the high point of the night for me was when dassah blew out the candle on her daddy’s cake with him…PK-169

notice how the cake says happy birthday pastor daddy…lol.

after the wednesday service im sure pk thought we had exhausted all our surprises PK-108,

boy! was he wrong. by 7am, there was a live band at my houseDSC_1781 …as we drove out there were cars lined all the way to church with horns honking, headlights flashing, people waving and singing , almost like a political rally..DSC_1711DSC_1716DSC_1728 (1)DSC_1728DSC_1739DSC_1749DSC_1756DSC_1761DSC_1761DSC_1762DSC_1763DSC_1796

.i had a thoroughly embarrassed Pk on my hands….DSC_1788DSC_1730.

I laughed so hard…for someone in the limelight so often he is still embarassed by attention… more so that we were almost causing traffic…thank God for our traffic guys who quickly sorted that out. I love my church… I totally love my DCC workforce …. you guys rock… amazingly they had been there since 6.30am.

by the time we got to church TRI (choir)were already repping in their coloured jumpsuits, then of course drama and dance was so on point it even got a few people in he house crying…then I had the rare privilege of unveiling one of pk’s favourite comediansDSC_1809DSC_1811

…okon of the okon goes to school fame …well. lets just say we got okon to go to church…lol! simply hilarious.


all in all it was a very beautiful day for him…he’s still talking about it. says its his best birthday yet. i honestly couldnt pull it off without two of my very precious children…amaka and wale . love you guys sooooo much. errrr… next year is not far o! get to work guys.

okay guys i had more pictures but it kept stressing me so…even had to borrow my cousin’s laptop to finish this post…. the things i do for you guys… :-)

speaking of things …winners of dilemma Tuesday are…


*imperfectly perfect 92






please call 08077714411 on Friday to find out how to pick your prize…not telling you what it is….still in surprise mode ;-)

next week tuesday you get another dilemma. gotta run my coz needs his laptop.

love you guys



2014….and so it begins


happy new year guys ….

yeah yeah! I know its long overdue and I’ve been dragging my feet about blogging but hey here I am finally. So forgive already…

I know…its ‘cos you missed me right?  I missed you guys too . I’m here now and theres lots of good news .

So, the year is starting with a bang for us at just us girls naija (JUGN) and plenty more testimonies on the way

First one here… I’m happy to announce to you all and especially to E’ (now i can rest abi?) that we are now no longer owing wordpress… its so cool to be able to say we are now

oh! what a relief it was such a mouthful to always tell people the blog address
and that’s just the first of many things to tell…I know some of you have heard that we had our first just us girls naija meeting for the year.

Okay so I apologize again. I didn’t blog about it earlier but will try and get the pictures and give you the gist of what happened that day but much later

for now let me quickly get this in….

so, there i was trying to get myself together to put to words the message God had given me for JUGN this year.

suddenly I get a BBM of a post someone had seen somewhere and to tell you the truth that’s what really got me out of my relaxation mode …theres too much to do and too much to say that i really shouldn’t be this relaxed at the beginning of a new year …Lord i repent

so this message i got? it left me shocked, angry, confused and sad for the entire human woman race and since today is Tuesday I didn’t want to waste anymore time

so ….. 2014 justusgirlsnaija blog kicks off with a dilemma tuesday post.

remember best comments get a prize

here goes….

“I’ve been besties with this girl for 15 plus years….she has been married for 10 yrs….

I’ve been sleeping with her husband behind her back for almost 9yrs....

we have a son & daughter together… they’re 7 & 3….

she knows nothing about this she thinks i got pregnant by one night stands….

her husband sees his kids regularly, pays child support, and pays my rent & utilities….

she is my kids godmother and her kids come over to have play dates….

her husband got divorce papers and is waiting to file them, he wants to be here with me and the kids….

my question is how should we tell her?

should i because i known her first?

should he because they’re married?

or should we all just sit down and talk?

Okay so once you get past the initial shock…try and put your thoughts together and tell me what you think

I’m still speechless….

I promise to come back and do a proper welcome post but I just couldn’t let this pass …



Hey people how have the holidays been so far? Seems really short if you ask me. Christmas should be like one week really. Okay so for those of you who thought solving puzzles was my last blog post for the year…. Sorry to disappoint you. Would have gladly let it be but…

I’ve been getting broadcasts this past few days and besides the fact that I find a lot of them to be thoughtless and annoying and I rarely read them especially if they end with pass this on to ten people in the next ten minutes and God will give you a miracle *rolling my eyes* won’t He give me a miracle if I don’t send it? What a petty god they serve. Thank God mine sends me FREE miracles daily. :-) these perpetual broadcasters have found another profound way to annoy me.

I keep getting broadcasts like “I know this year, God hasn’t done everything you prayed for but…” Or “I know as 2013 comes to an end you think you don’t have a lot to be thankful for but…” You know those broadcasts na. Wait o! Is it just me or human beings have suddenly developed the inability to count. The last time I checked we still had at least two more days to go before 2013 is over. Abi does December now have only 29 days in it? I don’t know about the rest of you but I have made up my mind to milk this year for what its worth and I’m taking everything that God promised me. I’m squeezing every last drop of the Word for this year.

Reminds me so much of the parable of the vine-dresser, the tree and the owner. You haven’t read it? Oya you must read it yourself. I’m waiting, open your own bible. Dust the bible first na… See all the harmattan dust :-) perfect! Now turn to
Luke 13:6-9

The vine dresser had faith in the tree so he asked for one more year. See, me I still have lots of faith in this 2013 o! Kai! I’m asking you for just one more day. Don’t give up on this year o! I know that like Jarius some people have told you “the year is over, don’t trouble the master anymore” (Luke 8:49) but like Jesus, I’m saying to you : “NO SHAKING!” Well, ok that’s not exactly what He said. He said, “FEAR NOT! ONLY BELIEVE!” (Luke 8:50) “same difference” *straight face*

Simply put, its not over till Jesus shows up. The tree was given one more year even though barren but we all know 2013 has been fruitful so far so all I’m asking for is one more day for it to give you every last drop of testimonies. Don’t give up…

So hold on… One more day… one more hour… One more minute…one more second… Until 2013 is actually over.


God bless you

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As I testify…


It seems like a dream, too good to be true…
I’ve laughed, I’ve sang, I can’t believe my good fortune.
I am the talk of all peoples- “God has been wonderful to her!”
Yes! God has been wonderful…so amazing to me;
I am one happy woman.
For years I planted my seeds with tears but today I return with shouts of victory and celebration bringing my harvest.
Today I testify laughing with an armload of blessings – psalm 126 (paraphrased MSG translation)

There’s a way that God will bless you that Words won’t do it justice. Today I testify not just with words but I return like Hannah to give over my “samuel” my answer to prayer, my proof that God’s Word works, my boast of God’s faithfulness, my Victory, my ntoi to satan. Today Davida Ifechukwunyediche returns to where she was conceived. She returns to be consecrated as a testimony, a spirit of prophecy for others trusting God.

Today Davida goes to church as we say thank you at a special service @ Dcc today by 12noon.

Years ago the Lord told me your children will be known all over the world as the ones Jehovah himself has blessed. Today a reality! Twale! Baba

Little did I know that eight years after I would be dedicating on the eight day of the last month of the eight year, a precious jewel born in the eight month. Talk about New Beginnings. God the master planner.

I will be back with pictures of the event later. Now, I need to get ready for church. Love u guys and thank you for all the prayers and love

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pedi 3 

hi people

Before I even get into it, let me first get through all the cobwebs on my blog :D

Removing Cobwebs

it actually feels like I haven’t been here in decades. Lol! okay so decades is pushing it (YES, Eziaha it is pushing it) but the truth is it does feel that way :-) . I won’t even dream of boring you with what it’s like over here right now with baby, and a very full house (thankfully) but it’s been a whole new experience. Much awaited… but a whole new experience none-the-less.


Well, one of those days when baby just arrived, between a baby and a toddler, between breast feeding and getting a two year old to eat, between diapers and pull-ups (‘dassah) I was able to steal away with my friend Mabel for some major pampering . … okay I’ll be honest it wasn’t the major kind like with a massage, facial, the whole works kind of thing, it was a simple pedicure but omo, I will take what I can get right now ;-) So as I was saying, we went to get a pedicure and I sooooooooooooooo love pedis

pedi 2

its one of my few luxuries, if I could, I probably would get one done every week so its amazing to me when I hear girls say almost as if to boast, “I’ve never had a pedicure” and I usually have my most shocked face ever as I say to them “you have got to be kidding me!”

It’s almost as bad as saying you have never been to a dentist…


okay so maybe nothing near as drastic but then it’s a luxury every woman should experience in their life-time . hey, what even got me started on pedicures? Oh okay, now I remember. I snuck out with my friend for a pedi and I  got this really sweet Asian pedicurist who gave me the full five star treatment,

pedi 1

 as soon as I sat in the chair, she set up the all over body massage function. Then she settled into doing her job. I left there with feet so pampered and soft …like babies’ feet.

baby feet

Mabel on the other hand got another pedicurist who did her pedi like he couldn’t wait to get her out of there. I’m sure you are not asking who got the tip. As much as this isn’t a blog on character *rolling my eyes at some people right now* (you know your selves) oh! alright, so what if i always preach about character somehow…I will still so throw in a one-liner… it’s not just what you do; it’s how you do it that counts [selah]. Mabel and I left that salon with well-manicured feet but at the end of the day only one of us left feeling spoiled and pampered; hence only one pedicurist ending up with a tip.

And the real reason I wrote this was as we were driving home, I just thought of Jesus giving his disciples pedicures.

img_large_watermarkedOh! To experience this… it must have been heavenly, no pun intended. lol!  However, I’m sure he wasn’t just pampering their feet because they had trekked dusty isreali roads. No Jesus was trying to teach them a thing or two about service.  Honestly, I think it takes a servant heart to be able to “wash feet” or give pedicures in this case ;-) and that’s what Jesus was really trying to teach us.  You see, when you ask people about service or ministry which by the way are actually inter-changeable, they always claim to be called to the office of pastor, prophet or apostle and claim to be called to “serve”  in that capacity only. its funny how we miss out all the other silent areas of ministry.

ministry of helps 

In the last three months I have been a student of the word in a different kind of way. You know when the bible says …and the word was made flesh? Well, I saw it literally. I learned what Jesus meant when he said in…”Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you”.  In other words I believe he was saying, SERVE! In whatever capacity and in whatever way.

You see, as a pastor and a minister of the gospel, I find a lot of times that a lot of people want to serve “me” in various capacities, that isn’t really uncommon . I mean a lot of people want to carry your bible (which by the way isn’t heavy) or get something for you and believe me I am in no way belittling what they do or try to do or their motives for doing whatever they choose to do but I must say I learned a new level of service in these past few months. Its easy for someone who calls you pastor or mama to serve you but when someone you consider an equal, a counterpart, a friend, literally takes off her clothes and wraps a towel around her and begins “to wash your feet” then I’m sure you know they have found a deeper revelation of the word “SERVICE” 

For three months pre and post pregnancy I have been surrounded by people who have totally challenged my understanding of ministry. How do you explain someone volunteering to be nurse, cook, driver, housekeeper, nanny and friend without pay and leaving behind everything and putting her life on hold just to serve you. …and she does it joyfully? This post is already too long for me to start to outline all she has done but one thing she has done that will impact me for the rest of my life is… shes taught me how important it is to love with action, how important it is to be there when people need your help. She has taught me that nothing is too menial to do for God or His children. she taught me how to wash feet …and to wash them as if I were washing Jesus’ feet. God bless you Mabel (aunty “naybowl” or “naybelll” as dassah calls her) ,you will never lack helpers. today, i celebrate you amazing woman. 


Love you plenty.



16 years ago, you proved how strong you were. Today, you are definitely stronger. God bless you love. He’s definitely holding your case file. Loads of testimonies this year ….i will be right tghere when you testify telling you, “I told you so” :-) 



AUGUST…. Still Sounding Good


Hi people

I’m back again. Honestly, no matter how tired I am, today is definitely not one day that I will miss blogging. I must make noise about my darling pk. Before I go on, Eziaha and Ada (even with your big tummy) well done o! I am still pretending like I don’t see all that naughtiness going on here but I am working on a blog post just for two of you. :-)

Okay so it’s not news that today is my wedding anniversary pic-9-weddn.jpgbut I am still just in awe of this God-written romance novel that I call my marriage. Honestly, so I don’t bore you I will keep this simple but I really just wanted to say this to that single girl out there…

Picture this scenario, young man with big visions and large dreams, a heart sold out to God but a bank account tied to heaven alone (no natural salary) and emptied (whenever full) right back into ministry work. This young man is “unromantic” by world standards – calls only when he has something to say and when he does call it’s with an “I just say make I hail you”, overly practical, won’t pull out chairs or open doors (wetin do your hand), won’t buy you credit just because you pout and make faces (my friend go and work, are you invalid?), wont pose because he likes you – will drink garri and offer you too and then abomination of all abominations when he decides to propose it’s without an engagement ring ; his response: “I’m marrying you not engaging you”. This is by the world’s standards the man to stay away from. Right?….

Wrong. That is my pk. The marriage and relationship guru :D ….a little over eight years ago. The one men are trying to emulate today and the one women are praying they find his kind (ameeeeeeeeen to all those ladies praying). That’s the man that I chose to marry not based on what the world was saying but on what God’s word was saying and boy am I thankful I obeyed God.

The reason I’m bringing this up today is that I see too many young girls turn away a good man because he doesn’t drive a car, he doesn’t buy flowers and candy or because of the way he proposed. Are you kidding me? I can’t even call what I got a proposal. He claims it was one but I believe that play play , play play I just somehow found myself at the altar. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.pic-1.jpgpic-4-weddn.jpg

But really the proposal was rather uneventful. In fact it was so uneventful that I don’t even have proper recollection of the date or the events of the day. I just remember us gisting about some trivial issue and out of the blue, he turns to me and says “how does august sound in your spirit?” August? Sound in my spirit? I had no clue what he was talking about at first. Until it hit me that I was being proposed to. So I said to him “August doesn’t sound anyhow o! if you are asking me to marry you, you better ask well” to which he laughed heartily and said “because I’m even asking you sef. You will see I will marry you in august.” Now talk about unromantic :D but today after eight years I thank God that I didn’t major on the minors, that I heard and obeyed God when he told me “he is the youngest and he is taking care of the sheep, arise anoint him for he is the one” (1 samuel 16:11-12)

My sisters (and brothers) if no be God, I for enter one chance. Because human beings must be human beings we always look on the outside, the razzmatazz and all the trappings but God sees the heart. I thank God every day I looked at the heart  and the beauty is that like the message bible describes it….The Spirit of God entered David kingsley  like a rush of wind, God vitally empowering him for the rest of his life.(1 sam 16:13). It just seems like since we got married, the spirit of God has been energizing him with ideas and the wherewithal to carry out the ideas.

So whats my point? Ladies marry well. Look not on the outside alone or by the world standards. He may not have today (my sister I drink garri well well o!) but tomorrow he may be flying you round the world upper class and throwing you surprise birthday parties on three different continents

IMG-20120918-WA000.jpg IMG-20120918-WA003.jpgIMG-20120918-00366.jpg (but my pk de try sha. Lie no good. Brothers please be inspired). Pray and trust God to lead you right.

Oya I’ve preached let me now praise my husband small

eye.gif… beefers leave the room now. Lol! I’m just joking o!

Happy wedding anniversary honey,


I’m so glad I met you and that I’m the one in the strongest covenant with you. I’ll probably need ten thousand life times to show you how much I love you. So I’m leaving it to God to bless you more and more for me everyday. Thank you for your love, strength, faith and patience. Yay! We did it. Eight years and theres a new beginning in our arms.15-ldant-16

I know this is September and it is our covenant month where lots of great things happen for us  but the way I see it, august is like when you have sown corn all year, August brings in the harvest of corn but September? now that’s the month where the blessing is processed and corn becomes corn-flakes.

So baby let me reply the way I should have eight years ago….



…still sounding great

But September…always one to remember for us . so baby I’m expectant. Love you till eternity.


You sure no marriage in heaven? Because if there is and you don’t come and ask me how august sounds ehn!…. lol!


happy wedding anniversary to two of my favourite people .. MR AND MRS SAMUEL ONYEANI. i love you guys so much….and diekola mi o! owode o! of course lol!403843_10151183064170447_2000224154_n

and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DARLING PALMIRA. no need for too much talk you know how i feel about you.




hello people

I know, I know…

this is loooooooooooooong overdue.

many people have accused me that I have refused to blog after promising that I would put up the first pictures here.

let me be honest ehn… I no see mouth talk. I don see blessing wey pass me I just de look. . I wish I had the words….. I really do. I don’t even know where to begin to recount God’s faithfulness or describe the joy and peace and many little testimonies that added up to bring me this bundle of joy that you all see today.

I can only say this….God is faithful! and He is a master planner. maybe some day when I can and the Holy spirit has helped me find the words I will come back and update this post but for now all I can say is God is faithful, God keeps his word and He is a testimony giver,a doctor’s report canceller and a covenant keeper.

If you will dare to believe , stand on His word and say “If I perish, I perish, God will never let you perish”. because when we believe, he has no choice but to move in response to our faith.

I dare you to believe. anything is possible …..

and this is proof…..

02-ldant-03 03-ldant-0412-ldant-13 13-ldant-1415-ldant-16

I also want to say thank you to everyone for the congratulations.I really couldnt respond to them all but thank you all. someone said to me you must be happy on YOUR testimony and honestly I felt she missed the whole point. This is not just MY testimony; it is OUR is the testimony of EVERY Christian… it is our victory. It is proof that the Word works. #itestify!



big grin
Over the years I have had pictures of me taken showing happy faces _DSC0060_DSC0164jug-173 jug-184 jug-204 but to be honest a lot of them never saw the light of day as I always felt, ‘ah! Ah! These people want to spoil my Margaret Thatcher rep, abeg this smile is too much o!’ lol! But some of course escaped through the cracks and made it to some BBM DPs or Facebook Pages Jacquelyn Martins-Okolie-1370336254545

but honestly I saw happy yesterday and unfortunately couldn’t take a picture I was too shocked

. jug-266
So for those of you who don’t know let me quickly run an intro before getting into the gist proper. I’m pregnant after eight loooooooooong years of waiting IMG_00000241  vcm_s_kf_repr_960x540 and I’m in the USIMG_00000347 waiting to deliver right now and everyday has been so difficult because for the first time in my life my husband and I have to be apart. So, it’s been really hard. I miss him so much I feel, like I was telling someone the other day, that my body is here in America, my heart is back home with my pk and my spirit is in DCC. It’s been so hard. I practically cry some days for hours on end and of course because I’m pregnant I use that as a cover up ;-) but cover up or not it’s been so hard without my Pk.
So yesterday I was on the phone with him and he was saying how he was going for a long “ride” and because he’s a biker,

_DSC1191 I didn’t think much of not being able to reach him a greater part of the day yesterday as he said his battery MAY be down but I got a bit uneasy when the ride seemed to be taking so long and by 11pm Nigerian time he said there were a few hitches but he was back “home” at last and he was sooooo tired. I kept saying please rest and don’t go anywhere tomorrow. This ride must have been too stressful. Anyway for someone so tired, he called back and asked me to go meet someone here in Delaware that it was urgent and I had to drive out with my friend Mabel only to get there and find out the guy had closed. So off to the house we went. We entered sat down and next thing I know…. Mabel starts screaming, “who is in our house? Oh! My God there’s someone in here”. I just sat frozen like okay so isn’t this what you watch in the movies in America? An escaped criminal? Then I felt hands grab me from behind and my heart says, “These hands don’t feel dangerous. If anything they feel warm, they feel good…they feel familiar” then ‘Dassah starts running around screaming : “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!”

My head almost exploded

.scattered head

DADDY? DADDY? DADDY?! Who is daddy? When I turned around. I almost fainted

.shocked n pretty

I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t cry. I didnt just know what to do. There was pk in the flesh standing holding me, kissing me. Honestly, me I still don’t know what I did for God or this man….. how can someone love another human being like this? Me I just tire. And to think Nathaniel Bassey was just yabbing me yesterday that this our love is too much o! that I should pity bb people. little did I know that I will show them more pepper today that my pk is here. So if you are on my BBM sorry in advance I will make noise today o! lol!
So I’m happy. I’m really happy, no I’m really really really very very very happy. I’m in shock, I’m lost for words and the funny thing is I know all the planning not to make me suspect and all the gymnastics to get here after service and all the stories he had to whip up and yet not “lie”. It’s my fault sha. I assumed home was lagos Nigeria when all he meant was where I was. I guess they say HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS so being home is being where I am right? I’m just so thankful, that this is the man God gave me. I love him so much, he promised me exciting and has kept every promise. I’m really short of words. Maybe I will come back later and do a better blog when I’ve put my thoughts together. This is really too much. He makes me feel so special, like his life assignment is just to make sure I keep smiling.293401_10150339190141591_525496590_7999995_1177947104_n[1] How can one be so committed to another’s happiness. He hasn’t flinched once in eight years. This is consistent happiness.

I just kept saying “what can I ever do to repay you for all this honey? What can I do?”imagesCAC90Y1Q

I feel so loved. You see why I say he is God’s love to me? …my pk … GOD’S LOVE MADE FLESH… my king, my pride, my joy, my gift, my blessing. Everytime I am in awe of how much God loves me because of you.
…And all this is extra special for me because? Well, apart from the fact that my family is back together


well, almost all of us…. Miss you eky and joy… or the fact that I feel like I live in a perpetual fairy tale and I keep hearing …HAPPILY EVER AFTER or am I part of some romance novel written by God himself? I don’t know anymore. I sure do feel like a character in that novel and boy! Does it feel good. What makes it really special for me really is the fact that today August 13th makes it officially 8years since I was first handed to my pk as wife.05 07 11 12 13 18

Its our traditional marriage anniversary and honestly, I thank God everyday that he paid my bride price… him and no one else.
So …. What does happy look like? Definitely like this…. _DSC0230 _DSC1164

At least MY HAPPY.
Ladies need I say more? MARRY WELL O!
Thankyou Eky, chike, Barrister Jude and Kuratti. I’m sure glad I’m in all your good books if not….. your loyalty to this man. Hmmmm…. And even though you will all deny knowing anything about this, he’s told me already. I’m adding to my angel list daily. Love you guys.
Found out the cure to this pregnancy insomnia…. Slept like a baby ;-)

….oh! by the way, sorry guys bar raised again…lol! or like Eziaha said to me “I pity DCC men, their pastor keeps moving the goal post”. lol!



Okay people, I’m back and it’s just one of those I-can’t-sleep-so-I’m-blogging nights for me. It’s funny because for some reason I pictured being pregnant as my opportunity to finally be lazy, eat loads of junk food, and sleep all the time.17693-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Tired-African-American-Woman-In-A-Purple-Shirt-Resting-With-Her-Feet-Up-In-A-Purple-Lazy-Chair Tough luck still not a sweet tooth, I eat out of necessity and obviously as you can see I am wide awake loll!
So everyone is sleeping and here I am in the dark trying to blog.tumblr_mfveqk9eT21rj5dwto1_500

Well I’m not so upset about not sleeping. In my opinion sleep is over-rated (and I’m saying that now ‘cos I cant sleep; after all a bad workman quarrels with his tools). Now rest that’s another thing. Rest is very important, sleep hmmm….. I’m sure at some point I will sleep off again. Hopefully not half-way into this blog post ‘cos if not only God knows when I will be in the flow again.
So what am I blogging about today? Something I am absolutely excited about. In fact anytime I think about it I cannot stop smilingalexia horsfall-1373553335423.

I had planned I would wait till the event was like a week or so away before talking about it but I feel like a little child who just found out she has presents under the Christmas tree


and they say don’t open?! As in for real? So I’m sorry, I can’t wait again. Self-discipline out the door.

excited outHehehehe.
Okay so when I saw this MK250813, It was on my pk’s bbm and beside it he wrote –it’s an event not my pin. I just thought that was totally hilarious. As in I’m sure some people tried to add it. Lol!just bribe me, I will send you his pin. Lol! But really MK250813 has such a nice ring to it and I am totally just excited about the event. So what is MK250813? It’s the best experience you will have in a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very…….. get it? Very long time.
I’d like to say it’s a musical concert but that will be very far from the truth. In actual fact that would be belittling what will happen on that day. It’s a worship experience called SOUND OF HEAVEN and why I am so excited is not because  of the line-up of guest artistes or the fact that I will be there (sadly I won’t but I won’t let that dampen my excitement even though I’m still beefing all who will be there and get to blog about it for weeks on end Eziaha and Johnson take note). I’m really very excited because the host of this concert is very special to me….. and no it’s not my pk *I’m so rolling my eyes at all of you* I happen to have a lot of other special people in my life. Alright alright I’ll be honest PK is still the most special sha


…but I was saying before I got lost in my own little romantic moment just thereimagesCA0TC66Y

. I love me some pk sha lol! What? He’s my husband I’m allowed to drool over him like that

imagesCAI7DZFG lol!
Okay back to that other special person I was telling you about, you see the event is hosted by my son, yep! I get to say that . I feel like a very proud mum. He’s our musical director at David’s Christian Centre. Fondly called Minister Kenn or Mk by the members of DCC choir and dcc as a whole. No stranger to gospel music, he’s been singing since he was a kid, he’s shared the stage with gospel greats like Donnie mcclurkin, Micah stampley, kirk franklin among many others, and served with sammie okposo for well over eight years. I’m excited because we’ve never seen him unveiled like thisMK MK-1373807638973.

I know him personally and MK’s quiet unassuming spirit makes it easy for him to stand on that stage and sing with such great and powerful vocal gymnastics and yet all you see is God not him

MK-1371630408575. He has a gift that causes him to decrease and Christ increase – a very rare gift among musicians. I still don’t know how he does it. That’s why we often say that MK doesn’t just sing, he ministers.
Like I said I know him and his lovely family especially his energetic wife who has learned more than her teacher ;-)

moi . I will give you the entire gist later but I’m sure that if you are at the concert and wondering who she is, she is probably the one NOT sitting down, running in different directions making sure everything works. I know you will disobey me Ebele don’t worry :D . An army of ten thousand can’t keep you in one place when it comes to kenn I understand. I can be like that with pk too

So folks the date is Sunday 25th august 2013. Time is 4pm and here is the lineup of artistes at least some of them. I will blog specially about some of them this coming week but here are some pictures17618f033a2c6fe9d6b11e01ad6e797b 1208151322288777efe imagesCAJPHMCZ koreimagesCAZCCZQL onos sammy

Where else will you get this line-up? Trust DCC na…Peter Adewumi Nissi_ A crazy lover of God B-) !-)-1368443557383

we will definitely have your back :-)
By the way have you bought your ticket yet? It’s just N1000 and I hear it entitles you to a free gift at the event. What? You want to miss this one too? Na wa o! You missed mc acapella’s comedy goes to church…MK is bringing him back for you. You missed pita’s live in concert event…Mk is bringing him back for you. You missed Eben’s all the way event and now you want to miss this sound of heaven?

My friend run and buy your ticket jooor…
Must you wait for blog posts and pictures? Lol. I’m not even there so I can’t make any promises about blogging after the event. I’m even tempted to leave my pregnant tummy at the hospital here in the US, fly down for the concert then come back and push and you that you are there we are begging you to go and worship God. THIS IS ME LAUGHING AT YOU AND IMAGINING I AM ROLLING ON THE FLOOR AS I CANT DO IT WITH THIS BIG TUMMY

This is not an event you miss o! It will change your worship experience for ever.
Don’t worry I will give you more gist about MK later, the first time I met him and some other inside gist ;-) about him. so you see why you can’t miss this concert? Mark the date, buy a ticket for a friend as well and be there with hearts open and hands lifted ready to encounter the sound of heaven

.@_-- @_-- Water Walker @_-- @_---1373826089446

dilemma tuesday: inbox saga


Hi people
I’m back again. It’s officially still Tuesday in the US so I kept my promise :D . Here’s the dilemma for this week. Please read and comment. I will reserve my comments to the end but I was really shocked by this mail. Maybe I’m over-reacting. You read and tell me what you think and you know how we do right? Spread the word. Remember the point is to give counsel not to mock or belittle anyone.
Best five get a prize.


Dear pastor,
I need your counsel I have been dating this guy for the past 10 months now. He has not really been the perfect boyfriend, but I still understand him and all. For some time now, he has been receiving calls consistently from 2 particular girls. I asked him about them, he said they are just his friends. I happened to have his email and password due to a particular project we did.
So this week, something told me to check his Facebook inbox with my phone which I did. I went to look for the girls’ names and I saw their whole conversation from last year, and obviously from the way the conversation went, the first girl is his girlfriend. He goes to see her at her apartment once in a while. She cooks for him.
Another email I saw was about the second girl and he was telling a close friend of his whom I know very well that he was toasting and trying her already. I couldn’t bear it again. I prepared a text and told him everything he has been doing that I found out about and broke up with him. He started calling me, begging me but I didn’t pick up the phone.
We were texting each other, then I came out plain and told him how I got d whole info. He now flared up, that how could I secretly log into his Facebook account. That I could kill him if he gave me something adverse. That he thought he was worse and I am over here castigating him and he said farewell.
I really don’t know how to feel right now. I don’t know if what I did was wrong. He hasn’t even called me in the past four days to show any sign that he loves me, or to beg or anything. I feel sad about what I saw in his inbox, but he was cheating. Was there any point in sitting down to talk him?

Okay so folks what do you think? what facebook will cause sha :D



I’m sitting here and its 2:30am and for some funny reason I just can’t get myself to sleep. Some say it’s pregnancy insomnia , honestly I doubt it o! I didn’t get any of these pregnancy “ailments” and I’m thinking it’s a bit too late now don’t you think lol! I’m up so I’m making the best use of my time. I’m blogging aint i?

So anyways, here I am not able to sleep and exhausting all the songs I managed to get on my phone before I left home amidst the ones I have been begging for once I catch anyone listening to them on BBM. Shout out to Jacquelyn Happy birthday jackie'M!!!U will testify dis year_Azonto tinzz

my supplier. Love u darling and I miss hearing you sing Tasha cobbs power in the name of Jesus.

imagesCANZ35EX *cleaning my eyes* its official I’m home sick. It’s funny I didn’t ever get those feelings back then in boarding school as a young girl and now old woman like me :D mother of how many? This is ridiculous but ridiculous or not one thing I’m sure of is I miss home. I miss my PK too much , my eky, joy and the whole of DCC.
I’m sitting here and I’m listening to PITA’s “u don bless me” and really I cant help but thank God for his faithfulness. When I think of all he’s done for me, battles he’s helped me win… I’ve gone through all the names of God and honestly he has just been my EMMANUEL. He’s been God and yet God WITH me.ph_emmanuel_595x250
One of the biggest lessons I have learned in recent times is that God never leaves me. And I mean absolutely never. No matter what I do or how much I’ve tried to stray in times past. His hand has been there and he has just stood with me solid as the rock of ages.
I really don’t know if I can see through all these tears right now to finish this post but I’m just in awe of how God is just all kinds of beautiful. I now understand CECE WINANS’ song JESUS YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL TO ME. He is dependable, Unfailing, unchanging, unquestionable. I serve an incomparable, indescribable, unexplainable God. I lack the right words. He’s all these things and yet he is the God that is with me.god-for-us

He’s with me, He’s for me and He’s in me.

I recently watched a series called the bible

.192762 It was a dramatization of biblical events that charted the course of Christianity and the one thing that rang true and through all the patriarchs was their God consciousness. They all took risks, walked in faith, conquered territories with one thing on their lips: GOD IS WITH ME!!! I was just so struck by that. They understood the concept of Emmanuel even before the Emmanuel had been born. Its just such an awesome place to be and that’s where I am right now. Where I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is with me… he is Emmanuel.
It changes everything. How you see yourself, how things work for you, how you respond to challenges and the steps you dare to take. God consciousness is the core of who we are.  we often don’t do much or live life to the fullest because we don’t know that God is real and that he is with us.

Yes ooo see why I love my church? :-)
Its 5:44am now and I still haven’t slept a wink but guess what neither has my Emmanuel.


He never sleeps nor slumbers. I just love Him.

Catch you guys later folks. I pray that today will be one of those days where you are suddenly seeing God in every place, at every turn and in every whisper. Have a God conscious day.
Love you
I know its Tuesday today and someone accused me of abandoning dilemma Tuesday. So here’s the deal, if I can catch some sleep, I will sift through my emails and see if I can put up one of the dilemma posts but you must promise to respond. As my ‘dassah will say “mummy you’d no say deal?” So guys deal? You’re supposed to respond with DEAL. :D :D:D


isn’t she just the cutest if that smile doesn’t brighten up your day, I wonder what else will?



hi people,
I’m back again  :-) . Feels good to have some blogging time o!.

Okay so like most of you know I’m in the USA, well just for a while I have a baby assignment here that I will need to finish soon so I can get back home ;-) and gladly too.
I’m sorry but I’m just not one of those “I’m checking out meeeehn!” kind of people. I love my Nigeria any day anytime


I’m what you call a real Naija babe… I love Nigerian food, pepper, Ankara, pidgin English, the many languages, I’m just hard core Naija sha lol! untitled

Now, I’m not blind or in denial that there are a lot of problems in this my Naija but the truth is leaving for me has never been an option. The question is where all of us are running to is it really better? Is it easier? Honestly, me I don’t think so oh!

Yes there are a lot of things that work out here, road, light, infrastructure, not to mention their medical facilities are top-notch hence my being here to be honest. After one episode in our Nigerian hospitals that left me bleeding from week 12 to week 18, I was sure I wasn’t taking chances with this pregnancy. After all, wisdom is profitable to direct. As my Niger delta people will say “After eight years? Abeg I no de for ha di di ( as in how did it [happen]?)”. That’s too much explanation abeg :D . So I bundled myself with my big tummy and here I am doing a countdown but that’s not what this post is about.

I was saying, because I have so much waiting time on my hands I also have a lot of watching time; the same way people go on trips to bird watch, I am here people-watching :D and I want to share some of the things I’ve seen:

Too many Nigerians are living fake lives here: sadly when they take pictures and send home they never really send the true picture. Too many of them are taking pictures with rented cars, posing in front of other people’s houses, doing menial jobs and wearing clothes with the tags still inside because they are sooooooo returning them tomorrow. They never really say it as it is so more people are giving up stable-will-get-better jobs in Nigeria and moving to the land where they don’t even stand a chance except to do menial or at best checkout counter jobs. It’s almost like a conspiracy, people send you all the flashy lifestyle pictures and then encourage you to come ….and suffer like them but of course not in those words.

People are selling their birthrights all in the name of citizenship: for a long time I actually believed that all those things were actually just in the Nigerian home videos or that well in this 2013 it had been phased out but omo! Imagine my shock at how many people are marrying “akata” just to stay in this country. Why? Biko. It’s not as if marrying the “akata” is going to ensure that you actually become a citizen or that you actually do get a better life. It’s actually hustle continua. I actually know someone who is married to an akata, he can’t stand the fact that she is so disrespectful, she smokes, drinks (even in pregnancy) and they stay in separate houses because no one wants to give up their lease and he’s okay with that! Or is he really? All this one just to settle in another man’s country? You see why my Nigeria is appealing? It’s funny the girl doesn’t even know he’s a Christian because he has to fit in. Most of them are taking things from these akata wives that if my fellow Nigerian girl were to do one millionth of it she would be back in her father’s house with a few broken bones and a black eye to boot. Hmmmm…..

Some people have lost sight of liberty: and this is what actually got me started on this post. You know how America is called “THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE” Well unfortunately some people have misinterpreted that to mean the land where if you are brave and cunning enough you can get things free. So Nigerians will tell you funny things like “if you know your way, omo America is the land of the free”…. They actually mean the land of freebies. They are always looking for ways to beat the system. Someone was gisting me just the other day (and proudly I might add) how she outsmarted the system when she had a minor accident and the ambulance (which I might add is not free. Costs over $1000) that responded to her 911 call came and rushed her to the hospital. She had an injury on her leg and she was rushed to the hospital and her friend had told her to feign amnesia not to give her house address or anything. Of course they treated her and she kept acting like she couldn’t remember her own name. She was released the next day and asked to return. Of course she never did and was hailing herself as a sharp Naija babe that had gotten things in the land of the free…. And she’s a Christian oh!

Me I don’t understand the kind of freedom that makes us lose everything especially our salvation and fear of God. What is wrong is wrong. Before I came here to have my baby, a lot of people were telling me stories of people who after having their kids here were not given visas to return to this country ever. You see the problem with us is that we no de talk true finish. Most Nigerians come here, have babies and take off because no one will hold you. They won’t pay all their bills forgetting that USA is worse than big brother


Uncle SAM is always watching

.uncle sam So all this will come up when you go back to the embassy and you are black-listed. I’m just so sad when people because of free things sacrifice their true freedom.

Apostle Paul knew this would happen and he encouraged us to stand fast in the liberty in which Christ has set us free… and not to be entangled again with a yoke of bondage. (Gal 5:1) How easily we forget and allow ourselves to be caught up in all sorts of harnesses of bondage. Because of what? Dollars? Citizenship?

Funny enough there are poor Americans o! let me rephrase that there are many poor Americans o! Na them suffer pass sef for their own country, it’s ridiculous.

Anyway, my point is not to diss America in any way after all my kids will be born here but what I’m saying is THERE IS NO TRUE FREEDOM WITHOUT CHRIST and honestly, American streets are not lined with gold it’s just as littered and as smelly as Lagos streets and their tolls are so much more than Lekki’s own.

Omo I like my Naija and I will praying for those in leadership imagesCAGQFMCY that one day God will touch their hearts and we will eventually become the GOOD PEOPLE, GREAT NATION GoodPeople 

that we should be. God help us.

okay folks, I’m out of here for now. see you tomorrow again I hope.

don’t miss church tomorrow o! Go and hear God’s word and stay in the liberty.

love you guys . mwaaah!



Hi people
If you are like me and you are on blackberry, I’m sure you got a lot of happy new month broadcasts yesterday

900978_scaled_jpgacf63143ed35578c1e03503bbefe0d05. And because it is the month of august and the eight month of the year, I’m sure a lot of those broadcasts told you that the eight month represents the month of new beginnings.

So, it got me thinking…. New beginnings? New things? Has it become cliché? Or do we still wait with expectancy when we hear the word NEW. I know that a lot of times when we read the scripture that says, forget the things of old for behold I do a NEW thing we just smile and quote it very nicely back to ourselves but do we really stop and think about that word NEW? The Message translation puts it like this:

Forget about what’s happened;
don’t keep going over old history.
Be alert, be present. I’m about to do something brand-new.
It’s bursting out! Don’t you see it? (Isaiah 43:18-19)

I just love The Message bible. God just speaks to ME every time 164188
What does NEW mean? NEW… novel, innovative, fresh, different, latest, pristine, original. Something that hasn’t existed before? Hmmmm…. So in actual fact we should be looking out for things that we are usually not accustomed to.wherethemagichappens
I like new things. New clothes, new shoes, new cars,  brand new  unopened stuff.imagesCA5C4IND I like to be the first to use things ….but the truth is I also like old things… I like my old bible

Underlined-Bible (maybe because I can seem to find everything in it even when I don’t know how to quote the exact scripture. Its usually been underlined or a promise dated), I like old friends, low maintenance old friends. People who you may not see always but you are already comfortable with so the relationship just flows …


I guess I like old things so much because I’m comfortable with the oldimagesCA8KKJK7. Old things are where you find your comfort zone. The truth is old is good but I find that if you can get out of that comfort zone mode that new is better.
You see, new is exciting, its refreshing and it can be life-changing especially if that new is from God. The funny thing is that God himself likes new things. He’s always talking about us forgetting old things and focusing on the new. he’s always declaring how He will do NEW things. just look its all over the bible

So I’ve decided in this month of August to step out in faith imagesCAFUPEPC and expect fresh, innovative, novel and original things to happen for me and that is exciting because? Well, to be honest I had almost gotten to the point where I honestly am not sure if there’s anything else that can surprise me this year……oops! I just heard God laugh *shocked face* he just said “darling, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”. *dancing a major jig* really? Still more surprises lord? Still more exciting, fresh and breathtaking things I have never seen before? Omo, testimony no de finish for where God de sha. I’m in awe.

Okay so here is to August, my month of new, exciting, innovative, fresh and original things. I hope you will dare to believe for this august too to be that kind for you. lets celebrate in advance abi?

Okay so before I go I have a birthday boy that I absolutely must wish a happy birthday. My cute cute cute little nephew Goziem Micah Enunwa.Aina not Aino (Ngozi)@_--

He’s dassah’s favourite cousin and “my bwother” as she calls him. Everyone else is a cousin, he’s her brother :D and they are actually like brother and sister shaIMG_00000092 img122(2) IMG-20130612-00855
This is to many more years of blessings, you will make us all proud in this life in Jesus name. We love you so much and we will have to have that party when dassah can be in the picture.
Okay so folks it’s a wrap. See you tomorrow.

Oh! my God 10kobo who are you? I am in shock right now. You are truly amazing. How do you read through an entire blog and comment on every single post? Wow! Please send me a private email. I really would like to know who you are and while you are at it for being my most dedicated NEW blog follower I have gifts for you. Please call 08077714411 and find out how to collect your gifts but like I said send me an email first so I can get your details and drop them off so you can get your gift. Love you and hey you just made it into one of my august NEWEST NEWS… mwaaah!

and just so you know I am challenged, I will reply every single comment even if it is just with a smiley ;-)

Gospel Artiste EBEN goes “ALL THE WAY” with colossal concert and album launch.



hi guys i really feel bad that I’m just doing this. seeing as the concert is in a few hours but i guess better late than never right? i  was going to do a full blog post but hey, why bother when God has used another great writer/blogger. so im reblogging :-)

okay so, if you want to read what i think about Eben then you probably have to be at the event to get a copy of the brochure . hehehehe.

ok guys see you later. my pk is back home now so I’m on a major sulking spree . i miss him so much i didnt think it was possible to feel like this *crying rolling on the floor*

i wish i was in lagos now but im not but if you are, then I’m major beefing you right now (just kidding) but be at David’s Christian Centre tomorrow for exciting services in the morning 7am and 9am and if you are on the island , good for you cos you get to hear pk live too at SIGNED SEALED AND DELIVERED at 11am civic centre opposite 1004 ozumba mbadiwe road VI. music by PITA. now you know you shouldn’t miss it. full day sha cos Eben’s concert then comes up in the evening. have fun guys.

i wish i were you lagos people right now….. *still crying*

If you see my pk tomorrow at any of these meetings, please tell him i miss him too much :-(

Originally posted on Welcome to Johnson Madichie's Blog:

I still remember. It must have been about 4 years ago or so while I was watching the TV when this music video came on air and a music band was playing on what also appeared to be roof-top of an uncompleted building.

Remember the video?

Remember the video?

imara 2

I didn’t really make much out of the song then until when a young man who seemed to be the lead singer of the band grabbed the mic and in a husky voice, he went “Wetin dey happen ooo, why are we gathered here”. …. I was still trying to figure out who the artiste was and what the song was all about when he went “imaranma Papa. Imaranma Eze. Imaranma Papa. Where You are is where I wanna be”.



All of a sudden, believe me the song began to make sense.

It was different from your average gospel song and best of all…

View original 956 more words



Hi guys
Still in blogging mode o! Just haven’t had access to my laptop and its so much more fun blogging with it… Pixs et al.

Ok so I saw this picture this morning. Loved it so much I had to put it up. Hope it makes you smile at least.

See you all later. Two posts brewing…
Lol! Not telling you what yet. You’ll have to come back and find out.

All who responded to touched by an angel. Will reply u all soon. So sorry.
Enjoy d picture…

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tbaaheaderDid you ever see that series growing up? I did, and I absolutely loved it. Especially at the end of it all when a bright light suddenly surrounds her and she goes “I am an angel, sent by God”.

I always yearned for those kinds of experiences. I always wanted to see and encounter angels. I just believed that God wasn’t done sending men angels after all, the bible says He is the same God; yesterday, today and forever. So if Abraham got angels, Zechariah got angels, Joshua got angels and Mary got angels, well, permit me to be bold enough to say I expected to get mine too especially since I am under a better covenant.

And angels I did see, but like most people the problem was I didn’t recognize them as quickly. For some funny reason I had a stereotype in my head of what angels were to look like. As a young child I thought they looked like this ….Image

Then when I started reading the bible for myself I just couldn’t seem to shake this image from my head…Image be honest, that’s how you imagine them to look too :-) especially when you read the scripture that he gives his angels charge over you ;-)Image

Well, you see that’s the problem, that’s probably why we miss the many angels that God sends into our lives daily.

Its 3:43am here in America and I’m sooooooooooo wide away and for some reason God just reminded me of how much I have yearned to encounter angels and he has, like he did with the blind man at Bethsaida, healed me so that instead of seeing men as trees, in this case I started seeing the angels the way they were…..albeit without wings.Image

I’ve been blessed I cannot lie. I’ve had a very favoured life. I know God is partial to me…. Thank you, I know you will say he is no respecter of persons. Thank you but to me, my God loves me specially. I don’t know about you but this is a God that has moved innumerable mountains for me, he has opened countless doors and closed even many more. He has spoken to me even audibly if it was necessary to get my attention. Like it or not, I’m blessed Image

Okay so, let me get back to my angel encounters. I’ve met quite a few in my lifetime and before I start let me clearly state my disclaimer here and now. I am not doing a post on all the angels I have encountered. I am simply sharing a few experiences. Hmmm…. Because world people! They will now say and she didn’t mention my name… if you think like that, trust me honey, that’s proof that you ain’t no angel. Angels never allow themselves to be worshipped. They know they are ministering spirits here to serve and give God the glory.

So, angel number one…… wait for it…. Drum roll….. :D

Of course you guessed right. The angel of my life. My sunshine, my boo, my baby, my king, my friend, my pk. ImageThis particular angel I met again or should I say I really met nine years ago and my life totally changed. He doesn’t come with wings, trust me I should know ;-) besides I’ve checked every closet in the house ‘cos at some point I actually suspected he had them hidden somewhere but this man is more angel to me than any winged seraph. We’ve had some rough challenges and at every point, with him I always felt protected, it’s like seeing your guardian angel in the flesh. Someone committed to your joyImage. He lives every day thinking of ways to make me smile. I’ve really had down times, I remember the first few years of marriage when I would be soooooo ill and messing up the whole house with blood, he would clean up after me (and that is a big deal because he hates housework lol!) and never even act like anything happened, when I told him I had been certified infertile and that his chances of having a child from me were slim if not impossible. He smiled at me with love that I never imagined possible and held my face in his hand, looked me in the eye and said, “listen, I’m not marrying you for children, I’m marrying you because I love you but you WILL have my children” and that was the last he ever spoke about it. He took me to the altar knowing that this may never happen but for God, and once he could afford it, he started spoiling me silly like someone who had given him ten sons (yep, I know all you typical African men who only treat their wives well when they have given you an heir). He’s been my source of strength throughout these eight years of waiting (don’t worry full gist on that one coming up real soon) and today I’m so thankful that I’m having my angel’s baby.Image

And oh by the way did I say how fine this angel is?Image ….and he’s all mine *big grin* Imageand to think I would have missed this angel ‘cos I didn’t see wings anywhere? Hmmm…..

I met another angel recently, well a couple of years ago. You may not see her wings but she wears white alrightImage so I’m suspecting her seriously. Every single time I keep expecting her to let her hair down and say, yep you guesses, “I’m an angel, sent by God…” honestly, I don’t think I’d be too shocked. Pastor Laurie Idahosa is my friendImage. I call her my Elizabeth because like I shared at IMELA, it was her testimony that challenged me to believe God with such audacity. Wait! Wait! You were not at IMELA? You have got to be kidding me. And you haven’t ordered the DVD? *horrified face* I don’t even know where to start on that one so I’ll just leave it. *deep breaths Mildred, deep breaths*

So I was saying, with pastor Laurie I will not be shocked if she someday whips out those wings because who meets someone for the first time and just warms up and shares personal stuff that is like rhema at that point in the person’s life? Who sends you a box of clothes and stuff when she hears you now have a baby? Who buys a ticket and flies down from Benin not as a guest speaker but just to sit near a friend who wants to share her testimony? Who opens her home and leaves her car for you for four months rent free? In America, a land where nothing is free. I mean, who does that? Tell me what human being does that? Even some siblings from the same womb don’t go that far. So Pastor Laurie whether you agree or not I know an angel when I see oneImage. How can anyone person is so committed to blessing you and ministering to you. Nope, you can try to convince me all you want, my mind is made up. Angel number two.

Hmmm… who gets number three position? My darling EkyImage. There are some angels that are sent to you that even you don’t understand why? This one is a certified angelImage. I even know where her wings are  :D this one ain’t fooling nobody. I honestly don’t know where to start  with this angel. in fact there are no words. I just don’t understand how someone can be sooooooooooo committed to you and your happiness. It’s just so surreal. I can never even go into details but she is first among a major line-up of them. Starting with her, then my dear dear joy or aunty joy, joy, joy , joy, joy as ‘Dassah calls her (lol) and ending with the entire workforce at David’s Christian Centre and folks let me just tell you guys beforehand I will soooooooo sneak into the country when I am returning because I suspect a jamboree in that airport and I definitely don’t want to be responsible for that. So, sorry guys, no show for you *sticking out tongue*

Honestly I’m honoured to be surrounded by so many selfless and sold out staff, ministers and workers at Dcc. I know one day, those wings will definitely fall out and I get to sayImage “aha! Told you so”

I guess what I’m trying to say in essence is  there are people who God sends in your life but we end up missing them because we are too focused on the way they should be rather than the things God sends them to do in your life. Some people may not be perfect but they are sent to bless you. I remember when I first met my pk, I didn’t think he was fine or anything and I definitely had a picture of what “my angel” should be like- tall, dark, not Ibo, not a pastor, not hairy and definitely not light-skinned and oh! Did I say not a pastor? Well, he came in everything I didn’t want him to be. I was so blinded by all he was not at first that I almost missed what he was and the truth is now what he is ….Image.My best friend and angel are more important than “the wings” (stereotypes) I placed on him. This one especially is for all the single girls out there, be careful not to miss your angel just ‘cos you don’t see his wings ;-)

Ok so, moral of the story angels are everywhere, they are in the streets, at your office, in church, on Facebook, just expect to see them and you will.

Special shout out to one major angel in my life now, thanks Mabel. I see you but God sees you more importantly. I don’t know how many people will do what you did for me but I’m eternally grateful. Love you plenty and no point hiding your wings, I know you are one of them already :-)

Finally, the biggest and most obvious angel in my life right now: Mummy’s pride and joy and the cutest angel ever. ImageA million kisses my darling.

Okay folks that’s it for now. Please come back and see me soon. Be good and don’t take your angels for granted. Speaking of which I really hope I can be an angel to someone too. hmmm…. Let’s see what angelic things I can do today? Who can I make smile? What about you?

Let’s go and make some dreams come true ;-)

Praise In This Age


Hi people
What plans do you have for today? None? Ok so just wait one minute. Are you really telling me you haven’t bought your ticket for PITA’s concert?

Ok so where do you want me to start from? Honestly this sitting at home and hearing gist later e never tire you? If you were in Lagos and you sat at home and missed IMELA, after seeing the pictures, I thought by now you would have learnt.

Anyway, let us save ourselves the regret as I’m looking at you now… Sorry writing at you now :D run and go and buy your ticket. If its a beyonce concert now you will borrow money, cloth and transport money now come and Praise master Jesus…. Fire!!! I’m just joking o! But seriously guys DO NOT MISS this concert for any reason.

I’ve heard too many people complain about “church” music and how gospel music is so dry. Well not P.I.T.A and his name is simply what he represents – Praise In This Age. Praise our generation can identify with and boy! Is he anointed! The young man can S-I-N-G…

No need for too much advert. Just take my advice and be there this evening 4pm at DCC Victory Dome Amuwo. You will not regret it. I guarantee you. For more details I’ll put up the banner.

Also if you live on the Island, you are in for a really special sunday cos today my PK is stopping by for a one-day meeting this morning 11am at the Civic Centre Ozumba Mbadiwe VI. See ehn! Just leave your house ready for an encounter with God because after that go have lunch then hit 3rd Mainland Bridge for Pita’s concert. I give great advice don’t I? :D

Okay you can thank me later ;-)

I gotta run but quick reminder IMELA Dvds are out. Just N1000. Its the complete 4hrs 30minutes experience. Call 08077714411 or 08077714412 to get yours or just pick it up when you come for any of the meetings I mentioned earlier.

Ok guys let’s catch up later. Need to find something that still fits ;-) to get to church this morning.

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Someone asked a question, why do we sing? When we lift our hands to Jesus what do we really mean?
Someone may be wondering, is it all for show ‘cos at times we may be Crying when nothing’s even wrong.

I woke up singing this song this morning and it seemed like a perfect foundation for my blog post this morning.

Someone’s wondering why When Women Worship? Why IMELA? Why such a huge fuss about this worship meeting and if its When WOMEN worship why male ministers? :-) see, I know what you’re thinking :D

Okay, so let me fill you in on the many “WHYs” to this worship conference.

Well, in the beginning, When Women Worship started out as a monthly worship meeting where the ladies at Davids Christian Centre (DCC) got together to worship God for just one hour every month in the early hours of the morning. Eventually, we decided to become more extravagant with our worship and decided instead to make it yearly and include as many women as we possibly could. This year with a prophetic word like “2013: I will testify!” Hanging over the house in DCC, it seemed inevitable that this year’s conference would be tagged “IMELA!” And when I got this much awaited testimony I just could not help but give life to already existing plans to give God thanks in an atmosphere of Worship. So imagine 2000 women in an exquisitely decorated room with the most anointed music minstrels you can imagine. Hands and hearts lifted to the King of all kings. All focused on one thing: that the King must be Worshipped. That is what IMELA promises to be. The meeting IMELA is an opportunity to give thanks for your life and the many blessings God has bestowed on you.

To be honest, for purely selfish reasons *covering my face* I love them and their music and what they stand for has blessed me over the years. They’ve given me music that has helped me Wait (pita’s – E no de Sleep) to constantly reminding me of God’s sovereignty (MK’s -Arugbo ojo) his inability to fail (Nathaniel’s -Elohim). Total continued surrender in the place of worship (David Nkennor’s- without restriction) and when in need of middle praise Ibironke has been my girl. No matter how many tears you’ve cried or how low you’ve felt once she picks up her that mic you forget and just praise. And of course when the testimony came I had no words but God bless Nathaniel and Enitan. Their IMELA gave me words.

Today, and at When Women Worship, my song and my testimony has become this:
“You are the reason why I lift my hands, why I lift my voice, why I sing to you lord. You are the reason I’m alive today, I am here today and it’s all because of you.”

Why not join me on sunday 16th June 2013 for When Women Worship. Does this sound like a meeting you should miss? ;-)

Found this picture of my ‘dassah (my pride and joy, my miracle child, my biggest blessing yet :-) and her uncle “Banthaniel” (what she calls Nathaniel Bassey) lol! Hope it makes you smile. It gets me everytime.

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“… And she who was said to be unable to conceive is in her sixth month. For no Word from God will ever fail.”- Luke 1:36-37 (NIV)

Have you ever gotten a Word from God and a scripture you have been reading for forever suddenly becomes “your scripture”. It suddenly becomes such a personal and clear description of your life at that time in that place where you are now.

If any one piece of scripture does that. For me now, it is the one above. Sometimes I’m still in shock. Imagine me! To have lived like the Woman with the issue of blood for eighteen years and hear different doctors and medical journals and websites call you infertile and hear different doctors dash your hopes of motherhood while constantly offering you medical procedures which had a 25-40% chance of success then to move to the point where I’m being thrown baby showers. It is purely God keeping His word and showing off with my life.

I brag on God. I totally absolutely brag on the faithfulness of God and in his integrity and ability to keep His Word. I brag on the fact that NO WORD FROM GOD WILL EVER FAIL. Of this I’m sure. I brag on the God who unfailingly does the impossible. The God who specialises in making nonsense of medical reports. My story changer. Onye nji eme onu, Eze’m o! The God who answers the doctor’s “you may never have a child” with “you cannot be barren, or have a miscarriage and the number of your days I will fulfil”

I don’t want to give too much away yet ;-) this is just the preview but for full gist don’t miss When Women Worship coming up Sunday 16th of June 2013 at 4pm. I can guarantee you that your life will never remain the same.

You know how we do na. Spread the word and if you promise to look in on Tuesday I’ll let you in on some inside info about the guest ministers for When Women Worship. Don’t miss the gist ;-)

And oh! Thank you to the Ladies of RUTH’s GIFT. It felt odd to be on the receiving end of a surprise :-) God bless you ladies and may the rest of this year be full of pleasant surprises for you *group hug*

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Why I like June


Hi people
Welcome to the sixth month of the year. The month of June. I like June :-)
Why do I like June?
Is it because it is the sixth month of the year?
Is it because it is a gentle but sure reminder that God has faithfully brought us to the half way mark of such a glorious year?
Is it because June stands as a symbol that if God started out with you and has brought you this far that you are guaranteed he will finish that which he started?
Is it because it is an “ntoi” in the face of satan? That after everything he planned for the year that I’m still here, still standing, still strong and still testifying?

I like June for this and many more reasons. Funny, June is one of the few months that you can name a person after. You have a few “Aprils” but June, that’s symbolic of mid-way praise. That’s a good name abi? Just saying :D

Ok, ok, ok, (like my darling ‘dassah would say and I wonder why one “ok” is never enough :D ) let me get straight to why I like June so much.

“…and in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth…to Mary (Mildred) and the angel came in unto her and said, Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is wih thee: blessed art thou among women…Fear not for thou has found favour with God”- Luke 1:26-30

So for me especially since 2005 when this logos became Rhema in my life, June for me has become the month of visitation. I expect miracles, I expect angels (no not necessarily the ones with wings although that one sef no go bad). I expect to encounter helpers or meet people that will leave a lasting impact on my life and an un-erasable praise on my lips.

I know a lot of people claim that angels no longer appear but I beg to differ. I still encounter them daily. That little child that runs up to you and gives you a hug when you are feeling down, that person that stops and gives you a ride right to your doorstep in the midst of rain, no transport and lagos traffic (and how come they are coincidentally going your way?), that person who tells you the “opening” has closed but just submit anyway, that one that suddenly sits by you and makes a comment that you find is useful information later (and they were not really talking to you o! ;-) ).

I could go on but my point is angels exist everywhere. Let us be conscious this month of them “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it”- Hebrews 13:2. Expect a visitation this month and I can guarantee you that your expectation will not be cut short and you will have a lot to be thankful for.

Speaking of being thankful, mark your calendars for Sunday, 16th of June 2013. When Women Worship comes up. Honestly ladies this is one meeting you do not want to miss. Its simply tagged “IMELA” and in a year full of testimonies like this 2013, I’m sure you have a lot to be thankful for. I’ll be sharing my own “thanks-imony” so please come out and spread the word. Time is 4pm. No red carpet. No african time. Just 4pm prompt. Here’s the flyer but come back tomorrow and I’ll give you the full gist about the event, ministers and why we chose to do “IMELA”.

…And why I have been A.W.O.L on my blog *covering my eyes* sorry guys. I love you too.

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Still Waiting Lord…



Today I spoke to Hannah, she cried again. It’s been like this for seven years. Every time her wedding anniversary or birthday comes along; whenever it’s Easter, Christmas, or the New Year is approaching Hannah would go off on another bout of tears. Crying for her has become a lifestyle. Why is Hannah crying? Her biological clock is ticking. You see, Hannah has been married for seven years and every year is a reminder that in her words “I have failed as a woman.” It’s easy for me to sit here and say to her having a child doesn’t define you!” but only Hannah knows how it feels to have a womb that has never been used (isn’t that what makes you different from a man? Haven’t you heard that a woman is simply a man with a womb hence the name wom(b)man?), breasts that have never suckled, nights that are long and empty and a home that is never scattered or untidy. Her husband’s siblings all have babies, her younger sister just had twins and to even make matters worse her cat “kitty” just littered. How bad can it be? I mean even a cat?

The other day, someone whispered, not so low that she didn’t hear “don’t mind them they’re still on honeymoon. She doesn’t know she’s not getting younger” while a much bolder colleague asked her, “are you one of those women who don’t want children?”

“Why don’t you take another wife, a “good” friend asked her husband. “Abraham did it and you can’t be more “Christian” than him.” “Abraham wasn’t Christian” she wanted to scream rolling her eyes at the man while pretending she hadn’t heard him and serving him juice with a plastic smile on her face but Pelumi didn’t need this. He had been good to her and true to his faith in God. He had resisted all temptation. His confession remained “my wife will bear me a son from her womb.” He was a man of faith. But she couldn’t stop wondering was it fair?

Was it fair to require this of him? It wasn’t a ground for divorce. Should she cheat on him with another man so that he would be free? There he was again that stupid devil. “Shut up and let me think right” she said, more to herself than to the devil actually.

But was it fair? Married as a virgin, served God for as long as she knew, served in children’s church, worked at an orphanage, the list was endless but all I could hear as she pleaded her case before me was …filty rags, filthy rags. True her righteousness didn’t count so this was what I said to her and I’m hoping it will help my sister out there who is still waiting on the Lord.

 GOD IS STILL GOD: The sooner you realize that the better; If you choose to serve him, obey him, love him or not. It doesn’t reduce who He is and it doesn’t change his nature. Too many times when we go through pain we are tempted to lash out at God and we even go as far as threatening him sometimes. The truth is that we need Him more at those times and we will always need Him more than he will ever need us.

 GOD IS A SPIRIT: I can almost hear you say duh! Like I didn’t know that already. Well, I’m saying it again because a lot of times we don’t quite understand what that means. It means you cannot manipulate him with tears, cajole him with fasting or threaten him with all-night prayers. God is moved by principles and by His word.

 WHAT YOU NEED IS FAITH: yes, that’s exactly what you need. Since crying won’t help you what will? FAITH! Faith in God that he will keep his word because he always does. He will be God even over this painful situation. Nothing is too hard for him. I’ve never seen a challenge too hard for God that he cannot handle it. If anything, He is excited by challenges and our faith in Him to achieve the impossible. I’ve come to the realization that there are some things that God and I mean only God can do. Conception is one of them, He may use different channels – oral drugs, injections, IVF, etc but one thing is constant, you will need God to make any of these work.

 THERE IS AN APPOINTED TIME: I am a firm believer in what is known as the appointed time. God is a master planner and He is a God of purpose and order. I believe that there is a timing appointed for everything. The bible tells us …to everything there is a time and a season. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the map in ful only in bits. If we knew the whens and the hows we would never need to walk with God. So I say believe that God has done it for you and wait for the manifestation at the appointed time. doing that shows that you trust God and that you believe He knows what He is doing and that He is and a He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Don’t worry God will show up. The testimony is sooner than you can imagine and when it happens, the years of waiting will all vanish. Take it from someone who knows ; -)

Having said all this, I’d like to encourage you if you are still waiting to go out there and be a blessing to as many people as you can. Be the best aunty or god-mother you can possibly be. It’s just dress rehearsals because you will SOON be a mummy. Remember that NONE SHALL BE BARREN (Exodus 23:26).

I also encourage you to take a bolder step and go and adopt a baby, be the answer to that child’s prayer as the child becomes an answer to yours. Love that baby with all your heart and if the baby ever finds out (s)he was adopted, let him or her never be able to question your love or motives because you never left room for doubt that (s)he made you a mother.

babyChildren make us mothers not just by being born through our bodies but also being born through our hearts.

Now, let me finally say thank you to all the wonderful people who took time out to respond to last month’s dilemma Tuesday post by Honest Sister and by doing so helped a sister in need. Im sure after all that counsel she now knows what to do. Here is the much awaited list of winners. Sorry it took so long guys *covering my eyes*

1. Mirabel Faith Agboro

2. Michael Caleb

3. Motunde Akiode

4. Shot Caller

5. Ffayi

I know I promised five (5) winners but I had a personal favorite whom the judges somehow skipped so I’m adding her to the list. My final and in my opinon the best is BEEHIVEP.

If you’re one of the winners please call 08077714411 and find out how to pick up your prize of our LOVE DATING AND MARRIAGE 2012 complete messages on MP3. And for beehivep I’m throwing in my Just Us Girls (volume one) book as well. Watch out next week for dilemma Tuesday. Who knows, it just may be your turn to win a prize. Take care people.

should I adopt?


Its dilemma tuesday yay!!! Another chance to win lots of prizes. If this is your first Dilemma tuesday, this is how it works. I share an issue and you get to comment on the issue. We’d really love to hear what you think. Five best comments get to win a prize.

Don’t be shy. Let’s know what you really think. There’s no right or wrong answers ok? Oh by the way all comments to qualify have to be submitted by friday. Let’s make this fun. Spread the word. Broadcast the link, post on bb, facebook, twitter, etc. You just might win a prize also for sharing the link ;-)

So here’s today’s dilemma.

Dear pastor,
I’m writing you because I have an issue. I read the last dilemma tuesday and honestly I don’t mind getting people’s views on this.

I’m a 35 year old woman. I’ve been married for 8years. My husband and I met when we were working at the same bank almost 10years ago. Long story short. We fell in love got married and after 8years our nest is still empty.

At first my husband and I were building our careers so we agreed not to have children for 2 years. So in actual fact we’ve only been looking for 6 years. We didn’t use any contraception just the natural method as I didn’t want to mess up my hormones or anything like that. However now I’ve done many tests and treatments. I’ve even tried IVF twice to no avail.

Last year my husband came up with suggestion that we adopt. I waved it off and told him we should still trust God and keep trying. Last week he started talking about it again and he even gave me an ultimatum that I either give him a child naturally or by adoption or else. My husband is a serious christian so I know it is an empty threat but what do I do? I don’t think everyone is created to be able to handle adoption. At least I don’t think I can.

I’m being honest and practical here. These are my issues.

#1. I cannot handle the stigma of adoption in Nigeria. How do I explain to people that I adopted a child? What will people say?

#2. I will see the child as a constant sign that I failed as a woman to conceive

#3. Will there be a natural bond? Could I really love that child as my own? I don’t think I can.

#4. What if after I adopt. I get pregnant. What do I do then? What happens? Will I ever treat them the same? I suspect I may be partial to one.

#5. My husband wants me to adopt a new born or at least a month. By then you can’t tell the child’s genotype. What if it is SS. Its not a dress or car you can return so I’m stuck? What if the genotype is AS? My husband and I are AA. What explanation do we give the child later?

#6. Also if the adoption is done neatly, or the child is an orphan, I may never know the child’s parents, their character, circumstances of conception. Who knows it might have been a rape child. So many other things.

#7. Raising a child is life altering. Can I really do all I should for this child wiithout feeling like its not really mine.

Pastor, I’m not a heartless person. I actually even love children but I’m just being honest about my fears here but my husband has really been good to me and he’s just tired of not having a child in our home. He says children bring joy and peace into every home and they keep you young. His stand on the issue is “while we are praying for children; a child is praying for parents…”

What do I do?

Please I would like to remain anonymous. Thank you ma.

So there you have it people. Let’s help a sister out. U can reply with “dear honest sister” since no names given.

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Hi people
I guess since this is officially my first blog post of the year a big HAPPY NEW YEAR is in order. I know it’s already the third week of the year but as they say, ” your morning begins when you wake”. Hmmm…… somehow that doesn’t sound as sweet as the original “na wen person wake be him morning” abi? :D. Anyhow I guess I’ve made my point ;-) happy new year guys.

Also let me congratulate you for making it into 2013. At DCC it is OUR YEAR TO TESTIFY! And the testimonies are flooding in already. Dont worry I will gist you plenty but more importantly this year I will share yours too in Jesus name. This year is a great year. I feel it already. Too many great things will happen for you. It’s inevitable.

This morning I want to ask you a question. Have you ever experienced a miracle from God? As in truly gotten something that you know is not humanly possible to achieve on your own? If you have then I’m sure finding the right words to say “THANK YOU!” almost always seems impossible. You may try but most times where words fail even though tears seem like compensation, that too at best seems like a feeble attempt.

I know they say that the English language is a very limited language and truly at those times when you need to express your love for God you just never seem to be able to figure out how “thank you” suddenly seems so hollow. So if you”re like me, not to be outdone, you’ll probably enlist the help of your mother tongue and if for instance you’re ibo you’ll cry out IMELA!

I know a lot of times IMELA is defined simply as THANK YOU but is that really what it is? I think IMELA is More than a simple thank you. For me saying IMELA is saying Lord you have done well, you have exceeded my expectations. It is me saying, “Lord you have outdone yourself”. This year I’m thinking a lot about how to say thank you because I know there will be maaaaaaaaaany opportunities to do so. With all the testimonies lined up for me this year? I expect nothing less ;-)

This is my theme song in 2013. Just thought to share it with you. It’s by my dear dear dear friend Nathaniel Bassey. God bless him for us all. Someday I’ll share with you the testimony behind this song but till then enjoy……
…..and welcome to 2013, this year YOU WILL TESTIFY

Much love.


Hey people, I know you can’t wait to hear the winners for the dilemma Tuesday but just before I make that post, have you heard about the Couples conference tagged PURSE, POWER & PLEASURE coming up this Sunday 19th October by 4:00pm at DCC? Now this is one meeting I will advice you not to miss for anything in the world (by the way it’s strictly for Married Couples). Interactive sessions, music, comedy, drama…view the flier for more details. Invite every married person you know, they’ll thank you for it!


#fearlesschallenge winners

Hey people
Happy independence.

I’ll be back with a proper blog post but I don’t think I can delay this any longer. Was hoping to put up the pictures of the event alongside the winners of the #fearlesschallenge but hey, seems like my photography team have other plans still waiting on them.
Okay so my winners are ijeoma ibezim


She wins an Annie bag from Annie’s Fashion Store.


And Temitope Oyebola


who wins a 1206 by Gabby outfit and possibly a modelling contract (terms and conditions apply)

I really want to say thank you to Annie


and Gabby


. You may want to stop by at to check out her amazing bags and shoes.



Or stop by at for the finest in male and female clothes. The designs, the detailing, is out of this world.


Okay guys Call 08077714411 to find out how to pick your prizes. Thank s to everyone who sent in their entries. Watch out for dilemma Tuesday more prizes to be won

Okay guys Vida just slept off.


Let me try to sleep too.
But don’t forget Jabez Closet for the men in your life. This morning at 9am.


And on Sunday at LDM


See u later guys


I really need to say a big thank you To everyone who made  yesterday special for me- those who prayed, those who gave me gifts (thanks chayil ladies for my red shoes),


those who came to hang out with me, those who put my pictures up on BlackBerry, Instagram, Facebook,, Twitter etc , those who sent messages and all those who tried to call and couldn’t get through (told you my phones would be off sorry). To you all, I say a big thank you. I am truly honoured and humbled because I know it is not really me that you celebrate but the God in me.


Okay so now that’s out of the way how are you preparing for #FEARLESS? I’ve seen so many pictures.









Some are truly fearless while some are downright frightful 



I was actually really worried when I saw some but that’s story for another day.

I just want to send you a final reminder about FEARLESS. I know it’s a fun event and we are all getting ready to paint the town red with our red lips, red fingertips and red heels but that’s not all its about. Come with an open and REaDy heart. Come ready to receive answers if you have questions. To receive direction if you are confused. To receive peace if you are worried and to receive boldness if you are afraid or uncertain.
We have the opportunity to meet with our father and to receive from the throne of grace. Don’t make it one of “those” meetings. It is your time with God. Come and you will never be the same. I’m expectant as well. I honestly can’t say I know exactly what’s going to happen at FEARLESS but I do know a lot of ladies will be healed and set free.  Will you be one of them?

please Come early. Free gifts for everyone but it’s on a first come, first served basis so just a hint…come early, be served first.

Okay guys. Don’t miss church ok? God has a word for you. If you don’t have a church, God is waiting for you at DCC ;-) my pk will be teaching on game of thrones :-)

Gotta run. Need some sleep. Long day tomorrow. 

See you tomorrow. Be daring in your red. Rock it which ever way you want whether on the lips, hips (hmmm….red pants may not be bad), fingertips or heels. however you want to show up…just BE FIERCE, BE FEMALE BE FEARLESS
Love you guys

If you make it, please say hello and possibly take a picture with me so I can put it on the blog. Or just share a hug. :-)

I dare you!

I’m back :D 
Don’t you just love it when we have a JUGN event coming up? You can at least be sure that I will blog faithfully …at least ;-) 

Okay so straight to the matter at hand. I have so much planning to do 
For Sunday so let me quickly share my thoughts with you today so I can move on to other things. 

Did you ever get dared as a child?


You know those “I dare you. No I double dare you” kind of dares? If you did and you are anything like me, you always always rose to the occasion in response to personal pride. 


Well, seems like you may need to key into some of that personal pride again.  as I’m about to dare you again. Sorry did I say dare? I meant triple dare you…



I need you to stop for a moment and think. If all things were possible and all resources available  to you what would you be? What would you do? If you didn’t believe every YOU CANT, YOU SHOULDN’T, IT’S NOT POSSIBLE you ever heard, who would you be today?


Its really not to late you know…
So this is the challenge, free your heart and mind and dream about how far you want to go and how great you want to be…WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT HOW YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT. That’s the real challenge, expanding your mind sans fear 



Okay so here’s the thing, if you can think it, you can do it. So I dare you to do what you need to do to make your dreams come true. I dare you to pay the price to have the best life you could possibly have.


I challenge you not to make excuses but to actually do something you have never done before. Try a new thing today. Something you’ve always been scared of doing and knock it off your bucket list ;-) 


I’ve never really been the adventurous  type. Growing up I was a very shy child and because of my temperament blend I battled with fear a lot-fear of the dark, fear of public speaking, fear of large crowds, fear of dogs, fear of heights, fear of closed places, ,fear of flying, in fact just name it.   It’s funny how all the things I was afraid of once I started confronting them, I discovered they were not so hard or scary and I’m totally free of them. 

Some things I’d say just do them for the heck  of it. Just cos you can. And YOU CAN actually so why not? Just go for it. Some of them are actually liberating. I remember my first power bike ride. I was really scared at first but I needed a ride home from church and my friend Gbolahan (yep the guitar one)


was willing to give me a ride on his bike from lekki to surulere. By the time we hit the road, my hair in the breeze, wind in my face, I felt like I was flying, like I was free. It was awesome. 

Today I’m married to a biker




who takes me on eight hour rides. Imagine I didn’t get my induction…thanks Gbolahan ;-) 


So live! Live your life to the fullest!


And live the dream!!! I double dare you!



I’m sure that as a human being you must  have heard the words 
at some point if not everyday. Or maybe you’ve heard YOU ARE A WOMEN AND WOMEN CANNOT…
My response to words like that is this beautiful picture of my baby sister…


I laugh. it’s rude to hear a joke and not laugh.

This is my challenge….once you hear, it has never been done by a woman…honey just put on your most daring red lipstick , add the word “YET” to the sentence then go out there and prove them wrong.


Being a woman doesn’t make you handicapped. It doesn’t mean you are disadvantaged…it’s actually an advantage because they don’t see the victory coming till it hits them in the face.  


I dare you to go out there and fight and I dare you to go out there and win.

Don’t focus on the challenge…look to God and do it in some banging red lipstick 


I dare you…
I triple dare you

Now let me throw in one last challenge. So this is what you need to do. I have a few really special gifts from Annie’s Fashion store and 1206 by Gabby to give away. This is what you need to do. 
#redlipstickchallenge  – put on the most daring shade of red lipstick you can find, and hold up a #fearless poster or cardboard


#fearlesschallenge-with that same lipstick on, strike your most fearless pose. 


Then  put it up on our facebook page JUSTUSGIRLSNAIJA and email to me at 

Best entries win a prize 
Let’s go girls….I DARE YOU!